GOLFTEC Review: Honest Review of Lesson & Fittings [2023]

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Looking for an honest GOLFTEC review on GOLFTEC lessons and information on their fittings?

As a golf professional and former teaching professional, I know a good golf lesson from a bad one. With more and more golf facilities opening up where you can get swing analysis, fitting, and more, we thought it was time to dive in and do a review of some of these experiences. 

We know golf training and club fitting are important, but we wanted to see what the GOLFTEC process is like and whether or not it is worth your money. 

In fact, we went for two GOLFTEC swing analysis experiences to help you understand what to expect; and to test out the consistency in the process. 

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The GOLFTEC Experience: How Does it Work? 

GolfTEC fitting showing multiple clubheads and shafts

I first thought that GOLFTEC was more about club fitting than golf game improvement, but that isn’t the case. The GOLFTEC Experience is more of an all-around approach to help golfers improve their game and work with a trusted coach. 

This does, however, allow for a club fitting approach if that could benefit you. 

The signature GOLFTEC Experience is a Swing evaluation. The swing evaluation is done with the help of premium golf simulator technology designed to give you and your coach accurate results. 

I’ll give you some of my thoughts and feedback on the GOLFTEC experience and try to narrow down exactly who this experience is for because it’s not for everyone. 

GOLFTEC Review | Pros & Cons 

Here are some high level pros and cons about GOLFTEC and the experience it provides. 


  • It can help you set up a game improvement plan that actually achieves results
  • Accurate technology to provide key data points and metrics
  • No rainouts for golf lessons because of indoor facilities
  • Club fitting and golf lessons can go hand in hand, and GOLFTEC is well aware of this
  • Helps to develop player understanding so they can improve on their own
  • Game improvement app records all of your lesson data and even has on course capability


  • You have to enjoy hitting with a golf simulator and not watching true ball flight 
  • GolfTEC pricing can get expensive depending on the number of lessons you want 
  • If you are not paired with the right coach, the progress won’t be as impressive 
  • Hitting off mats vs. hitting off of traditional turf 
  • GolfTEC locations may not be close to your home

GOLFTEC Lesson Review: Getting Started

With the way GOLFTEC lessons work, you will first have to go through the Swing Evaluation process. The initial Swing Evaluation is a 60-minute introductory lesson. During this time, the GOLFTEC coach will take videos and measurements and learn what you need to improve. 

Don’t be nervous about this part. Even if you are a great player, things in your game always need improvement. It’s the GOLFTEC professional’s job to find these things using data and video so that they can set up your game improvement plan. 

We like the fact that the GOLFTEC swing evaluation is data-based. You can see for yourself exactly where this information is being pulled from. 

Once you have your $150 swing evaluation complete, you can choose from a variety of golf lesson packages. You can choose a package, and you have 12 months to take them. Packages range from 10 to 52 lessons. 

Pricing for those packages will vary based on your GOLFTEC location. 

Choosing Your Golf Coach

Choosing a golf coach to work with is the most important of this GOLFTEC process. You will find that there are several different types of GOLFTEC coaches. There are those that become more salesy and try to push buying their lesson credits, and those that let it happen naturally. 

Let’s not forget this is a business, and these guys want to lock in as many students as possible to make a living. 

We get that. 

However, I think it’s really important to make sure you are finding a golf coach that you can relate to. The golf technology and the systems used at GOLFTEC are incredibly helpful. However, if you have a coach that you can’t relate to or communicate with easily, your learning and development won’t be nearly as good. 

If you go to the GOLFTEC website, there is a locations page where you put in your information and find the location nearest you. Click on that location-specific page and then scroll to the bottom to see the individual professionals that work at that location. 

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Golf Swing Analysis Review

Showing GolfTec Lesson and analysis with before and after golf swing in the hitting bay
Erin at her GOLFTEC lesson

The 60 minutes swing analysis is very helpful. Regardless of whether you will continue with a lesson package from GOLFTEC, you will get quite a bit out of this experience. 

GOLFTEC has what is called a Game Plan package. I like this package for a new player that wants to get started out on the right track. I would start with the Game Plan 3-10. It’s the most affordable of the packages and allows for exactly what a beginner needs.

What You’ll Get: 

  • Golf Swing Evaluation
  • Video-based practice
  • Club fitting powered by TECFIT
  • 3 Months to Take up to 10 Lessons 

What to Bring with You:

  • Wear golf shoes
  • Golf Clubs Set
  • Wear golf clothes

GOLFTEC Prices Review

The GOLFTEC prices will change based on where you are located. I would say that the pricing is a little less than a private country club golf lesson and a little more than a public golf club lesson. GOLFTEC pricing is overall fair because of the inclusion of technology. 

The golf technology incorporated into the lessons is something that you can benefit from, regardless of your ability level currently. In addition, I love having this type of data because you can take it and grow as a golfer, even after you are done working with GOLFTEC. 

Learning to manage your own golf game without the help of a professional is the ultimate goal. 

GOLFTEC Review: Senior Golfer Perspective

Both the Senior Golf Source Founder, Erin Blakely and Colleen Gilbert received instruction from GOLFTEC instructors. Colleen shares her personal experience as a senior golfer, taking lessons from her GOLFTEC instructor, Greg:

I received a gift from my husband for a swing evaluation from GOLFTEC. At the time, I was struggling with my fairway woods and wanted a professional to have a look at my swing.

I was assigned an instructor at the GOLFTEC store in Sarasota, Florida who went right to work on analyzing my swing. Using his video camera he captured my awful swing and played it back for my review. I could see that it didn’t look right but I had no idea how to correct it. His teaching technique was to visually show the difference between my swing and a female professional golfer’s swing. He did this by playing videos of myself and the professional together; pointing out our obvious differences in swings. He then came up with some constructive feedback giving me some tips and pointers on how to make my corrections.

The lesson was only 30 minutes, and the cost was $150.00. The evaluation also included a video of me–before and after his lesson. Overall, it was money well spent. He did encourage me to sign up for additional lessons, which I declined mainly due to the distance of the facility and my home.

Colleen Gilbert, GolfTEC Review, Senior Golfer/Writer


All GOLFTEC locations have what they call TECFIT, a full service club fitting location. The reason that they can do this is the same simulator technology that they use for teaching lessons is essentially what is needed to do a club fitting as well. 

The GOLFTEC fitting is a 60-minute session if you are looking for a new set of irons, a driver, or a wedge. The pricing is $150. If you choose to do a full bag fitting, pricing goes up to $300, and you will probably need to set aside about 2 hours to get this done. 

GOLFTEC has several different golf clubs on hand from the major manufacturers, so you can test out different combinations to see what works for you. 

In my honest opinion, the club fitting from TECFIT is just not quite as comprehensive as you will find with other locations like True Spec Golf that focus specifically on fitting. I look at TECFIT as kind of an add-on. 

If you purchased the Game Plan package and it comes with a fitting, that’s great. However, if I went somewhere just for a fitting, I would choose a place with a very large matrix of shaft and clubhead combinations that focuses on club building and customization. 

The bottom line here is that TECFIT is a convenient add-on but not something I would seek out if I just needed a fitting. 

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Alternative to GOLFTEC Lessons

GOLFTEC offers putting lessons, which is a nice improvement to their services. They call this TECPUTT and incorporate motion technology, so you have some data to work off of. Putting has taken a little while to catch up from a data and stats standpoint, but places like GOLFTEC are helping to make putting a little simple for amateur players to grasp. 

GOLFTEC does a great job of promoting junior golf and helping juniors access high-level coaching for a fair price. Junior lessons are 30% off, and we have to give GOLFTEC a lot of credit here for trying to grow the game. 

The GOLFTEC app is one more feature that should be considered when determining if GOLFTEC is worth your money. This company is pretty technologically advanced, and they do have their own app. The GOLFTEC clubhouse app is a place where you can look back on all your lessons and data, and now you can even upgrade this app to benefit from strokes gained technology on the golf course. 

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this GOLFTEC review insight has helped you understand whether it fits your golf game. Consider what type of learner you are, what your goals are, and whether or not this is a teaching style that will suit you. With over 180 GOLFTEC locations and plenty of positive testimonials, the GOLFTEC experience works quite well for many golfers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are GOLFTEC Bucks?

GOLFTEC Bucks is a promotion used to get golfers to sign up for their first swing evaluation or to continue with their lesson plans. These promotions from GOLFTEC vary and don’t run all year long. 

Is GOLFTEC better than lessons at a golf course?

Without this technology, GOLFTEC lessons can offer more data and technological insight than an on-course lesson. Whether or not this extra data tracking, stats, and the fact is the right fit for your game is more of a personal preference. 

Is GOLFTEC Worth It?

GOLFTEC pricing is fair. If you like the model and you can benefit from the lessons, the package deals will save you quite a bit of money off of a single lesson taken here and there

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