The 6 Best Womens Tall Golf Clubs In 2023 [Expert Guide]

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After covering women’s golf clubs for standard height and petite ladies clubs, our golf expert provides his top picks for best womens tall golf clubs.

My oldest sister stretches slightly above 5’8”, which is tall for a lady golfer. I was tasked with finding her golf clubs a few years ago and eventually settled on a packaged men’s set to fit her swing. In this post, I reveal the best womens tall golf clubs and how I guided my sister to finding her ideal clubs.

I’ll also introduce you to the wrist-to-floor measurement and explain why it is necessary to identify your optimal shaft length. Before concluding, I will give you tips to consider when shopping for tall clubs to help you make astute club selections.

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Overall Best Golf Clubs For Tall Women

Cobra F-Max Superlite Golf Club Set


Updated on 2024-06-22

🏆 Overall Best

Cobra F-Max Superlite Golf Club Set, Best Womens Tall Golf Clubs

Our top pick for tall womens golf clubs is designed as men’s golf clubs, but I notice the specs work for ladies. The shafts are 1 to 1.5” longer than standard ladies clubs, and the swing weights are not drastically heavier than you may be used to.

The set comprises a driver, a 3 wood, 2 hybrids, a 6 iron to sand wedge, and a putter. Cobra sweetened the deal by including an ultralight cart bag, which fits seamlessly onto the base of a push trolley.

I find the fairway woods, hybrids, and irons are incredibly forgiving in the F-Max Superlite range, credited to a wealth of game improvement technology. The woods and hybrids carry enlarged sweet spots and a low center of gravity (CG), making them easy to launch. 

Leniency continues into the irons and wedges, where perimeter weighting stabilizes the clubheads at contact to preserve ball speed and manage spin. The putter features a simple blade head, which feels smooth at impact, but my distance control consistency was off on mishits.

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  • Forgiving golf clubs
  • 1 to 1.5” longer than standard womens golf clubs
  • Easy launching woods and hybrids
  • Smooth feeling putter
  • Includes a cart bag


  • Not the cheapest golf set
  • Only includes 11 clubs

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Best Budget Golf Clubs for Tall Women

Wilson Profile SGI Complete Golf Club Set

Price not available

Updated on 2024-06-22

🤑 Budget Golf Set

Wilson Profile SGI Complete Golf Club Set, best tall womens golf clubs - most known for being mens clubs

I discovered that the Wilson Profile SGI offered the best value to budget seekers, owing to its complement of clubs, entry price, and accompanying cart bag. While hunting for the best clubs for my sister, we found that they complimented her height and posture at 5’9”. 

The set includes 10 clubs, and I was happy to see a sand wedge present to promote short-game consistency. As a beginner, my sister enjoyed significant relief on off-center shots, helping her get the ball airborne more often than not.

The low CG made the woods and hybrids easier to launch, while the irons provided forgiveness and stability at impact. Besides its forgiveness, my sister appreciated the lightweight components, which helped her accelerate on the downswing for faster clubhead speed.

Wilson included a compact cart bag to house all 10 clubs and provide sufficient space to house your valuables and refreshments. However, it is not the prettiest looking golf cart bag around, and you may want to take the money you saved and use it towards a superior option.

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  • Entry level price for tall women’s clubs (men’s clubs)
  • Forgiving long golf clubs
  • Includes a lightweight golf bag
  • Easy launching golf clubs
  • Lightweight components easy to swing


  • Distance gaps in the set
  • Only includes 10 ladies golf clubs

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Best Tall Womens Golf Clubs for High Handicapper (or Beginner)

Callaway Strata Complete Golf Club Set

$599.99 Amazon Prime

Updated on 2024-06-22

Beginner Golfer

Callaway Strata Complete Golf Club Set, men's clubs

I found the Callaway Strata 16-Piece set offered high handicap tall woman golfers an affordable, forgiving, and robust setup. Despite being crafted for men, the Strata golf clubs are a suitable option for tall women golfers to unload at the top of their swing and into impact.

An oversized 12-degree driver heads up the set and proved easiest for my sister to launch. I would have preferred a slightly weaker lofted 3-wood for her, but she manages with 15.5°. The two hybrids in the set showcase superb forgiveness, turf interaction, and a high launch from any lie.

Like most golf sets, the irons contain cavity backs and perimeter weighting. This boosts the moment of inertia (MOI) for less twist during the swing and lowers the CG. Ultimately, the setup promotes a square clubface at contact and an elevated launch for consistent flight and carry distance.

Callaway added a pitching wedge and a sand wedge to cover short game play which was enough for my sister to play chips, bunker shots, and bump and runs. However, there is a 10° gap between the two, and you may want to include an approach wedge to cover the intermediate distance.


  • Sufficient clubs for a beginner
  • Weak lofted driver for a high launch
  • Affordable golf club set
  • Includes a lightweight stand bag
  • The milled putter produces a clean roll


  • Slower swing speed tall ladies will struggle for consistency with the regular flex shafts.
  • Large gap between the PW and SW

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Best Womens Tall Golf Clubs for Mid Handicapper

Tour Edge Bazooka Golf Club Set


Updated on 2024-06-22

Mid Handicappers

Tour Edge Bazooka Golf Club Set

I discovered that the Tour Edge Bazooka set offers everything a mid-handicapper needs to traverse the links. A healthy selection of long, mid, and short clubs to cover every aspect of your game. Although specifically designed as men’s golf clubs, the Tour Edge Bazooka clubs work well for tall women golfers playing off a mid handicap.

The Bazooka range is well stocked, and Tour Edge did well to mitigate distance gaps, especially at the top of the bag. Often, packaged sets lack power at the top of the bag, but the Bazooka set has you covered with 2 fairway woods, a hybrid, and long irons.

Tour Edge engineers applied thinner faces to the irons in the set, which optimized energy transfer and ball speed. These irons are a breeze to launch for medium to higher swing speed tall woman golfers. Besides the ease of launch, the Bazooka clubs supported me well in the short game area.

A pitching wedge and sand wedge cover all your greenside shots, while a simple and effective blade putter rolls the ball smoothly off the clubface. I thought the standard bag was light to carry, and the cushioned straps protected my shoulders for an enjoyable walk.

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  • Includes 12 men’s clubs
  • Affordable set for taller women golfers
  • Incredibly forgiving long irons
  • Easy launching fairway woods and hybrids
  • Generates impressive distance


  • The plumber neck putter hosel does not suit heavily arched strokes
  • The steel shafts might prove challenging for slower swing speeds

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Best Tall Women’s Golf Clubs for Low Handicapper

TaylorMade RBZ Golf Club Set

$1,499.99 Amazon Prime

Updated on 2024-06-22

Low Handicapper

TaylorMade RBZ Golf Club Set men's clubs

Low-handicapper tall ladies looking for the convenience of a packaged set might consider the TaylorMade RBZ range. They are forgiving and chunky, which may deter some players. However, they provide consistency from tee to green, which is irreplaceable, no matter your handicap.

If you prefer refined irons for more workability, I recommend browsing through our best womens golf irons review. However, you will enjoy consistent strikes with your woods, hybrids, and mid-irons if you appreciate the comfort of lenient golf clubs.

The TaylorMade engineers kept the wedges traditional to promote short-game versatility. I thought the C-grind sole was adaptable to any lie and minimized the risk of my sister digging her clubhead into the turf. But, the refined shape proved too unforgiving for her inconsistent ball striking.

Based on its feel, roll, and acoustics, I thought the putter was the best part of the set. The Pure Roll Technology promoted clean contact with the ball, leading to a smooth roll off the face and limited skid.


  • Traditionally shaped wedges
  • Pure rolling mallet putter
  • Optimal forgiveness
  • High-launching woods and hybrids
  • Includes 12 men’s clubs


  • Pricier golf clubs
  • Some low handicappers might prefer less forgiving golf clubs

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Best Ladies Golf Club Set for Slow Swing Speed

Wilson Magnolia Golf Complete Set

$501.62 Amazon Prime

Updated on 2024-06-22

Slow Swing Speed

Wilson Magnolia Golf Complete Set, tall ladies complete golf set for women

The lightweight components forming the Magnolia set make these specially crafted tall womens golf clubs ideal for a slow-swing speed golfer. Wilson fitted the clubs with a ladies flex shaft and extended the length to cater to taller players. My sister found these easy to swing, but she lost control of the clubface at impact owing to the higher torque and flex.

When I noticed how erratic my sister’s results were, it became apparent that her moderate swing speed needed a stiffer flex shaft. However, the flexibility of the Magnolia set is golden for slower swingers struggling to release the club at the top of the swing and conjure up maximum velocity.

The set is well structured for mid and high handicappers with a driver, a fairway wood, and 3 hybrids at the top of the bag. A 7 iron is the lowest lofted iron, and the set runs down to a sand wedge, which is versatile, forgiving, and easy to play. 

A winged mallet putter completes the set and provides outstanding stability and forgiveness on the green.

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  • Built specifically as tall womens golf clubs
  • Lightweight construction
  • Super forgiving set
  • Ample hybrids for an easy launch off the deck
  • Lenient putter
  • Magolia women’s clubs are available in shorter clubs


  • The paint tends to come off the woods easily, but it does not impact performance
  • The gap between pitching wedge and sand wedge

We may earn a commission, at no additional cost to you.

Buyer’s Guide to Choosing the Best Womens Tall Golf Clubs

lady golfer hitting her fairway shot

There are a few factors to consider when choosing the best golf clubs for tall women. The first is to identify your optimal shaft length, followed by your desired performance features. I have laid out everything you need to consider below.

Wrist to Floor Measurement

The wrist-to-floor measurement is the easiest way to determine your ideal golf shaft length. You measure the distance your wrist crease to the floor, then correlate your wrist-to-floor measurement with your height, as displayed on the Callaway chart below.

For example, my sister, who is 5’9” has a wrist-to-floor measurement of 32”. According to the chart, she ideally suits clubs 0.5” shorter than the standard length of men’s clubs. Since most ladies clubs are up to 1” shorter than men’s clubs, she still needs longer golf shafts than her peers.

Clubhead Speed

The majority of female golfers in my network desire a faster clubhead speed to maximize power at impact. One approach is to increase the length of your clubs, but the longer your shafts are, the more challenging it becomes to control the clubface at contact.

If you are currently using standard-length ladies clubs and feel you are not optimizing swing speed, consider lengthening the shaft. Increasing your clubhead speed enables you to transfer enhanced energy to the ball at contact for explosive velocity.


Think about the forgiveness you require to successfully navigate 18 holes. If you are a slow swing speed golfer, a low CG profile, enlarged sweet spot, and flexible shaft may help you get the job done. 

Accuracy is another vital area of forgiveness for mid and high-handicappers struggling to find the fairway or green. A highly offset golf club with a draw bias profile is one option to consider as it simplifies squaring the clubface at contact for straighter ball flight.

Perimeter-weighted irons are highly recommended for amateur golfers because of their forgiveness. The mass expands the active zone of your irons, resists twisting, and stabilizes the clubface at contact to prevent ball speed loss and spin increase.


Do you prefer a high, medium, or low-launching golf ball in your long and mid-game? The kick point of your shaft and CG position determine your launch angle. If you are comfortable with a higher launch profile, you want golf clubs with a low CG and a low kick point.

Higher-launching golf clubs are typically found in packaged sets and game improvement irons, hybrids, and drivers. Conversely, ladies who prefer a lower-launching golf ball are better off with a higher kickpoint shaft and a centered CG.

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How do I choose golf clubs for my height?

Employing the wrist-to-floor measurement or getting fitted is the best way to find the ideal golf clubs for your height. Naturally, getting fitted is the more foolproof approach, as an expert provides insight into the optimal components for your golf swing, from swing weight, CG position, shaft flex, lie angle, and loft.

Conversely, the wrist-to-floor measurement only provides a top-level guide to identifying the right clubs for your height. If you are looking for precision, I suggest getting a club fitting for your game. When you have your results, you will know your ideal specs and can purchase customized clubs online.

PGA Tour Superstore is generally my go-to online store when I require a customized shaft length or go to a local club fitter. The other online stores do not offer the array of alternative shafts and grips you find on the PGA Tour Superstore. Plus, they also give club fittings in their selected brick-and-mortar outlets.

Key Components of Women’s Tall Golf Clubs

showing a tall women's golf clubs in her pink golf bag

Club Length

Depending on your height and wrist-to-floor measurement, tall women golfers have the option of shafts 0.5” to 2” longer than usual. For example, the standard length of a ladies driver is 44”. However, if you are 5’10” and have a wrist-to-floor measurement of 33”, you will thrive with a 45” shaft, according to the below chart by Callaway Golf.

The shorter your shaft is, the more likely you are to hunch over at address and restrict your ability to rotate on the backswing. This leads to a loss of power and the incorrect swing path.

Shaft Flex

Ladies-specific golf clubs are often built with a ladies flex shaft. It is the most flexible golf shaft construction, designed to maximize spring into contact for improved energy transfer and ball speed. However, my sister found it challenging to control the high torque, softness, and flex of a ladies shaft having a moderate to faster swing speed.

Instead, we found that her moderate swing speed paired well with regular flex men’s shafts. If you battle to control your clubface with your current shafts, try a slightly stiffer flex like a senior flex graphite shaft or men’s regular.

Low Center of Gravity (CG)

Modern technology allows engineers to position weight optimally around the clubface for stability through the swing. The weight distribution then clears the way to reposition the CG low and deep in the clubface to encourage an effortless high launch.

Golf clubs with a low center of gravity often suit slower swing speed golfers fighting to get the ball airborne.

Offset Design

Offset golf clubs see the leading edge placed backward of the hosel, creating a draw-biased design. Manufacturers design draw-bias golf clubs to help amateurs square the clubface at impact to resist slicing their shots. Although it is not a miracle cure, it does reduce the severity of slices compared to a neutral bias design.

I find that offset golf clubs are better designed for high handicappers and beginners unable to find the green or fairway. The head profile reduces workability and shot shaping slightly in exchange for straighter shots.

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Custom Fit vs Stock Golf Clubs

Skilled tall women golfers might welcome the option to build their bag a la carte with custom-fit clubs. As the name suggests, custom-fit clubs meet your swing specifications to optimize speed, ball striking, launch, accuracy, and forgiveness. They are ideal for serious golfers demanding precision.

Conversely, stock golf clubs are more affordable and easier to acquire, but they may not perfectly suit your game. The lofts, forgiveness, launch profile, and control were designed for a wide range of players, not your specific swing.

Despite the lack of customization in stock golf clubs, I find them perfectly suitable for most ladies.

Final Thoughts on Best Women’s Clubs for Tall Golfers

My best womens tall golf clubs review revealed a lack of options specifically designed for taller lady golfers. The Wilson Magnolia was one of the few sets I encountered where they catered to taller female golfers, but on the whole, womens golf club sets work for players under 5’6”.

Remember to conduct the wrist-to-floor measurement or visit a club fitter to determine your ideal club length. If you understand that you swing longer clubs better, think about the lightweight, high-launching, and forgiving Cobra F-Max Superlite.

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