Best Golf Balls Similar to Pro V1 That Save You Money [2023]

Bucket of golf balls with Pro V1 golf balls and Pro V1 Alternatives

Titleist Pro V1 balls are prized for their low driver spin, penetrating flight, and exceptional short game bite. These features cost a premium and require fast swing speeds to launch consistently. In this post, I reveal the best golf balls similar to Pro V1 that you should consider this year. The guide features more affordable … Read more

13 Best Golf Balls For Seniors 2023 [Ultimate Buying Guide]

Golf ball sitting on a golf tee with a iron laying next to it.

The best golf balls for seniors 2023 edition range from affordable two-piece distance balls to high-end urethane tour golf balls. Our list focuses on predominantly low compression balls that are easier for the average senior to launch high and long. While many options on our list are low-spinning distance designs, I have included some premium … Read more

Srixon Soft Feel vs Callaway Supersoft 2023 [Expert Review]

srixon soft feel vs callaway supersoft

Deciding between similar products such as the Srixon Soft Feel vs Callaway Supersoft can be difficult. In this article, our golf expert compares the best option for you. The Srixon Soft Feel and Callaway Supersoft are two highly renowned golf balls with amateurs for their affordability, forgiveness, and consistency. In this post, I review the … Read more

Callaway Supersoft vs Supersoft Max 2023 | Which is Best?

Callaway Supersoft Vs Supersoft Max showing the golf balls in their box.

In this Callaway Supersoft vs Supersoft Max 2023 review, our golf expert covers key differences to know before you purchase. Slower swing speed golfers always praise the Callaway Supersoft and the accompanying Callaway Supersoft Max golf ball’s launch, distance, and consistency. In this post, I explore how effective the latest iterations are in our Callaway … Read more

The 10 Best Low Spin Golf Balls in 2023 [Expert Review]

best senior men's golf balls

Are you looking to improve your golf game for the upcoming season? If so, here are our best low spin golf balls for 2023. Beginner golfers often assume that more spin is desired in a golf ball. However, a golf ball that spins less gains more distance and predictability in ball flight. You’ll want to … Read more

Hit Further with the 10 Top Golf Balls for Slow Swing Speeds

golfer shown teeing off - article on the golf balls for slow swing speeds

Are you searching for the best golf balls for slow swing speeds? We’ve got it covered from budget low-cost options to premium high-cost golf balls. Identifying what categories you fall in as a golfer is a part of conquering the game. There are different groups for all aspects of the sport, but every golfer obsesses … Read more

The 10 Straightest Golf Balls to Instantly Improve Your Game

straightest golf balls article, and photo shows man driving his golf ball straight down the fairway. His golf cart is parked on the right side of the tee.

As a golfer, every part of your gear has to be your best fit, whether it’s clubs, gloves, or even golf balls.  Every player has their own alignment, grip, swing speed, etc., so naturally, no two players will hit the same golf ball the exact same way.  Since each player wants their shots to be as … Read more

10 Best Golf Balls for Senior Women [Expert Review]

Best Golf Balls for Senior Women, Golf Ball shown sitting in fairway near the green.

Looking for the absolute best golf balls for senior women? Then we got you covered! As our time ages on the golf course and in life, there are some factors that directly affect your ability to improve or simply maintain desired abilities. Our vision, strength, and control off the tee and green greatly impact our … Read more