The 9 Best Golf Push Carts that You’ll Love in 2024

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If you’re an avid golfer, then you know that having a trusty golf push cart can make all the difference on the course. Not only do they help you keep your clubs and gear organized, but they also free up your hands so you can focus on your swing. In this blog post, we’ll be taking a look at the best golf push carts on the market. From easy-to-fold to electric carts, we’ve got you covered!

Playing golf can be a wonderful way to connect with nature. Any golfer that chooses to walk the course knows how calming the experience can be. However, carrying a heavy golf bag can be a tough exercise for many. If you’re looking for the best golf push cart to help you walk the course, you’ve come to the right place.

When buying a golf push cart, you must look for maneuverability, durability, and stability. Finding a golf push cart with the right features for you can make golfing a breeze. 

We’ve listed our top picks for golf push carts, from the best luxury carts to the most affordable ones, so that you can find the right cart for you.

2 Wheel vs 3 Wheel Golf Push Cart – Which To Pick?

The original game of golf featured plenty of walking around the course while carrying your clubs. However, using push carts is an excellent way to walk around the course with your golf kit without hurting your back and shoulders.

With so many types of golf carts available in the market, you get indecisive about which one to buy. Let’s have a short comparison of the two widely used golf carts.

2 Wheeled Golf Push Carts 

Mostly golfers that use a 2-wheel cart, pull it, instead of pushing. Simply, because it’s easier. 2 wheelers can get difficult to push because it lacks stability and keep turning while you push them. 

However, they’re much more stable on hills and slopes than a 3-wheel golf cart. They don’t go running downhill. 

3 Wheeled Golf Push Carts

Having an additional wheel brings more stability to the golf cart. 3 wheelers are easier to push as well. The only drawback is they can slide downhill if they’re not properly placed. You need to position it sideways so it doesn’t go running downhill.

Pushing the golf cart is more comfortable for your back and shoulder. Pulling for longer distances can get painful, especially if your kit is heavy.

We always recommend using a push cart so you keep your form throughout the course. It’s essential for a good scorecard.

Overall Best Rated Golf Push Cart with Cup Holder

Bag Boy TriSwivel II

Best Golf Push Carts - Bag Boy TriSwivel II

The Bag Boy TriSwivel II is one of the best push carts out there.

This 3-wheel cart features 360-degree swivel technology that will allow you to maneuver across the course with unparalleled ease. You can even lock the front wheel for one-handed use! 

Golfers of any height can use this cart comfortably as the adjustable handlebar lets you set the height as high or low as you want.

Feeling thirsty on the course? This cart has a built-in beverage holder that keeps your drink cool as you walk around. The TriSwivel also has storage for extra golf balls and gloves, so you can hit your golf balls without worrying!

Best Luxury Golf Push Cart

Clicgear Model 4.0 Golf Push Cart

Golf Push Carts made by Clicgear Model 4.0 Golf Push Cart

If you’re looking for a luxury golf push cart with amazing features, Clicgear Model 4.0 is the way to go. 

This cart offers a lightweight and durable design with tonnes of extra features. This Clicgear model has an adjustable upper saddle. This can help you fit any golf bag perfectly, and the new silicone straps will ensure that your bag never loses its place.

The Clicgear 4.0 has unrivaled performance and maneuverability, making it one of the best carts out there. The features on this model definitely make up for the high price, making this cart one of the best investments you’ll make.

Note: You can get an additional push cart seat to rest while you wait on the course.

Best Budget Golf Push Cart

Jef World of Golf Deluxe Steel Push Cart

Jef World of Golf Deluxe Steel Push Cart, Golf Push Carts. Push-Pull Golf Cart.

Most golf carts tend to be on the pricier side. So if you’re looking to buy a durable cart on a budget, the Jef World Deluxe Steel Push Cart may be the best option for you.

Although the cart doesn’t have a lot of fancy features, its simple design and easy maneuverability make it a great option. The cart is durable, lightweight, and can be folded down completely, making it easier to transport.

Best Electric Golf Push Cart (Battery Operated)

Electric Carts are perfect for those who want a little extra help getting around the course. With powerful motors and large wheels, these carts can easily navigate hilly terrain. And if you get tired of pushing, just sit back and let the cart do the work!

Motocaddy M7 Remote

Motocaddy M7 Remote Golf Push Cart - Best Electric Golf Push Cart. Push-Pull Golf Cart.

Dragging a heavy trolly across the course can be a hassle for some. If you’re looking to buy an electric push cart, we recommend the Motocaddy M7

This remote control cart moves at your slightest command. The remote itself has a long battery life of up to 36 holes! 

The M7 is easy to drive and features downhill control technology so your cart doesn’t run away from you on steeper slopes.  

This innovative golf cart doesn’t come cheap, but its features definitely make it worth the steep price tag.

Runner Up: Best Electric Golf Push Cart

Bat-Caddy X3R Remote Control Push Cart

Bat-Caddy X3R Remote Control Cart with 20Ah Lithium Battery. Best Electric Golf Push Cart

Bat-Caddy makes several models, but one of our favorites is the 20Ah lithium battery. This model even includes their Standard Accessory Package valued at $90 (umbrella holder, scorecard holder, and a drink holder).

  • Pros:
  • 9 forward and reverse speeds
  • Downhill Speed Control
  • Easy to assemble
  • Cons:
  • Does not fold up easily
  • Learning curve using remote

E-Wheels Push Cart Electric Converter Kit

Alphard Club Booster V2 E-Wheels

Alphard Club Booster V2 E-Wheels

If you already have a push cart, this one is for you. This handy converter kit makes your push cart electric (or gives you the option)!

Transform your push cart into an easy-moving device with just a button. It also automatically detects golf course terrain. As you use it, the e-wheels will adjust to keep your cart moving straight.

Best 4 Wheel Golf Push Cart for Stability

Bag Boy Quad XL Golf Cart

Bag Boy Quad XL Golf Cart, 4 Wheel Golf Push Cart. Push-Pull Golf Carts.

If stability is your top priority, this is your best cart.

The Bag Boy Quad XL is one of the best 4-wheel carts on the market. The cart offers you maximum stability in any terrain. Although it can be slightly hard to maneuver, the Quad will stand its ground in any situation. 

The quad offers you a jeep’s worth of storage in the golf cart size. It can fit your tee’s, and your extra golf balls, and even has a built-in cooler for your drinks

If you’re looking for a 4-wheel cart, we highly recommend the Quad XL. Also, Amazon tends to carry multiple colors versus local stores.

  • Pros:
  • Easy to assemble
  • Levers are easy to see, marked in “red”
  • Lightweight and easy to fold
  • Cons:
  • While there is a cup holder, it does not hold oversized cups

Best Golf Push Cart with Cooler

CaddyTek 3 Wheel Golf Push Cart

Push-Pull Golf Carts, Best Golf Push Cart with Cooler - CaddyTek 3 Wheel Golf Push Cart. Best Push Carts for Golf

This is one of the most versatile push carts on the market. It comes with a built-in cooler, storage compartment, GPS, cell phone, umbrella, and cup holders.

The cart is equipped with upper and lower brackets with an elastic strap that can easily fit any size of a golf bag.

CaddyTek 3 Wheel Golf Push Cart is one of the absolute top golf push carts on Amazon. With its ergonomic support and multitude of fantastic features, it’s no surprise why it remains a high-volume seller.

Best Compact Golf Push Cart (Easy to Fold)

If space is limited in your garage or trunk, then a Compact Cart is the way to go. These handy little carts fold up nice and small so you can easily store them when they’re not in use. And when you’re ready to hit the links, simply unfold the cart and away you go!

Qwik-Fold 3 Wheel Golf Push Cart

Qwik-Fold 3 Wheel Golf Push Cart. Push-Pull Golf Carts

Every golfer knows the feeling of standing in the golf club parking and struggling with a cart that Just. Won’t. Close.

The Qwik-Fold 3 Wheel solves all of your folding problems. No, Seriously! With just one button press, your cart will be folded and ready to transport within seconds. 

The wide 3-wheel design also offers increased stability so that your cart doesn’t tip over on the course, and it even has a foot brake allowing you to park your cart without any hassle. 

Push Cart Etiquette + Mistakes to Avoid

best golf push carts - photo show with golfer on green with push cart. Push-Pull Golf Carts
Best Golf Push Carts

Although you might think that using a push cart is a simple task, there are certain rules and etiquette for the proper use of the golf cart. 

Below we’ve listed some places you shouldn’t take your golf cart.

  • Don’t take your push cart on the greens
  • Avoid the ground when it’s under repair
  • Don’t bring them on the tee boxes
  • Don’t take them in sand traps

Anywhere else is generally safe to walk, and you won’t face any issues while pushing your cart. Walking is actually encouraged on the golf course.

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Q. Are Push Carts Allowed on Every Golf Course?

Some courses don’t allow Golf Push Carts. If you’re unsure about the policy, checking the course guidelines before playing is always better.

Q. Can Golf Push Cart Help You Burn Calories?

Walking an 18-hole course can help you burn around 800 calories over 4 hours. If your course is hilly or longer, you will burn more calories. Carrying your golf bag or pushing a golf cart will also lead to burning more calories and losing weight.

Q. Can Pro Golfers Use Golf Carts on the PGA Tour?

Pro Golfers can’t use a golf cart during the tour as it’s against the rules of most tours. Each pro golfer has a caddy that carries their golf bag during the tour. This rule applies to encourage walking on the course.

Best Golf Push Carts: Final Thoughts

Buying a golf cart can enhance your golfing experience. If you’re looking to invest in the best golf push carts we highly recommend looking at one of these great options.

No matter what your needs are, there’s sure to be a golf push cart that’s perfect for you. So get out there and hit the links! And don’t forget to grab your new cart before you tee off!

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