Are Mizuno Golf Clubs Good? Everything YOU Must Know

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After recently reviewing Tour Edge and PXG, we were then tasked with the question, Are Mizuno Golf Clubs Good? In this article, Ankur Mithal, a long-time player of Mizuno golf clubs covers all the details before you buy. Mizuno, a stalwart brand in the golf industry, has a well-deserved reputation for crafting high-performing golf clubs. … Read more

Are Cobra Golf Clubs Good for Your Game? 4 MUST Know Tips

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A common question that often arises…. Are Cobra golf clubs good as industry-leading manufacturers such as Ping, Callaway, or Tour Edge? Let our golf expert help… Cobra golf clubs have remained a permanent fixture in my life since I took up the game in the mid-nineties. The company has developed fast, forgiving equipment for the average golfer … Read more

11 Best Callaway Irons to Elevate Your Golf Game in 2023

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6 Best Armlock Putters 2023 | To Make More Putts

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Armlock putters are a genius design that helps golfers keep the putter face square and stabilize it through impact. The result is superior accuracy and distance control on the putting green. This post reviews the best armlock putters 2023 edition to see which are best for low, mid, and high handicappers. By the end of … Read more

Are Single Length Irons Good for You? Expert Buyers Guide

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Deciding if single length irons are right for you? In this article, our golf expert covers the pros and cons, as well as the best one length irons on the market. Bryson DeChambeau made waves in 2017 as he showcased Cobra’s one length irons to the public for the first time. Despite the hype, this … Read more

Senior vs Ladies Flex | Which Is Best for Your Swing Speed?

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Senior and lady golfers typically produce slower than average clubhead speeds, requiring a soft, flexible golf shaft. In this post, I examine the Senior vs Ladies flex golf shaft’s features, benefits, and downsides. Before assessing their performance, I will take you through these golf shafts’ flexibility, weight, and torque differences. By the end of the … Read more

The Best Ping Golf Clubs For Seniors in 2023 [Expert Review]

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Looking to purchase the best ping golf clubs for seniors? In this article, our golf expert narrows down the optimal clubs on the market for game improvement. Ping has constructed golf clubs for almost seven decades, with most of their products delivering forgiveness on mishits for amateurs. In this post, I reveal the best Ping … Read more

Are PXG Clubs Good For YOU? Expert Review + Buyers Guide

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In this article, Senior Golf Source expert covers a most asked query, “Are PXG Clubs Good?” Bob Parsons is best known for founding GoDaddy, but in 2013 he set himself a new challenge. To make the world’s best golf clubs. A decade later, we look back at his team’s progress, and in this post, we … Read more

10 Most Forgiving Fairway Woods 2023 | For Game Improvement

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Looking for the most forgiving fairway woods in 2023? In this article, we break down the ideal choices for golfers over 50. A fairway wood is a versatile golf club that boosts ball flight and carry distance from the tee and the deck. In this post, I reveal the most forgiving fairway woods 2023 edition … Read more

13 BEST Irons for Seniors in 2023 [Men & Women] + Pro Tips

Looking for the best irons for seniors in 2023? Our golf expert breaks down the must-have senior golf irons to improve your golf game today! Golf irons make up the majority of your golf club set, and many senior golfers have started to dislike their irons. If you have had your clubs in your bag … Read more