10 Best Women’s Golf Hats for Sun Protection in 2024

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Looking for the best women’s golf hats for sun protection? Read further to get our top picks and a helpful buyer’s guide.

Nothing worse than squinting because of sunlight and being unable to see where your golf ball lands.

Your concentration gets overtaken by annoyance and frustration because you can’t see what’s happening. This explains why most golfers use baseball caps when the sun’s out. 

Golf hats often come in handy to all golfers or audience members. But only some golf hats are made for sun protection, and with so many options, you might buy the wrong product.

Keep reading to choose your new golf hat for sun protection!

Why Should You Use a Golf Hat?

best women's golf hats for sun protection.  Showing woman wearing a hat as she hits the ball

If you’re going golfing on a sunny day, it’s a pleasant experience until your eyes struggle to open. This blockage can be irritating if you’re trying to take a shot or want to enjoy watching others play.

Using a golf hat isn’t life-changing by any means, but here are three benefits of using one:

Sun Protection Golf Hat

Did you know that more than 9,500 people are diagnosed with skin cancer every day in the United States? The statistics are staggering!

By using a golf cap or visor, you’re protecting your face from the sun. Not only does it keep your delicate eyes safe, but it also helps your skin from developing sun damage. 

It goes without saying that you should be wearing sunscreen every day when going into the sun. Still, this additional layer of protection is also beneficial since most sun hats offer UPF protection

Accessorize Your Outfit

If you’re interested in accessories or styling, you’ll enjoy adding a golf cap to your sports outfit. 

You’ll look put together and be ready to keep the sun or light rain off your face. The best part is you can get the same golf cap as some of your favorite players. So you get to recreate some of their looks!

Summertime Staple

A nice cap never goes to waste. If the winter sun doesn’t bother you, that’s great. But for summertime, you’ll probably need something to keep you cool. 

Getting a golf cap doesn’t limit its use to golf clothes. You can use it as a chic addition to your daily attire, whether it’s casual brunch, a day out with friends, or a morning jog.

10 Best Women’s Golf Hats for the Sun

Nowadays, when shopping for anything, there are way too many options to choose from. You also never know if the quality is as good as the brand claims or if the product will last you a long time. 

We’ve compiled a list of golf caps we think you’ll like to make it easier for you.

Here are the best women’s golf hats for sun protection (not in any order):

Adidas Superlite Performance Visor

Adidas Superlite Performance Visor

One of the highest-ranking products used as a golf cap, this Adidas Superlite Visor was purchased by over 7,000 women. 

Most buyers had rave reviews; however, some complained about the fraying of fabric and the size chart running small.  

Plus, you can opt for the try before you buy option available for Prime members. Get in several rounds on the golf course before you purchase it!

The Adidas Golf Hat comes in a variety of colors:

  • White
  • Purple
  • Pink
  • Blue
  • Black
  • Grey
  • Raw Khaki


  • Great hat for the price
  • Hook and loop closure
  • Non-glare under-visor
  • Multiple colors available


  • Size may run small 
  • Doesn’t cover the top of your head for sun protection

Callaway Golf Sun Hat UPF 50+ Protection

Callaway Golf Sun Hat UPF 50+ Protection

A popular design by Callaway, this one’s got rave reviews. It’s stylish and comfortable, and you’ve hit the jackpot with sun protection.

It’s made of 100% Polyester lightweight fabric, and you can also adjust the hat’s size with a drawstring closure. Made with breathable mesh fabric and a moisture wicking sweatband, you’re sure to stay cool while being protected against sun rays.

Although it only has one color option, white is a good choice since it goes with almost any color golf outfit!


  • Drawstring closure
  • Lightweight fabric
  • Performance moisture wicking sweatband
  • Good sun protection


  • One size and one color option
  • A bit bigger than I like to wear around the rim.

Titleist Women’s Montauk Breezer Hat

Titleist Women's Montauk Breezer Hat

Another known name in the golfing sport, Titleist’s Breezer Hats are loved by many. This particular model gives an impeccable fit and comfort. 

It’s breathable and lightweight, allowing ventilation and absorbing moisture! Coming in, of course, the latest design. 


  • Ultra-lightweight material
  • NEW StaCool™ sweatband
  • NEW Montauk patch design
  • 50+ UV protection
  • Micro-velcro strap closure


  • Pricey for a golf ball cap

Nike UV Bucket Golf Hat 

Nike UV Bucket Golf Hat

Another highly rated option is this trendy Nike Golf Bucket Hat, with a 4.7-star rating on Amazon. It’s chic and will keep you cool all day.

The best part is that it comes in different sizes to get a perfect fit. Nike doesn’t disappoint with its accessories, so this will be a great addition to your wardrobe.

The drawstring strap makes it super helpful on windy days. And, with its wider brim, you sure to stay away from harmful sun rays!


  • Made of 100% Dri-Fit Polyester
  • 360 Degree coverage
  • Drawstring strap
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Unisex, multi-purpose hat


  • Only comes in one color, black

Titleist Women’s Performance Golf Hat

Titleist Women's Performance Golf Hat

This Titleist Women’s Golf Hat is ideal for basic sun protection. It’s got UPF 50+ protection and a traditional look that immediately says classy. You can choose between white and black color. 

While it doesn’t provide as much protection as a wider brim golf hat, it does offer a lot of versatility as a ball cap.

It comes in either black or white, and one size fits most. We love the antimicrobial, moisture wicking sweatband as well as UPF 50+ protection.


  • Breathable performance material
  • UPF 50+ protection
  • Stretch clasp closure 


  • Pricey for a ball cap

Coolibar Matchplay UPF 50+ Golf Hat

Best Women's Golf Hats for Sun Protection. Showing Coolibar Grey colored matchplay hat.

This elegantly designed golf cap has a good level of 360 degrees sun protection. If visors and p-caps aren’t your style, you could opt for this one.

It’s not all about looks, though. You’re getting a decent amount of sun and UV protection, with plenty of airflow to keep you cool. Plus, it’s a unisex design, so it’s highly versatile!

It comes in a variety of colors:

  • White/Carbon
  • Black/Carbon
  • Tan/Khaki
  • Silver/White
  • Stone/Navy


  • Drawstring closure
  • Size range available 
  • Mesh grommets for airflow
  • Internal sweatband


  • Hand Wash Only
  • On the warmer side in comparison to other golf hats

Glove It Coil Golf Visor

Glove It Coil Golf Visor; best women's golf hats for sun protection.  Shown in checkered red and pink with golfers on it.

A popular brand with many, the Glove It Golf Visors are loved by many. This particular model comes in multiple colors and prints to suit many different styles!

It’s also multi-purpose, so you can get plenty of use out of it throughout the summer.  Many reviewers use it for golfing, working on the computer, running, and other outdoor activities where it can block harmful rays.

Beyond having multiple colors and styles to choose from, Amazon also offers try before you buy for Prime members. So, you can get in a few rounds on the golf course before even buying it!


  • UV protection
  • My personal favorite go-to hat
  • Budget friendly price
  • Multiple colors available
  • Easy to tighten or loosen
  • Built-in sweatband
  • Coil backing to adjust


  • On the larger size brim – maybe bothersome depending on your visibility needs in your golf swing

Dorfman Pacific Women’s Scala Hat

best golf hats for women

The Dorfman Pacific Scala Hat features a wide 3″ brim to keep the sun out of your eyes when on the golf course. The UPF 50+ UV protection keeps harmful rays off your head for comfort and ideal protection from skin cancers.

It has a lightweight feel, so you might forget it’s on if comfort is a priority; this is the pick for you.  This is ideal when you play golf – so you can solely focus on hitting the ball.

The color options include:

  • Black
  • Natural
  • White


  • Great choice for quality
  • Comfortable fit
  • Extra coverage


  • Not machine washable
  • The moisture wicking headband can be a bit floppy

Read the rave reviews on this ladies golf hat:

“I have seven Dorfman Pacific Scala Women’s Hats and wear them every day. They are not just for golf or sports activities. Living in Florida with very fair skin make these hats a must. Besides the terrific quality (so well made out of cool cotton), people, (perfect strangers), without fail, comment that they love my hat! The wide brim adjusts perfectly to frame my face from the sun. The inside is also adjustable if needed….I truly love these hats and highly recommend them.”

– SandraS., (Best women’s golf hats for sun protection review)

Sun Visor Hats Women Large Brim

Sun Visor Hats Women Large Brim

A popular option for women who want versatility in their golf visors. This Sun Visor Hat is unique in its look and helps you beat the heat.

Whether you want to put your hair up or keep them loose, you’ll be comfortable both ways since it is adjustable.

With over 8,500 reviews, this highly-rated sun hat has been reviewed multiple times by golfers as well as used in everyday life to avoid harmful sun rays.

The brim spans 4.8 inches which provides you with plenty of coverage! It is made out of a UV material with UPF 50+. There is also an anti-sweat breathable liner that assists with keeping sweat out of your eyes (especially helpful on the golf course).

Sun Hat Color Options:

  • All white
  • White & Black
  • Black


  • Budget price
  • Soft and breathable
  • 50+ UV Protection
  • Classy Design


  • Doesn’t cover your crown
  • Hand wash only

MISSION Cooling Stretchy Visor

MISSION Cooling Stretchy Visor

Don’t like wearing hats? This one’s for you. You’ll barely notice this one on your head as you’re attempting to make a golf shot.

With cooling technology for hot summer days, this visor is a must-have. You can wet the band to get up to 2 hours of cooling.

This visor might win your vote if you’re unimpressed with other baseball caps. You won’t have to worry about breathability or sweating.


  • Affordable, low price
  • No-slip band
  • Water cooling activation
  • Up to 50 UV protection 


  • As a visor, it doesn’t cover the top of your head.

FAQ: Ladies Golf Sun Hats

Are Male and Female Golf Hats the same?

Golf baseball caps come in different sizes for different genders. While they look alike and have the same features, the size of male baseball caps is much larger than that of female ones. 

Are Bucket Golf Hats Accepted as Golf Attire?

Yes. People have warmed up to the idea of using bucket hats in golf. They’ve become popular over the years, so many brands have also released their golf bucket hats, including well-known golf brands.

What Should You Look for in a Golf Cap?

While you can use any cap for sun protection, the best ones share the following features. They are light and breathable, so your scalp doesn’t sweat excessively. As for the light perspiration that’ll show up, it should have an internal sweatband. The visor should be wide enough to prevent the sun from entering your eyes.

Final Thoughts: Women’s Golf Hats for Sun Protection

Well that’s a wrap on the best women’s golf hats for sun protection!

There are plenty of great golf hat options on this list. With a variety of golf hat styles, you certainly will have a choice of options to help avoid skin cancers. 

In this article, we took style and functionality into account to pick our top favorites.

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