The 13 Best Putters for Seniors To Shave Strokes Today!

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Looking for the best putters for seniors? Then, you’ve come to the right place. The right putter can make or break your golf score. 

You’ll need the perfect putter if you’re aiming for no more than 2-putts on every hole. Skill alone isn’t enough. The only problem is, with so many putters available in the market, finding a putter that’s best for you can get overwhelming. That’s why we’ve researched and compiled this article’s 13 best putters for seniors.

Overview of the Best Putters for Seniors 

Don’t have time to go through the entire article? From my in-depth research of each putter, here are the top 5 best putters for seniors, separated by category.

🥇 Best OverallPing Sigma 24.6
🥈 Runner-upTaylorMade Spider Double Bend4.8
👟 Best Standing Putter (Unisex )S7k Standing Putter4.3
🏌️‍♀️ Best Women’s Putter (Budget)Wilson Harmonized M1 4.7
🏌️‍♂️ Best Men’s Putter (Budget)Pinemeadow PGX4.6

Let’s start by understanding what you need to look for in a putter.  

5 Considerations When Choosing a Putter for Seniors

The right putter for everyone is different. It changes depending on various factors such as age, height, style, and handicap.

Here are five essential things you must consider while buying a putter as a senior golfer:

1. The Shaft Length of the Putter

Your putter shaft plays a vital role in getting comfortable with your club. The right shaft will enhance the feel and performance.

You’ll experience some shaft flex on every stroke, which isn’t optimal. Golfers would prefer stiffer shafts. 

Most putters nowadays have technology that makes them stiff without compromising shaft quality. 

Additionally, most putters have a shaft length of 34 or 35 inches. For the majority of the seniors, a 34-inch shaft should work great. However, 33-inch shafts could suit shorter seniors better.

2. Hosel of Your Putter 

The hosel is where your shaft and clubhead connect. Golfers should choose putters with a hosel that would complement their putting style. 

The plumber’s hosel is best for golfers that have a straight-arc stroke. 

A short hosel is ideal for arc strokes. 

And, for golfers with a straight stroke, a double-bend and center shaft hosel should work great.  

Putting StyleIdeal Hosel
Straight-arc strokesPlumbers hosel
Arc strokesShort hosel
Straight strokesDouble-bend or center shaft hosel

3. Putter Type (Best: Mallet Putters for Seniors)

There are various putter styles that you can choose from, such as blade, mallet, groove-faced, metal-faced, half-mallet, counterbalanced, toe-balanced putters, etc.

However, for seniors, it’s mostly recommended to use mallet putters. These deliver the highest Moment of Inertia (MOI), preventing your putter from twisting during your stroke. Mallet putters have a large head.

Additionally, mallet putters have improved distance control because the ball immediately rolls forward after the impact.

4. Putter Grip (Best: Oversized or Jumbo Grips for Seniors)

Proper hand placement and grip pressure become more important as you age. Additionally, some grips are better than others for medical conditions like arthritis.

As a senior golfer, oversized or jumbo grips are ideal because they deliver more control over your stroke and reduce grip pressure from your fingers and hands. 

Learn more about the best golf grips for seniors.

5. Forgiveness & Weight of Golf Clubs

This one’s an added bonus for all golf clubs. Increased forgiveness in putters is a dream for all golfers. Putting requires extreme accuracy and precision. 

A forgiving putter has a design that compensates for minor errors and bad strokes. It helps in making more consistent putts by increasing distance control and alignment. 

Additionally, golfers of all age groups appreciate a lightweight club. Most seniors also prefer lighter putters since it gives them more control over the golf club. 

I’ve assembled this list of the 13 best putters for seniors while factoring in the most important things to look for in a putter.

So, let’s dive right in!

⛳️ Best Overall Putter for Seniors

1. Ping Sigma 2 Putter

Ping Sigma 2 Putter, our top best putters for seniors

This Ping putter tops our list for many reasons. It’s specifically designed for a softer feel, has a firm face, and, most importantly, has an adjustable shaft length. 

It not only looks beautiful but feels great as well. This is the putter that’ll lower your handicap!

While you can pick from various club faces, it comes down to what is best suited for you. Tyne or Anser club faces tend to be better options for seniors.

Ping also sells a Sigma 2 Mallet Putter Headcover.

What’s in it for Seniors Golfers?

The Ping Sigma 2 is an incredibly balanced and lightweight putter. The best part is that it’s got an adjustable shaft, so you can alter it according to your requirements. 

The fetch ball-pickup feature is also great, as you won’t have to bend down too much on every hole. 

Soft & balanced feelThe length grip can rotate
Fetch ball-pickup feature
Beautiful putter

🥈 Runner-up: Best Putter for Seniors

2. TaylorMade Spider Double Bend Putter

TaylorMade Spider Double Bend Putter, best golf putter for seniors

This TaylorMade Spider Double Bend Putter is an excellent choice if you want ultimate stability, a high Moment of Inertia (MOI), and better rolls. Double-bend putters give you higher stability and more straight shots. 

This tour-proven mallet putter is great for stability and a pure roll. It’s also an ideal pick for high handicappers looking to improve their short game.

What’s in it for Seniors?

The TaylorMade Spider is everything a senior wants in a putter. It’s lightweight, has a stiff double bend shaft, is mallet designed, and has a line for accurate alignment. 

The grooves on this putter increase topspin and give you more control over distance. 

Check out these rave reviews:

“Shortly after buying this putter, I recorded 59 consecutive holes without a 3 putt. My previous most was 26. Love the look and the feel of the Spider, every putt seems like it has a chance…Couldn’t be happier with the purchase and now I see why so many Tour players play them.”

Marcus, (TaylorMade Spider Reviews)
LightweightNo ball fetching feature
Mallet design and double bendToo large 
Aiming line
Headcover included

3. Wilson Infinite Putter

Wilson Infinite Putter

This putter is for seniors that prefer milled face putters and are comfortable with counterbalanced putters.

This Wilson putter has a counterbalanced grip and feel a double-milled face, and weighs 1.4 pounds. You can choose from 9 different head shapes.

What’s in it for Seniors?

The alignment technology on this club simplifies putting for seniors and all golfers. It has three parallel and one perpendicular sight line to help you aim better. 

Check out these rave reviews:

“Great putter! The milled face takes some getting used to if you are changing putters, but the feel and performance is great. Love Wilson Golf!”

– Todd, Wilson Infinite Putter reviews)
Headcover includedHeavier
Beautiful appearance 
Thick grip and a nice finish

4. S7k Standing Putter (Unisex)

S7k Standing Putter, best ladies puttersand also best putter for men

Standing putters are great because you can aim and double-check if you’re online from a different angle. 

This unisex putter stands on its own and has three lines so you can aim better. You can stop worrying about three putts because of the balance, alignment accuracy with strike dot, and soft, lightweight feel.  

What’s in it for Seniors?

Seniors can turn on the autopilot mode while using the S7K putter. Aiming is so much easier with this standing putter. As a bonus, it comes with a 1-year warranty.

Check out these rave puter reviews:

“Just played my first round with the putter. Stands up and let’s you line up the putt perfectly. Dropped a few today and I feel real confident with it.”

– Dennis, (S7k Standing Putter Reviews)
Great alignmentOnly a 34.5-inch shaft length
It stands on its ownRusts

5. Cobra Golf King Vintage Putter

Cobra Golf King Vintage Putter, best golf putter for seniors. Blade putters

The Cobra King Putter is ideal for all sorts of putting styles. High handicappers tend to appreciate the technology that can improve their short game.

This blade putter has a single line for improved aiming and descending loft technology that ensures consistent putts in all formats. You can adjust the putter weight by adding or removing extra sole weights. 

The best part is that you can track your putting stats and improve because of the putter tracking sensor in the grip of this putter. 

What’s in it for a Senior Golfer?

Seniors can adjust the weight of this putter to what they feel most comfortable with. By tracking putting stats, seniors can understand their strengths and weaknesses to play accordingly. 

Moreover, some head shapes, such as blade putters allow you to comfortably fetch the ball with the putter, so you don’t have to bend down so much.

Check out these rave reviews:

“I have been using my Ray Cook putter for the last couple of years… With this new putter I instantly noticed great contact for all of my shots. I’m much more consistent with my putting which is what I wanted. Great club to add to my bag…”

Nick, (Best putters for senior golfers, Cobra reviews)
Putting tracking sensorExpensive
Adjustable weights (sold separately)
It feels and looks great
Headcover included

6. Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft 11 Putter

Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft 11 Putter

You can’t go wrong with Cleveland putters. The Huntington beach soft 11 is a 340-gram milled putter designed for a pure consistent roll and soft feel. 

Aim better with the precision line, hear the beautiful crispy sound of the impact, and watch your ball go down in the hole with this putter. 

What’s in it for Seniors?

Senior golfers can get ready to lower their handicap and get a soft feel on every impact with this putter.

You won’t miss bending down to pick up the golf ball because you can easily fetch it using this putter.

Check out these rave putter reviews:

“Amazing price-point for a quality milled putter with great feel and forgiveness for off-center strikes. The Cleveland fat grip is similar size to a SuperStroke 2.0 and it feels just as good. Love the overall feel…”

– Amazon, (Senior Golfer, Cleveland Putter Reviews)
Headcover includedOne color only
304 stainless steel
Good balance

7. Odyssey Golf 21 White Hot OG Putter

Odyssey Golf 21 White Hot OG Putter

The classic Callaway Odyssey putters barely need an introduction. These tour-proven putters are excellent, with great build and quality. 

The White Hot OG has excellent balance, weight, and feel, so you get consistent putts every time.

What’s in it for Senior Golfers?

You can get this putter in 3 different shaft sizes. 

  1. 33 inches
  2. 34 inches
  3. And 35 inches

This putter has an ideal weight. Not too heavy, not too light. And as an added bonus, you can also choose multiple head shapes. 

Multiple shaft sizes are availableSingle color
Consistent and pure feel
Various head shapes 

🏌️‍♀️ Best Women’s Putter For Any Budget

8. Wilson Staff Harmonized Golf Putter

 Wilson Staff Harmonized Golf Putter

Women have slightly different requirements for their clubs. This Wilson Staff Harmonized Putter meets them perfectly. 

The 33-inch steel shaft is a lightweight club that allows women golfers to hit the ball consistently on the green. With its consistent roll and budget-friendly price, it is ideal for beginners.

What’s in it for Senior Women Golfers?

Senior women can enjoy this mallet putter that only weighs 400 grams, even with the large diameter grip. The best part is the price. It starts from roughly $42, which is fantastic for a putter with this quality.

Soft grip No headcover included
Mallet style putter
Available in a 33-inch shaft

9. Mizuno M Craft Putter

Mizuno M Craft Putter

Mizuno has been around golf for a long time, and they know exactly what clubs golfers require. This forgiving putter meets all your necessary putting requirements. 

It has three shapes and a consistent feel on each type (Type I, II, III, IV, V, VI). Mizuno M Craft Putter shaft is made from alloy steel, and its face is forged 1025 Mild Carbon Steel.

What’s in it for Senior Golfers?

This mid-mallet Mizuno putter comes in different colors, sizes, and head shapes. It’s slightly heavier and more stable, so if you prefer that, it should be great. 

Multiple colorsSlightly heavier
Mid-mallet facePricier
Stable shots

10. TaylorMade Spider EX Single Bend Putter

TaylorMade Spider EX Single Bend Putter

Single-bend putters are great for golfers of all ages as they increase stability. This beautiful putter has a 2-year warranty and comes with a headcover.

What’s in it for Senior Golfers?

The TaylorMade Spider Putter is one of the best putters you can find for a senior. It’s incredibly forgiving and consistent. You can quickly line up your golf ball with the alignment aid dots on the putter.

You can also get a 33-inch shaft and multiple color combinations for this putter. 

“This is the perfect mallet putter, so easy to align and very natural feeling through the stroke and impact. Word of caution, always use the putter cover – the paint is very easy to scratch.”

– Tate, (Best golf putters, TaylorMade Spider Putter reviews)
Forgiving Slightly heavier
2 color combinations Expensive
Headcover includedNo ball fetching feature

🙌🏻 Best Putter for High Handicappers

11. Titleist Scotty Cameron Phantom X12

expensive putter,  but beautiful sleek plack, Titleist Scotty Cameron Phantom X 12 Putter

It would be wrong to leave out a Titleist club while discussing golf clubs. The Titleist Scotty Cameron Phantom X12 is created carefully to improve your ability to hit the ball.

Many golfers, including high handicappers, love the design and feel, although it’s on the costly side of the game. However, the cost is relative, especially if you tend to keep your putters for a while.

The Phantom X12’s design is inspired by fighter jets and fast cars made of aircraft-grade aluminum to create a softer feel. The mid-mallet shape, alignment dots, and incredible color combination make this putter stand out.  It is built for a straight back straight through stroke.

What’s in it for Senior Golfers?

Scotty Cameron makes one of the best milled-face putters that deliver a soft feel, consistency, and forgiveness! 

The Phantom X12 has a mallet head shape, and you can also find a 33-inch shaft size in this model.

Amazing look and feelExpensive putter
33-inch shaft available
Buy Now on Amazon

🏌️‍♂️ Best Men’s Putter for Any Budget

12. Pinemeadow Golf PGX Putter

Pinemeadow PGX Putter

This mallet putter has an incredible performance and doesn’t break the bank, either! The putter weighs around 380 grams and has alignment lines as well.

There is also a ladies’ version, Pinemeadow Golf Women’s PGX Putter.

What’s in it for Senior Men Golfers?

The Ladies PGX Putter is ideal for men and women seniors that are looking to lower their strokes. The best part about this putter is its price and the value you get. 

This putter is the perfect example of ‘expensive isn’t necessarily better.

Read the rave reviews by golfers:

“I bought this because I needed a new mallet style putter but haven’t yet decided between the typical larger manufacturers options. The balance is great which allows for a great swing tempo….Very solid putter. Oh, and the ball picker on the bottom is simply the best especially if you’re a ‘gimme range’ putter and don’t feel like bending down. Still plan to upgrade but this putter certainly made its case to stay in the bag. Great value!”

– Paul, (PInemeadow PGX Putter reviews)
Highly affordableHeadcover not included
Ball fetching feature

13. Cleveland Frontline Elevado Putter for Men & Women

Cleveland Frontline Elevado Putter

This unisex putter by Cleveland is a remarkable package. It comes with a head cover, a beautiful black finish and has speed-optimized technology to get consistent putts.

Additionally, it has an official Cleveland 1-year warranty. 

What’s in it for Senior Golfers?

Seniors can choose between a single bend or slanted putter style. This mallet putter is available in 33, 34, and 35-inch shaft sizes. The shape allows you to fetch balls comfortably as well.

Read what golfers are saying:

“Very accurate. I like the balance and design of this putter. The face with index point lines up well with my eyeline when I putt.”

– Tom, (Cleveland Frontline Elevado Putter reviews)
Headcover includedOn the heavier side
Mallet style
Beautiful black color
Fetch ball feature

Final Thoughts on Best Putters for Seniors

Well, this completes my the best putters for seniors. After much research and playing golf, I hope I have helped you find the right putter for your needs. Remember, when it comes to golf clubs, choose the best option for you.

Have other questions? Please note in the comments if you would like more details or further review of new putters.

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