I Tested 15 of the Best Women’s Golf Hats for Sun Protection

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After being diagnosed with skin cancer, I went on a journey to find the best women’s golf hats for sun protection. Here are my results.

Erin hitting off the tee wearing her golf sun hat

Testing Out a Variety of Ladies Golf Sun Hats

Sun rays can be irritating if you’re trying to hit a shot or want to enjoy watching others play. While you maybe wearing sunglasses that’s not stopping the sun damage to your neck and face. It’s funny, I never thought about the damage to my face and neck until after I turned 40 and my skin elasticity started to wane.

Did you know that more than 9,500 people are diagnosed with skin cancer every day in the United States? Just incredible!

On a personal note, I’m one of those unfortunate statistics.

I had to have a Mohs surgery a few years ago for my squamous cell carcinoma. My mother also had melanoma three times. Long story short, these days, you won’t find me playing golf without a hat in Florida!

While I like having a variety of looks and styles, some hats on this list are better than others for sun protection. However, I’m including all my favorites so you can decide what works best for you. I’ve never been one to bluntly bash products, so I won’t be sharing the ones to avoid!

Top 5 Tested Best Women’s Golf Hats for Sun Protection

Glove It Golf Visor

🏆 My Top Pick

Glove It Golf Visor with Erin on the putting green

My top choice for the best ladies’ golf sun hats is the Glove It Golf Sun visor. It comes in so many cute styles and patterns to dress up any outfit!

It’s also multi-purpose, so you can get plenty of use out of it throughout the summer. Beyond golfing, it’s great for running and other outdoor activities, where it can block harmful rays.

Here’s a quick video I did of it to show you what it looks like on. Please forgive my goofy-camera demeanor!

Glove It Golf Sun Visor Review

What I Like Most: It stays in place no matter my sports activity from running to playing golf. I live near the water, and it also doesn’t get jarred by gusts of wind on Florida’s Gulf Coast.


  • SPF 50 protection
  • Multiple colors or patterns available
  • Easy to tighten or loosen witih coil
  • Built-in sweatband


  • Only negative for me is that the visor allows the top of your head to get sun.

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Titleist Tour Performance Golf Hat

Best Baseball Cap

best women's golf hats for sun protection

I’m the first to admit I love the style of a baseball cap over all types of hats. The only issue I have is the curve bill doesn’t provide as much coverage as the more traditional sun hats or visors.

However, Titleist’s golf tour baseball cap is my top pick for this category. It miraculously stays spotless despite all my hours on the course. Plus, it’s treated with 50+ UPF for sun protection.

You may want to note that I linked to the men’s hat, because it’s the version I bought. The ladies version has a much better selection of pinks and purple colors. But then again, Justin Thomas and some of the men like wearing pink Titleist hats, too!

What I Like Most: It’s really well made with lightweight performance material that keeps my head comfortable in the Florida heat.


  • Multiple color choices
  • I’ve had it over a year and it’s in great shape; well-made
  • Stylish design that fits in with other golfers


  • Hand wash only
  • Doesn’t provide as much sun coverage

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FurTalk Sun Straw Hat

Best Full Protection

FurTalk Sun Straw Hat with Erin wearing it as an example

After my bout with with skin cancer, I went out and purchased the FURTALK sun hat. It’s ideal as a multipurpose sun hat that gives you more coverage than baseball caps and visors.

It comes with a detachable cord to help with windy days. Personally, I didn’t like the detachable cord mostly for style reasons, so I removed it from daily use. I also have mixed feelings about the ribbon in the back of the hat. So you’ll want to look at the photos to see if it suits your style preference. FURTALK also has a couple of other style options to look at.

I purchased the FURTALK Sun hat in medium to large. I’ve always worn a 6 7/8″ size hat. It fits snug on me, and I like that it has a way to adjust the fit. However, I am borderline with needing the next size up, so make sure you verify what size you are before purchase.

What I Like Most: It provides full 80+ SPF coverage. I can throw it into a suitcase, and it will still look good.


  • Excellent sun coverage
  • Size options available
  • I’ve owned it 3+ years and it’s in great shape
  • Great for multipurpose use to play golf or at the beach


  • Not all golfers would appreciate a larger brim
  • Looks less like a golf hat than the others

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Walter Hagen Golf Sun Visor

Best Sun Coverage

Lady Hagen Golf Sun Visor with Erin wearing it on a golf course

If you’re looking for a wide brim golf visor hat, this one by Walter Hagen is an excellent choice. I believe I purchased it for around $18 bucks, and Dick’s Sporting Goods often has sales to even get it for less.

The curved brim is great for keeping sun off your face. There is an adjustable back made from velcro to tighten or loosen. While I do like this feature, the velcro sometimes catches my hair in it.

My only real negative with the Walter Hagen straw hat is that it blows off very easily in windy conditions. So if you’re dealing with breezy weather, leave this hat at home.

I’ve owned this hat over two years, and it’s also in fantastic shape.


  • Excellent sun protection with very wide brim
  • Super lightweight design
  • Adjustable strap
  • Very affordable


  • The wide brim does make it hard sometimes to follow your shot after hitting the ball.
  • Avoid using in windy weather

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Adidas Reversible PonyTail Bucket Hat

Golf Bucket Hat

Adidas Reversible PonyTail Sun Bucket Golf Hat worn by Erin, best women's golf hats for sun protection

If you’re not a hat person, you may want to consider this Adidas bucket hat. It’s made to be floppy, so it fits easily into your golf bag. Besides it being reversible, it’s also good in varied weather from sunny to rainy conditions. However, it flops around more than I like, so I don’t recommend using it in windy weather conditions.

Of the group listed above, I use this hat the least largely because I don’t like the style of bucket hats on me.

What I Like Most: I like to have a hat that’s compact and can fit in my golf bag, so it suits that purpose really well!


  • Material well suited for sunny or rainy days
  • Wide 360 degree brim
  • Reversible / 2 colors


  • I don’t love the style, and the hole in the back is made for a pony tail
  • Not ideal to wear in windy conditions

We may earn a commission, at no additional cost to you.

FAQ: Ladies Golf Sun Hats

Are male and female golf hats the same?

Golf baseball caps come in different sizes for different genders. While they look alike and have the same features, the size of male baseball caps tends to run larger than that of female caps. I actually prefer men’s baseball caps due to my long hair and head size.

Final Thoughts

I hope my short list of the best women’s golf hats for sun protection helped you make a great choice. My go-to ladies’ golf sun hat is the Glove-It Visor, but it often depends on my outfit.

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