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Push cart golf bags tend to weigh less than a standard golf cart bag but still provide an organized top structure and a wealth of storage space. In this post, I reveal the best golf bags for push carts 2023 edition.

After reading this review, you will understand what separates a push cart bag from a standard golf cart bag. I also reveal what you should consider when acquiring a bag for push carts.

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Best Golf Bags for Push Carts 2023

Titleist Cart 14 Lightweight Bag


Updated on 2024-04-14

🏆 Top Choice

Best Golf Bags for Push Carts  Titleist Cart 14 Lightweight Bag

The Titleist Cart 14 Lightweight design topped the field in our best push cart bags for its ample storage, full-length dividers, and relatively feathery mass. I also appreciate the choice of 14 styles, enabling every golfer to find a suitable pattern.

I thought the strap loop simplified fastening my bag to my push cart, and it kept it secure while traversing the links. The loop also provided unrestricted access to the pockets for maximum convenience.

Ten pockets grace the Titleist cart bag, which was more than I needed to store my accessories, refreshments, and rain gear. It suits the golfer who wants to feel like a pro and prepare for every occasion. However, it is a bit of an overkill for the simple golfer who only needs space for valuables, balls, tees, and drinks. 

The 14 way top with full-length dividers was possibly my favorite feature. 14 clubs enjoyed private tubes with the dividers keeping my shafts and grips separated during your round.


  • 14 way top
  • Full length dividers
  • 10 accessible pockets
  • The strap loop keeps the bag secure
  • Available in 14 designs


  • Moderately pricey
  • The single strap is not suitable for carrying your clubs over extended periods

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Most Durable Golf Cart Bag

Ogio Woode 15 Cart Bag


Updated on 2024-04-14

Most Durable

Ogio Woode 15 Cart Bag shown in light green with gold color stripe and black lettering

Durable golf bags have the ability to last for over ten years, like my last Ogio stand bag. Ogio went above and beyond with the Woode 15, applying 300D Double Ripstop Polyester for greater solidity and longevity. I also relished the 15-way top and abundance of storage pockets.

I thought the bag fastened to my push cart comfortably because of the lockdown straps. Initially, I was skeptical about its balance, given that it fell over while I set up the cart. However, the lockdown straps proved their value. 

I enjoyed the 11 front-facing pockets, which were easy to reach. They also contributed ample space to hold my valuables, accessories, apparel, and water bottle. Plus, it featured a spare battery pocket for golfers with electric golf push carts.

The 15-way top with full dividers put the cherry on top. The structure provided maximum protection to my golf clubs, and it was easy to remove my clubs. It passed the jumbo putter grip test with flying colors as I effortlessly extracted a putter with a jumbo SuperStroke grip.


  • The cart lockdown straps
  • 11 forward-facing storage pockets
  • 15-way top
  • Full length dividers
  • Crafted in 11 colors


  • Unstable when unsupported
  • Expensive price tag

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Best Value Push Cart Bag

MacGregor Golf VIP Deluxe Cart Bag


Updated on 2024-04-14

Best Value

MacGregor Golf VIP Deluxe shown in black with white lettering

The best push cart bags are often pricey, given their substantial storage space, structured top, and its cart-friendly construction. Fortunately, the MacGregor Golf VIP Deluxe bucks the trend offering sufficient storage space and a 14-way top for an entry-level price.

Thanks to its Strap-Thru feature, I found the VIP Deluxe bag easy to attach to the golf push cart. Once fastened to the cart, the pockets were in clear view and reach for superb convenience. MacGregor attached 5 pockets to the Deluxe, helping me store everything I needed.

Two apparel pockets were deep enough for a jacket and my rain gear, while the ball pocket carried a healthy quantity of sleeves. My valuables pocket was ideal for holding my wallet, phone, and keys, while the cooler pocket stored 2 bottles. The only downside was leakage into the rest of the bag.

Despite its attractive price tag, the bag incorporates a 14-way top with a dedicated putter well. The putter well is wide enough for a jumbo grip. I welcomed the external umbrella holder, keeping it from soaking the interior of the bag after a rainstorm.


  • Affordable price tag
  • 14-way top
  • Strap-thru channel
  • Crafted in 4 colors
  • The cooler pocket fits 2 bottles


  • Fewer pockets than in other cart bags
  • No outside slots for tees

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Most Lightweight Bags for Push Carts

Datrek Lite II Cart Bag

Price not available

Updated on 2024-04-14

Lightweight Cart Bag

Datrek Lite II Cart Bag shown in navy with red accents

The Datrek Lite II is the lightest bag for push carts tipping the scales at a measly 4.2 pounds. It is an easy bag to lift out of the trunk and place onto the push cart. Added to its feather weight is a 14-way top, a host of storage space, and it is crafted in 10 colors.

I was impressed with the effectiveness of the Top-Lok technology bag-to-cart attachment, which fared best on Bag Boy carts. The bag was stable as I navigated the uneven terrain at my home course.

I am always weary of 14-way top designs because they are too narrow sometimes, causing a struggle to get the clubs out. I thought the Datrek Lite II slots were fine for my irons, but it was a little tight for my driver and putter. However, I did appreciate the full length dividers, which separated my grips and shafts.

Seven pockets lined the Datrek Lite II, and they were all I needed to stock my valuables, balls, tees, apparel, and water bottle. I suggest looking at the Ping Traverse if you desire maximum storage space. The trade-off for a lighter construction is typically less storage space.


  • 4.2 lbs
  • 14-way top
  • Full length dividers
  • Available in 10 colors
  • Affordable compared to competitor push cart bags


  • Fewer storage compartments
  • It was challenging to get my putter out at times

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Best Golf Bags for Seniors

Wilson Staff EXO II Cart Bag

$219.99 Amazon Prime

Updated on 2024-04-14

Best for Seniors

Best golf bags for push carts - Wilson Staff EXO II Cart Bag is a great choice for seniors.  Showing the black and white bag.

I found the Wilson Staff EXO II bag optimal for senior golfers owing to its lightweight construction and conveniently placed handles. It proved an easy golf bag to lift out of the trunk and prop onto my cart without hurting my back. Besides convenience, I appreciated the abundance of storage compartments and the 14-way top.

Although the Staff EXO II does not contain a dedicated cart strap channel, it still remained secure. It gave me unrestricted access to the 9 zippered pockets on the front and side of the bag. I thought the compartments offered plenty of space to hold valuables, accessories, refreshments, and clothing.

I feel seniors will appreciate the easy lift afforded by the dual-integrated mold handles at the top of the bag. They provided plenty of grip and helped me lift the golf bag from the trunk and off the base of the golf push cart smoothly.

The 14-way top with a dedicated putter well is another advantage for seniors who play with a jumbo putter grip. I had no issues extracting any clubs from their individual slots, owing to the full length dividers that separated grips and shafts. 

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  • Lightweight cart bag
  • Two easily graspable molded handles
  • 14-way top
  • 9 pockets
  • Available in 6 colors


  • The cooler pocket does not hold bottles larger than 16.9 ounces
  • No cart strap channel

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Best Premium Golf Cart Bags

Vessel Lux 14-Way Cart Bag

est. $ $415.00 

Premium Cart Bag

Vessel Lux 14-Way Cart Bag shown in cream with black pocket and lettering.

Premium quality golf bags are not for every golfer due to their high-end price tags. However, discerning golfers will appreciate the quality, style, and durability of the Vessel Lux 14-way. Our best premium offering for 2023 stood out with its water-resistant finish, sublime storage, and structured 14-way top.

During my inspection, I tallied 12 storage compartments with greater depth than most golf push cart bags. A dual-insulated cooler pocket was among my favorite features for its ability to keep my beverages cold and drain any moisture streaming off my bottle.

Another genius move was the sneaky Interior Lock Pocket inside the large apparel pocket. I felt more comfortable leaving my watch, wallet, and phone in the compartment than in standard valuables pockets.

I welcomed the water resistance of the Lux material, which repelled droplets in light rain to keep my bag and clubs dry. The modern 14-way cart bag structure simplified organizing my clubs, and the dedicated putter well offered sufficient space to hold an oversized putter grip.

The biggest downside of the Lux 14-way is its hefty price tag, which is in the category of new drivers. If you appreciate premium performing golf bags but do not have the budget for a Vessel bag, consider the Titleist Cart 14 bag.

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  • Durable materials
  • Optimal storage space
  • Water-resistant
  • Lockable valuables compartment
  • Superb drainage in the beverage pocket


  • Super expensive golf cart push cart
  • Only available in 3 traditional colors

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Best Budget Push Cart Bag

Izzo Ultra Lite Cart Bag

$130.64 Amazon Prime

Updated on 2024-04-14

Budget Cart Bag

Izzo Ultra Lite Cart Bag shown in grey and white design.

From a premium-priced bag, we turn to our top budget push cart bag for 2023. The Izzo Ultra Lite is older than most options on the list, yet that is its strength. The bag initially retailed for over $150, but it is now hovering around $100.

Budget sometimes translates into poor quality, but the Izzo Ultra Lite proved otherwise. I was satisfied with its top structure, full length dividers, and incredibly durable material. Izzo applied robust 4200 polyester fabric to reduce the risk of tears and scuffs.

Compared to other cart bags, the Izzo is light on storage space, but it was sufficient for a regular player like me. The 6 pockets left me with ample space to hold my valuables, refreshments, balls, tees, and apparel.

I am always up for a well-thought-out top structure, which at first glance, the Ultra Lite provided. However, I had issues adding and removing some of my clubs with midsize and thicker grips. I felt the tubes were too narrow for these clubs, but if you operate with standard-size grips, you should be fine.


  • Entry-level price tag
  • 14-way padded top
  • Full length dividers
  • Crafted with durable fabric
  • Super lightweight golf bag


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Best Golf Bag for Women

Tour Edge Hot Launch Xtreme Cart 5.0 Cart Bag


Updated on 2024-04-14

Golf Bag for Women

Tour Edge Hot Launch Xtreme Cart 5.0 Cart Bag in grey and pink colors

The affordability, astutely designed pockets, and a 14-way top elevated the Tour Edge Hot Launch Xtreme Cart 5.0 to the best ladies push cart. Despite featuring fewer pockets than other bags, they were deep and allowed me to carry everything I needed.

The two oversized garment pockets are incredibly handy and allow ladies to carry apparel for all occasions. The large insulated cooler pocket effectively chilled my water bottle for 9 holes. I further appreciated the drainage on the bag, which restricted moisture from seeping into the interior of the bag.

The velour lined valuables pocket was a big help in the wet, as its waterproofing kept my phone, wallet, and watch dry. I find the pocket is deep enough to even fit a small clutch bag. 

Although Tour Edge employed a 14-way top, I only noticed 4-full-length dividers. That caused my grips to get caught on one another, rendering it a challenge to extract them. I suggest considering the Sun Mountain Stellar Bag if you play with jumbo grips.

My biggest dislike about the Tour Edge Hot Launch Xtreme 5.0 is the lack of colors for ladies. The only options are the silver and blue or silver and pixie designs. You could always look at one of the men’s bags, but those colors are even less inspiring.


  • Affordable golf bag
  • Sufficient pocket space
  • 14-way top
  • Integrated cart strap loop
  • Waterproof velour lined valuables pocket


  • Only 4 full length dividers
  • Limited alternative colors

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Best Hybrid Golf Bag

Titleist Hybrid 14


Updated on 2024-04-14

Hybrid Bag

Best Hybrid Bag shown in red with black pockets

A hybrid golf bag works for players who alternate between push carts during home rounds and carrying clubs away. The Titleist Hybrid 14 obliterated its peers in this category thanks to its golf push cart design, comfortable strap, and wealth of pockets.

Titleist employed an integrated cart strap tunnel, ensuring the bag remained fastened to the push cart throughout my round. It also gave me access to the front and side-facing pockets, amplifying my convenience.

I thought the premium double strap was worth the money alone due to the exceptional cushioning. It was comfortable while carrying, but the heavier bag did start to weigh on my shoulders as I neared the end of my round.

The Hybrid 14 provided superb storage space, with 9 pockets scattered on the front and side of the golf bag. Lastly, I welcomed the 14-way top design, which gave each club a separate compartment. However, I would have appreciated the dividers extending the length of the bag.


  • Built for carts and walking
  • Comfortable double strap
  • Cart strap tunnel 
  • Durable stand
  • 14-way top


  • An expensive golf bag
  • The dividers do not stretch all the way to the bottom of the bag

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Best Golf Bag for Storage Space

Best Storage

Ping Traverse Cart Bag in teavl

One of the significant advantages of cart bags is their storage capabilities. The Ping Traverse Cart Bag exceeded my expectations, with 13 pockets to hold everything you can think of for your round. I further appreciated the 14-way top and the immense line up of styles suited to stylish players.

The cart-strap channel showed its value as I secured my bag to my golf push cart in seconds. Once I fastened it to the cart, I still had direct access to the 13 pockets for greater convenience between shots. The insulated cooler pocket was the stand-out feature in this department for its ability to keep my beverage chilled for most of the round.

The 14-way top structure was spacious, with enough room to house clubs with oversize grips. I felt the full length dividers put the cherry on top to keep my shafts separated at all times. The double oversized putter caters to jumbo-gripped flat sticks, and I had no trouble adding or removing them.

I found the design unattractive at first glance, given its bulky structure. That criticism quickly faded when I learned that Ping designed the bag in eighteen colors. 

I appreciate the adventurous spirit of the designs ranging from Duck Camo and Pontus Kryptek to Clubs of Paradise.

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  • 13 pockets
  • 18 designs
  • 14-way top
  • Insulated cooler pocket
  • Water repellent material


  • The valuables pocket is not waterproof
  • Pricey

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Best 14 Slot Golf Bag

Callaway ORG 14 Cart Bag


Updated on 2024-04-14

14 Slot Cart Bag

Callaway ORG 14 Cart Bag, best golf cart bags for color choices showing the navy and red with an American Flag above the ball storage.

The Callaway ORG 14 is the best 14 slot cart bag for its organized top, full length dividers, and golf push cart compatibility. Hoarders carrying every golf gadget on the market will enjoy the wealth of pocket space. It was also pleasant to have 11 different designs to choose from.

I liked the width of each tube on the 14-way top, with sufficient room to hose thicker grips. The putter well is especially large and holds an oversized putter grip comfortably. My putter received additional protection from the TPE overmold. The full length dividers enhanced the performance by ensuring my shafts never collided in transit.

Admittedly, the 7-pound bag demanded more force to push than the Datrek Lite II. However, the stability produced by the two Push Cart Straps maximizes the steadiness and security of the bag. I noticed it did not swivel when pushing it or navigating hilly terrain.

The added weight was warranted, given the abundance of storage space. 11 pockets graced the bag, holding everything from my accessories to snacks, clothing, and rangefinder. The most significant negative is the elevated price tag and its heavier frame.

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  • Well-structured 14-way top
  • Full length dividers
  • 11 pockets
  • Best golf cart bags for color choices with 11 colors to pick from
  • Built for use on push carts


  • Heavy
  • Expensive

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Best Bag For Electric Push Carts

Bag Boy Revolver XP Cart Bag


Updated on 2024-04-14

Electric Push Carts

Bag Boy Revolver XP Cart

An electric push cart relieves you of the stress of pushing a heavy bag around the course. It allows you to opt for a heavier cart bag with superb storage, a 14-way top, and a durable construction. That explains the Bag Boy Revolver XP Cart perfectly.

It is a heavy bag weighing 8.6 lbs, but that becomes a non-issue with an electric cart. Bag Boy added Clip and Top-Lok technology to the bag, ensuring the bag remains fastened to the cart while strolling the links. However, I found the technology excelled on Bag Boy associated push carts over other products.

The stability received an additional boost from the Grip-Lok base, which kept the clubs in place. I liked the durability of the top structure, highlighting its ability to last for years. The top featured 14 slots, with a specialized oversized well to hold putters with thicker grips.

I thought the nine zippered pockets were robust and provided exceptional storage space for every item in your bag. It was even an overkill for my needs, but I am a simple golfer. I valued the waterproof fleece-lined valuables pocket, which kept my belongings dry. I must also mention the insulated cooler pocket that kept my drinks cool for 9 holes.


  • Lok technology keeps the bag fastened to the golf push cart
  • 14-way top
  • 9 pockets
  • Durable construction
  • Waterproof valuables pocket


  • Expensive
  • Incredibly heavy

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Tips for Finding Your Best Golf Bag for Push Carts

Showing three friends golfing together with their push carts in the distance on a hill

Different Types of Golf Bags

Although you can escape by using golf stand bags on a push cart, the best option is a lightweight golf cart or hybrid bag. These bags typically feature strap channels to secure the bag to your push cart. This prevents rotation while pushing it, and depending on the specific golf bag, it gives you unrestricted access to the pockets.

A recent alternative is a hybrid golf bag, which infuses the padded strap and the legs of a stand bag with the storage and top structure of cart bags. For example, the Titleist Hybrid 14 features a stand, duel straps, and a cart strap pass through-tunnel to secure it to any golf push cart or moving cart. 

Which Bags are Best for Golf Carts vs Golf Push Carts?

The best bags for golf push carts are lightweight cart bags. They often feature a well-structured 14-way top with ample storage space but weigh less than a standard cart bag. Since you push your cart, you want a lighter design requiring less effort to move.

Conversely, a standard cart bag works for riding carts because it is not you doing the heavy lifting. These bags tend to exceed 6 lbs but boast outstanding storage space to house every you need for a round.

Club Organization

Consider how you structure your bag and whether you need assistance keeping your clubs in order. A 14-way top gives you a private slot for every golf club in your bag and makes it easy to keep your clubs in order. I like the set up because it saves me time before shots, searching for my club, as was the case when I used a 5-way top.

One factor to watch out for is full length dividers. If you decide on a 14-way top, you ideally want 14 full length dividers. These dividers keep your shafts separated and make it easy for you to add and extract your clubs.

Storage Space

In my case, storage space is not a huge deal. I only carry the basics like balls, tees, rain gear, refreshments, and, depending on the course, a rangefinder. Therefore, the 5 pocketed MacGregor Golf VIP Deluxe would suit me perfectly.

Conversely, the 13 pockets on the Ping Traverse Bag are a better fit for golfers who like to carry a host of items.

Umbrella Holder

It seems a simple feature, but I have used numerous bags without an umbrella holder. It is not a train smash, but it wet the interior of my bag and my grips as a result. Think about options with a separate umbrella sleeve like the Ogio Woode 15.

Insulated Cooler Pocket

An insulated cooler pocket is a welcome ally on a warm day, as it keeps your drinks cooler for longer. I have experienced the issue of leakage in the past as the bottle sweats. However, a quality insulated pocket will possess drainage vents, keeping the bag cool and dry.

I noticed the Vessel Lux 14-Way provided the best insulation and drainage combo with its dual insulated pocket.


The mass of your bag is an important consideration, especially if you operate a golf push cart manually. I recommend sticking to bags below 6 lbs and never exceeding 7. Keep it lightweight for a smoother and more comfortable walk around the course.

If you are after the lightest cart bag, I suggest inspecting the Datrek Lite II. Conversely, the heaviest best golf cart bag for push carts I would recommend is the Callaway ORG 14. There are heavier push cart bags on the market, but I find them tiresome to push around for 18 holes.

An electronic push cart can always solve the issue of weight like the Bag Boy Revolver XP Cart Bag.

Water Resistance

Most golf bags include a matching rain hood in the sale, but not all constructions are highly water resistant. Golfers operating in high rainfall areas should consider increasing their budget to cater to a durable, water-resistant model. Otherwise, the rain will penetrate the fabric and wet your grips and shafts.

During testing, the premium-priced Vessel Lux 14-Way bag provided the best water resistance. However, its exorbitant price tag is hard on the wallet, and a suitable alternative is the Titleist Cart 15 StaDry. It is still pricey but significantly less than the Lux 14-way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do stand bags work on push carts?

Yes, stand bags do work on golf push carts, but you might not enjoy direct access to all the pockets. In addition, I have experienced the annoyance of my stand bag swiveling around while pushing it on a cart bag.

Can you use a cart bag with a push cart?

Yes, you can use a cart bag with a push cart. Cart bags often have a cart strap tunnel or push cart straps to secure the bag to the golf push cart. It also offers unrestricted access to the pockets to enhance your convenience between shots. However, I suggest keeping your push cart golf bag under 6 lbs.

Do staff bags fit on push carts?

Yes, a staff bag fits on a golf push cart, but the weight of the bag leads to a strenuous stroll around the golf course.

How does an electric push cart work?

An electric push cart works by using a remote control or panel to set the speed of the cart. You also find models that will follow you. A Bluetooth device signals to the bag where you are, and the bag follows behind. It also proceeds to stop automatically whenever you take a pause.

Final Thoughts: Best Golf Bags for Push Carts

The best golf bags for push carts possess an abundance of storage space, structured top dividers, and secure cart straps. I also found the majority of models were lighter than a standard golf cart bag, making them easier to push around the golf course.

Although you can use a stand bag on a push cart, I recommend sticking with cart bags constructed for the purpose. The Titleist Cart 14 golf bag tops the standings in 2023 for its 14-way top, ample storage space, rich designs, and secure straps.

I acknowledge that the Titleist Cart 14 is moderately pricey for the average golfer. Alternatively, I suggest considering the simple yet effective Izzo Ultra Lite bag.

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