Are Cobra Golf Clubs Good for Your Game? 4 MUST Know Tips

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Are Cobra golf clubs good as industry-leading manufacturers such as Ping, Callaway, or Tour Edge? Let our golf expert help...

Cobra golf clubs have remained a permanent fixture in my life since I took up the game in the mid-nineties. The company has developed fast, forgiving equipment for the average golfer since 1973, but regardless of their legacy, are Cobra golf clubs good?

In this post, I deliver the answer and explore what makes the brand named after the Southern Asian reptile different from other manufacturers.

After reading this review, you will know the history, the progression of Cobra, and whether their woods, irons, wedges, and putters are suited to your skill levels.

Who Owns Cobra Golf?

Cobra Golf was formed in 1973 under the watchful gaze of Thomas Crow, a former Australian Amateur Golf champion. As with any start-up, it took time for the wheels to start turning, but in 1975, they would change amateur golf forever.

A few years prior, Crow was flabbergasted by the efficiency of Catamarans gliding across the water in the Sydney harbor. As he watched, he wondered if there was a chance he could employ the same methodology to the sole of a golf club to prevent it from digging into the turf.

So, Crow got to work, and by the middle of the decade, his work was complete, and he gifted the Baffler utility wood to the world. I will dive into the details of the Baffler story shortly.

Since its inception, Cobra has grown exponentially, becoming a prominent brand among all golfers and generating over $100 Million in annual revenue.

Professional Golf: Cobra By The Numbers

golfers hitting onto the green ready to putt

Do Any Pros Play Cobra?

Currently, 10 tour professional golfers use Cobra on the PGA, LPGA, and DP World Tour.

Chief among them are: 

You may find other tour players using Cobra. However, they are likely free equipment agents operating with a combination of brands.

One example is Justin Rose, who switched to a mix of Cobra King Tour, King CB, and King MB irons the day before the 2023 AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am, which he proceeded to win by 3 shots.

The Cobra Baffler Wood

As mentioned earlier, the Cobra Baffler wood was a game changer for the company and the golf industry. Crow employed the design features from catamarans he had seen years earlier in the Sydney harbor, hoping to give the golf club a more effective glide and reduce its propensity to dig into the turf.

After intensive planning and construction, Crow completed the revolutionary Baffler utility wood. As he had planned, the club delivered clean turf interaction thanks to 5 degrees of bounce and thick railed-brass soleplates.

The design simplified the task of getting the ball airborne from any lie on the golf course, offering the qualities of a rescue club. While professional golfers were first to trial the Baffler Wood, it soon became a household name among less skilled golfers.

4 Things That Make Cobra a Great Golf Club Manufacturer

Photo of the Cobra LTDX Fairway Wood

Cobra competes with other legacy brands like Callaway, Titleist, and TaylorMade for market share, but they have some unique qualities.

1. Value For Money

Prices show no sign of slowing, and Cobra is not exempt from the outcome. However, they are typically priced below their famed competitor brands. Acquiring their clubs is easier on the wallet, and they are durable, quality performing items willing to forgive the worst mishits.

In my experience, Cobra clubs last an age. In fact, I still have a Cobra Ti driver lying around in storage somewhere. I purchased the club about 25 years ago, and it was still in good knick the last time I checked.

2. Innovation

Cobra is synonymous with innovation, constantly striving to push the boundaries of what is possible with golf equipment. Crow and his team are responsible for revolutionizing turf interaction with woods thanks to the thick-railed-brass soleplates.

More recently, they bag the honor of being the only legacy manufacturer actively producing single-length irons. These clubs carry the same length shaft on every iron, promoting consistency in your swing and setup.

Finally, Cobra has recently manufactured super forgiving golf clubs, which are stable at impact, and provide increased clubface flexibility. The result is consistent ball speed and contained spin for improved results from tee to green.

3. Golf Clubs For Every Skill Level

Like their competitors, Cobra manufactures a healthy selection of fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, and putters for all golfers.

Professionals like Rickie Fowler may use refined forged cavity back Cobra irons. Conversely, high handicappers have the option of oversized wide-sole irons.

They offer clubs for every skill level, gender, and age group, covering every base. Whether you demand a buttery-soft feel and neutral flight, or a highly forgiving draw bias, Cobra has what you need.

4. Over 50 years Of Experience

Innovation is impressive, but when combining that with experience, you have a winning formula. Cobra has manufactured quality, forgiving, long, and accurate clubs for 5 decades, resulting in much trial and error and success.

The company is able to build on their past successes and refine undesirable results, to manufacture affordable, quality golf clubs.

The Best Cobra Golf Clubs in 2023

Cobra AeroJet Driver

$299.00 Amazon Prime

Updated on 2024-05-28

Best Driver

Cobra AeroJet Driver

Cobra launched the AeroJet Driver in 2023, and it’s fast, stable, long, and adjustable for mid and high-handicappers. I found the seamless shaping proved valuable on the downswing as it boosted aerodynamics for limited resistance into impact.

Cobra engineers stuck with the successful Highly Optimized Topology (H.O.T), which you may remember from the LTDx range. It creates variable face thickness across the surface with thinner parts in high contact zones. This preserved my ball speed and minimized spin on heel and toe mishits for favorable results.

The AeroJet contains a low and forward center of gravity (CG), which lowered my spin and accelerated ball zip for a medium to high launch. Finally, the PWR-Bridge Weighting amplified my clubface flex to ensure greater energy transfer off the tee.

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  • Fast clubface
  • Low and forward CG reduces spin
  • Improves energy transfer
  • Adjustable hosel
  • Delivers impressive distance


  • Expensive but still more affordable than competitor brands
  • The neutral flight may not suit high handicappers prone to a slice

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Cobra LTDx Max Fairway Wood



Updated on 2024-05-28

Best Fairway Wood

Cobra LTDx Max Fairway Wood

The Cobra LTDx Max offers superb value for money, speed off the clubface, adjustability, and classic turf interaction. I got the ball up effortlessly from the rough and fairway, generating ample yardage with the 3, 5, and 7-wood offerings.

I thought the PWR-COR Technology made a difference to my energy transfer, as I produced consistent launch results. Adding to my speed and power was the H.O.T Face Technology, which expanded the sweet spot for explosive pace at impact.

I also enjoyed the Progressive Baffler Rails design, which accounts for varying angles of attack to deliver precise turf interaction. The 3 wood is left without rails to cater to a sweeping shot, while the 5 and 7 wood carry striking rails for steeper attack angles.

Finally, the LTDx Max fairway wood incorporates two adjustable weights to alter flight bias from neutral to a draw.

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Fairway WoodLoft AngleLie Angle


  • Fast clubface
  • Low and forward CG reduces spin
  • Improves energy transfer
  • Adjustable hosel
  • Delivers impressive distance


  • Limited difference between the Max and standard LTDx
  • The higher ball flight may cause fast swing speeds to balloon shots

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Cobra AeroJet Hybrid


Updated on 2024-05-29

Best Hybrid

Cobra AeroJet Hybrid

The Cobra AeroJet is our top hybrid from the brand owing to its clean turf interaction, elevated launch, forgiveness, and shot-stopping power. In addition, the AeroJet delivered blistering ball speed across the face to produce greater distance.

Like other AeroJet golf clubs, the PWR-Bridge Weighting and PWRSHELL Face are employed to boost the flexibility of the clubface and sole. The outcome is optimal energy transfer and ball speed across the surface for optimal leniency.

Next, the popular H.O.T Face design adds variable thickness to the surface, ensuring high contact points are thinner.

As a result, I generated impressive velocity and spin across the clubface, prompting optimal launch and distance.

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Fairway WoodLoft AngleLie Angle


  • Easy launching golf club
  • Clean turf interaction
  • Explosive clubface
  • Promotes higher ball flight
  • Increased shot-stopping power on approach


  • Moderately expensive
  • Only some lofts are available in a left-hand setup

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Cobra AeroJet Irons


Updated on 2024-05-29

Best Irons

Cobra AeroJet Irons

Sticking with the AeroJet range, we turn to their irons, released in 2023. Cobra engineers retained the technology used in their woods to increase clubface flexibility, expand the sweet spot and ensure consistent speed and spin on all shots.

The PWR-Bridge Weighting and PWRSHELL Face join forces to maximize flex and energy transfer on all shots. Plus, the PWR-Bridge Weighting managed to drown vibrations and amplify acoustics for a superior experience on approach.

Finally, the popular H.O.T Face Technology reappears, expanding the sweet spot and applying variable thickness to the clubface. As a result, I found myself delivering adequate speed and spin on all shots for an acceptable carry distance with the Cobra Aerojet Irons.

Another popular option from a previous generation is the Cobra LTDX Irons 2022. The Cobra LTDX Irons are also more affordable if you’re on a tighter budget.


  • Fast clubface
  • Drown’s vibrations to soften the feel
  • Boosts energy transfer
  • The high flight causes the ball to land soft and fast
  • Expanded sweet spot


  • The high offset reduces the workability
  • The super strong lofts may prove challenging for slower swing speeds to launch.

We may earn a commission, at no additional cost to you.

Cobra Snake Bite Wedge

Price not available

Updated on 2024-05-29

Best Golf Wedge

Are Cobra golf clubs goods - Cobra Snake Bite Wedge

Moving into the short game, the Cobra Snake Bite is the top wedge from the brand for its exceptional spin, feel, flight, and grind options. The ultra-precise CNC milled grooves take center stage, responsible for optimizing friction and imparting ample spin revolutions onto the golf ball.

Adding to my spin rate was the Face Milling Pattern, which increased my performance in wet conditions. I found the lower lofted 56, 58, and 60 degree wedges contained full-face grooves, which helped me boost spin with an open clubface.

Lastly, Cobra offers the Snake Bite wedge in 3 sole grinds, ranging from versatile and widelow to classic. The versatile design suits all turf conditions and attack angles, while widelow and classic fit neutral or steep angles of attack.

Lofts And Grooves

Golf ClubClub LoftGrinds
Pitching Wedge48°Versatile
Gap Wedge50°, 52°
Versatile Classic
Sand Wedge54, °56, °58°Versatile Classic Widelow
Lob Wedge60°Versatile Classic Widelow


  • Exceptional spin
  • Clean turf interaction
  • Glare resistant finish
  • Soft feel
  • Available in 3 sole grinds


  • Slightly chunky profile
  • The launch was marginally higher than desired

We may earn a commission, at no additional cost to you.

Cobra King 3D Printed Black Supernova 30 Putter

$349.00 Amazon Prime

Updated on 2024-05-29

Best Putter

Cobra King 3D Printed Black Supernova 30 Putter

We close our review on are Cobra golf clubs good with the 3D Printed Black Supernova Putter. The oversized, fang-shaped putter produces an exceptional moment of inertia (MOI) on all strikes to help you stabilize the putter face into contact to minimize topspin and ball speed drop-off.

My stability was further boosted by the putter’s 261-gram chassis and 42 grams of tungsten weight. In addition, it sports 30 degrees of toe hang, making it ideal for heavily arched putting strokes.

Next, I relished the presence of the SIK aluminum face insert with Descending Loft Technology (DLT). The technology provides 4 descending lofts encouraging a clean strike and enhanced topspin no matter your angle of attack.


  • Prevents ball speed drop off
  • Contains topspin
  • Works for arched strokes
  • Exceptional MOI for stability at contact
  • Descending Loft Technology produces clean roll from any attack angle


  • Not suited to straight strokes
  • Moderately expensive

We may earn a commission, at no additional cost to you.

Cobra Golf Accessories

Beyond golf clubs, Cobra golf accessories are also worth checking out. One of our favorite Sunday golf bags is the Cobra pencil bag which is lightweight and can fit up to 11 clubs. It’s ideal for a quick 3-holes or the driving range.

While Cobra golf balls are not one of the accessories, they do make various clothing items, from men’s and women’s clothing to travel gear.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Cobra clubs compare against other top brands?

Cobra Golf competes with the best brands in golf, offering an array of high-quality forgiving irons for professionals, skilled amateurs, and beginners.

The most significant difference between Cobra and the other brands is that their golf clubs are generally more affordable, and the brand never stops innovating.

Are Cobra and Titleist the same company?

No, Cobra and Titleist are not the same company. Titleist forms part of the Acushnet Company, whereas Cobra Golf is part of Puma.

Is Bryson DeChambeau still sponsored by Cobra?

No, after a tumultuous partnership Cobra and Bryson DeChambeau went their separate paths in 2023.

The single plane swing golfer, DeChambeau had been critical of the equipment despite consulting on the design and manufacturing process.

After Bryson opted to join LIV Golf, Cobra Golf couldn’t work around certain stipulations in the contractual obligations of the player. As a result, it was decided for the brand and golfer to part ways. 

Is Cobra a good golf brand?

Cobra golf clubs are a good brand. Cobra golf clubs are forgiving and moderately more affordable than competitor products of the same quality, which makes them an ideal fit for a wide variety of golf handicaps.

Does cobra make golf balls?

No, Cobra golf balls are not currently being manufactured by Cobra. They do make Cobra golf clubs, hats, clothing, and umbrellas.

Final Thoughts: Are Cobra Golf Clubs Good?

At the outset of this review, I asked, are Cobra clubs good and who should use them.

The answer to the first part is yes, Cobra golf clubs are good. Cobra golf clubs are forgiving and moderately more affordable than competitor products of the same quality.

Secondly, are cobra golf clubs good for beginners and mid-handicap golfers?

The answer is everyone can benefit from having a Cobra club in their golf bag. My experience with the brand and research conducted reveals they suit everyone. Whether you are a burgeoning tour pro or a beginner, you can find a golf club set for you.

In closing, here is a reminder of the best Cobra golf clubs for the average golfer:

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