Expert Guide to Standard vs Midsize Grips: Which is Best?

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Are you looking to know the difference between standard vs midsize grips? Purchasing the best golf grips for you can be challenging to determine. Our golf expert provides helpful guidance below.

Difference Between Midsize and Standard Golf Grips

I have played standard grips for almost 30 years and never gave much thought to alternative options, like a midsize or jumbo grip, until early 2020. In this post, I share my experiences of testing standard vs midsize grips to help you determine which size works best for you.

After reading this review, you will have a clearer understanding of whether your hands are too big, small, or ideal for your current grip. In addition, I explain the efficacy of a midsize grip in reducing hand tension and the advantage of added surface area to hold for optimal traction.

standard vs midsize grips photo of man holding his grip

Standard Golf Grips

Standard golf grips are thinner, lighter constructions, typically measuring .9” and found predominantly on stock golf clubs picked up off the shelf. In my experience, the softer, narrower design enhances feel and feedback. However, it offers little protection against vibrations experienced on off-center strikes.

Besides the feel, I find a smaller grip creates excessive action in the fingers and hand on the downswing, causing you to close your clubface. While this is golden for golfers attempting to combat slice shots, it can deliver the opposite outcome, causing you to hook your ball.


  • Suited to golfers with smaller hands
  • Enhanced feel
  • Makes it less challenging to moderately close the clubface at contact
  • Crafted for woods, hybrids, irons, and wedges
  • Lighter than midsize grips


  • Not suited to larger hands
  • The closed clubface can onset hooks and pulled shots.

Midsize Golf Grips

Midsize grips are marginally larger than their standard counterparts. Although it varies, the average midsize grip is ⅛” thicker, which stiffens the feel of the grip, prompting less tension for improved clubface control.

The added thickness increases the total mass of the grips, and I find they are better at shielding hands from violent vibrations from mishits. Golfers with moderately large hands will also find that a midsize grip fits seamlessly into your palms over a thinner standard design.


  • Suits larger hands
  • Helps reduce grip pressure
  • Works for arthritis sufferers
  • The reduced pressure optimizes freedom of motion during the swing
  • Reduces hand rotation to prompt a square clubface at contact


  • It is too wide for smaller hands
  • Heavier than a standard grip which may impact swing weight

Do Any PGA Pros Use Midsize Grips?

Yes, PGA Tour Pro Tony Finau and his former Ryder Cup teammate, Bubba Watson, have used midsize grips. It is not a common sight on tour but you do find some professionals who prefer the hand control it provides over a standard design.

Tony Finau uses the Lamkin UTx Midsize Golf Grips, which offer sublime moisture control, traction, and tackiness. Watson, on the other hand, employs customized Ping 703 Gold grips. Previously Watson spoke of the benefits and control he enjoys with 1/32” larger golf grips over a standard edition.

Top Choice for Best Standard Golf Grip

SuperStroke Cross Comfort Golf Grip

$5.99 Amazon Prime

Updated on 2024-04-13

Standard Golf Grip

SuperStroke Cross Comfort Golf Grip is our top choice when it comes to midsize vs standard golf grip 2023 list. It is shown in black with red detailing.

The SuperStroke Cross Comfort is our top standard grip for its feel, comfort, traction, control, and affordability. Personally, my hands were a little big for the design, but it was not a train smash. However, SuperStroke did make up for it with outstanding torsional control on every swing.

I was treated to a surprisingly soft and snug feel at address and during the swing, owing to its Tacky Polyurethane Outer Layer. The feel was backed up by improved torsional stability during the swing, courtesy of the Firm Rubber Inner Layer. 

Thanks to the stability, the club remained more stable in my hands during the swing than other standard grips. Besides reinforcing my stability, the inner rubber layer helped amplify feedback to identify precisely where my clubface struck the golf ball.

I achieved consistent friction between my hands and the rubber heightened by Cross Comfort X traction patterns lining the grip. I also found it easier to control my grip pressure despite the standard-size grip due to the presence of Taper Control Technology.


  • Soft feel
  • Enhanced traction on each swing
  • Reduces grip pressure
  • Provides maximum stability
  • Affordable standard golf grip


  • Not ideal for golfers with sizeable hands
  • A lot of lubricant is necessary when installing to prevent the inner rubber from tearing.

We may earn a commission, at no additional cost to you.

Top Choice for Best Midsize Golf Grip

Golf Pride MCC New Decade Golf Grip


Updated on 2024-04-13

Midsize Golf Grip

Golf Pride MCC New Decade Golf Grip, is one of our favorites for standard vs midsize golf grips shown in black, The Midsize grips on irons or woods.

The Golf Pride MCC New Decade is a hybrid golf grip that combines the best features of rubber and cord. It is my top midsize grip choice because of its all-weather performance, exceptional control, and impressive feedback for its size.

I enhanced my hold on the golf club in rain and shine, stemming from its superb all-weather performance. The brush cord cotton used in the upper part of the grip extracted moisture and kept the surface dry for exceptional traction from takeaway through impact.

My traction received a further boost from the Pebbled Texture of the material and the scattered symbols around the surface. I felt these components provided the necessary tack to keep firm control of my golf club in all weather.

The MCC New Decade proved firm and stable during my golf swing, which is a direct result of the high-performance rubber grip in the lower hand. Although it boosts responsiveness, I felt it minimized vibrations to protect my hands on off-center strikes.


  • All weather traction
  • Moisture-wicking brushed cotton cord
  • Increased surface texture for better grip
  • Firm feel
  • Drowns vibrations on off-center strikes


  • Expensive for a midsize golf grip
  • Not the best for small hands

We may earn a commission, at no additional cost to you.

Important Considerations on Finding Your Proper Golf Grip Size

standard vs midsize golf grips hand measurement chart

The easiest way to determine the optimal grip for your fingers is to measure the length of your middle finger from the first crease on your wrist. Once you have the measurement, check the table below and see which standard vs midsize size grip works for you.

Standard vs Midsize Grip Chart

For example, my wrist crease-to-tip measurement is 7.48 inches, which puts me just in the confines of a standard grip, which I use. I could get away with a midsize grip, but as a traditionalist, I prefer the feel and feedback of the standard option.

Crease To Fingertip MeasurementGrip
5” – 6.5”Undersize
6.6” – 7.5”Standard
7.6” – 9”Midsize
9” – 10”Oversize / Jumbo
Golf Club Grip Size Chart

Should I Use Standard or Midsize Golf Grips?

In my experience, standard rubber grips have worked well for my moderately sized hands, and I love the feel it delivers. Standard grips are best suited to medium-sized hands or superior golfers seeking enhanced feedback on all shots.

Conversely, I find midsize grips suit golfers with medium-large hands or those struggling to control the clubface into contact. Midsize grips also perform for senior golfers who suffer from arthritis and need to apply less pressure in their hands.

Other Types of Golf Grips to Consider

Oversize, undersize, and junior grips are three alternative options to consider should you find the standard or midsize ill-suited to your hands. Golfers with short middle fingers not exceeding 5” should start with junior grips and work their way up one size if necessary.

An undersized grip is your next option, which works for crease-to-fingertip measurements of 5” – 6.5”. A standard golf grip is worth testing as it is the next thickest option if you find the undersize grip too light and erratic.

Midsize golf grips follow the standard constructions before you reach oversized grips or jumbo grips, which are the broadest of all. A oversized grip or jumbo design is a thicker grip, ideal for controlling hand action and reducing grip pressure. However, they are heavy and recommended for golfers with a middle finger measurement between 9” – 10”.

FAQs on Midsize Grip vs Standard Grips

How do I know if I need standard or midsize grips?

You know you need standard or midsize grips by measuring the crease to tip length of your middle finger and referencing it on our grip chart. Middle fingers reaching 6.6” to 7.5” suit standard grips, while a midsize extends between 7.6” – 9”.

How do you know if you need midsize grips?

You know you need midsize grips vs standard if the crease-to-tip measurement of your middle finger is 7.6” – 9”. You may also require midsize grips if you struggle to reduce pressure with a standard design.

Do tour pros use standard or midsize grips?

Most tour pros use standard grips, owing to their feel, feedback, and the hand speed it enables. However, Tony Finau is one notable PGA Tour pro who uses Lamkin UTx Midsize grips to enhance his control of his right hand through impact.

Should I use the same golf grip size on all golf clubs?

Yes, I recommend using the same golf grip size on your fairway woods, hybrids, irons, and wedges for consistency in your swing. Many golfers may choose a thicker putter grip to help minimize wrist action to keep the clubhead stable through the stroke.

Final Thoughts | Standard vs Midsize Grips

After analyzing my review of standard vs midsize golf grips, I intend to stick with the former, as I have done for almost 30 years. I prefer the feel, feedback, and faster hands through impact.

I can see the value in midsize grips as they reduce grip pressure, stabilize the hands and suit more sizeable mitts.

The SuperStroke Cross Comfort Golf Grip is worth exploring if you have moderately sized hands like me and strive for optimal feedback.

Conversely, the Golf Pride MCC New Decade Golf Grip offers stability, drowns vibrations and ensures all-weather performance for golfers with larger hands.

For more information golf grip information, you’ll want to read my article on the top senior golf grips next!

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