11 Golf Push Cart Accessories to Add to Your Wishlist

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Golf push carts make playing a round of golf so much easier, but what about all the little things you need to bring with you? From extra golf balls to your favorite snacks, there are a few essential accessories that you should consider adding to your golf push cart.

Accessories and gadgets are always fun! The right ones save time, add comfort, and increase your style points.

You might not know, but your golf push cart can attach a bunch of cool accessories that’ll make you stand out and actually help you.

I’ve researched the 11 best golf push cart accessories and listed the top product of each. Keep reading to find products that’ll actually help you!

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Best Electric Wheels

Alphard Club Booster V2 E-Wheels

one of the best golf push cart accessories is the electric e-wheels.  Alphard Club Booster V2 E-Wheels is a small 2-wheel device that helps you drive the golf push cart.

It’s time to save your energy and time to push your golf cart hole after hole. You might utilize that energy for your swing instead.

Alphard Club Booster Wheels transform your golf push cart into an electric golf push cart that has versatility!

The most attractive feature is that It automatically detects terrains and adjusts to keep a steady pace. You can control it through the remote and your mobile phone application as well.

WeatherproofX Bracket is not compatible with all push carts
Electronic parking brake 
Easy installation 

Best Golf Push Cart Phone Mount

Fairway Golf Cart Phone Holder

Phone Mount, golf push pull cart accessories. Shown on clicgeart cart. Brand: Fairway Golf Cart Phone Holder.

We know how annoying a phone gets when it’s in our pockets during the backswing. Or when you put it in your cart and then can’t find it.

A phone mount is your ideal solution.

The Fairway Golf Cart Phone Holder requires no tools. You need to adjust the knob to tighten the support on the cart, and there you go.

Slide your phone in it and have easy access all day.

Fit all golf cartsX Not one fits all device
Suitable for most phones 

Best Golf Push Cart Cooler

Darwav Golf Cart Push Cooler

Darwav Golf Cart Push Cooler, best coolers for golf

Darwav Golf Cart Push Cooler was specifically designed with the intention to use with a push cart. It has excellent customer reviews and is leakproof.

It comes with multiple pockets; an insulated section for drinks, a large mesh pocket for the sport bottle, and extra pockets for accessories. If you are looking for a compact yet spacious option, then go for it without any second thought.

The rubber grip on the handle makes it easy to carry around when not on a golf push cart.

If this one isn’t for you, here is our full article on the best golf push cart coolers.

Weather resistantX May become worn over time
Holds 4+ full size bottles

Best Golf Club Cleaner and Brush

Yoport Golf Club Brush

Best Golf Club Cleaner and Brush.  This one is made by Yoport.  It comes in several different colors from black, red, blue, and green with a metal clip.

Your golf club grooves take a hit during a round of golf. They get messy, which can reduce the swing of your ball.

Instead of having a cloth hanging, you can use this cleaning tool for an optimum spin on the golf ball and good contact. It even picks up small particles of dirt or grime.

The Yoport Golf Club Brush is perfect for golfers who like to scrub their clubs after each swing. It has spikes to clean the grooves and even your golf shoes deeply.

Easily attaches with golf bagsX The golf club groove cover can be easy to lose
Durable plastic gives a good grip 
Budget-friendly golf club brush

Best Golf Ball Holder

Snakebelly Golf Ball Holder

Snakebelly Golf Ball Holder shows it being attached to the golf bag.  It holds 3 balls.  Works with a golf push pull cart.

Losing a Titleist Pro V1 during a round is part of the game. You always come prepared to lose a few balls every now and then. But costs can add up quickly.

However, you can carry golf balls in style instead of hiding them in your bag and then looking for them every time you lose a ball.

If your golf push cart doesn’t have a ball holder or you need to increase your ball holding capacity, get the Snakebelly Golf Ball Holder. It’s easy to attach and remove from your push cart.

Tight gripX Holds only 3 balls
Easy to attach and detach 

Best Golf Push Carts Drink Holder

Sun Mountain XL Drink Holder and Bracket

Golf Push Carts Drink Holder.  This one is made by Sun Mountain and comes in standard black plastic.

Dehydration may interfere with your performance. To avoid such a situation, fit this drink holder in your cart to have easy access to drink every moment.

Sun Mountain XL Drink Holder and Bracket is specially designed for those golfers who prefer a large bottle or can. It can hold a bottle of 4.5’’ in diameter.

It can attach to any cart having 1’’ tubing.

Durable plasticX May slip
Can attach to any cart 

Best Golf Metal Landing Pad

STICKIT Magnetic Golf Landing Pad

STICKIT Magnetic Golf Landing Pad is round and attaches to the side of a golf bag.  STICKIT label is written on it. We consider it one of the best accessories for golf push carts.

This might be one of my favorite products. It’s nothing necessary to have but just feels so cool.

You can quickly attach your golf gloves, headgear, towel, or any other accessory to your push cart in style. No more tying up knots for your towel or stuffing your glove.

Easy and quick useX Not very durable
Feels great 
Strong magnets 
Buy Now on Amazon

Best Golf Push Cart Umbrella Angle Adjuster

Clicgear Accessories – Umbrella Angle Adjuster Mount

Clicgear Accessories - Umbrella Angle Adjuster Mount.  Black small and compact umbrella device with Clicgear written on the side.

Regular golfers are familiar with the need for an umbrella on the golf course. Not only does an umbrella protect you from the rain, but it’s also useful on sunny days.

But an umbrella alone isn’t enough, you need a holder for your convenience as well.

Clicgear Umbrella Angle Adjuster is one of the top-rated products. It screws easily into your cart and can be adjusted in all directions.

This mount can raise the umbrella by three inches. However, you might need a universal cart mount if it doesn’t fit properly with push carts other than Clicgear’s.

Gives additional headroomX Universal cart mount needed on carts other than Clicgear
AdjustableX Heavy

Best Golf Push Cart Mitts

Clicgear Push Cart Mitts (Men’s Cgm001)

Best Golf Push Cart Mitts by Clicgear Push Cart Mitts (Men's Cgm001).  Black with white lettering.

Clicgear creates accessories to make golfing more comfortable. These Clicgear Push Cart Mitts keep your hands warm and dry owing to their plush lining. Along with that, the mitts are waterproof.

The best part is it can fit all brands of carts with velcro holding it together.

These mittens were designed to avoid constant wearing and to take off gloves during rounds, these are fixated at a spot, and you can slide in when you feel like it.

Gets flat when not being used for easy storageX No elastic around the wrists
Built-in pouches for heat packsX Pockets are small
Great price, budget-friendly

Best Push Cart Rain Cover

Sun Mountain Cart Rain Cover

Push Cart Rain Cover, Sun Mountain Cart Rain Cover comes in black color with  straps.

One of the best push cart accessories to invest in is a cover for your clubs. You can cover yourself with an umbrella, but your cart needs coverage too.

This is where Sun Mountain Cart Rain Cover comes in.

Made of water-resistant nylon, this cover is secured by velcro straps. The E-Z flip hood fips back quickly whenever you need to take out your clubs.

Fits perfectlyX Durability on rainproof cover
Reasonable price 

Best Versatile Speaker Mount

HomeMount Portable Speaker Mount

HomeMount Portable Speaker Mount

Pushing a golf cart for hours can get boring at times. Some music during your walk on a par 5 might help.

If you’re regularly listening to music on speaker, you’d appreciate a speaker mount. This one holds a variety of sizes such as the JBL Bluetooth Speaker.

The HomeMount Portable Speaker Mount attaches quickly to your golf cart and most places including a golf push cart. You can even strap it onto a bicycle! It’s got a tight grip so you don’t need to worry about light bumps.

However, always remember that your music doesn’t disturb others on the course and you’re following the clubhouse rules.

3.3 inches railing circumferenceX No bottom support
Easy to install 
Tight grip 
Multiple uses 

Final Thoughts on Golf Push Cart Accessories

These golf push cart accessories are all about saving time and energy and adding an overall enjoyable experience on the golf course.

From mittens to bottle holders, wheels to speaker mounts, you’ve got a vast list of accessories to choose from. We would love to know which is your favorite!

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