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The best golf balls for seniors in 2024 are highly compressible, affordable distance golf balls. However, many seniors I know still say they suggest that the Titleist Pro V1 is the best for seniors.

It boils down to personal preference, but I find many slower swing speed seniors do an injustice to their game by playing the higher compression Titleist. At the end of this, you will have sufficient evidence to support saving money and using an easier launching 2-piece golf balls.

According to our over 50 senior testers, the best golf balls for seniors in 2024 are the Callaway Supersoft. They are cheap, colorful, and easy to hit.

The low compression creates more speed and low spin on long shots, enhancing carry distance. Contrary to other 2-piece golf balls, the Supersoft feels smooth around the green and spins a little more than others.

I have included the Titleist Pro V1 in this list at the request of our readers, but I suggest reading on to see why it does not suit most golfers over 50. Besides the premium Pro V1 option, most our our best golf balls for seniors are entry-level balls that fly long and do not spin much around the greens.

Overall Best Golf Balls for Seniors 2024

🏆 Overall Top Pick

Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls in a white box

The Callaway Supersoft are the best golf balls for senior golfers because they are affordable, easy to hit, and colorful. They appeal to a broad audience of senior golfers but offer the most value to high handicappers over 60. 

My two uncles, who are both over 80, use the Supersoft mainly because of their highly visible colors. My relatives find the yellow, red, and orange balls easiest to trace in the air. Besides looks, my uncles explain that the highly compressible design compliments their slowing swings, making it easy to launch the ball.

The Supersoft is no Chrome Soft around the green, but it does provide more feedback, spin, and feel than most distance balls. The short-game responsiveness has improved significantly since my uncles first tested these balls in 2017, owing to its new soft cover System.

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  • Increases ball speed
  • Available in 6 colors
  • Restricts spin and launches high in our trials
  • Both senior ladies and men had positive feedback


  • Not suited to high swing speeds

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Best Budget Ball for Slow Swing Speeds

#2 Senior Golf Balls

Wilson Duo Soft Golf Balls in a black box

Wilson Duo Soft golf balls are cheap, fast, and made in 6 colors, making them perfect for seniors on a budget. I purchased a dozen of these for my 56-year-old playing partner, and he is hooked, predominantly for its budget-friendly price, but it also performed better than anticipated.

He reported impressively low long-game spin and ball speed off the tee, which led to consistent distance. The high rebounding core sprung the ball off the face, lowering spin and encouraging a higher launch and ample long game distance.

Based on its price, Martin had no expectations from the ball around the green, and he was right. The rock-hard feel of the ball and its hard ionomer cover produced limited spin on chip and pitch shots, reducing his greenside control.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to launch
  • Low long-game spin
  • Available in 6 colors
  • Best golf balls for slower swing speeds


  • Lacks short game spin
  • Rock hard feel

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Best Premium Golf Balls for Seniors

High Swing Speeds

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls in a black box

The Titleist Pro V1 is the most popular premium golf ball for seniors according to our Senior Golf Source community and testers. Our members voted overwhelmingly in favor of Pro V1, but I do not necessarily agree. The ball is expensive, carries a higher compression score, and is better equipped for low handicapper golfers.

However, many seniors in our network have played the Pro V1 for years and are accustomed to its soft feel, distance, and spin. My playing partner Martin shared that he loved the Titleist ball for its greenside control but found it difficult to consistently launch compared to the Wilson Duo Soft.

From an older golfer’s perspective, the lack of color options is another downside of the Pro V1 golf ball. Yes, the yellow stands out in the air, but it is not as easy to spot on the ground as an optic yellow or matte red golf ball.

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  • Outstanding short-game spin
  • Increased distance
  • Improves workability
  • One of the most versatile balls on the market
  • Best suited to low handicap golfers or high swing speeds


  • Priced at a premium

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Longest Golf Ball for Seniors

Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls

Titleist Tour Soft golf balls are fast, spin low, and promote more distance off the tee and on approach. Despite being a 2-piece ball, the Tour Soft produces impressive spin, feel, and control on wedge shots for a well-rounded performance.

I was initially shocked to see that the Tour Soft’s were more expensive than a dozen Srixon Q-Star balls, which contain a semi-urethane cover. However, I understood why it has a higher price tag after witnessing its consistent distance, spin, and control.

In my experience, the Tour Soft produced a penetrating trajectory, which suits medium to faster-swinging seniors. I find that slower-swinging seniors enjoy better success with a higher-launching golf ball like the Wilson Duo Soft.


  • Highly compressible core
  • Rapid ball speed
  • Low, controlled flight
  • Improved short-game spin


  • Expensive for a 2-layer golf ball

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Best Golf Ball for Mid Handicap Seniors

Srixon Soft Feel Brite Golf Ball

The Srixon Soft Feel Brite is a super ball for mid-handicap seniors searching for affordability, distance, and greenside feel. I have played all 13 generations of the Soft Feel and found these the best option for mid-handicap golfers over 50.

My playing partner wears thick glasses and often struggles to follow his ball. However, he found the Soft Feel Brite Orange best for him to follow in the air. Besides the Brite range, the Srixon Soft Feel Tour Yellow is also fantastic for players with visual impairments.

The Soft Feel Brite does not spin as much as the Titleist Tour Soft, but it did impress for its price. Martin was satisfied with his spin rate on pitch, chips, and flop shots. He told me that he felt the ball stay on the face longer than other 2-piece distance balls that generate limited spin, feel, and control.


  • Bright colors are easy to trace
  • Affordable golf balls
  • High launch
  • Stable flight in light to moderate winds


  • It does not produce as much spin as the Titleist Tour Soft.

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Best Alignment Aid Golf Ball

Alignment Aid Ball

TaylorMade Tour Response

The robust 360° Clearpath Alignment makes the TaylorMade Tour Response the best golf ball alignment aid for veteran golfers. A yellowish-lime stripe runs the circumference of the ball to help you aim the ball at your target off the tee and on the green.

Besides alignment, I seriously appreciated how easy it was to launch this golf ball. Its low-compression core rebounded quickly off the clubface to increase speed and lower spin. The result was a consistently high launch and reasonable distance. I find these traits best suit golfers over 50 with slow swing speeds.

The Tour Response impressed me even more when I got to the green. Its urethane cover promoted more spin and a softened feel on chip shots. It also delivered a smooth feel as the ball left the putter face, further enhancing my feedback and control.


  • The striped design is easy to follow
  • Excellent alignment aid
  • Impressive spin
  • Fast cover


  • Expensive

We may earn a commission, at no additional cost to you.

Helpful Advice on Buying the Best Golf Balls for Seniors

senior lady golfer on her approach shot with the green in the distance.

When buying golf balls, deciding which is best for you can seem complicated at first. However, it is best determined by your swing speed, flight, and spin preferences.

Slower swing speed or high handicap senior golfers are best suited to low compression distance balls, which boost ball speed and minimize spin. 

Conversely, low-handicapper senior golfers with faster club head speed suit a three or four-piece tour golf ball, which produces optimal distance and increased wedge spin.

Moderate-swing speed golfers may prefer a three-piece distance golf ball that maximizes length and provides an element of greenside control.

Cover Material

You have the choice of two cover materials: ionomer and urethane. Ionomer is traditionally found on two or three-piece distance golf balls with a low or mid-compression score. In addition, these covers are built for speed and low spin and often limit your control around the green.

On the contrary, urethane typically covers high-performing tour golf balls that deliver distance off the tee and spin around the green. These balls often carry mid to high compressions and suit senior golfers with higher clubhead speed.


I recommend seniors stick to low and mid-compression golf balls, which generate speed and better restrict spin. However, you may find a high-compression ball designed for maximum compression at impact.

Color Options

Most golf balls are produced in several colors, which are easier for older golfers to follow. Naturally, you still have the option of traditional tour white. However, you can find more optic-friendly colors like red, yellow, orange, and pink.

If you struggle to follow your ball in the air or find it in the long grass, I recommend considering a yellow, orange, pink, or red golf ball. However, the yellow ball is still more effective than the newer matte colors and is favored by pro golfers like Fred Couples.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of golf ball should a senior use?

Senior golfers should use a low to mid-compression distance golf ball that produces low spin, accelerated ball speed, and elevated lift. Of the best golf balls for seniors is the Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls. These golf balls make it easier for slower swing speeds to get the ball airborne. Plus, they’re reasonably priced and provide adequate distance to the average senior player.

What is the best golf ball in golf?

The Titleist Pro V1 is marketed as the best golf ball in golf for distance, flight consistency, and wedge spin. These quality golf balls are priced at a premium. The higher compression makes them best suited to faster swing speeds and professional golfers.

What golf ball should a senior woman use?

Senior women should use a low compression core golf ball that accelerates ball speed, lowers spin, and promotes a high launch. The slower swing speeds of senior golfers can use the speed burst and elevated flight.

What is the #1 ball for seniors?

The Callaway Supersoft is the top golf ball for seniors, thanks to its sensational ball speed, minimal driver spin, and impressive distance.

How far should a 70-year-old hit a golf ball?

A 70-year-old should hit a golf ball approximately 190 yards off the tee on the golf course. However, this yardage depends on his or her strength, club head speed, and ball-striking abilities. 

Some stronger, lower handicap senior golfers may send the ball longer than the 190-yard mark, while others may end up shorter.

Is Pro V1 a good ball for seniors?

Titleist Pro V1 balls are not the best option for most seniors. Slower swing speed golfers may struggle to generate meaningful velocity to get the golf ball airborne. As a result, the slow-swinging player loses carry distance and consistency when striking the complex Pro V1 structure.

However, for low handicap faster swinging seniors, Titleist golf balls remain dominant, especially the Pro V1. You can read more on this and what the pros use on the Senior Tour (PGA TOUR Champions).

What golf balls do PGA TOUR Champions players use?

Each professional PGA golfer has their favorite golf ball of choice. However, Titleist Pro V1x and Titleist Pro V1 are the most popular on tour. Bernhard Langer and John Daly currently use the Pro V1x. Finally, Steve Alker and David Johnson, for example, both use the Pro V1 golf ball on the PGA Champions Tour.

What are the Best Low Compression Golf Balls for Seniors?

From our top 2024 list, The Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls are the preferred option for the overall best low-compression golf ball for senior players.

Final Thoughts

After many hours of research and testing, our number one pick is the Callaway Supersoft. Its faster ball speed, low spin, high launch, and wealth of color options made it stand out from its competitors. As an added bonus, it’s affordable for most golfers to appreciate every day.

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