What Golf Clubs Do the Pros Use? Top PGA Tour Clubs in 2023

Golf clubs that pros use shown in a collage.

Ever wonder what golf clubs do the pros use? In this article, Matt Callcott-Stevens captured all the critical data on the PGA Tour & PGA Tour Champions golf clubs and how players build their bags in comparison. With the PGA Tour wrapped up for the season, I have had time on my hands to unleash … Read more

The 15 Most Forgiving Irons of All Time [Past & Present]

golfer hitting his iron from the tee.

Looking for the most forgiving irons of all time? Let’s take a stroll down memory lane as our golf expert covers his top choices over the last 20 years! I have found that the most forgiving irons of all time contain low center of gravity (CG), high MOI, increased offset, and a flexible clubface. These … Read more

Callaway Paradym vs Paradym Star Review [2023]

In this post, I conduct a Callaway Paradym vs Paradym Star 2023 review to see which is best for your golf game. My moderate swing speed enjoys the neutrality of the launch, flight, and spin delivered by the Paradym. However, I also appreciate the increased swing speed from the lightweight Callaway Paradym Star components. By … Read more

Chill Out & Golf at Margaritaville Golf Course Resorts

Couple toasting with margaritas at the beach

“Wastin’ away in Margaritaville” restaurants was time well spent in my early twenties. My life as a cruise ship art auctioneer saw me navigating the Caribbean and Mexican Riviera. In honor of the recently passed Jimmy Buffet, this review focuses on Margaritaville golf course resorts and layouts to play nearby. At the conclusion of this … Read more

The 6 Best Womens Tall Golf Clubs In 2023 [Expert Guide]

Erin hitting a men's golf club as a taller woman golfer with faster swing speeds.

After covering women’s golf clubs for standard height and petite ladies clubs, our golf expert provides his top picks for best womens tall golf clubs. My oldest sister stretches slightly above 5’8”, which is tall for a lady golfer. I was tasked with finding her golf clubs a few years ago and eventually settled on … Read more

Best Launch Monitor Under $500 + Buyer’s Guide [2023]

golfer practicing on the practice green

The best launch monitor under $500 list did not exist when I started covering golf products almost 10 years ago. The technology to manufacture the devices is more affordable, and the variety on offer is greater. In this post, I reveal the top affordable launch monitors for golfers on a budget to consider. I will … Read more

Fred Couples WITB 2023 | Boom Boom’s Top Golf Clubs

Fred Couples Golfing at the Tiburon Golf Course in Naples, FL 2023

Looking for Fred Couples WITB 2023? Read on, Senior Golf Source golf expert covers the latest golf equipment used on the PGA Tour Champions. Diving into a Fred Couples WITB 2023 only seems fair to honor the gentleman who served professional golf for over 43 years. The 12th best senior golfer on earth has enjoyed … Read more

Types of Golf Clubs Explained: How to Best Build Your Bag

senior golfer hitting his driver off the tee at the En-Joie Golf Course in NY.

Although I’m fortunate to test an abundance of products every year, I’ve seldom changed my bag setup. Identifying the optimal 14 clubs for your bag is a journey, and once you find a build that works, I suggest sticking with it. In this post, I address the different types of golf clubs and provide tips … Read more

Draw vs Fade in Golf: 5 Simple Steps to Shaping Your Shots

Photo showing Draw vs Fade in Golf with arrows demonstrating the differences.

A fade and draw are both handy golf shots to help you cut doglegs, avoid hazards and enhance your control around the golf course. This article teaches you when and how to play a draw vs fade in golf, along with the advantages and disadvantages of shaping golf shots. After walking away from this post, … Read more

Driver Ball Speed to Distance Charts: How to Hit Further 🚀

flying golf ball with sparks around it

Until two years ago, I struggled to compress the golf ball at impact, reducing my smash factor and ball speed and increasing spin. In this post, I’ll teach you the relationship between driver ball speed to distance and how you can increase yardage from the tee box. After walking away from this post, you will … Read more