6 Best Golf Clubs for Seniors That You’ll Want In Your Bag

best golf clubs for seniors 2024 showing a collage of a few of the best golf clubs.

Looking for the best golf clubs for seniors in 2024? Our team is dedicated to the needs of players over 50, sharing the top equipment we test ourselves. 🏆Best Senior Golf Clubs 2024 Quick List Most Forgiving Putter: Odyssey Eleven Triple Track Putter Easiest To Hit Wedges: Cleveland Smart Sole 4 Wedge Most Forgiving Irons: … Read more

Best Golf Grips For Seniors + Pro Fitting Guide [2024]

showing a bunch of golf grips of varied sizes.

Identifying the best golf grips for seniors is essential for anyone looking to enhance control and balance in their golf game. “Grip It & Rip It” is a familiar saying among golfers. For most of us, this phrase doesn’t mean much. However, as an instructor, your golf grip means everything. Factors such as club face … Read more

Top 25 PGA Tour Champions Players to Watch in 2024

pga tour champions players collage

Steve Stricker is the top PGA Tour Champions player to watch in 2024, with an impressive record of 64 tournaments played and 55 top-10 finishes. Stricker’s worst finish last year was a tie for 15th, and he is the in-form player. Keep reading to discover 24 more PGA Tour Champions players to watch in 2024. … Read more

5 Best Iron Shafts For Seniors in 2024 + Expert Guide

irons shown in a golf bag

In my 20+ years of teaching experience, I’ve personally witnessed dozens of senior golfers be held back by their equipment. For example, if your swing speed is lower than 50 mph with an iron, the flex and weight of the shaft should be carefully examined to ensure a controlled shot dispersion.  Factors such as launch, … Read more

3 Hybrid vs 4 Hybrid Explained: Which Should I Carry?

3 hybrid vs 4 hybrid - photo showing senior golfer hitting their fairway wood from the fairway.

Deciding whether to use a 3 hybrid vs 4 hybrid on the golf course? In this article, we cover key tips including distance, spin, loft, and other need to know information to make an informed decision. The popularity of hybrid golf clubs has boomed in the last twenty years as amateurs prefer their high launch, … Read more

Best Driver Shafts for Seniors 2024: Short List of Top Picks

driver shafts in a bag ready for a fitter

Are you tired of fighting your driver for distance and consistency off the tee? Or have you given up on even hitting the driver? Although you might be consistent with hitting a hybrid or fairway wood off the tee, you are only making the course play longer than it needs to be. We all know the feeling … Read more

18 Best Golf Books of All Time to Improve Your Score [2024]

Best Golf Books of All Time; Male golfer reads a book outdoors.

During my younger years, I developed a habit of collecting the best golf books of all time – almost 100 at the time. I spent countless hours reading them, always searching for new tips to enhance my understanding of the game. One book that has remained my personal favorite over the years is Ben Hogan’s … Read more

Best Golf Balls For Seniors 2024: Unconventional Advice

Golf ball sitting on a golf tee with a iron laying next to it.

The best golf balls for seniors in 2024 are highly compressible, affordable distance golf balls. However, many seniors I know still say they suggest that the Titleist Pro V1 is the best for seniors. It boils down to personal preference, but I find many slower swing speed seniors do an injustice to their game by … Read more

Losing Distance with Irons? Expert Tips to Gain More Power💥

Senior Golfer using his golf irons on the driving range in Florida

Have you been losing distance with your irons? If you answered yes , it’s time for a tune-up with the help of a PGA Professional. Just like we maintain our vehicles, sometimes your body deserves an overhaul. From the obvious broken taillight to the low-hanging exhaust, our body can fall into a self-destructive deterioration mode … Read more