Cleveland Launcher XL vs Launcher XL 2 Driver Review

Cleveland Launcher XL vs Launcher XL2 Driver Review photo

Cleveland Golf has a reputation for producing affordable, forgiving, and innovative golf clubs, and the Launcher XL range is no different. We loved the original release, but when the latest edition dropped, we paired the Cleveland Launcher XL vs Launcher XL 2 drivers to see who was longer, straighter, and more forgiving. Spoiler alert, the … Read more

7 BEST Irons for Seniors 2024 + Save ⏰ on What to Look For

best irons for seniors showing Callaway, Ping, and Mizuno irons

When was the last time you upgraded your irons? 3 years…5 years… or more? Furthermore, are your current irons engineered to fit your swing? Are the grooves on your club face worn down, causing control issues? Does the shaft weight and flex match your swing speed? Consider these questions while reading about our best irons for … Read more

6 Best Golf Clubs for Seniors That You’ll Want In Your Bag

best golf clubs for seniors 2024 showing a collage of a few of the best golf clubs.

Looking for the best golf clubs for seniors in 2024? Our team is dedicated to the needs of players over 50, sharing the top equipment we test ourselves. For ladies golf clubs, we recommend reading our best senior ladies golf clubs article found here. 🏆Best Senior Golf Clubs 2024 Quick List Most Forgiving Putter: Odyssey … Read more

Our 5 Top Best Fairway Woods For Seniors in 2024

showing the Callaway Ai Smoke Max Fairway Wood taken by Senior Golf Source

Are you frustrated and struggling to reach par 5s in two? The best fairway woods for seniors can mitigate this challenge and help you dominate your long shots on the golf course. Choosing the right fairway wood for your swing means the difference between an easy launch and soft landing or low flight and greater … Read more

Short game woes? How to decide between the chipper vs wedge

golfer hitting his wedge onto a practice green.

Chipping is easily one of the most challenging shots to master in golf. It calls for finesse in your swing, precision in delivery, imagination, and perhaps at times, even some guts. It’s common to see golfers struggle with their short game owing to the expertise it demands. So, you maybe deciding between the chipper vs … Read more

Best Golf Grips For Seniors + Pro Fitting Guide [2024]

showing a bunch of golf grips of varied sizes.

Identifying the best golf grips for seniors is essential for anyone looking to enhance control and balance in their golf game. “Grip It & Rip It” is a familiar saying among golfers. For most of us, this phrase doesn’t mean much. However, as an instructor, your golf grip means everything. Factors such as club face … Read more

XXIO 13 Driver Review: Must-Have Advice Before You Buy

XXIO 13 Driver and clubhead cover

In our XXIO 13 Driver review, we bring to light the qualities that make this driver an excellent choice for over 50 golfers seeking to enhance their distance game. Before we get into the new XXIO driver details, let’s make sure you know how to annunciate it. XXIO is pronounced (ZEKS-E-OH). No worries if you … Read more

TaylorMade Driver Review 2024: Qi10 Max, Qi10 & Qi10LS

TaylorMade Driver Review article showing the TaylorMade Qi10 Driver Max and headcover.

In this TaylorMade Driver Review our senior golfers and I tested the latest new releases in 2024. The top pick for us is the the TaylorMade Qi10 Max for the average senior golfer looking for increased distance and maximum forgiveness. Read on, I’ll break down each driver, so you’ll get a first hand glance at … Read more

8 Best Golf Shafts for Seniors to Upgrade Your Bag [2024]

Best golf shafts for seniors article showing a senior golfers golf clubs in a golf bag on a golf cart.

Exploring the best golf shafts for seniors is a key strategy for maintaining distance on the golf course as we age. Far from conceding to a decline in performance, we have a wealth of equipment options to help with this. Strength training, physical therapy, and specially tailored equipment upgrades can all contribute significantly to our … Read more