Vessel VLX Stand Bag Review: What’s Different in VLX 2.0?

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Trying to determine which golf bag to purchase? In this Vessel VLX Stand Bag Review, we outline key differences and the best golf bag brands.

For a month straight, I was attacked on Instagram by Vessel Golf ads. I could not ignore my desire to own the sleekest-looking bag I had ever seen.

I took the bait. Black Friday deals were out so I figured I would give the $355 golf bag a shot. The VLX 2.0 Stand Bag I ordered cost roughly $330 after shipping and name personalization. I know that sounds steep, specifically when most golf carry bags are $200 -$250, but this bag was worth every single penny.

Vessel VLX Stand Bag Review Summary

Don’t have time to read the whole article? Here is a quick table to help guide you on the difference between the Original VLX and VLX 2.0.

Original Vessel VLXVLX 2.0
Limited storage capacitySpacious
Lighter weight Slightly Heavier
Simple 2-side pocket designMultiple pockets
Quality materialQuality Materials

The Original VLX

This isn’t my first Vessel Golf Bag. Three years ago, I received a G/fore golf bag as a gift and was blown away by the stitching, rich color, synthetic leather, and durability. I didn’t know at the time, but this bag was the first version of Vessel’s VLX, but with G/fore’s twist on the bag.

Three years in, it still looks like a brand-new golf bag. I have traveled on 5 golf trips and played over 175 rounds since then, where the bag has endured rain, snow, and extreme heat.

The only slight issue I have had was a missing nut on one of the legs stands which I easily replaced at the hardware store. My golf buddies each have purchased two new bags in a three-year time span.

Their Titleist, Ping, Callaway, or Sun Mountain bags have had broken zippers or legs. Some of the bags began to tear near the stitching. Do the math – that’s nearly $500 on two bags that last about 2 -3 years for more frequent players.

Golf Bag Design & Layout

The original VLX was simple with 2 side pockets, a front ball pocket with a zipper, and a magnetic top for your tees, keys, and a range finder. The bag did come with a rain hood and had a mesh top divided. It weighed 4.65 pounds and looked great but was louder, which is not a draw to all golfers.

I think it’s time that golf club makers stick to making clubs and golf balls, what they know best. They should begin selling golf bags like the VLX 2.0, with their logos on them.

Only TaylorMade and Cobra have figured out that Vessel Golf should make their bags. You can now purchase Cobra Golf and TaylorMade’s Vessel Golf bags on their websites because Vessel undoubtedly makes the best golf bag on the market.

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Why the VLX 2.0?

Vessel VXL 2.0 Stand Bag - shown in navy and black
Vessel VXL 2.0 Stand Bag

When I put my order in for the VLX 2.0, I expected a 4 to 6-week turnaround as stated during checkout. To my surprise, 6 days later, my bag arrived. 

I opened the box and fell in love at first sight. It is a piece of golf equipment you drool over. It is a premium luxury bag you love so much that you almost do not want to bring it outdoors.

The golf bag personalization also came out better than I expected. My name was carved just perfectly into the synthetic leather ball compartment.

Premium Materials

You may have heard golf experts claim this bag is sexy, premium, or referred to as simplistic. First off, the VLX 2.0 is the Lamborghini of golf bags.

There is attention to detail in every millimeter of this golf bag. The premium stitching and the magnetic pockets are surrounded by extremely light tour-grade synthetic leather.

The top handle is made of genuine leather and the 4-way dividers is made of padded velour. The straps make the bag feel weightless when carrying it on your shoulders through 18. It leaves no marks and is breathable. The VLX 2.0 is straight luxury. When you take it out of the box, it’s as if you purchased a brand-new car.

There are features in this bag I have never seen before or that you may not have known existed in a golf bag. The legs are made of carbon fiber. There are magnetic collapsible water bottle pockets lined with carbon fiber. There is a side pocket with a key lock for your valuables.

Spacious Capacity

Additionally, there is ample room for a pullover or rain jacket. The VLX 2.0 comes with a matching rain hood for your bag.

The VLX 2.0 is heavier by a fraction than the VLX coming in at 4.9 lbs., but to be honest, I don’t know a difference. If you walk a lot of rounds, then this bag is for you.

There is a patented rotary stand system for excellent stability and the legs open and close with ease. On the same note, if you ride the golf cart often this bag is for you due to the extensive side pockets and space for additional golf accessories.

My Original VLX presented a space challenge. It was tough to squeeze all my clubs into the dividers. The divider didn’t leave much room on the top and I constantly was rearranging my golf clubs in the bag. Vessel figured it out in the 2.0. While the top looks to be the same size, I can now fit all my clubs and alignment sticks with ease.

Unique Qualities

The VLX 2.0 bag comes with a unique holder and towel ring that shares a dual responsibility as a bottle opener for those looking for chill afternoon round with a couple of drinks. Don’t worry, if you need a spot for your pen or pencil, there is a dedicated pen slot as well. With a velour lining for your range finder, every millimeter of this bag was created with intention.

Like the original VLX bag, this bag always stays clean. With a dash of hot water and a towel, you can wipe down mud or marks and in no time your bag will look like new.

Color Options

The VLX 2.0 comes in 4 epic colors white, black, carbon navy, and ignite. It is fair to say there is a color for the bold player, the elegant player, and the traditionalist. I purchased the carbon navy, the most popular color which sold out in just two weeks. It is a blend between subtle and bold with the carbon fiber accents.

Without generalizing too much, I love this bag so much that I ordered another for my father for Christmas in black. Knowing he is more of a traditionalist when it comes to golf, it was a perfect fit. The black-on-black accents are rich with dark highlights and present every reason this because is over $350.

I would compare this bag to a high-end leather briefcase, or the vegan leather in a Tesla Model S. If you prefer the loud color, buy the Ignite. It’s one of the flashiest bags you have ever seen with red carbon fiber stripes staring back at you.

Golf Bag Alternatives to Consider

It is fair to say that there are some other companies that make fantastic golf bags such as Stitch Golf, Jones Sports Co., and Ghost Golf. Don’t get me wrong, each company offers something special.

Stich Golf

Stich Golf is known for its minimalist look and quality. In my opinion, when it comes to quality, this is Vessel’s strongest competitor. Their SL1 and SL2 bags are comparable to the VLS or VLX golf bag. However, they lack the additional features like the lock spot, waterproof zippers, and magnetic enclosures. To be honest, the design is too bland.

Jones Sport Co.

Jones Sports Co. offers some good options as well, but I cannot get over the fact that most of Jones Sports Co.’s bags are made of sustainable ripstop fabric. Fabric bags should be a thing of the past for golfers. Their durability lacks and their ability to age quickly shows.

Ghost Golf

Lastly, while Ghost Golf claims to be one of the most comfortable bags on the market, the logo is a major turnoff to a serious golfer, and it is too bulky to carry. I have my doubts that low handicap golfers would show up to the golf course with this bag. If you want style, quality, and durability go with the VLX 2.0 by Vessel Golf.

Compliments Galore

There are two more points I must bring to your attention about the VLX 2.0. First, the vessel golf bag has quietly become one of the preferred golf bags on PGA Tour.

Next time you watch a PGA or LIV Golf Tournament, pay attention to the golf bags. Many of them will have a “V” shown somewhere subtly for Vessel. Vessel Golf has just celebrated 10 years and over 100 LPGA and PGA players now use the Tour version of this bag.

Second, if you want compliments on the golf course, buy the Vessel VLX 2.0. Almost every round I played in the last 3 years, someone I did not know complimented me on my golf bag within the first 2 holes. I heard “sick bag” or caught them staring at my bag nonstop. They then progressed to ask me about the bag and where I got it. The VLX 2.0 is a great conversation starter.

Built for the End of the World

The VLX 2.0 Golf Bag was built for the end of the world. Yes, you heard me right! You can trench your way through 18 holes of rain, through the depths of an ocean course, or even in the fescue of a links course and get away unscathed. This bag will change the way you play.

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Vessel VLX Stand Bag Review: Final Thoughts

Golf bags are an accessory that demands attention to the game. It will open the world of golf to you in a way you haven’t seen before. My recommendation is to buy a VLX 2.0 before they sell out. You’ll never buy another bag other than a Vessel in your entire life.

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