The New 2024 Sunday Golf Big Rig Cart Bag Review

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Does your golf cart bag lack enough pockets to carry all your gear on the course? Over the years, I have learned the importance of being prepared for the golf course. So, I think you’ll appreciate the spacious 12 pockets in the Sunday Golf Big Rig Cart Bag. 

Overall, it delivers excellent value for its premium price tag with durable material, full-length dividers, and healthy storage space to keep your clubs and balls organized and your drinks cold.

Who is the Sunday Big Rig Cart Bag For?

Erin Blakely at Senior Golf Source with the Sunday Golf Big Rig
  • Players with golf carts or push carts to haul the clubs
  • Golfers who want maximum storage space from 12 pockets
  • Players who like 14-way dividers to keep their clubs organized
  • Golfers with a higher budget

Who is the Sunday Golf Big Rig Cart Bag Not For?

  • Golfers without a cart
  • Players on a budget
  • Dividers will limit your size if you have larger golf grips

Sunday Golf Big Rig Cart Bag Features

Sunday Golf Big Rig showing the green bag up close showing the pockets.

14-way top: The most organized structure you can find on a golf bag, with each club receiving a dedicated slot. This is perfect for someone like me who has a tendency to place a club in the nearest free slot, leading to a mix of wedges with mid-irons and long irons with woods by the end of the round.

Full-length dividers: Dividers prevent your shafts and grips from entangling. It lowers the risk of bending shafts and makes it easier to get the club out. However, each slot was rather narrow, and clubs with jumbo grips did not fit seamlessly. It is better suited to midsize or standard grips.

Cart strap: A common feature on golf cart bags, the cart strap through section optimizes the security of the bag on the cart base. The Big Rig is less likely to swivel in transit or fall off, which I’ve experienced in the past with a stand bag on a golf cart. I was renting a set of clubs in Hawaii, the bag fell off, the driver’s head snapped, and my deposit disappeared instantly.

Single strap: A classic single strap is attached to the cart bag, allowing you to carry it from the cart to your trunk. Although the strap is padded and comfy, I would not lug the bag around for 18 holes as its 7.9 lbs stature plus clubs would weigh down the shoulders of senior golfers.

Velcro glove holder: A velcro holder offers a convenient solution to store your glove between shots. I like this feature because it keeps my glove stretched out and not crumpled as it often gets when I store it in my pants pocket. 

12 pockets: The storage space on the Big Rig cart bag is outstanding, with 12 deep pockets to help you carry everything needed for a round. I was particularly impressed with the spacious frosty pocket, which kept four 12-ounce cans cold for 9 holes. By the time I reached the halfway house, the cans were empty, and I needed a top-up. 

High-quality zippers: Thick, durable zippers that last were a welcome sight to our eyes. So often, we test bags with low-quality zippers, which become flimsy after a few months to a year, leaving the compartment exposed and unusable. Sunday Golf company shows the quality and value of the Big Rig despite its premium price tag.

Sunday Golf Big Rig Cart Review


  • Exceptional storage space
  • Convenient magnetic rangefinder pocket
  • 14-way top organizes golf clubs better
  • Super convenient way to velcro your glove to the side of the bag


  • Expensive golf bag
  • It can become unbalanced when the front pockets are loaded with drinks and balls.

Our Two Cents on the Big Rig Cart Bag

Sunday Golf Big Rig Golf Bag photo on the golf course on a push cart.

Product Overall Rating: 4.85/5.0

Storage Space

The pocket space is why many love cart bags because you can lug everything from accessories and beverages to apparel and clubs. If you prepare for every situation on the golf course, you will want a cart bag like the Big Rig with double-digit pockets. It even includes a convenient magnetic rangefinder pocket,

Keep in mind that the more pockets and storage space you have, the heavier the base weight of your bag is. 


Golf cart bags are not the lightest in general because they carry more storage space and dividers than a carry bag. 

This is not an issue for most cart bag loving golfers, as your push cart or golf buggy will do the lifting and carry the bag. However, if you carry your clubs on the odd occasion, you would want a bag like the Ryder 23. It is closer to the 5 lbs mark.

Look for comfortable padded shoulder straps to minimize discomfort. The Sunday Ryder 23 S-Class features cushioned backpack straps for even weight distribution, which is a pleasure to carry around the golf course. I recommend staying away from single-strap bags, especially if you play with 14 clubs because they are heavy on the shoulders.

Cart Strap Through

It is not the most glamorous feature on a golf cart bag, but the cart strap component does the heavy lifting and keeps your bag stable while in motion. The Sunday Big Rig cart bag is gifted with a cart strap through, as is the Ryder 23-S stand bag, which we tested in March 2024.


Golf cart bags are typically more expensive than stand bags because of their additional storage space, structured dividers, and construction. The bags are built to fit securely onto the base of a golf cart or push cart. 

If you are on a budget, I suggest looking at a golf stand bag, which is more affordable but less suited for use on a golf cart.

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Final Thoughts

If you are a veteran golfer who appreciates maximum storage space, a structured 14-way top, and durable material, the Sunday Golf Big Rig Cart Bag is a solid option. It is not the lightest design, but what do you expect from a bag with 12 pockets, a 14-way top, and full-length dividers.

It is not the best for seniors who use thicker grips because they get caught in the narrow dividers. Golfers over 50 on a budget might also consider a more affordable golf bag. But, in our experience, the price tag is certainly worth the space, durability, and cart compatibility.

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Matt Callcott-Stevens has lived and breathed golf since he was four. As a junior, he played competitively, until he discovered his talents were better suited to writing about the game. Matt holds a Postgraduate in Sports Marketing through the Johan Cruyff Institute in Barcelona and has provided golf game improvement tips to seniors and the average golfer for seven years.


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