10 Best Sunday Golf Bags in 2023 [Expert Buyers Guide]

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Looking for the best Sunday golf bags in 2023? Our golf expert guides us through what to look for in Sunday bags and pencil golf bags.

I load up my Sunday golf bag every time I hit the range or a par 3 course, where I only require a few clubs. In this post, I reveal the 10 best Sunday golf bags in 2023. While they are designed for all golfers, I will pay specific attention to the benefits and downsides for senior golfers.

After reading this article, you will know what a Sunday golf bag is and why it’s lightweight, minimalistic top structure is recommended for practice.

I also provide the top picks for storage, water resistance, durability, and luxury, before determining the best lightweight bag for ladies and trips to the driving range.

What is a Sunday Golf Bag?

photo of Sunday golf bag or sunday bag golf in tan and black

A Sunday golf bag is a lightweight construction with 2 to 3 top dividers and is typically used for the driving range and par 3 or pitch and putt golf courses. Their compact design reduces their storage ability, and I find them best for carrying a few clubs. 

Some Sunday golf bags may house 14 golf clubs, but they are a nightmare to extract because golf grips get caught on one another and create excess friction.

Sunday Golf Bag vs Pencil Golf Bag: What’s the Difference?

A Sunday golf bag has more top compartments and pockets than a pencil golf bag, enabling it to hold more clubs and store more valuables. A pencil bag is an ultra-thin design that features a single top divider, or in my case, no divider. The compact design also only holds room for 2 to 5 pockets.

My Sunday golf bag has a small ball pocket and an apparel pocket, but I cannot fit anything more than a neatly folded-up rain jacket. Conversely, a Sunday golf bag may have 2 to 4 top dividers and can hold as many as 5 pockets.

Overall Best Sunday Golf Bag

Sunday Golf El Camino Bag

$189.99 Amazon Prime

Updated on 2023-09-29

Top Sunday Golf Bag

Sunday Golf El Camino Bag shown in seafoam green

The Sunday El Camino Bag is our top pick because of its superior storage space, stable stand system, and ability to hold up to 10 clubs. I was also impressed with the comfort of the straps, color offerings, and insulated pocket, which kept my drinks cold as I walked the mashie course and practiced post-round.

Obviously, the increased storage space on the El Camino gave it a leg up on its compact competitors. The allocated pockets were enough to store my valuables, refreshments, golf glove, ball, and rain jacket. I felt the water-resistant zippers were a pleasant touch, keeping my gear dry inside.

Seniors will relish the presence of a robust stand system. Unlike the Titleist Carry Bag, the El Camino carries a full stand, which keeps it upright and easily accessible. My shoulders welcomed the extra cushioning of the dual straps.

Sunday Golf Bags opted for a 4-way top, which is tinkering on the brink of a stand bag, but I will take it. It holds 10 clubs comfortably and can work for the driving range, the Mashie course, and golfers who use fewer than 14 clubs.

The El Camino Sunday Bag comes in multiple colors including:

  • Cobalt Blue
  • Seafoam Green
  • Heather Gray
  • Matte Black
  • Midnight Green
  • Burgundy
  • Toasted Almond


  • Carries 10 clubs
  • More storage than other Sunday golf bags
  • Durable full-length stand
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Fits securely to a cart


  • More expensive than most Sunday golf bags
  • Not as many color offerings as previous Sunday bags, but still 7 to choose from

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Best Luxury Sunday Golf Bag

PXG Sunday Bag

$224.99 Amazon Prime

Updated on 2023-09-29

Luxury Sunday Bag

PXG Sunday Bag in black

I find the PXG Sunday Bag is the best luxury option for high rollers seeking premium comfort, storage space, and style. While the bag is not available in a host of colors, I feel the camo black is super stylish and strays from the norm of boring golf bag patterns.

I quickly learned the PXG Sunday bag was about more than good looks. Six pockets awaited my valuables, golf balls, tees, and rain gear. The engineers also left a little insulated water bottle pocket, but it was tiny, and half of my bottle was not shielded by the insulation.

The bag is equipped with a single divider that creates a 2-way top, which left me with sufficient space to fit 8 clubs comfortably, 9 at an absolute push. I felt the setup works well for intense range sessions when you wish to work on every aspect of your game or par 3 courses.

PXG made the bag attractive to golfers with back pain, struggling to bend over to collect the bag. My comfort received a further boost when I put on the comfortable dual, padded straps, which were light and soft on my shoulders while carrying.

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  • Stylish design 
  • Robust full-length stand
  • 6 pockets
  • 2-way top structure
  • High-quality material


  • Super expensive for a Sunday bag
  • Limited alternative colors

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Best Pencil Golf Bag 

Cobra Ultralight Pencil Bag

$109.99 Amazon Prime

Updated on 2023-09-29

Best Pencil Golf Bag

Cobra Ultralight Pencil Bag

A lightweight pencil bag is an ideal companion for a par 3 course, the driving range, or golfers who use fewer than 14 clubs, like me, in a recent 7-iron challenge event. The Cobra Ultralight is our top pencil bag for its affordability, durability of its material, and its smart storage solution.

Pencil bags are not built to carry a complete set, but the Cobra design managed to hold 11 clubs at a push. However, 8 clubs mark the sweet spot with the 2-way top because, at this point, it was still easy to add and remove them.

Given its slim design, I had low expectations for storage space and was proven wrong after exploring its 5 pockets. I also give further points to Cobra for their innovative dual-pocket design. The outer part housed my golf balls, while the inner pocket was ideal for my mobile phone and wallet.

The dual padded straps were comfortable and reduced the tension on my shoulders while carrying. I also enjoyed the adjustability of the strap, which allowed me to set it to a double or single band. 

Despite the many positives, the lack of a stand is a downside for senior golfers battling back pain. However, the base was sturdy, and the bag stood upright on flat surfaces, but the moment a breeze kicked in, it toppled over.

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  • Fits more clubs than most pencil bags
  • Durable material
  • Dual cushioned straps
  • Innovative dual pocket design optimizes storage
  • Features 5 pockets


  • No bag stand
  • Limited alternative designs
  • At times has been out of stock

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Most Spacious Sunday Golf Bag

Cobra Ultralight Sunday Bag

$129.00 Amazon Prime

Updated on 2023-09-29

Spacious Sunday Bag

Cobra Ultralight Sunday Bag

Optimal storage space and a golf Sunday bag do not typically match, but the Cobra Ultralight Sunday Golf Bag proved it is possible. Five pockets line the golf bag, including an oversized apparel compartment and a mesh slot to store your drinks bottle.

The full-length stand made a difference to the Ultralight. I found it easy to keep clean, compared to the Cobra Golf Ultralight Pencil Bag, every time it fell over. I also appreciated not bending down to hoist the bag after every shot.

The 3-way top was another astute move by the Cobra team, as I managed to fit 12 clubs, but it was more comfortable with 8 to 10. With space for that quantity of clubs, you can use it for quick-fire rounds, or it suits those like my late father, who operated below the 14-club threshold.

In my experience, the straps were simple, effective, and comfortable, cushioning my shoulders and upper back. The strap system also balanced the bag efficiently, preventing the bag from toppling over.


  • 5 pockets with optimal depth
  • Affordable
  • Holds more clubs than most of its peers
  • Full-length stand
  • 3-way top divider


  • No insulated beverage pocket
  • Not significantly lighter than the more spacious Cobra Ultralight Pro

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Best Budget Sunday Golf Bag

Datrek Ranger Sunday Bag

$89.95 Amazon Prime

Updated on 2023-09-29

Lightest Sunday Bag

Datrek Ranger Sunday Bag

Sunday golf bags are already light, but if you’re after a feathery bag that holds 5 clubs for a mashie course or range, the Datrek Ranger is worth considering. The bag weighs an insignificant 2 lbs, making it easy to transport.

Given its a lightweight golf bag, I did not expect much from its storage space and top compartments, as it is a thin, lightweight golf bag. Datrek fitted a single divider in the bag to create a 2-way top to store a select few clubs. The Ranger also provided two compact pockets to hold accessories and valuables.

I was not wowed by the carry strap, given the reduced padding and single setup, but it was still comfortable to haul. The stand surprised me, as I typically do not find it on super lightweight golf bags, but I was glad it was included.

Senior golfers may also appreciate the convenient carry handle at the top of the bag because it completely simplifies raising your bag. I grabbed the handle and effortlessly hoisted my bag towards my shoulders without bending.

Given its cost-effectiveness, this Sunday golf bag could potentially be the perfect fit, particularly for those hesitant about making a significant investment.


  • Super light
  • Convenient carry handle
  • Full-length stand
  • Padded single strap
  • Affordable Sunday bag


  • It only contains 2 pockets
  • It does not fit more than 5 clubs comfortably

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Best Sunday Golf Bag for Ladies

Glove It Sunday Bag

$146.53 Amazon Prime

Updated on 2023-09-29

Ladies Sunday Bag

Glove It Sunday Bag

The Glove It Sunday Bag offers ladies style, comfort, high-end materials, and a well-structured 4-way top. The Sunday bag proved our top pick for ladies, given the 3 colorful designs, exceptional storage space, comfortable carry, and the ability to almost fit an entire set of golf clubs.

With 8 pockets, the Glove It structure sets itself among the most spacious best golf carry bags. I roped my wife in for this test, and she could fit her keys, purse, jacket, golf balls, and rangefinder. It also features a mesh water bottle pocket but does little to keep your beverage chilled.

I liked the 4-way top design and managed to fit all 14 clubs before they got stuck trying to extract them. As I pulled the golf clubs out of the bag, I found that 12 clubs is about as far as you want to push it. However, that is still more than enough clubs to get you through 18 holes.

The full-length stand proved solid on all terrain, and I felt the anti-slip feet did well to keep the bag upright in a breeze and rain. Lastly, I relished the dual padded carry strap, which was ultra spongy and made walking and carrying clubs a pleasure.

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  • Stylish design
  • 8 pockets 
  • Holds more clubs than most Sunday bags
  • Cushioned dual straps
  • Full-length stand


  • They could have more color offerings
  • It does not hold 14 clubs comfortably

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Best Carry Bag

Titleist Carry Bag

Price not available Amazon Prime

Updated on 2023-09-29

Best Carry Golf Bag

Titleist Carry Bag

The Titleist Carry Bag screams excellence with its premium material and superbly comfortable padded strap design. Despite its compact construction, it also offered impressive storage space, and its feathery design was easygoing on my neck and shoulders when carrying.

I found the carry bag was the easiest to deal with at the driving range because I did not need to put it down and pick it up 80 times in a round. Obviously, I would have loved a stand. However, the more features Titleist adds, the heavier the bag becomes, taking it out of carry bag territory.

The 3 pockets are less exciting than the 5 on the Cobra Ultralight Sunday Bag, but I was impressed, given that it is a carry bag. The apparel pocket was long, and I could get a jersey or a jacket in there, but anything after that would risk exploding the golf bag due to overcrowding.

Titleist implemented a single divider on the bag, which I managed to pack 14 clubs into. Unfortunately, it was not comfortable, nor a good idea. I would say travel light and operate with fewer golf clubs when using the carry bag.


  • Ultra-cushioned carry straps
  • Contains 3 pockets
  • Quality, durable fabric
  • Available in 3 colors
  • 2-way top


  • No stand
  • Moderately expensive for a no stand carry golf bag

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Best Water Resistant Carry Bag

Mizuno BR-D2 Golf Carry Bag

$119.99 Amazon Prime

Updated on 2023-09-29

Water Resistant Bag

Mizuno BR-D2 Golf Carry Bag in red color with black accents

The Mizuno BR-D2 performed well in the early morning dew and light rainfall thanks to its water-resistant underbelly. Our best golf bag for wet weather further impressed with cushioned straps, outstanding storage, and its 4-way top, enabling a smooth carry.

I did not care much for the mini-stand legs. I understand the value of keeping the bag off the floor to reduce dirt and water exposure and lower its mass. However, I found it annoying to pick up between shots and prefer a full-stand design like the Cobra Ultralight Sunday Bag.

The 4-way top was an astute decision from the Hiroshima outfit, as I could fit a complete set. I did experience some challenges with clubs sticking to each other, but overall it was smooth carrying otherwise. 

I relished the presence of 2 full-length dividers, which are not always present in small golf bags. The full-length dividers prevented exposing all clubs to each other and heightened the risk of entangling.

The BR-D2 could have taken top honors for the most storage space, thanks to its 9 pockets. I managed to carry everything I needed and more. Finally, I really felt the water resistance is the feature that boosted its uniqueness over the field.

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  • Water resistant underbelly
  • 9 pockets
  • 4-way top divider
  • 2 full length dividers
  • Padded shoulder straps


  • The mini-stand is not suitable for golfers suffering from lower back pain
  • Moderately expensive

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Best Golf Bag For The Driving Range

Sunday Golf Loma Bag

Price not available

Updated on 2023-09-29

Driving Range Bag

Sunday Golf Loma Bag in tan color

I typically take a handful of clubs to the driving range because each practice session is dedicated to a specific aspect of my game. A lightweight weekend golf bag like the Sunday Golf Loma Bag is fit for the purpose with its 2-way top, 5 pockets, convenient carry handle, and full-length stand.

The pockets are not super deep on the Loma Bag, but with 5 of them, I could store 5 balls and my valuables. If you prefer more storage space, I recommend the Mizuno Br-D2 or the Cobra Golf Ultralight Sunday Bag.

I put Sunday Golf’s claims that the Loma holds 6 clubs to the test, and I managed 5 at a push. However, that is more than enough for a driving range session. The handle on the Loma Bag was practical and made it easy to remove the bag from my trunk and carry it to the hitting bay.

The full-length stand on the Loma bag made a difference as I set it up beside me and left myself easy access to my clubs. I felt the single strap was comfortable, and I would use the bag for a quick fire 9 holes to lower shoulder, neck, and back stress, given its less than 2 lbs mass.

A significant negative of the Sunday Golf Loma Bag is its balance. When I had 5 clubs in it, I repeatedly felt like the bag would topple over and the clubs would fall out.


  • Weighs less than 2 lbs
  • Carries 4 to 5 clubs comfortably
  • Includes 5 pockets for sufficient storage
  • Full-length stand
  • Designed in 8 colors


  • It does not hold as many clubs as the El Camino.
  • The bag does not have the best balance when carried

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Best Durability Sunday Golf Bag

Durable Sunday Bag

Callaway Par3 Stand Bag, sunday bag golf

The Callaway Par3 Stand bag is constructed with rugged fabric, which showed limited signs of scratches or dents after clipping a couple of trees on the course. Besides its durability, I enjoyed the storage space, 3-way top, and lightweight design.

Again, the presence of a mini-stand did nothing to impress me, and I feel it increased the instability at the top of the bag. I found it tilting as I walked, giving me the feeling that the clubs would empty out of the bag. If I were to look at Sunday golf bags with a stand, I would prefer sticking with the Cobra Ultralight Sunday

With my whining done, I will lighten the mood and applaud the 3-way top, which carried 9 to 10 clubs maximum. It works for a fast 9 holes or players who do not require 14 clubs to navigate the links. Callaway fixed 4 pockets to the Par3, including apparel compartments and a velour-lined valuables pocket.

There was also a mesh slot to store my water bottle, but if you intend on keeping it cool for extended periods, forget about it. My final words of praise go to the convertible straps, which enabled me to switch from a dual to a single wear, with the former more prominent on a full round of 18.

⛳️ Fun Fact: Callaway Golf products have been used by many of the greats on PGA Tour such as Retief Goosen, Si Woo Kim, Jon RahmPhil MickelsonDavid DuvalJim Furyk, Sam Burns, Stuart Appleby, and Xander Schauffele. 


  • Crafted with durable fabric
  • Contains 4 pockets
  • Holds 9 to 10 clubs
  • Includes 2 straps to switch from dual to single
  • Velour-lined valuables pocket


  • The mini-stand is not ideal for seniors
  • The bag is relatively unstable while carrying

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Sunday Golf Bag Buying Guide

four golfers walking down the fairway chatting together

Who Should Carry a Sunday Bag?

A Sunday bag is recommended for all golfers as an alternative for quick rounds, trips to the driving range, and mashie courses. However, they also benefit senior golfers seeking a lighter construction to carry comfortably around 18 holes.

Types of Sunday Golf Bags

Sunday golf bags are divided into three predominant categories. A pencil, carry and stand bag. These bags are built to carry varied quantities of clubs and accessories. Sunday stand bags like the Cobra Ultralight Sunday offer a healthy number of pockets and have the capacity to hold 10 clubs with ease.

Next, carry bags may fit 6 to 8 clubs comfortably, while pencil Sunday bags hold 4 to 5 clubs and provide minimal storage space. If you need a bag solely for the range or mashie course, I suggest something like the Cobra Ultralight Pencil Bag.

Conversely, the Sunday Golf El Camino Bag is our top recommendation if you desire a bag for the course and range use.

Sunday Bag Key Features to Consider

When it comes to purchasing the best sunday golf bag, you’ll want to consider which bag features are must-haves for you.

Stand Size

Sunday stand golf bags are built in two sizes, full and mini. Personally, the full length, akin to the Sunday Golf El Camino, makes more sense to me as it prevents me from bending over to pick up the bag and leaves easy access to my golf clubs. 

The mini stand, like the one on the Mizuno BR-D2 design, keeps the bag off the floor to prevent dirt and exposure to moisture. However, I dislike bending down to access my clubs between shots. This can also increase your risk of back spasms.

Water Resistance 

Sunday golf bags are crafted with various features to cater to every taste. If you live in a high rainfall area or are a dew sweeper, a waterproof or water-resistant bag is advisable, like the Mizuno BR-D2.


Pocket space is typically limited on Sunday bags compared to their stand or cart relatives. Pencil bags may feature two pockets to hold your balls, tees, and other essentials. Larger golf bags like the Cobra Ultralight Sunday Bag are fitted with 5 spacious pockets, which allow me to store my accessories, rain gear, and refreshments.

Although the Mizuno BR-D2 has more pockets than our other Sunday carry bag picks, I did not find each compartment overly spacious. Mizuno could have done with fewer pockets and increased their depth. 

Top Slots 

Sunday golf bags typically sport anywhere from a single top slot like my current bag to a 4-way top found on the Sunday Golf El Camino. Single-slot bags can fit 4 to 6 clubs and work for trips to the driving range.

A 2-way top on the Cobra Ultralight Pencil features a single divider to keep some of your clubs separated. I managed to fit 8 clubs in the bag comfortably. The Cobra Ultralight Sunday bag showed that a 3-way top can handle 9 to 10 clubs at a push.

The most slots you will find on a Sunday bag are typically 4, the entry-level setup for a full-size golf bag. 4 slots can hold 14 clubs, but not comfortably. I find their sweet spot is between 10 to 12 like I experienced with El Camino.

Full Length Dividers

Just because a bag has a 4-way top does not mean it has 4 full-length dividers. Full-length dividers are golden for keeping clubs separated and simplifying extracting and replacing the club before and after each shot.

I have carried many Sunday bags without full-length dividers and they are a pain to deal with. I suggest searching for a carry bag like the Mizuno BR-D2, which has 2 full-length dividers to separate grips and shafts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many clubs fit in a Sunday golf bag?

A standard Sunday golf bag will hold 6 to 7 clubs comfortably. However, Sunday bags with a broader circumference and more top slots may fit as many as 10 clubs.

What clubs should I carry in a Sunday Bag?

You carry 6 clubs in your Sunday bag relevant to your practice session or the par 3 course you intend to play. If you use it for practice, consider carrying a wood, 3 irons, a wedge, and your putter.

Can a Sunday Bag hold 14 clubs?

No, Sunday bags are not built to hold 14 clubs. They are crafted to carry fewer golf clubs to the driving range, the par 3 golf course, or for a rapid 9 holes. If you’re looking for a bag that holds all 14 golf clubs, you may want to read our best 14 slot golf bag article next.

Final Thoughts on the Best Sunday Golf Bags 2023

Despite their broader categorization as Sunday bags, our review reveals that smaller golf bags are available in multiple variations. A 2-way top pencil bag like the Cobra Ultralight Pencil is perfect for the driving range or a par 3 course where 4 to 6 clubs are all you need.

However, a 4-way top, like the Sunday Golf El Camino bag, gives you more space for storage and clubs. You can use a bag like this for the range and practice, and it suits golfers who do not use 14 clubs and demand a lightweight, comfortable bag to carry around the golf course.

There was stiff competition in our best Sunday golf bags contest this year, but the Sunday Golf El Camino is a well-deserved winner. It sports a 4-way top to hold more clubs than its peers and stores a healthy quantity of accessories, apparel, and refreshments. You can use it at the range, the par 3 course, or even a full-length links.

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