11 Best Callaway Irons to Elevate Your Golf Game in 2023

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Looking for the best Callaway irons? In this article, our golf expert covers her top Callaway iron sets to elevate your golf game today.

I’m currently playing with a set of Callaway irons for the first time in my life. In this article featuring the 11 best Callaway irons, I’ll tell you why it took so long to put a Callaway in the bag, whether I’ll keep the irons I have, and what set may be the next one for me.

In addition, I’ll give you insider tips on what I think of each of these sets of irons, who they are for, and whether or not your bag is ready for a set of new Callaway irons. Without spoiling too much of the article, I can tell you that the technology from Callaway seems to be continually improving. 

Here are the best Callaway Irons 2023 for all skill levels by category:

  • Best Callaway Irons for Seniors
  • Best Callaway Irons for High Handicappers or Beginners
  • Best Callaway Irons For Mid Handicappers
  • Best Callaway Irons for Low Handicappers
  • Best Callaway Irons for Women
  • Best Callaway Game Improvement Irons
  • Best Callaway Hybrid Iron Combo Set
  • Best Callaway Hybrid Iron Combo Set
  • Most Forgiving Callaway Irons
  • Best Value Callaway Irons
  • Best Versatility Golf Irons

Best Callaway Irons for Seniors

Callaway Paradym X Irons


Updated on 2024-05-28

Best Irons for Seniors

Best Callaway Irons for Seniors Callaway Paradym X Irons

The Callaway Paradym X Irons are my favorite irons for senior players.

The Paradym Irons take all of the best things from the last few releases from Callaway and puts them into one clean-looking iron head. 

With the Paradym X irons, you get a little extra forgiveness and launch, something that most golfers in the 12-20 handicap range can benefit from. 

Of course, when designing the irons, Callaway Golf used plenty of AI, and if you have a set from more than 7 or 8 years ago, you will probably see a significant difference. Every club face gets a lot of speed and incredible consistency in the spin. 

When I tested the Callaway Paradym X Irons, I also tested the hybrids, and I was surprised at how easy they were to hit. 

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  • Great feel from urethane microspheres 
  • As much as 79g of tungsten weights for a better launch 
  • Consistency in spin with long and mid irons 
  • Cleaner looking than previous models
  • Wider sole than standard Paradym for increased forgiveness 


  • Not a great choice for lower handicap seniors, the workability lacks

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Best Callaway Irons for Beginners

Callaway Rogue ST Max OS Irons

$685.68 Amazon Prime

Updated on 2024-05-28

High Handicap

Callaway Rogue ST Max OS Irons

The Callaway Rogue ST Max OS Irons are my favorite choice for beginner players. I can’t say that the Paradym is bad for beginners; I just think purchasing a model from last year is a smart choice from a financial perspective. 

With the Rogue ST Max OS irons, you will benefit from a wide sole, plenty of offset, and increased launch in the irons. Again, A.I. technology was used, and the Flash Face Cup was incorporated. 

What does all of this mean for you? The clubface is really easy to hit, and as a beginner, you will gain consistency at a much faster pace. 

One of the technologies that really helped the Rogue ST Max OS irons stand out is the number of urethane microspheres that were placed in these irons. They go a bit higher up on the inside, so the feel is better, even on the missed hits. 


  • Slightly cheaper than the latest release, with almost as much technology 
  • Large clubface and sweet spot 
  • High ball speeds, even on off-center hits 
  • Confidence-inducing look with side sole and plenty of offset 


  • It may be hard to find these in custom lengths and shafts as they are last year’s model 

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Best Callaway Irons For Mid Handicappers

Callaway Paradym Irons

$1,000.00 Amazon Prime

Updated on 2024-05-28

Mid Handicap

Callaway Paradym Irons

The Callaway Paradym X already earned a spot on our list as the best option for senior golfers, but the Callaway Paradym standard model is my favorite for mid-handicappers. Callaway recommends golfers from 4 to 12 use the Paradym, but I’m going to stretch that from 4 to 16. 

I was impressed with the feel and overall consistency of the Paradym irons and the speed coming off the club face. The Paradym has a little less tungsten (67g) than the Paradym X, but it’s enough to still get the benefits as distance irons.

Mostly, I feel like a mid handicapper needs a golf club with just a little of everything. A little forgiveness, a little distance, a little feel, and the Paradym is a perfect solution for that. 


  • Impressive AI-based technology 
  • Spin consistency across the face 
  • 455 Face Cup with Speed Frame for high speeds 
  • 67 grams of Tungsten 


  • The top-down look is still thicker than the Apex series
  • New release, so pricing will be high for a while 

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Best Callaway Irons for Low Handicappers

Callaway Apex Pro Irons 

Price not available

Updated on 2024-05-28

Low Handicap

Callaway Apex Pro Irons

I went back and forth about which Callaway irons were my favorite for the low handicapper. I ended up with the Callaway Apex Pro because of a mix of look and feel.

However, if distance is a concern for you, I highly recommend the Callaway Rogue ST Pro Irons

The Callaway Apex Pro is an incredibly clean-looking iron with a compact head shape. When you hit a solid shot, you are rewarded; when you hit a bad one, you get enough feedback to make necessary changes in your game. 

One of the things I find most interesting about the Apex Pro is the amount of Tungsten in the clubhead. Some of the irons have up to 90 grams. We so often think of Tungsten being used in game improvement golf clubs, but it turns out everyone can benefit from it. 

Patented urethane microspheres are inside the forged iron with a 1025 hollow body construction, making the Callaway Apex Pro an all-around great choice for the player seeking precision. 


  • Consistent launch characteristics
  • Workable design
  • Created with A.I. for the first time in an Callaway Apex Pro 
  • Forged irons with graphite shafts or steel shafts options


  • Not much forgiveness (when compared to other Callaway irons) 
  • Lofts are not overly strong, which could result in some distance loss 

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Best Callaway Irons for Women

Callaway Golf Women’s Big Bertha Reva Irons

$693.18 Amazon Prime

Updated on 2024-05-28

Best for Ladies

Callaway Reva Irons for Ladies

The best Callaway women’s irons were a toss-up between the brand-new Big Bertha Reva and the Callaway Paradym. Although both options were great, I chose the Reva because of the fact that it is specifically designed for a female player. 

The high ball flight is one of the first things to stand out about the Callaway Reva. If you are tired of running all of your iron shots right through the green, the Reva might give you enough ball flight to finally stop the golf ball where you want it to. 

In addition, the feel of the Callaway Reva irons has been improved to help increase confidence without sacrificing any distance. Most women golfers will not complain about a little extra ball speed and distance, and the REVA can help with that. The new face is high in strength, and the golf ball does jump off of it. 


  • Enhanced offset for straighter ball flight 
  • Wide sole increases launch 
  • Large sweet spot with long irons
  • Lightweight yet powerful feel 


  • The club head is a little big and bulky 
  • Lower handicappers may look for a sleeker-looking Paradym 

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Best Callaway Game Improvement Irons

Callaway Big Bertha B21 Irons

Price not available

Updated on 2024-05-28

Game Improvement

Callaway Big Bertha B21 Irons

Game improvement irons are designed for those that need a little extra help on the golf course with more ball speeds.

If you feel like your game could be better if your clubs weren’t always working against you, then the Callaway Big Bertha B21 Irons are a great choice. 

With the new release of the BB23, you will find that the pricing on these has also gotten better, but the technology is very close to the same. 

One of the things that really helped the Big Bertha Irons stand out is the increased offset in the club head. With extra offset, that little bit of slice on your iron shots will start to disappear. With more confidence in a straighter shot, you may even notice a bit of extra ball speed. 

When I stand over the B21 irons (especially the longer irons), it’s easy to have confidence. 


  • Best game improvement iron
  • A.I. Designed Flash Face Cup for the first time in Big Bertha irons 
  • Higher ball speeds 
  • Urethane microspheres for a better feel 


  • Not quite as much ball speed as the newest release
  • Think of these as a consistent and easy-to-hit club, not a leader in distance or feel

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Best Callaway Hybrid Iron Combo Set

Callaway Rogue ST Max Hybrid Iron Combo Set

Price not available Amazon Prime

Updated on 2024-05-28

Combo Set

Callaway Rogue ST Max Hybrid Iron Combo Set

A combo set is a great way to create consistency in your clubs and encourage perfect loft gapping. The Rogue ST Max Combo set is one of my favorite options from Callaway. I love the way the look of the Rogue ST Max blends into the irons. 

The Rogue ST Max Combo set is last year’s model, but it has plenty of impressive technology, including Jailbreak S.T. In addition, the A.I. Face is optimized to help improve overall speed, launch, and spin. 

Mostly, the center of gravity is perfectly positioned in each clubhead to maximize performance and increase launch. I like that when I make contact with the Rogue ST Max irons and then switch to the hybrids; the feel is similar. 


  • Precise center of gravity placement 
  • 455 Face Cup technology 
  • High ball speeds throughout the set 


  • Distance technology is a few yards behind the new Paradym 

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Most Forgiving Callaway Irons

Callaway Golf Big Bertha BB23 Irons

$934.80 Amazon Prime

Updated on 2024-05-28

New Callaway Irons 2023

Callaway Golf Big Bertha BB23 Irons - New Callaway Irons 2023

The Callaway Golf Big Bertha BB23 irons are a brand new release with forgiveness as their most important feature. The classic Big Bertha shape has been refined a bit, and I love the new Black Smoke finish. 

If you want something with durability and a premium look, then the Big Bertha BB23 irons are a good choice. In addition, the A.I. performance allows for a lot of strength and plenty of additional ball speed. 

You will notice the ability to control shots quite easily in the short irons, even though this is more of a game improvement iron. 


  • Up to 43g of internal Tungsten for easier launch 
  • Tons of added forgiveness
  • Increased offset improves performance 


  • Blade length is long, takes a little time to get used to 

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Best Callaway Irons for Slower Swing Speed Golfers

Callaway Great Big Bertha Irons

$1,399.93 Amazon Prime

Updated on 2024-05-28

Slow Swing Speed

Callaway Great Big Bertha Irons, showing callaway golf clubs

For golfers that are struggling to get extra speed in their swing, the Callaway Great Big Bertha Irons were the best that I tried. I’ll warn you that these are not the cheapest of irons on the list, but they do pack quite a bit of performance for the slower swing speed player. 

The biggest standout feature in the Great Big Bertha iron is the titanium face. Most irons do not have this titanium face, nor do they have up to 145g of Tungsten that the Great Big Bertha has. 

The club head is lightweight, and the ball jumps off the face. If you lack speed or forgiveness in any way, the Callaway Great Big Bertha irons could be the solution you need. Although the titanium face has a slightly different feel, the urethane microspheres are still there to help minimize vibrations


  • Titanium face 
  • High ball speeds
  • Lots of Tungsten for increased launch and power 


  • Very expensive 
  • Not a great choice for an occasional golfer 

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Best Value Callaway Irons

Callaway Mavrik Irons

Price not available

Updated on 2024-05-28

Best Value $

Callaway Mavrik Irons

If you want to save money on irons, look back a year or two to see what options are still available. The Callaway Mavrik is your best bet right now. The pricing is fair, and the overall technology is still relevant. 

I’ve had the Callaway Mavrik driver in my golf bag for a few years, and I still love it. The irons have a similar type of golf technology – high launching, easy to swing, and overall good distance. 

These irons are best for average players seeking high ball speeds and a good feel. You can’t expect the same forged-like feeling you get in Callaway Apex or the distances you see in Paradym, but for the price, a few years off your total distance may be worth it. 


  • High ball speeds
  • Urethane microspheres for a better feel 
  • Very fair pricing 


  • Don’t feature the same tungsten levels as new clubs
  • Ball speeds are not quite as high 

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Best Versatility Golf Irons

Callaway APEX DCB Irons


Updated on 2024-05-29

Best for Versatility

Callaway APEX DCB Irons

The Callaway Apex DCB are the irons that I currently have in my golf bag. As a scratch golfer, I never thought I would play with something this bulky, but when I tested the clubs, they gave me the best results (by far). 

I’ve had these forged 1025 mild carbon steel body irons in the bag for about two years, and I love the overall performance from a distance and accuracy standpoint. The feel is great, but I would be fine with more feedback on missed shots. 

I call these the most versatile of the best Callaway irons because forgiveness and Apex don’t usually go hand in hand. You get the benefits of an Apex iron with the game improvement technology across other Callaway lines. 


  • Can work for a wide range of handicaps
  • Very straight ball flight
  • Forgiving iron with a good feel 


  • A bit bulky for most lower-handicap players 
  • Not the best for workability 

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Expert Guide to Purchasing Callaway Irons

golfer hitting a Callaway iron from the tee box

I’ve played Titleist irons my entire life until the last few years when I put the Callaway Apex DCB into the bag. The top-down look has always been a challenge for me to get used to in the Callaway irons. However, what is very easy to recognize is that the technology that Callaway is putting out is quite impressive. 

Callaway Irons Quality & Manufacturers Process

Callaway was the first major manufacturer to push the AI concept into their clubs. In addition, they started moving the center of gravity around to be specific to the club you have in your hand. 

I don’t know about you, but it makes perfect sense to me that my 7 iron would be built a little differently than my 8 iron. 

Callaway irons hold up, they have been around forever and have always catered to golfers like seniors and women who may need a little extra ball flight or forgiveness. 

Finding the Right Irons for Your Golf Game

I recommend thinking outside the box when it comes to picking an iron for your game. Don’t stick with the club that is recommended specifically for your handicap range. 

Use me as an example; I went to purchase the Apex Pro Irons and ended up with the Callaway Apex DCB because the results were overwhelmingly different between the two golf clubs.

Looking back, a combo set could have been the best choice, but it’s hard to do with modern lofts. 

Iron Composition Considerations

Be very smart about the lofts of the golf clubs that you are choosing and how that is going to impact your set.

Each set of Callaway irons has a unique loft profile, so when you combine irons and hybrids, you can end up with a gap or a space in your golf bag that creates problems in the game. 

Pros & Cons of Callaway Golf Irons

Here are what I consider to be the pros and cons of Callaway golf irons. Some of this comes from personal experience on and off the golf course over the last 30 years. 


  • Quality golf clubs, great customer service
  • Stand behind any manufacturing issues in the golf clubs
  • Innovative when it comes to technology and the use of A.I.
  • Strong presence of products for the mid to high handicappers
  • Creates great club choices for the slower swing speed players 
  • Wider soles create a high launch 
  • The full product line makes it easy to fill a bag with Callaway product 


  • Thick top-down look on almost all products
  • Often have a bulkier look and feel to them 
  • Strong lofts in some sets can make it hard to put together a combo set of irons 

Expertise in Testing the Products

I’ve been lucky enough to test most of the new Callaway irons by attending demo days and using golf equipment from a local pro shop. The launch monitor I do most of my testing is a Foresight GC3 with very accurate results and data. 

As a golf professional, I’m able to take this information and then use it to help people determine which clubs are best for their game. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best iron shafts for Callaway irons?

Callaway irons come with a wide range of both graphite and steel shafts. I highly recommend testing the product with the stock shaft (these are what the company claims and data are based on) and then using launch monitor data to fine-tune which shaft you need. 

Which Callaway Irons are best for me?

When choosing Callaway irons, first identify the weakest part of your iron game and look for an iron that specializes in that. Then consider your handicap and the recommendations within your handicap range. 

What is the difference between the Callaway Paradym and Paradym X Irons?

The Paradym X Irons are a bit more forgiving and have a wider sole and some extra Tungsten to increase the overall launch. Paradym is designed for golfers with less than a 12 handicap, whereas the Callaway Paradym X are for golfers with a handicap of 10 and up. 

What pros use Callaway?

There is a strong list of professional golfers using Callaway golf clubs including Retief Goosen, Jon Rahm, Phil Mickelson, David Duval, Jim Furyk, Stuart Appleby, Sam Burns, Si Woo Kim, and Xander Schauffele. 

What are the Best Callaway Irons in 2023?

The best Callaway Irons in 2023 include the Paradym, Great Big Bertha, and even a few of the Callaway Rogue and Callaway Apex lines. The key is to identify what type of player you are and which iron will make the most significant difference in your golf game. 

Final Thoughts on the Best Callaway Irons

To summarize, the best Callaway Irons genuinely stand out in a crowded market, thanks to their versatile selection and innovative technology. With their impressive range of graphite and steel shafts, they offer unprecedented versatility to meet various golfer’s needs.

Other golf club manufacturers favored on the PGA TOUR Champions players you may want to check out next include Ping, PXG, and Tour Edge.

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