5 Most Important Golf Course Management Tips [From a Pro]

golf course photo of arcadia bluffs michigan with water in the background

Are you a seasoned golfer over 50 seeking to sharpen your skills and stay competitive amongst younger players? Look no further for valuable golf course management tips. With a wealth of experience under your belt, you have the strategic advantage to excel over younger golfers. Whether you’re participating in challenging golf tournaments or enjoying a … Read more

Losing Distance with Irons? Expert Tips to Gain More Power💥

Senior Golfer using his golf irons on the driving range in Florida

Have you been losing distance with your irons? If you answered yes , it’s time for a tune-up with the help of a PGA Professional. Just like we maintain our vehicles, sometimes your body deserves an overhaul. From the obvious broken taillight to the low-hanging exhaust, our body can fall into a self-destructive deterioration mode … Read more

4 Expert Tips on How to Practice Golf in the Winter 

Unless you’re fortunate enough to live in a year-round golf haven like Florida, the winter months often signal a hiatus from regular play. Those of us who dwell in the colder climates typically encounter temperatures that limit our time outdoors. As a result, we’re all positioned to knock the rust off in the upcoming Spring. … Read more

Golf Putting Tips for Seniors: Expert Putting Truths Revealed

Looking for simple putting tips for seniors? Our golf expert demonstrates putting drills at home that don’t require anything but you and your putter. The “Flat Stick,” “Texas Wedge,” or the “Short Stick” are all nicknames for the putter. Some of us use a more robust vocabulary when it comes to the “Money Maker.” Depending … Read more

How to Get More Power in Your Golf Swing | 3 Simple Drills

How to gain more power in your golf swing - showing a senior golfer hitting his irons

How to get more power in your golf swing? In this article, our golf expert provides golf tips for seniors when losing distance in golf. Accepting to play from the forward tees is a difficult choice for some older adults, however, a large population of retirees embrace this advantage. Some might even say it’s a … Read more

10 Top Golf Mental Game Tips to Birdie More Holes

male golfer showing his arms crossed as he looks over the course, the mental game of golf.

Looking to improve your golf mental game? Here are critical mental tips for golf from a Class A PGA Professional Golfer to get you back in the swing of things. All golf professionals can hit the ball far and straight. Yet week in and week out, some pros struggle to make the cut and stay … Read more

Fred Couples Golf Swing: How to Hit it Big Like Boom Boom

Fred Couples golf swing at the driving range in Naples, FL 2023 Chubb Classic.

In this article, Class A PGA Professional golfer, Brett Francisco delves into the intricacies of Fred Couples golf swing, and provides helpful drills that contribute to his powerful delivery. Over the years, several players have made a splash on tour, but few have impacted the game, like Fred Couples. With 15 PGA Tour wins, 5 … Read more

Draw vs Fade in Golf: 5 Simple Steps to Shaping Your Shots

Photo showing Draw vs Fade in Golf with arrows demonstrating the differences.

A fade and draw are both handy golf shots to help you cut doglegs, avoid hazards and enhance your control around the golf course. This article teaches you when and how to play a draw vs fade in golf, along with the advantages and disadvantages of shaping golf shots. After walking away from this post, … Read more

9 Best Golf Exercises for Seniors To Elevate Your Game Today

Are you looking for helpful golf exercises for seniors? In this article, we have free routines and some simple golf warm up exercises to improve your game. Spending two decades working in healthcare, I’ve had countless hours with seniors in retirement communities. Taking care of your body as you age is critical to maintaining independence … Read more

4 Top Favorite Golf Gambling Games [Rules & How to Play]

golf betting games can be a lot of fun - showing a four some yelling with excitment as the ball goes in the hole.

Looking for a fun way to pass time on the golf course? Why not try golf gambling games? Golf enthusiast Colleen Gilbert shares her favorite and best golf betting games and how to play them. In my previous article, I wrote of my favorite five different golf games. Scramble, Best Ball, Match Play, Stroke Play, … Read more