9 Best 14 Slot Golf Bags + Top Tips for Bag Organization

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Looking for the best 14 Slot golf bags? We’ve got a list of our current favorites that are sure to help you with your search.

Regular golfers understand how annoying finding a club in your bag can get. Clubs easily get entangled or disorganized inside your bag and can get damaged. But every problem has a solution. And if you’re struggling with this tangled mess, a 14 slot golf bag is what you need.

Let me take you through nine of my top picks for 14 slot golf bags in the market. But before that, let’s understand how to arrange your golf bag properly.

How to Organize 14 Slot Golf Bags

Some golf bags come with a designated department for each club. They’ll have symbols on each slot for every club. However, here’s the general rule you can follow to organize 14 slot golf bags.

🏌️‍♂️ Note: These are not strict rules for organizing your golf bag. You can organize it in any way you want as well. However, most golfers use this method since it’s the most convenient.

Woods & Drivers Organization (Back Section)

It’s best to start with the longest clubs. Woods and driver are the longest clubs and are placed at the back sections. It gives easy access to players without reaching across woods and drivers.

Putter Organization (Front or Back)

Putter grips require extra space to fit snugly. The position of the Putter well is different in different bags.

In some bags, wells are located at the front or bottom. While in other cases, the well is located at the top or back, behind the wood compartment.

Wedges Organization (Front Left or Bottom)

It’s easy to recognize the compartment for wedges if the putter well is at the front. If the putter well is at the back, you must start from the front left of the bag.

Take your lob wedge and fix it in the front left slot. Move in the right direction and place a sand wedge next, followed by a gap wedge. And then fix the pitching wedge last.

Summary: Lob Wedge > Sand Wedge > Gap Wedge > Putter Wedge

Irons Organization (Lower Middle)

Fix 9 iron in the lower middle row towards the right, then move towards the left side with 8,7, and 6 iron.

Summary: 9 Iron > 8 Iron > 7 Iron > 6 Iron

Long Irons or Hybrids (Upper Middle)

Depending on what you’re using, 5 iron or 5 hybrids should be placed in the upper middle row on the rightmost compartment, followed by 4 Hybrid and 3 Hybrid in the final spot.

Summary: 5 Iron/Hybrid > 4 Iron/Hybrid > 3 Iron/Hybrid

Fairway Woods (Back Left)

Place your 3-wood in the back left slot. Follow it with the 5-fairway wood and then the driver.

Several front pockets are provided in the bag to carry golf balls or tees. Side pockets carry your accessories. Additional side pockets can hold golf gloves, scorecards, rule books, etc.

Luxury to Moderate: 14 Slot Golf Bags

Almost all bags have dividers, but not all of them go full length to the bottom of the bag. Golf bags with full-length dividers are the best option that imparts safety to the clubs and convenience to pull them out.

I have researched the best 14 slot bags so you can make an informed decision. Let’s take a look at them.

1. Titleist Hybrid 14 Slot Golf Bag

Titleist Hybrid 14 Golf Bag photo shows white but comes in multiple colors.

Titleist is arguably the most renowned brand in golf.

The Titleist Hybrid Golf Bag is a crossover between a traditional stand bag and a cart bag, which provides great versatility.

This upgraded bag has:

  • Low profile 14-slot top cuff with Tour-inspired handles
  • Double apparel pockets
  • External water bottle pockets
  • Convertible weight for walking or golf carts
  • Multiple color options
Cart friendlyX Some reviewers do not prefer the club layout, 2-4-4-3-1
Lots of pockets

“Have walked about 10 rounds with this bag with no problems at all. It’s lightweight, has pockets for days and comfy. I love the stand/ cart bag hybrid stuff they have going on. Light enough to walk with, flat bottom is great for a push cart or golf cart. Just wish there was on large hole for my Pins and Aces Beer Sleeve, but that’s just me being picky.”

– Savini727, (Titleist Hybrid Golf bags with full length dividers REVIEWS)

2. Nike Unisex 14 Slot Golf Stand Bag

Nike Unisex 14 Slot Golf Stand Bag

You wouldn’t have to think twice about quality if you were buying from Nike. This highly rated, Nike 14 Slot Golf Bag has a unisex design and 14 full-length dividers.

What’s Included:

  • 10+ pockets, including inner pockets
  • Water-resistant rain cover
  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • Full-length divider system
Car compatible baseX Costly
Easy to attach/remove the shoulder strap 
Effective Stands 

“Close to perfect golf bag.”

Dave S., (Nike 14 Slot Golf Bags, REVIEWS)

3. Founders Club Premium 14 Slot Golf Bag

Founders Club Premium 14 Slot Golf Bags, golf bags with full length dividers

The Founders Club Premium 14 Slot Golf Bag has dedicated spaces for each club. It’s got a unique design that keeps your clubs protected and organized well.

Lots of storage spaceX Long shaft clubs don’t fit well
Fits an oversized putter grip 

“Its the best around and holds everything perfectly. Always buying this type but this one is truly water protected. Love it and highly recommended.

– Eric J, (Founders Club Premium 14 Slot Golf Bags REVIEWS)

4. Sun Mountain 4.5LS 14 Slot Golf Bag

Sun Mountain 14 Slot Golf Bag, golf bags with full length dividers

The Sun Mountain 14 Slot Golf Bag has full length dividers that prevent the movement of shafts and protects them from any possible wear.

It has nine pockets, including a hydration pouch, a multiple accessories pocket, a full-length clothing pocket, and a waterproof velour-lined pocket.

Well structuredX Some consider it too wide

Well made & well organized”

  Ashley F, (Sun Mountain golf bags with full length dividers REVIEWS)

5. Cobra Golf 2020 Ultralight 14 Slot Golf Bag

Cobra Golf 2020 Ultralight Cart Bag - . golf bags with full length dividers.

This Cobra Ultralight 14 Slot Bag has three full-length dividers and a 14 way top. The large apparel pockets give you precisely what you are searching for.

It also gives you a choice to pick your preferred color. It has huge pockets for your convenience, including a cooler pocket.

The most attractive feature is that it’s lightweight and easy to carry, even with 14 clubs, golf balls, and tees.

Easy to carryX Expensive
Full length club dividers
High quality 

“The bag is super lightweight, easy to strap on to a golf cart and very functional pockets. Color matches Cobra club covers.”

– Petro, (Cobra Ultralight Golf bags with Full Length Dividers REVIEWS)

6. RJ Sports Ladies 14 Slot Golf Bag

RJ Sports Ladies 14 Slot Golf Bag.  It comes in a variety of colors, pink and grey shown.

The RJ Sports Paradise 14 Slot Golf Bag is an ideal bag for ladies because of its weight, design, and luggage capacity.

What’s Included:

  • Four large apparel and separate shoe pocket
  • One cooler pocket
  • One external putter tube
  • A scorecard sleeve
  • Pencil and tee holders
  • One front organizer pocket
  • A towel ring
  • A velcro glove attachment
  • And a free accessory pouch
Padded strap & Rain hoodX Uneven bottom
Removable Front Logo Panel for Customization 
Multiple colors to pick from

Stylish, great values that will keep your lady happy.”

Micheal S, (RJ Sports Paradise 14 Slot Bag REVIEWS)


Budget 14 Slot Golf Bags

While higher-priced items are nice to have, there are plenty of excellent choices for 14 Slot Golf Bags. Here are a few of our favorites below.

7. Izzo Ultra Lite Cart Bag

The Izzo 14 Slot Golf Bag is an easy-to-carry bag and only weighs 3.8 pounds. It features 14-way full-length dividers, six pockets, a water leakage-proof pocket, and an integrated SmartGRIP handle.

Play the game style with a bag with a front personalized ball pocket.

Polyester constructionX Non-durable
Velcro glove & umbrella holder 
Budget friendly
Plenty of compartments

“Good value cart bag.”

Seth J., (Izzo 14 Slot Golf Bag REVIEWS)

8. PowerBilt TPS Dunes 14 Way Bag

PowerBilt TPS Dunes 14 Slot Golf Bag, It is one of golf bags with full length dividers.  Photo shows black and white bag.

The PowerBilt Dunes 14 Slot Golf Bag is designed to be convenient for all golfers.

Featuring a 14-way full-length club divider, it also contains five zippered pockets with velour-lined valuables, a double padded strap, a scoreboard sleeve, an umbrella holder, a rain hood cover, and a towel ring.

Tee holder & Velcro glove attachmentX Poles are not sturdy
Tampered stand legsX No cooler

“For the price, you can’t beat it. Love its light weight. plenty of pouches and room to put your stuff. And, it does stand by itself without using the stand legs.”

– Jean, (PowerBilt TPS Dunes 14 Slot Golf Bags REVIEWS)

9. Cleveland 14 Slot Golf Bag

Cleveland 14 Slot Golf Bags, shown in black with a strap

The Cleveland 14 Slot Golf Bag makes your golfing experience more enjoyable. This innovative bag is relatively lightweight. This polyester bag only weighs 5.5Lbs.

It has waterproof zipper pockets, three grab handles, a scorecard pocket, an insulated cooler bottle pocket, a hand and divot sleeve, six pockets, and a zippered front pocket.

In short, it has all you need in a golf bag, plus it has 14 full length dividers.

3 grab handles for essay loadingX Straps are not attached
Full-length dividers 

“I just received my Cleveland Golf Stand bag. I was so excited it definitely exceeded my expectations in quality and style. I loved that it had individual separators for each club, eliminates that annoying clanging of clubs as you walk. The compartments are of generous size and are perfect. I love this golf bag and highly recommend it. The price and quality cannot be beat! Thumbs up!!

– Petite1, (Cleveland 14 Slot Golf Bags REVIEWS)

Final Thoughts on 14 Slot Golf Bags

The 14 slot golf bags are extremely useful because of the comfort and organization they deliver. Not only do they keep your clubs organized, but it keeps them safe from collisions against each other as well.

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