Best Golf Grips For Seniors + Pro Fitting Guide [2024]

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Identifying the best golf grips for seniors is essential for anyone looking to enhance control and balance in their golf game. “Grip It & Rip It” is a familiar saying among golfers. For most of us, this phrase doesn’t mean much. However, as an instructor, your golf grip means everything.

Factors such as club face control, pressure, release, balance, and speed are all directly related to your grip. The success rate of these factors can boil down to how you hold the grip.

Whether it’s the pressure in your hands keeping your arms and shoulders too stiff or your unrelenting slice due to the weak position of your hand placement; certain types of grips can help evolve your game.

In my 20+ years of teaching golf, I can honestly say the average golfer doesn’t fully understand how important the type of grip you play is. I’ve noticed that golfers often don’t even get their clubs re-gripped.

I encourage you to watch my DIY YouTube tutorial on re-gripping clubs at home. It’s very easy to do, plus you save money doing the work yourself.

My goal in this article is to provide you with my top golf grip picks on the current market. Also, I will educate you on preventative grip maintenance and how different sizes and weights of grips can affect your swing.

Since the overall weight of your golf club is greatly affected by the shaft, you might also want to read my article, best driver shafts for seniors.

Here are the best golf grips for seniors to help you achieve increased traction and control. Don’t skip the buyer’s guide at the end that provides a sizing table and other helpful information.

🏆 Overall Best Golf Grips for Seniors

Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360

Popular Golf Grips

Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360

Established in 1949, Golf Pride has been an industry leader in golf grips. Before 1949, golf grips were composed of leather which was very labor-intensive to install. Fortunately, Golf Pride founder, Thomas L. Fawick, (inventor of the pneumatic clutch & break) streamlined the process by introducing slip-on rubber grips. It took a few years to catch on but when it did there was no looking back.

Well over 50 years later, the Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 grip is one of the most recognized grips on all tours. This grip is an all-weather, slip-resistant pattern that maximizes playability and confidence. Furthermore, the texture of this grip is designed to pull away moisture from the surface to promote consistent traction.

One of my favorite features of this grip is its appearance. Personally, I don’t like bright colors or writing on my grip simply because I find it distracting.

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  • High quality at a reasonable price.
  • Excellent traction control.
  • Classic look built for comfort.
  • Responsive feedback
  • Easy to add buildup tape to increase core size.


  • Just like any rubber compound, it can deteriorate without proper care.
  • Some golfers don’t like the firmness of this grip.

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Best Feel Grip for Seniors 

Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G

Best Budget Grips

Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G

Don’t be surprised if you see Golf Pride make the Top 5 throughout this article. To be genuine to my readers, I have seen companies try to accomplish what Golf Pride has done, but only a few can match their quality standards. Companies like Lamkin and Winn are a few of the manufacturers that have proven themselves to the industry.

As I had mentioned, leather grips were the way of the old days. The leather grips had a distinct difference in feel because they were spiral-wrapped instead of a uniform surface. This is where the Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G reintroduced an old feel to a new technology.

Not only is this grip softer in feel, but it’s tacky for the player, who tends to sweat in their hands. I’ve personally played Tour Wraps for many years and haven’t been disappointed with its durability and responsiveness.


  • Soft feel.
  • Superb traction control.
  • Cleans up easily.
  • Easy to add buildup tape to increase diameter.
  • Reduces strain and promotes shock absorption.


  • Some players don’t like the softness of this grip.
  • Susceptible to wear and tear.

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Most Durable Grip

Lamkin UTX Golf Grips

Most Durable

Lamkin UTX Golf Grips

Designed to withstand all weather conditions, the Lamkin UTX (cord) grip engineers specialize in three basics of grip design: 1. Material, 2. Surface Texture, and 3. Shape.

Over the years, I have dabbled with cord grips from various manufacturers. Some have been good while others have felt like holding sandpaper.

I have found that the Lamkin UTX grip holds up exceptionally well with its moderate texture. In fact, I have found this grip so durable that I haven’t needed to re-grip my clubs just over 2 seasons.

If your hands are relatively soft, then cord grips are most likely your best option. However, if your hands are dry and full of calluses then these grips are a great option.


  • Reliable feedback for your stroke.
  • Extremely durable.
  • Doesn’t dry rot like other cord grips.
  • Available in many colors.
  • Excellent tack and feel.


  • Harsh on the hands.
  • Not as easy to install as a plain rubber grip.
  • Pricey.

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🙌🏻 Best Grip for Senior Golfers with Arthritis 

Lamkin Sonar+ Golf Grips

Best for Weak Hands

Lamkin Sonar+ Golf Grip in black and blue color

If you’re dealing with arthritis or looking for a more uniform feel, the Lamkin Sonar+ is a fantastic option.

In most cases, the golf grip gets smaller in diameter as you choke down the club. This is referred to as a taper. The Sonar+ is not tapered so it runs parallel from top to bottom of the grip. As a result, the lower hand isn’t required to squeeze the grip at address.

I have demoed this grip on a set of wedges and found it quite comfortable. I related the thicker grip feel to a tennis racket; just not as wide. This grip could also be a great option for the player who flips their wrists too soon.  The larger diameter helps reduce how quickly you can rotate your wrists.


  • Larger diameter helps reduce pressure in gripping the club.
  • Very tacky feel.
  • Large core size absorbs shock on off-centered hits.
  • No taper helps increase uniform feel.
  • Excellent option for larger hands.


  • One color choice
  • Has an almost squishy feel on the lower portion of the grip.

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🏌️ Best Lightweight Grip for Seniors 

Winn Dri-Tac LT Oversized Golf Grip

All-Weather Grips

Winn Dri-Tac LT Golf Grip in a black and white color

Looking to increase your speed and soften the feel of your grip?

Look no further because the Winn Dri-Tac LT grip is almost half the weight of a standard golf grip. The “LT” stands for a less tapered lower-hand portion of the grip. If you suffer from arthritis or hand injuries the less tapered element of this grip can greatly reduce your grip pressure.

As a new or seasoned golfer, you will find this grip to be very comfortable with its lightweight construction and feel. Adding this grip can lower the overall weight of your club which can increase your swing speed. It also helps absorb shock from your joints and provides a non-slip coating that is applicable in all weather conditions.


  • One of the lightest grips on the market.
  • Less taper construction helps with grip pressure and control.
  • Available in STD, Midsize, and Oversize.
  • Helps reduce joint pain.
  • Tackiness improves stability.
  • Great for wet conditions.


  • Tends to dry rot after a season of play.
  • Can be difficult to install.

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Best Balance Grip for Putters

SuperStroke CounterCore Flatso Golf Putter Grip

Putter Grip

Super Stroke CounterCore Flatso Putter

If your hands aren’t what they used to be and seem to easily get pushed off-line in your putting stroke, the SuperStroke CounterCore Flatso grip could be your solution.

Specifically designed to quiet unsteady hands, this grip features a counterbalance weight system that helps reduce rotation, loft, and unstable issues.

In 2018, I developed carpal tunnel and cubital tunnel, which plagued my feel and performance on and around the putting green. Reluctantly, I decided to undergo the knife to resolve my issues.

Several weeks later, I started to putt around the house and practice green. Knowing that my grip pressure and abilities were no longer the same I elected to try a counter balanced putter grip to help relearn my stroke.

Fortunately, this grip brought back the feel that I used to rely on. The soft feel of this tacky grip was a perfect combination for my post-surgery hands. I was so impressed with this technology that I experimented with counterbalanced grips for my wedges. Needless to say, I was very pleased with the feel and performance.

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  • Counter balanced weight improves the consistency in putting stroke.
  • Exceptional feel with tacky surface.
  • No taper design assists with grip pressure.
  • Large diameter of the grip helps quiet the hands.


  • Doesn’t fit well in a standard carry bag.

We may earn a commission, at no additional cost to you.

Finding Your Best Senior Golf Grips + Maintaining Them

I like to explain grip size by comparing it to a tire on a car. If the tire is too small for the frame and weight of the vehicle, the rotation will increase, causing a loss of control and power.

Likewise, if the tire is too big for a small vehicle, the rotation will slow down, and you may be unable to move it forward. Therefore, selecting the correct grip size is one of the most important things you can do!

What is the Correct Size Grip for You?

A senior man and woman playing golf in the fairway.  The lady golfer is hitting her approach shot with her iron.

There are two ways to identify the ideal size golf grip for your hands. The easiest is to use your glove size as a guideline. Alternatively, you can measure the length from the crease of your wrist to the tip of your middle finger.

A standard golf grip is suited to a crease-to-tip measurement of 6.6 to 7.5 inches. Conversely, 7.6 inches to 9 inches fit a midsize grip.

I have provided a table below to find the recommended golf grip size for your hands.

Crease to Fingertip
Measurement (inches)
Golf Grip Size
< 5”Junior Golf Grip
5” – 6.5”Undersize Golf Grip
6.6” – 7.5”Standard Golf Grip
7.6” – 9”Midsize Golf Grip
9.1” – 10”Jumbo Golf Grip


Types of golf grips taken by Senior Golf Source

Personal preferences are also a big factor when choosing your grip. For example, you might have small hands but suffer from arthritis, so a larger grip can reduce the amount you need to close your hand.

You’ll want to consider the firmness of the golf grip, as this impacts your comfort and control. A softer golf grip promotes reduced tension and a comfortable feel for golfers enduring arthritis. Conversely, a firmer golf grip generates less tack and enhances feedback, which superior golfers appreciate.

Types of Golf Grips

Golf grip manufacturers produce four predominant designs built to provide varying traction, moisture wicking, and pressure. Velvet is an ideal option for senior golfers because it has a smooth surface for a delightful feel and performs well in all conditions.

In addition, wrap golf grips offer seniors a delicate feel and excellent traction in dry conditions. However, they are not efficient in wet weather nor incredibly durable. 

The remaining options are multi-compound and cord grips, which combine rubber and cord for feel, traction, and performance. Lastly, cord grips are durable and deliver superb moisture-wicking qualities. But their surface can be rough and tough on your hands.

Traction in Golf Grips

golf grips in a large golf bag shown on a driving range

The final factor to consider is traction, without which you lose control of your golf club and relinquish power during your swing

Some golfers appreciate the traction of a tacky wrap golf grip, which also provides a softer feel. However, these grips struggle in wet conditions and endure a shorter lifespan than competitor grips. 

For me, the best traction is delivered by velvet golf grips, as they perform better in all weather. It wicks moisture away when your hands are sweating, and the added traction pads around the grip keep your hand firmly on the rubber in the rain.

3 Best Practices for Preventative Maintenance

To avoid replacing your new golf grips, here are three tips to get the most wear out of them.

  • Before & after practice or play, wipe your grips off with a damp towel.
  • Change your grips once or every other season.
  • If you notice wear patterns on your old grips, consider measuring your hand size to determine whether the grip core size is a good fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Larger Golf Grips Better for Arthritis?

Yes, thicker golf grips help senior players reduce grip pressure for more control and pain relief. The oversized construction is easy to hold, and its broader base does wonders for combatting shock absorption on off-center hits. A good example is the Winn Dri-Tac LT Oversized Golf Grip that is also lightweight.

Should Your Driver Grip and Iron Grip Be the Same?

Yes, using the same driver and iron grips promotes consistency in your shots, leaving you comfortable with each club. Using different golf grips requires you to adapt to the feel of each design, which is counterproductive. I played for a decade before finally gaining uniformity in my grip setup.

What is the Best Golf Grip for Weak Hands?

Golf Pride and Lamkin have stellar reputations in the world of golf grips. The Lamkin Sonar+ Golf Grip offers golfers a soft, tacky feel, reduced torque, and even pressure on their golf swing that is ideal for those with weak hands.

Final Thoughts

I hope my article provided a better idea of what to look for when it comes to the best golf grips for seniors. However, feel free to drop us a line below in the comments if we can further help.

Remember, maintaining your grips and not letting them deteriorate will help improve your overall game. Also, playing the right golf grips for your hand size can ease the tension in your forearms. As a result, you’ll become less fatigued by the end of the round. Do yourself a favor and keep your grips fresh!

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