Walk The Fairways in Style: Sunday Golf Ryder 23 Bag Review

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Does your body ache after carrying your clubs for 18 holes? You need to stop lugging around a heavy bag and switch it for a lighter, comfortable golf stand bag.

My Senior Golf Source colleague Justin recently did a Sunday Golf Ryder 23 bag review, and let me tell you, senior golfers are in for a treat.

Sunday Golf Bag Ryder S Class

This premium golf bag is not just about style – though it’s got that in spades, with 8 colors to choose from. It is about practicality, comfort, and making your time on the course enjoyable, not tedious and painful. With features like a padded backpack strap, you sometimes forget you’re even carrying a bag. The convenient velcro glove strap gives easy access to the accessory without having to shove it into your pocket. 

There is a lot to love about the bag, but the frosty pocket is my favorite feature. You see, when you play in 80-plus temperatures like me, you get thirsty, and a chilled drink becomes pivotal to your existence.

Sunday Golf Ryder 23 Bag Features

Collage of the Sunday Golf Ryder 23 Bag showing up close photos of the pockets and layout.

Lightweight golf bag for walking: The Sunday Ryder 23 S-class is a lightweight bag that Sunday markets as 4.5 lbs.

Excellent golf bag for organization: The 5-way divider top has a 14-club capacity to carry every club you need. The dividers are full-length and prevent clubs from being entangled. They are perfect for separating woods and hybrids from irons, wedges, and your putter.

Double-padded backpack strap: Comfortable, padded dual straps are vital to cushion your shoulders and reduce aches and cramps. Sunday ensures your comfort with an innovative dual backpack strap system that molds into the contours of your shoulders while carrying.

Velcro glove strap: A velcro glove strap on the side of the bag allows for easy access between shots. Fasten the glove to the strap and avoid stuffing your glove into your pocket. Alternatively, you can use the strap to carry your second glove, especially on a hot day when you are sweating buckets.

Premium storage space: Seven deep and plentiful pockets store golf balls, apparel, and valuables. However, my favorite compartment is the frosty insulated pocket, which easily stores four cans. Justin uses it for water, but if you are like me, that pocket is purely for ice-cold beers.

Stylish golf bag: You can choose the Sunday Ryder golf bag in 8 unisex colors. Although slightly more expensive than the other colors, I am a stickler for the black leather. That might be my years of living in Argentina talking but it looks classy, slick, and is a higher caliber material.

Stable dual flex stand bag: A stand enhances the convenience of the golf bag for walking golfers over 50. It saves you from bending down to pick up the bag after shots, and the material does not get dirtied by mud and dust on the floor, keeping up appearances for longer.

Secure cart strap: The Ryder 23 is purposed for walking golfers, but Sunday made a versatile golf bag that fits securely to a cart. This prevents your clubs from bouncing around in motion and the bag from falling off the vehicle. So, if you are not up for walking one day, no worries, whip out the strap, put it on a cart, and let the wheels do the heavy lifting.

Sunday Golf Ryder 23 Bag Review: S-Class

testing the Sunday Golf Ryder 23 stand bag on the golf course


  • Lightweight design is easier on the shoulders
  • Excellent storage space to carry your accessories
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Comfortable padded straps enhance comfort
  • High-quality material feels very durable for long-term use


  • Moderately expensive, and keep in mind the S-Class, leather version is more expensive than the other colors

Our Two Cents on the Ryder 23 Golf Bag

Showing the Sunday Golf Bag, Ryder S Class on the golf course while our tester is hitting his tee sho.

Product Overall Rating: 4.90/5.0

Club Capacity

Not all Sunday branded stand bags carry 14 clubs like the Ryder 23 S-Class, with its 5-way dividers. For example, the Sunday El Camino has a 4-way top and is more affordable than the Ryder 23. However, it cannot comfortably hold the full allotment of clubs.


Senior golfers who carry clubs are advised to seek lightweight designs to reduce stress and pressure on your back, shoulders, and neck. The Sunday Ryder 23 S-Class weighs only 4.5 lbs and restricts fatigue and pain after lugging it around for 18 holes. You can find lighter Sunday golf bags, but they cannot hold 14 clubs.


Look for comfortable padded shoulder straps to minimize discomfort. The Sunday Ryder 23 S-Class features cushioned backpack straps for even weight distribution, which is a pleasure to carry around the golf course. I recommend staying away from single-strap bags, especially if you play with 14 clubs because they are heavy on the shoulders.

Storage Space

What do you need on the golf course besides balls, tees, and rain gear? That’s up to you, but I tend to prefer to pack light to save my back. Stand bags often have fewer storage compartments than cart bags, which makes them lighter and easier to carry. Somehow, Sunday struck a balance between a lighter stand bag and maximum storage space for accessories, beverages, and apparel.


The Sunday Ryder 23 is a premium-priced golf bag, but it is actually cheaper than similar products from legacy brands like Ping, Callaway, and Titleist. You can find cheaper stand bags than the Sunday Ryder, but it is tough to beat them on quality and value for money, especially when they offer a lifetime warranty.

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Final Thoughts

The Sunday Ryder 23 golf bag is an exceptional product that combines lightweight and comfortable straps with maximum storage and a structured 5-way top. The bag’s premium fabrics and 8 different colors make it stand out, while the robust stand keeps the back upright between shots.

Although walking golfers will benefit the most from the comfort of the bag, it is a versatile golf bag that can ride smoothly on a cart. The cart strap is a neat addition, uncommon on golf stand bags. It gives golfers the best of both worlds, whether you are up for a casual stroll or a ride along in a cart.

The price tag of the Sunday Ryder 23 bag is not for everyone, and there are cheaper options around. However, I do not think I would want a cheaper option because I am happy to pay for the features, quality material, and versatility. It really is a solid value-for-money option, especially compared to legacy brands.

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