Losing Distance with Irons? Expert Tips to Gain More Power💥

Senior Golfer using his golf irons on the driving range in Florida

Have you been losing distance with your irons? If you answered yes , it’s time for a tune-up with the help of a PGA Professional. Just like we maintain our vehicles, sometimes your body deserves an overhaul. From the obvious broken taillight to the low-hanging exhaust, our body can fall into a self-destructive deterioration mode … Read more

Best Golf Christmas Gifts for Golfers Who Have Everything

Searching for the ideal Christmas gifts for the golfers in your life? Don’t worry; we’ve consulted with senior golfers and meticulously reviewed a range of items just for this purpose. Mature golf enthusiasts often have all the essential gear they need and might not indulge in those extra special items on their wishlist. Christmas gives … Read more

6 Golf Cart Christmas Lights to Brighten Your Holidays

Golf Cart Christmas Lights showing a golf cart decorated in fairy lights with a chimney exterior

It’s that time of year again! Time to break out the golf cart Christmas lights and get into the holiday spirit. But why stop at just decorating your house when you can also decorate your golf cart? Growing up in a golf cart community, we held a treasured family tradition of decking out our golf … Read more

20 Golf Cart Christmas Decorations for More Holiday Cheer 🎄

golf cart christmas decorations by Imagine Golf

Looking for golf cart Christmas decorations? Keep reading for my top 20 picks for golf cart parade ideas that’ll brighten your holidays this year! What’s one thing everyone loves about Christmas? Christmas decorations give a cozy vibe! So, why miss out on decorating your golf cart this holiday?  As the holiday season approaches, the festive … Read more

9 Best Putters for Seniors To Shave Strokes [Expert Guide]

short game tips for seniors, photo shows three seniors on the green with their putters.

Looking for the best putters for seniors? Then, you’ve come to the right place. The right putter can make or break your golf score.  One of my biggest pet peeves with senior golf students I worked with was the idea that a 2 putt was great.  Now, don’t get me wrong, there are times when … Read more

The 10 Best Golf Grips For Seniors + Buyers Guide [2023]

Looking for the best golf grips for seniors 2023? In this article, our golf expert covers the best senior golf grips for all types of budgets and skill levels. Golf coaches consistently harp on the importance of hand placement and grip pressure, and rightfully so. However, it is difficult to get the most out of … Read more

12 Best Golf Clubs for Seniors | Build Your Bag

best golf clubs for seniors - showing sunset with golf bag in the distance.

Looking for the best golf clubs to build your bag in 2023? Our golf expert breaks down the must-have senior golf clubs to improve your golf game today! If you are a mid-to-high handicap senior golfer, this is the guide you need to help you find your next set of men’s golf clubs for an … Read more

Ultimate Golf Club Distance Chart for Seniors [All Skill Levels]

Regardless of age, any golfer’s shot distance is a significant concern. So a golf club distance chart for seniors holds the same importance at any age. As we get older, our performance on the golf course naturally changes. You might control some elements to an extent through exercise and nutrition, but certain factors are part … Read more

12 Best Golf Balls For Seniors 2023 [Ultimate Buying Guide]

Golf ball sitting on a golf tee with a iron laying next to it.

The best golf balls for seniors 2023 edition range from affordable two-piece distance balls to high-end urethane tour golf balls. Our list focuses on predominantly low compression balls that are easier for the average senior to launch high and long. While many options on our list are low-spinning distance designs, I have included some premium … Read more

13 BEST Irons for Seniors in 2023 [Men & Women]

Looking for the best irons to improve your game? Our golf expert breaks down the must-have senior golf irons to improve your golf game today! Golf irons make up the majority of your golf club set, and many senior golfers have started to dislike their irons. If you have had your clubs in your bag … Read more