Gary Player Fitness Routine: How He Stays So Fit at 88

gary player fitness routine keeps him active. Show here in his 80's and in shape wearing all white, and has a smile with a thumbs up.

The story of the Gary Player Fitness routine is one that can’t be missed for any age. If you’re looking to improve your golf game and overall health, this one is for you. Gary James Player was born on November 1, 1935, in Johannesburg, South Africa. He’s internationally recognized as one of the greatest golfers … Read more

Fred Couples Golf Swing: How to Hit it Big Like Boom Boom

Fred Couples golf swing on the fairway at the Chubb Classic in Naples Florida. He is hitting his metal wood.

In the world of golf, few have made a mark quite like Fred Couples. The Fred Couples golf swing is legendary for its ultra smooth and effortless look. With 15 PGA Tour wins, 5 International (1992 Masters), and 14 Champions Tour wins, he has proven his abilities across several decades and continents. Although Freddie has … Read more

Golf After Hip Replacement: 5 Tips to Get in the Game Quicker

golf after hip replacement article -

Looking to golf after a hip replacement? Read on for our best golf tips from a golf professional to get you in top golf shape. Golf can be harsh on the hips, and for some dedicated golfers, a hip replacement is the only way to enjoy playing the game again. Hip replacement surgery isn’t fun; … Read more

How to Hit Further with Driver Ball Speed to Distance Charts

flying golf ball with sparks around it

Until two years ago, I struggled to compress the golf ball at impact, reducing my smash factor and ball speed and increasing spin. In this post, I’ll teach you the relationship between driver ball speed to distance and how you can increase yardage from the tee box. After walking away from this post, you will … Read more

10 Top Golf Mental Game Tips to Birdie More Holes

male golfer showing his arms crossed as he looks over the course, the mental game of golf.

All golf professionals can hit the ball far and straight. Yet, week in and week out, some pros struggle to make the cut and stay on the leaderboard. With the exception of a few shots, the real difference between winning and losing can be attributed to the mental game of golf.  Having the right mindset … Read more

Why Can’t I Hit My Driver? Best Golf Driver Tips For Seniors

Why Can't I Hit My Driver with golfer holding his golf driver above his head in anger.

When I was at the height of my golf teaching career, the majority of lessons I taught in a day were to senior golfers.  Can you guess what the number one complaint was? The driver.  Drivers can cause problems for amateur players; unfortunately, the driver becomes more challenging to hit as we age. If you … Read more

18 Best Golf Books of All Time to Improve Your Score [2024]

Best Golf Books of All Time; Male golfer reads a book outdoors.

During my younger years, I developed a habit of collecting the best golf books of all time – almost 100 at the time. I spent countless hours reading them, always searching for new tips to enhance my understanding of the game. One book that has remained my personal favorite over the years is Ben Hogan’s … Read more

Golf Course Management for High Handicappers: Tips & More

colleen gilbert observing the hole for golf management for high handicappers example. Showing herself anticipating her approach show onto a Florida green.

Golf course management for high handicappers is a crucial aspect of the game that oftentimes goes unnoticed. Yet, it holds the key to unlocking lower scores and a more enjoyable experience on the golf course. Like Chess…You Can Learn Golf Strategy In chess, every move counts, and a single misstep can lead to defeat. Golf … Read more

5 Most Important Golf Course Management Tips [From a Pro]

golf course photo of arcadia bluffs michigan with water in the background

Are you a seasoned golfer over 50 seeking to sharpen your skills and stay competitive amongst younger players? Look no further for valuable golf course management tips. With a wealth of experience under your belt, you have the strategic advantage to excel over younger golfers. Whether you’re participating in challenging golf tournaments or enjoying a … Read more

Losing Distance with Irons? Expert Tips to Gain More Power💥

Senior Golfer using his golf irons on the driving range in Florida

Have you been losing distance with your irons? If you answered yes , it’s time for a tune-up with the help of a PGA Professional. Just like we maintain our vehicles, sometimes your body deserves an overhaul. From the obvious broken taillight to the low-hanging exhaust, our body can fall into a self-destructive deterioration mode … Read more