14 Unique & Top Rated Coolers for Golf Push Carts

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Staying hydrated during golf is crucial. You roughly need to consume 40-50% of the total daily water requirement during a standard round of golf.

According to Golf Digest, it is a critical factor to prevent fatigue and even support brain functioning.

To stay hydrated on the course and keep your drinks cool, you would benefit from a cooler. Not just any cooler, a cooler that will work with your golf push cart.

If you’re looking for a cooler that functions with you push cart, check out our list of more than 14 best-ranked coolers for golf push carts. We’ve reviewed each product so you can find the one that suits you best.

First, let’s start with the factors you’d want to consider while making your cooler purchase.

Important Factors To Consider While Buying a Golf Push Cart Cooler

A quality cooler has specific characteristics that make it stand out from the competition. Some essential factors you should consider are

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Durability & Material
  • Design & Size (Capacity)
  • Overall Performance
  • Reliability
  • Ease of Use
  • Customer Compliance

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Top 13 Coolers for Golf Push Carts

Let’s look through the best available cooler options.

1. Caddy Swag Golf Beer Cooler

Coolers for Golf Push Carts, Caddy Swag Golf Bag Cooler Beer Sleeve. shark tank golf cooler

Imagine having a bag so small that it fits in your bag but is spacious enough to fit six 12-ounce cans. If that’s what you’re looking for, Caddy Swag Golf Bag Cooler is the one for you!

It’s made of 300x600d thick polyester, and foam is used as an insulator to maintain the temperature of your drinks. The durability of polyester lets the exterior stay stable even in harsh conditions on the ground.

Its sleeve has a solid zipper to prevent your drinks from spilling over the floor. The fun part is how it conceals in your golf cart so you can sneak some cans too.

Fun Fact: Caddy Swag Golf Bag cooler has been featured on the TV show, Shark Tank!

Takes less spaceX Tight fit for cans
Reusable freezer pack
Ice pack included 

“5stars across the board so far! Only owned for a month so durability is tough to answer but seems like it’s made well. Zipper works well and seems solid. I fit 6 beers and 2 slim ice packs in it without issue. Fits well in my golf bag. No complaints at all played 7 rounds w it and no issues!”

– Dave M., Caddy Swag Golf Bag Cooler Reviews

2. Camco Pop Up Cooler

Camco Pop-Up Cooler, one of the best coolers for golf push carts

As the name suggests, whenever you feel like having a drink, with the Camco Pop up Cooler, just pop the lid up and enjoy a refreshing drink.

This cooler delivers quality and is cost-effective in one package. Here are some of its features.

  • It collapses for easy storage
  • It’s got handles for carriage
  • A buckle strap to keep it flat while unused
  • Leak-proof
  • It also comes with a bottle opener

And now comes the best part. It has an insulated access hatch that lets you take out refreshments without allowing the cold to escape.

Capacity to store 12 cans or bottlesX Not leak proof
Easy to carryX Limited cooling capability
Great to store, collapsible 

GrWorks pretty well. Seems durable. Like sewing and straps etc. nice flip top on cover. Only concern is insulation quality. Good but not great. Liking will depend on how long you need to keep something cold.

– Warren, Camco Pop up Cooler Reviews

3. Callaway Mini Golf Bag Cooler

Callaway Golf Clubhouse Mini Cooler, best golf push cart coolers

If you had been sneaking in beers on the golf course, it’s time to stop, as I’ve got the perfect solution for you.

Callaway Mini Golf Bag Cooler is a small-sized, easy-to-carry cooler. It does not weigh much on your shoulders but keeps you cool through the game.

It has a strap made of polyester, and the main body is made of nylon. The easy glide zipper and open space don’t take much of your time to open it and rummage through items.

There are about six separators. This portable and spacious cooler can store cans, water bottles, sunscreens, refreshments for the whole game, cold drinks, and other accessories.

Light and durableX Less spacious
Insulated thermal liningX Small size
Good quality 

“Well made. Value for money.”

Jj – Callaway Mini Golf Bag Cooler Reviews

4. Geckobrands Verticool Golf Cooler

Geckobrands Verticool Cooler, best golf push cart coolers

This trendy-looking bag keeps your drinks cool for up to 12 hours; you can play two golf games, and the water will still be chilly. You can save a reusable ice pack for the best results.

It can store up to nine cans or two wine bottles, with lots of space left for ice.

It has a 7” x 5” exterior zip pocket on one side and a 7” x 5” mesh pocket on the other. This makes up space for smaller accessories as well. The exterior is coated with polyester, which makes cleaning easy.

The Geckobrands Verticool Golf Cooler easily fits with most golf carts or golf push carts.

Thick insulationX Durability
Variety of designsX Not leakproof
Budget cooler

I tried it for the first time today. I put 3 bottled beers in as I was only one drinking in my group (I thought but then my buddies wanted one also!). The quality of the bag is good and it did not leak and kept beers cold with some ice packed in there. The challenge was getting it to fit inside my bag and zipping the golf bag shut. I would like it better if it was a little shorter, maybe 13 or 14 inches. I have what I consider a normal size golf bag that I use with a push cart. I may need a larger cart bag to get full use from this cooler!

– Rzrbckmz, Geckobrands Verticool Golf Cooler Reviews

5. Darwav Golf Cart Push Cooler

Darwav Golf Cart Push Cooler, best coolers for golf

Darwav Golf Cart Push Cooler was specifically designed with the intention to use with a push cart. It has good customer reviews and is leakproof.

It comes with multiple pockets; an insulated section for drinks, a large mesh pocket for the sport bottle, and extra pockets for accessories. If you are looking for a compact yet spacious option, then go for it without any second thought.

The rubber grip on the handle makes it easy to carry around when not on a golf push cart.

Weather resistantX Prone to wear and tear

I have used this cooler for 20 rounds of golf. The fit on the push cart is great and the zippers don’t snag. Drinks stay cold the entire round.

TE, Darwav Coolers for Golf Push Carts Reviews

6. IntheZone Golf Push Cart Cooler

IntheZone Golf Push Cart Cooler, best golf push cart cooler

Are you fed up with those leaky coolers and are looking for one where you can find no leaky spots? Then set your eyes on the Inthezone Golf Push Cart Cooler.

This cooler has a heat-welded inner liner, and it’s resistant to rain from the outside because of its built.

This round-shaped cooler bag is designed in a perfect size to fit in the back fender of a cart or the baskets of golf carts. It has a hatch for easy reach to snacks. It’s carriable and folds by compressing it.

This multifunction bag can be used for multiple outdoor activities as well!

Comes with a bottle openerX Limited insulation
Easy to packX Greater width for some golf carts
PEVA lining to prevent leakage 

You can purchase IntheZone Golf Push Cart Cooler from Amazon.com.

Perfect golf cooler. I have used it twice while playing golf on really hot day 100+ and it saved the day. Kept the beer and water cold.”

Jakestir, IntheZone coolers for golf push carts Reviews

7. Arctic Zone Titan Deep Hardbody Cooler

Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze Zipperless Hardbody Coolers, best push cart coolers

The Arctic Zone Titan Deep Hardbody Cooler has a flip-open lid that exudes quality. This gives easy access to all the stocked-up cans and bottles.

High-performance insulation with a heat barrier reflects heat from the environment.

The interior lining can be cleaned up easily. Shoulder straps are provided with pads for comfort.

While we reviewed it for golf push carts, it is perhaps best suited as a golf cart cooler since it easily fits in the cart’s basket.

Available in 4 different sizesX Pricier
Reflects heat instead of absorbing itX Bulky
Stain, and abrasion resistant 
Flips open easily, no zipper 

“An awesome Golf Cooler that fits In the basket.”

Shane Curtis Beise, Arctic Zone Hardbody Cooler Reviews

8. Intech Golf Bag Cooler and Accessory Caddy

Intech Golf Bag Cooler, cooler for push carts, beer coolers for golf, golf beer cooler

If you’re looking for a cooler to hold up to 10 cans and get you through the warm day of golf, order an Intech Golf Bag Cooler.

It has plenty of storage space owing to two zippered pockets, one large and another small. It has a long strap with a pad on the shoulder, making it easy to carry.

The Intech Golf Bag Cooler can also be clipped or strapped onto a golf bag or golf cart for flexible uses.

This cooler is available in multiple colors and is made of nylon with dimensions of 12×9×7 inches.

Easy to carry or clip onX Complaints of leakage
SpaciousX Tiny side pockets
Multiple colors

“Bought this for my golf buddy’s b day. I bought the pink one and she loved it. Small enough to fit in basket on back of golf cart and good quality.”

– Sue R., Intech Golf Bag Cooler and Accessory Caddy reviews

9. Coleman 16 Can Soft Cooler

Coleman 16 Can Soft Cooler, push cart cooler, best cooler for golf carts

The Coleman Soft Cooler can hold up to 16 can, owing to their dimensions of 7.9×12.5×12 inches. It contains a capacity of 18 liters.

There are no chances of leakage because of its heat-welded seams. The main compartment has a zipper that keeps the drinks cold. If you plan to keep ice, use a hard plastic liner with it.

Apart from the main zipper compartment, two side pockets, a dry storage pouch, and lid bungees are given in the cooler bag.

This verstile cooler bag is used for multiple purposes in daily life including even a lunch box!

Adjustable shoulder strapsX Not heavy duty
Extra insulation, holds temperatures up to 34 hours.X Elastic straps may have a limited lifespan

“We have had our cooler for 12 years and still use it weekly! It’s such a handy and durable cooler! Coleman brand items are always great!”

– Allison, Coleman Soft Cooler Reviews

10. Athletico Golf Cooler Backpack

Athletico Golf Cooler Backpack, best coolers for push carts.

If you are planning to gift a cooler to a golf enthusiast this year, order Athletico Golf Cooler Backpack, and you will thank me later.

Athletico is best known to keep your drinks cool for the whole day, you just have to add reusable ice packs or just ice into the top cooler compartment.

The seams are 100% leakproof and the cooler holds the capacity of storing 6-10 12-ounce cans with other refreshments.

Additionally, you get two exterior pockets to store your accessories while you stay focused on the ball. Now, do you realize why this is a perfect gift?

Buckle for easy attachment to golf push cartsX Doesn’t fit newer carts
LeakproofX Zippers may break
Compatible with Stewart Q Follow Golf Push Cart
Budget-friendly price

Just got this today and checked to see how it would fit my Stewart Q Follow. It fits great. The top strap is just long enough to go across both bars at the top and the bottom strap is very long so it works too. Haven’t used it on the course yet but I know when I was looking around it was hard to find things that said Stewart Q Follow, so hope this helps anyone looking for accessories for that model.

Blaz311, Athletico Cooler for Golf Push Carts Reviews

11. Judogolf Golf Cooler Bag

Judogolf Golf Cooler Bag, best coolers for golf push carts

This cooler is made of 600D Oxford cloth with insulation of 8mm foam. The inner liner is made of PEVA, which is resistant to any kind of damage.

An essential feature of a quality cooler is that it should be leakproof, especially when the ice melts. The Judogolf Golf Cooler Bag offers that.

But what sets it apart from other coolers? The two-way chill-lock technology zipper lid makes loading your beverages and ice easier.

Judogolf lets you stock a never-ending stock of fourteen 12-ounce cans with ice. Side mesh pockets give you the convenience of storing extra accessories as well.

This is another golf cooler that is versitle, but best suited as a golf cart cooler. This is often used as a golf cart beer cooler.

Wear and tear-resistantX Zipper might get stuck
Bottle opener and towel included 
Ice cold drinks with two-way chill-lock technology

This is an awesome cooler for your golf cart basket. It is nicely compact and riynd, yet holds 12 beer easilyThe ice still there the next day after golf. No leaks. I would definitely recommend this item. Great seller, great delivery without a flaw.”

Fred Mohseninia, Judogolf Golf Cooler Bag Reviews

12. MGI Zip Cooler Storage Bag

MGI Zip Cooler Storage Bag, best golf push carts, golf cart coolers

If you are looking for a compact and sleek cooler, then MGI Zip Cooler it is! It’s completely insulated from the inside with drip holes at the bottom.

MGI Zip Golf Cooler can attach to any cart including a golf push cart. Apart from the main compartment, it has two front zipper pockets to carry your extra accessories. This feature makes it easily usuable as carry-all bag.

If you want to show off your dapper side, go for it.

Sleek and LightweightX Can make golf push cart top heavy
Easy to use & attachX Pricey

“Another Great MGI branded product.

Anthony C., MGI Zip Golf Cooler Reviews

13. Sun Mountain Golf- Speed Cart Cooler

Sun Mountain Golf- Speed Cart Cooler Pouch, golf push cart coolers

This cooler can easily attach to the cart with four velcro tabs. The lower compartment has insulation to keep drinks cold. The cooler comes with two reusable freezer packs as well. An extra pocket makes room for your wallet or mobile as well.

Sun Mountain Golf Cooler can hold up to six 12-ounce cans, and often is utilized as a golf beer cooler. It is perfect for a sunny day on the golf course. The long cooler style makes it possible to fold the golf push cart with the cooler still attached.

Maintains temperatureX Lacks the top velcro straps

Nice addition to the pull cart. Fits nicely in backside of cart under piviot point of frame. 4 velcro straps hold to vertical thin metal support bars. Only flaw for cart installation is the top loop. The top carrying loop would be better as a heavy duty velcro strap so it can go over cart push handle and provide additional support. I added 2 carabiners and a velcro strap over handle to support it. Holds at least a sixer with a couple frozen ice packs in bottom cooler section. Top section large enough for all valubles and snacks. I am able to fold cart down with cooler attached. Great buy for my cart!!

HawkforLife, Sun Mountain Coolers for Golf Push Carts Reviews

14. Falcona Wild Golf Cooler Bag

Falcona Wild Golf Cooler Bag,  best golf push cart cooler.  It has a Insulated Beer Sleeve and Cooler.

Falcona Wild Golf Cooler comes with two ice packs to keep your drinks perfectly cold on a hot day. It has the capacity to store six 12-ounce cans.

Additionally, its design is compact enough to be hidden in the side pocket of your golf bag The handle is designed in a way that it can easily unclip and hook to the golf cart.

DurableX Zippers might get stuck
Strong seamsX Non-Leak proof
High-quality fabric 

“Great for the links. Keeps drinks ice cold the whole day, easily attaches to your bag or fits in your cart. A must have.”

Nilsa E., Falcona Wild Golf Cooler Reviews

Final Thoughts on Coolers for Golf Push Carts

Having a nice cooler adds to your golfing experience. You don’t have to wait to purchase overpriced drinks at the golf course.

Check out our list of the 14 most unique and top-rated coolers that go with your golf push cart as well. The best thing is that you can also use these coolers for other outdoor activities.

Comment your favorite cooler and we’ll review that in detail!

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