Ultimate Golf Club Distance Chart for Seniors [All Skill Levels]

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Regardless of age, any golfer’s shot distance is a significant concern. So a golf club distance chart for seniors holds the same importance at any age.

As we get older, our performance on the golf course naturally changes. You might control some elements to an extent through exercise and nutrition, but certain factors are part of aging.

So logically, you shouldn’t be comparing how you play to those who don’t experience the same limitations as you.

Senior golf has its standard for what poor or great performances are. You should judge your skill level based on your group. You can look at distance charts to get an idea of the average distance players in your category.

This article will give you the best golf club distance charts for seniors.

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Golf Club Distance Chart Utilization

Distance charts essentially give the average distance covered by a club. Different charts focus on variable factors such as gender, age, experience, etc.

A golf club distance chart shouldn’t be viewed as a benchmark. It’s a helpful tool to compare your performance realistically, considering limiting factors. So don’t sweat it if your numbers don’t match the charts.

The better approach is knowing your yardage rather than focusing on how far each club can go. Different people get different numbers for the same club, so while a 7 iron is going far for your friend, maybe your 5 iron covers the same ground.

What I’m stressing about is that it’s all relative. Contrary to popular belief, being a long-hitter doesn’t guarantee a lower score. It’s understandable why people assume that long shots travel a greater distance, possibly lowering your score.

But that’s just not written in stone. A short-hitter could outdo you. It’s just a matter of knowing yourself and your skill.

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Golf Distance Charts for Men & Women

First, we will look at the average distance that younger players of both genders cover. This gives an idea of how well a player can perform when all age factors are in their favor. 

You can take these numbers as the upper limit of how much yardage one can achieve.

Golf Club Distance Chart for Men

The Best Golf Club Distance Chart for Seniors: Men & Women
Best Golf Club Distance Chart for Seniors: Men

With experience, male golfers gain decent yardage in their shots. The more players practice, the higher they can take their swing speed, which is critical for covering long distances.

You can compare your performance with the table below (average golfer to pro).

ClubsBeginnerAverageGood   Pro
Driver       190 yds220 yds250 yds280 yds
3 Wood170 yds210 yds225 yds235 yds
5 Wood   150 yds195 yds205 yds220 yds
Hybrid   145 yds180 yds190 yds210 yds
2 Iron       145 yds180 yds190 yds215 yds
3 Iron   135 yds170 yds180 yds205 yds
4 Iron125 yds160 yds170 yds195 yds
5 Iron   120 yds155 yds165 yds185 yds
6 Iron   115 yds145 yds160 yds175 yds
7 Iron   105 yds140 yds150 yds165 yds
8 Iron95 yds   130 yds140 yds155 yds
9 Iron80 yds115 yds125 yds145 yds
Pitching Wedge70 yds100 yds110 yds135 yds
Gap Wedge60 yds   90 yds100 yds125 yds
Sand Wedge55 yds   80 yds95 yds115 yds
Lob Wedge   40 yds   60 yds   80 yds   105 yds
Golf Club Distance Chart for Men: All Handicaps

Golf Club Average Distances of Women

The Best Golf Club Distance Chart for Seniors: Men & Women. Canva License.
Best Golf Club Distance Chart for Seniors: Women

For female players, the numbers are lower than for male players. Many factors come into play here, such as thinner and shorter clubs coupled with a slower swing speed. The distances covered are impressive nonetheless.

You can use the table below as a reference point for your yardage.

Club   High HandicapAverage HandicapLow HandicapPro
Driver       150 yds175 yds200 yds230 yds
3 Wood125 yds150 yds180 yds210 yds
5 Wood   110 yds140 yds175 yds200 yds
Hybrid   105 yds135 yds170 yds195 yds
2 Iron       105 yds135 yds170 yds190 yds
3 Iron   100 yds125 yds160 yds185 yds
4 Iron90 yds120 yds150 yds180 yds
5 Iron   80 yds      110 yds140 yds170 yds
6 Iron   70 yds   100 yds130 yds160 yds
7 Iron   65 yds90 yds     120 yds150 yds
8 Iron60 yds   80 yds   110 yds 140 yds
9 Iron55 yds   70 yds   95 yds   130 yds
Pitching Wedge50 yds   60 yds   80 yds   115 yds
Gap Wedge45 yds   55 yds   70 yds   95 yds
Sand Wedge40 yds50 yds   60 yds   85 yds
Lob Wedge   35 yds   45 yds   50 yds   70 yds
Golf Club Distance Charts by Handicap – Women

Golf Club Distance Charts for Seniors

Players who are 50+ in age fall under the Seniors category. They’re eligible to play in the Senior PGA Championship, on top of the PGA Tour.

Although they aren’t required to leave the PGA Tour, it’s clear that their performance will eventually fall behind over time than the younger players on the golf course. But that’s just how life goes.

Nonetheless, here’s a shocking fact. The world record for the longest drive is held by 64-year-old, Mike Austin. He hit a 515-yard drive in 1974! We didn’t even have the TaylorMade SIM 2 back then.

Regardless, there’s a significant gap in golf club distances among senior players. Those who play recreationally are shorter hitters compared to Senior PGA Tour players.

You can make the comparison through the table below.

ClubSenior Average DistanceSenior PGA Tour Champions
Driver196 yds279 yds
3-wood173 yds240 yds
5-wood164 yds227 yds
Hybrid160 yds222 yds
2 Iron156 yds217 yds
3 Iron151 yds209 yds
4 Iron145 yds200 yds
5 Iron138 yds191 yds
6 Iron130 yds180 yds
7 Iron123 yds169 yds
8 Iron114 yds157 yds
9 Iron105 yds146 yds
Pitching Wedge97 yds136 yds
Gap Wedge89 yds122 yds
Sand Wedge82 yds108 yds
Lob Wedge74 yds97 yds
Golf Club Distance Charts for Seniors

Golf Club Distance Charts by Age | Drivers, Fairway Woods & Irons

Below you’ll find a breakdown of the average golf distance chart for irons and drivers by age.

While you may notice, there is a stark difference in average club distances between younger and senior players.  Professional golfers don’t rapidly lose their yardage because of old age.

Those who maintain their athleticism and continue playing stay in great shape. As Gary Player would agree, a lot can be done with a solid fitness routine. However, they’ll notice a slow dip in their numbers.

To understand the gradual shift in yardage, the table below shows the age-by-age decrease in shot distances.

Please note this golf club distance chart doesn’t account for whether a player is a professional.

Club   20 – 30 years30-40 years40-50 years50-60 years60+ yearsAll Golfers
Driver238 yds231 yds220 yds211 yds 196 yds219 yds
Hybrid   196 yds190 yds181 yds174 yds161 yds180 yds
5 Iron   179 yds174 yds165 yds158 yds146 yds164 yds
6 Iron   169 yds165 yds156 yds149 yds138 yds155 yds
7 Iron   160 yds155 yds146 yds139 yds128 yds145 yds
8 Iron150 yds145 yds137 yds130 yds120 yds136 yds
9 Iron139 yds134 yds127 yds120 yds110 yds126 yds
Pitching Wedge127 yds123 yds117 yds112 yds102 yds116 yds
Sand Wedge94 yds91 yds86 yds81 yds74 yds85 yds
Fairway Wood   220 yds214 yds204 yds196 yds182 yds203 yds
Golf Club Distance Charts for Seniors & All Ages

Tips to Improve the Average Distance Golfers Hit

Group teeing off and showing thedriver swing speed of the average distance golfers.
To improve your game, it’s helpful to know your driver swing speed

As a golfer, you can’t expect to stay on top of your game if you aren’t consistent. 

Many skills you learn will get rusty as the years go by. If you’re not paying attention, it can become harder to play as you used to.

To help you overcome your short yardage on the golf course, here are a few points you can focus on.

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1. Use the Proper Golf Equipment for Senior Golfers

Your golf balls and clubs are both determinants of your performance. You should ensure you’re using the suitable fit for you and the level at which you play.

Sometimes, your previous club preference doesn’t give you the same results as it once did. This may be a sign to try other clubs and see if there is another that suits you better. The same goes for golf balls.

Having the right driver and irons is as important as possessing the right skills.

2. Improve Your Golf Grip & Posture 

To start, it’s essential to have the best golf grips for seniors.

As we age, a golfer’s grip and posture are often neglected parts of physical fitness. 

Players focus more on stamina, strength, and similar capabilities, but other factors equally influence their performance.

A good golf grip helps you transfer strength and control the ball. You may struggle with this at first, but it could be what’s holding you back.

As for posture, ensure that you’re standing as tall as you can and are bending from the waist, not the shoulders. You should also be careful about your alignment, which your posture can throw off.

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3. Improve Your Golf Swing Speed

One of the many culprits for a shorter distance on your shots is your swing speed. This is essentially how fast your club moves before it hits the golf ball.

Your swing speed changes over time. In the table below, you can see what male and female golfers average at different ages.

10-16 years old93 mph83 mph
17-25 years old113 mph93 mph
26-40 years old108 mph90 mph
41-50 years old103 mph88 mph
51-60 years old98 mph73 mph
60+ years old90 mph70 mph
Average Golfer Golf Club Distance Charts by Age

As you can see, as we all age, we tend to have slower swing speeds. However, golf training aids and exercise can help with increasing swing speeds.

Frequently Asked Questions

How far should a 60 year old man hit a golf ball?

According to the senior distance chart, a 60 year old man, should hit approximately 211 yards with his golf driver.

Final Thoughts | Golf Club Distance Chart for Seniors

The finest aspect of golf is that age is not a limitation. You grow as you go, adapting your expertise according to your circumstances.

Using a golf club distance chart for seniors as a reference, you can continue enjoying your game and be motivated to progress further.

If you are looking for motivation, check out Gary Player’s amazing fitness routine.

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