9 Best Putters for Seniors To Shave Strokes on the Green

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Looking for the best putters for seniors? Then, you’ve come to the right place. The right putter can make or break your golf score

One of my biggest pet peeves with senior golf students I worked with was the idea that a 2 putt was great. 

Now, don’t get me wrong, there are times when you have 50 feet to the hole, and a 2 putt is great. However, from 10 feet, 8 feet, even 15 feet, these putts should go in sometimes. Maybe it’s your putting technique, but for many senior golfers, it’s a lack of confidence in your putter. 

I’ll show you why that is happening, the type of technology you should be looking for, and why the best putters for seniors can be the easiest and best method to lower your scores. 

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Overview of the Best Putters for Seniors 

Don’t have time to go through the entire article? From my in-depth research of each putter, the top putters for seniors are separated by category.

🥇 Overall Best Putter for SeniorsOdyssey Eleven Triple Track Putter
🙌🏻 Best Putter for High HandicappersOdyssey Tri Hot 5K Rossi S Putter
👟 Best Putters for Mid HandicappersPing Anser Putter 2023 with PP58 Grip
🤑 Best Budget PutterWilson Infinite Putter – The Bean
🔨 Best Mallet PutterTaylorMade Spider GTX Putter
🗡 Best Blade PutterCleveland Huntington Beach Soft Premier Putter
💵 Best Premium Putter Scotty Cameron Phantom X 7.5 Putter
🎯 Best Putter for Distance ControlCobra King Black Agera Putter
🏌️‍♀️ Best Women’s PutterPing Women’s G Le 3 Louise Putter

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Overall Best Putter for Seniors

Odyssey Eleven Triple Track Putter

$263.58 Amazon Prime

Updated on 2024-06-23

Overall Winner 🏆

Odyssey Eleven Triple Track Putter, best putters for seniors

Let’s face the facts here: As golfers get older, there are two things that make the game a little harder: vision changes and gross motor skills change. When you can’t see quite as well, consistent impact and alignment get difficult. When you can’t control your body the way you once did, the problems only multiply. 

I choose the Odyssey Eleven Triple Track DB as the best putter for seniors as it addresses both issues. 

The top-down look will make alignment easier than almost any other putter I tested. In addition, the forward center of gravity keeps the golf ball on track, especially right after impact. 

Odyssey finishes this putter off with the White Hot insert that has some of the best feel we have seen in putters through the years. If you don’t mind paying for it and you want to give yourself some great opportunities on the putting green, this putter will do it. 


  • Impressive speed control 
  • Crowned design helps with alignment 
  • The center of gravity is moved forward increasing inertia
  • Triple Track is available for increased alignment help 
  • Very consistent feel 


  • Not one of the most affordable putters on the market 
  • Top-down look can be a bit busy until you get used to it 

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Best Putters for High Handicappers

Odyssey Tri Hot 5K Rossi S Putter

Price not available

Updated on 2024-06-23

High Handicappers

Odyssey Tri Hot 5K Rossi S Putter, best putters for high handicappers

The Odyssey Tri Hot 5K putter line is designed with high MOI and very tight dispersion. Why does that matter for high handicappers? Consistency!

With the Odyssey Tri Hot 5K Rossi S putter, the 303 stainless steel front section helps keep the golf ball on track and headed down your intended line. In addition, Odyssey moved the center of gravity forward to make it easier to get that low end over end roll we need with a putter. 

The Odyssey Tri Hot 5K has interchangeable front weights to let you find your perfect weighting and feel. You also have the option for a Stroke Lab shaft here for a premium feel. 


  • Impressive feel sounds and performance
  • Option for Stroke Lab Shaft 
  • Removable weights 
  • Very stable at impact with low dispersion


  • A lot of impressive golf technology, but it’s expensive 

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Best Putters for Mid Handicappers

Ping Anser Putter 2023 with PP58 Grip

Est $279.99

Mid Handicappers

Ping Anser Putter 2023 with PP58 Grip

If you have been playing golf for a long time, chances are you have a Ping Anser somewhere in your garage. However, the new Ping Anser brings some impressive technology and feel to the market. If you want consistency on the greens and lots of stability, this is it. 

The Ping Anser is a tour-proven model that speaks for itself. With the latest model, you have an updated tungsten toe heel weight to help improve overall stability. In addition, the feel and sound here is top of the top-of-the-line. 

Blade putters are not always the easiest to aim, but I found the platinum topline and the black cavity helped make alignment just as easy as a mallet putter. 


  • Very clean looking putter design 
  • High MOI, even though it’s a blade
  • Perfect choice to take your game to the lower handicap level 
  • Perfect for the slight arc putting stroke


  • MOI is not quite as high as other models 

Best Budget Putters for Seniors

Wilson Infinite Putter | The Bean

Price not available

Updated on 2024-06-23

Best Putters 2023 🤑

Wilson Infinite Putter - The Bean, best golf putters

For years, I assumed that the Wilson putters were cheap beginner models that didn’t have much to offer- then my husband got one. We play a match several afternoons a week, and since he got his Wilson Infinite putter, he’s a lot harder to beat! 

I’m very impressed with the range of models here. I do love the Bean style for seniors because of the easy alignment and stability at impact. 

The anti glare finish is very nice; the putters are easy to set up as they sit well on the ground; you can easily repeat your stroke with the Infinite in your hands. Even the feel is incredibly good for the price. If you need a putter that’s a fair price and high quality, this one is it. 


  • Double milled face for consistent roll
  • Counterbalanced technology for smooth stroke
  • Dark finish for an easier line up 
  • Oversized golf grip


  • Won’t have the same adjustability or customization as premium putters

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Best Mallet Putters for Seniors

TaylorMade Spider GTX Putter

Price not available

Updated on 2024-06-23

Best Mallet Putter

TaylorMade Spider GTX Putter

The TaylorMade Spider GTX is one of the more forgiving TaylorMade Spider models that I have tried. With extreme back weighting technology and a lightweight frame, you can really start to save some strokes on the putting green. 

I’ll admit it takes a little time to get used to a putter head that is this large. However, when you do get comfortable with it, you will be impressed with the overall consistency. If you have a tendency to twist the putter face during your stroke, the GTX really helps straighten things out. 

Although there are several models to choose from, the White #3 is my favorite for seniors. The white space on the top helps you see a perfect line to the hole. Easy alignment comes in handy on both the short and long putts. 


  • Premium mallet putter at a fair price 
  • Improved aesthetics for easier alignment 
  • Extreme back weighting improves forgiveness 


  • The large putter head is a bit of adjustment at first

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Best Blade Putters for Seniors

Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft Premier Putter


Updated on 2024-06-23

Blade Style Putter

Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft Premier Putter

I’ve always liked the Cleveland putters because they mix functionality and fair pricing. The Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft has a sleek look to it, a very soft feel, and the Speed Optimized Face Technology. 

The way the ball comes off the putter face matters. With the Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft Premier, even if you slightly miss the center of the face, you should get very consistent ball speed. 

If you want a classic-looking blade putter with enough feel to put you in charge on the greens, this is one I would look at. 

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  • Great looking blade style putter design 
  • Speed Optimized Face gives very consistent ball speed 
  • Diamond CNC Milling for a pure roll
  • Very soft feel at impact 


  • Won’t have as much forgiveness for seniors as other putters
  • A softer feel can be tough on slow greens 

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Best Premium Putter for Seniors

Luxury Putter

Scotty Cameron Phantom X 7.5 Putter, best golf putters at a premium price.  Showing the adjustable weights.

When you talk about luxury and putters, Scotty Cameron needs to be included. The Scotty Cameron Phantom X 7.5 is a far cry from the classic Scotty Cameron Newport blade. The Phantom X 7.5 is incredible for alignment, stability, and higher MOI. 

The glare-resistant finish and Pistolero Plus (larger size for less wrist action) grip help to make 

this a perfect solution for the senior golfer looking for stability. 

Although these putters will be at the top of the price range for the best putters for seniors, they do have customizable stainless steel sole weights. Why does that matter? You can get this to feel like a putter that is customized specifically to fit your needs as a player. 


  • Wingback mallet design is incredibly stable
  • Single milled sigh line with white sight lines for easy alignment 
  • Pure and premium feel at impact
  • Pistolero Grip with less taper


  • One of the more expensive putters you will find

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Best Putter for Distance Control

Cobra King Black Agera Putter


Updated on 2024-06-23

🎯 Distance Control

Cobra King Black Agera Putter

The Cobra King Black Agera is one of the more forgiving putters you will find. This is a large oversized mallet made with a variety of materials and a little bit of 3D printing. 

One of the things I love about the Black Agera is that it comes in 37.5 inch length. The putter comes this way to accommodate players who want a taller address position without having to bend their back all that much. 

A good option for senior players! 

Combine all of that with the impressive SIK Aluminum Face Insert, and you will end up with a consistent and accurate roll every time you swing this putter. 

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  • A great choice for straight back and straight through stroke
  • 3D printing used to increase MOI 
  • 4 descending lofts in the face insert to keep the putter rolling on the alignment line
  • One of the best golf putters to help with distance issues. 


  • Longer putter length is not great for shorter golfers 

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Best Lightweight Putter for Seniors

Tour Edge HP Black Nickel Series Putter


Updated on 2024-06-23

Lightweight Putter

Best Lightweight Putter, Tour Edge HP Black Nickel Series Putter

The Tour Edge HP Black Nickel Series 03 putter is a good option if you are looking for something both lightweight and affordable. One great feature here is a jumbo size golf grip that makes it nearly impossible for wrist breakdown as you putt. 

If you are more of a classic golfer and don’t like these modern designs, the Tour Edge HP Black Nickel series is a great solution. I liked the face insert as it has micro grooves, making it easier to roll the ball to the hole. 

Overall, the Tour Edge HP Black Nickel won’t have the same technology as an Odyssey or Ping, but it does serve a purpose as a solid lightweight putter. 

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  • Traditional looking golf putter
  • Jumbo grip is helpful 
  • Less head rotation 
  • Soft feel 


  • Both feel and alignment lines are not as impressive as other models 

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Best Putter for Women

Ping Women’s G Le 3 Louise Putter

Est. $229.99

Women’s Putter

Ping Women's G Le 3 Louise Putter

As long as you purchase the correct size, any golf putter on this list is a fit for women players as well. However, there is some new technology from Ping, specifically built for women players, that seems to be a good option for senior women. 

Ping putters are known for premium feel and feedback, and that remains true with the G Le 3 Louise. I love the overall look of this putter and its classic mid-mallet shaping. The putter features the Ping Pistol PP59 Deep Sea grip that helps improve overall feel and consistency. 

One of my favorite things about the Ping G Le3 putter is the Pebax elastomer insert. Not only does it have a great feel, but you will also find improved distance control. Overall, women senior golfers of any handicap should find this to be an easy putter to work with. 

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  • Great looks classic club head with modern technology 
  • A perfect combination of feel and distance control 
  • Unique golf grip perfect for women golfers


  • It would be best for a larger arc style stroke, not great for straight back straight through 

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Buyers Guide to Finding the Best Putters for Seniors

Showing a senior golfer on a practice green putting

Now that you have my picks for the best putters for seniors, I’ll fill you in on how I came to these decisions. 


Although I didn’t use a launch monitor to test any of the putters for the best putters for seniors in 2023, I did use over 30 years of experience and 10 years of teaching experience to make my decisions. I looked for a great feel, impressive design, high MOI, consistency, and stability, all things seniors can benefit from. 

Putting Stroke

All putting strokes have a slight arc to them (a story for another day). However, some golfers choose to have a large arc, while others have more of a straight back and straight-through stroke. 

The straight back and straight through stroke do really well with a mallet-style putter where weight is centered, and the clubface has very little rotation. 

Arc strokes do better with putters that have a little toe hang and can rotate open and closed, typically blade style putters. 

Put an alignment stick down on the putting green and determine which type of putting stroke you have. 

Putter Shaft

Putter shaft technology is improving by the day. Years ago, we didn’t really think putter shafts played into this all that much. I recommend going for a putter fitting if the shaft is the problem with your putting stroke. 

Getting to try a number of the different shafts to customize and fine-tune feel is your best bet. 

Generally speaking, the graphite shafts will be a little softer at impact, something many senior golfers prefer. 

Style of Putters – Which is Best for Seniors?

I’m kind of tired of mallet style putters being considered the best putters for seniors. I think mallets are great, but you should not count out the blade style putters. 


Blade putters have come a long way and now have MOI just as high as some of the top mallets. 

Also, many senior golfers have been playing the game for a long time, and these large modern mallets are just not pleasing to the eye. I understand that. 

Instead of sticking with the concept that mallets are best for seniors, find a putter that is a match for your putting stroke. 


Almost all of my top-rated putters for seniors have an impressive alignment system. For senior golfers, alignment can be a problem. Finding a putter that really helps you feel confident that your club head is pointed directly to the hole is a tremendous benefit. 


An adjustable putter is a great choice to fine-tune your needs on the putting green. I love adjustable putters for golfers who like to tinker and work on their games. The adjustability allows you to practice and improve without fear of having to purchase a new putter to match our game. 

Keep in mind the weights sold with adjustable putters don’t always come with the putter when it’s purchased. 

Final Thoughts on the Best Golf Putters 2023

I hope that this list of the best putters for seniors has helped you narrow down what could work best for your golf game. Senior golfers have so much potential when it comes to putting. Don’t let this area of your game slip; it should be one of the best. Although the Odyssey Eleven takes the top spot, Ping, TaylorMade, Scotty Cameron, and even Wilson offer some great choices for the senior golfer. 

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