My Top 8 Best Petite Women’s Golf Clubs & Sets

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I’m 5’2″, so standard women’s golf clubs are just too long for me. Luckily petite women’s golf clubs are a thing, and now custom fitting has made finding golf clubs to fit your needs that much more attainable. 

The problem, of course, with custom golf clubs is the expense, the process of fitting, etc. With petite women’s golf club sets, all you really need to know is your height, and you can find a complete set of clubs that could work for your game. 

I’ll show you the best petite women’s golf clubs on the market and why each one stands out. In addition, I’ll give you some info about how to narrow down which golf club set is best suited for your game. 

Overall Best Petite Women’s Golf Clubs

Wilson Magnolia Package Golf Complete Set


Updated on 2024-04-13

Best Overall 🏆

Best Petite Women's Golf Clubs: Wilson Magnolia Package Golf Complete Set

I went back and forth a bit about which set of golf clubs I liked the best for the petite woman golfer. Remember that not all of the best golf club sets for women come in a petite version. 

Although some of these sets can be a good fit, you may need to have them cut down even after purchasing, depending on your height.

The Wilson Women’s Magnolia Golf Club Set comes in a petite version, and it’s a very good quality set of clubs for the pricing. The Magnolia cart bag holds the set together and leaves you with all the clubs you need to play great golf. 

My favorite part of this complete set? The 3 hybrids! 

If you were to purchase three hybrids, custom fit for a petite golfer; it would cost you much more than the price of the Magnolia Calm golf club set. 

The Wilson petite golf set includes:

  • Driver
  • 5 Wood
  • 4, 5, 6 Hybrid
  • 7,8,9 Irons
  • Pitching wedge, sand wedge
  • Putter
  • Cart bag and headcovers 

The Magnolia set from Wilson is designed specifically for women golfers with a high launch and a lightweight overall feel. The consistency from one club to the next is another great feature, making this a great choice if you struggle with some inconsistency in your golf game. 


  • Comes in multiple sizes: petite, regular, or tall
  • A Premium Harmonized Putter is included
  • Includes two wedges 
  • Three hybrids not found in other sets 
  • High launching and forgiving 
  • Plenty of storage in the golf bag  


  • A gap wedge would have been a nice addition 
  • The lightweight feel is not a perfect choice for the high swing speed players 

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Best Luxury Petite Ladies Golf Clubs

Callaway Reva 11 Piece Complete Golf Set


Updated on 2024-04-13

Luxury Golf Clubs

Best Petite Womens Golf Clubs Callaway Reva Golf Clubs

The Callaway REVA 11-Piece Complete Set comes in a petite version. If you have a little extra money to spend and would rather get something of higher quality, the Reva is the way to go. If you read my other reviews, you can see that feel is something that often presents itself as a problem, but not with the Reva. 

These will be one of the best feeling (in addition to Cobra) women’s petite golf club sets on the list. 

The petite ladies set includes a driver, 3 wood, 4 and 5 hybrid, 7-9 iron, pitching wedge, sand wedge, putter, cart bag, and headcovers. Keep in mind here that the 11 piece set is not 11 golf clubs. Instead, the cart bag, clubs, and headcovers make a total of 11 pieces. 

In fact, that’s my only real complaint with the REVA; you may need to add a 5 wood or an additional wedge to feel as though you have enough clubs in your bag. 

Another stand-out feature of the REVA set is the putter. Callaway did not skimp here and put the Tour Proven Stroke Lab Putter in place. If you want consistency, feel, and better performance, the Odyssey Stroke Lab technology will get you there. 


  • Designed for golfers that value feel and quality 
  • Good value considering technology used 
  • Easy launch 
  • Plenty of forgiveness packed in 


  • Not the cheapest set on the market
  • Sometimes hard to find these ladies petite golf clubs

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Best Petite Golf Clubs for Senior Ladies

Best for Seniors

Tour Edge Ladies Petite Complete Set

If you are a senior woman golfer, I would not discourage you from considering the Wilson Magnolia. It is a great option to consider, but these ladies’ golf clubs by Tour Edge offer just a bit more forgiveness and a more classic design. 

The Tour Edge Ladies Petite Complete Set has an oversized 460cc driver, a 3 and 5 wood, and two hybrids. The 6 and 7 hybrids have a low profile design that makes them really easy to swing through the rough. 

Combine that with a deep center of gravity, and you will likely find your two favorite golf clubs in your women’s petite club set. 

The irons include an 8 and 9 iron and then two wedges, pitching, and sand. The irons and wedges are all graphite shafted clubs with a cavity back design used for forgiveness and accuracy. 

Two negatives about the Tour Edge petite set are worth mentioning. The first is that the cart bag is not as nice as some other premium options, it has just six dividers, and the material is not quite as durable. In addition, the feel on the wedges here is a bit dull; you may want to put in a lob wedge or something that has a great feel. 


  • Fair pricing
  • Lightweight enough for a senior petite woman golfer 
  • Two hybrids included 
  • Easy alignment from the putter 


  • The golf bag is not the highest quality 
  • Feel in the wedges could be improved 

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Best Lightweight Petite Ladies Clubs

Tour X LG 23 Women’s Complete Set 


Updated on 2024-04-13

Best Lightweight Set

Tour X LG 23 Women's Complete Set 

I was not overly familiar with the Tour X LG 23 Petite Women’s Clubs until earlier this year. The first thing that stood out about this set was the fair pricing and the overall look and design. Sometimes the look of ladies’ golf clubs is not as great, but the black PVD finish on the Tour X LG 23 really makes these clubs stand out. 

The set comes with a black PVD driver, two fairway woods, hybrid, 6-PW, SW, a putter, and a lightweight golf bag

The overall weighting here is light, and there the graphite shafts throughout certainly help to increase swing speed for the female golfer. However, I won’t tell you that these are the highest quality golf clubs for petite women golfers. 

I like this as a transition set for a new player, but eventually, you will want something more like the Cobra or the Callaway Reva when it comes to feel and technology. 


  • Affordable petite golf club set 
  • Lightweight graphite shafts in all clubs 
  • Good for a player just starting that has to work on strength 
  • Lightweight stand bag with rain hood with matching headcovers


  • Not a high-quality brand 
  • Only one hybrid included 

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Best Petite Complete Golf Clubs Set for High Handicappers

Tour Edge Moda Silk Golf Club Set


Updated on 2024-04-13

High Handicap

Tour Edge Moda Silk with a red and grey golf bag and head covers

Tour Edge makes the list a second time with the Tour Edge Moda Silk. I’ll warn you this is not the newest set from Tour Edge, but I don’t think you are missing out on much of the golf technology by investing in the Tour Edge Moda Silk. 

This petite golf set set comes with:

  • 460cc Driver
  • 3 and 5 Fairway Wood
  • 5 and 6 Hybrid
  • 7 Iron – Sand Wedge
  • Putter

The driver has 15 degrees of loft on it, which is plenty to help a high handicapper get enough distance and a high ball flight from their shots. 

In addition, you will notice that the hybrids are incredibly forgiving with a low center of gravity. 

The irons in this set are not my favorite, only because they feel a little bulky. However, for high handicappers that struggle with missing the center of the clubface from time to time, the Tour Edge Moda Silk can be a great solution. 

I liked the mallet style putter and felt aiming and distance control was relatively easy to master. If you can get over the fact that this is not the newest release to the market, you will find that you do quite well with the Tour Edge Moda Silk. 

This women’s golf club set comes in either petite, regular, or tall sizes with lightweight graphite shafts.


  • Classic set makeup with a good mix of fairway woods and hybrids 
  • Highly forgiving putter 
  • High launching Fairway woods 


  • Has been around for several years 
  • Wide sole on the irons makes them just a little bulky

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Best Value Golf Clubs for Petite Ladies

MacGregor Golf DTC 3000 Golf Club Set


Updated on 2024-04-13

Best Budget Golf Set

MacGregor Golf DTC 3000 Golf Club Set in a teal and black set.

If you are on a budget, the MacGregor Golf DTC 3000 is a good women’s petite golf club set to try. I won’t tell you that these are the best golf clubs from a feel and performance standpoint, but for the price, you get good value. 

The set has a 13-degree driver with a large sweet spot. My very first driver was a MacGregor (30 years ago), and I loved that club. For many years MacGregor was well known in golf, and they have since become kind of a value brand. 

Also included in the petite golf club set is a 3 wood, 4 hybrid -6-PW, and a putter. Plus, it comes with an attractive cart bag.

If you know me, you probably already know I will tell you that you need to purchase a sand wedge in addition to this set; the pitching wedge won’t be enough to cover you. I recommend the MacGregor Golf DTC 3000 to an occasional petite golfer who doesn’t want to spend the money on a complete golf club set. 


  • High MOI putter 
  • Durable golf bag 
  • Graphite shafts throughout 
  • Long distance driver


  • Not the highest quality
  • Still needs a sand wedge 

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Best Petite Women’s Hybrids Set

Majek Complete Lightweight Set of Hybrids 

$319.95 Amazon Prime

Updated on 2024-04-14

Best Full Hybrids Set

Majek Complete Lightweight Set of Hybrids 

The Majek Complete Lightweight Hybrids Set is a partial set. However, I wanted to offer this in case you have a driver and some wedges in place already. 

The Majek Complete Lightweight set of irons come in a petite lady size, and it comes with a 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and even a PW. All of the clubs are a hybrid style, so a mix between a fairway wood and an iron. If you struggle with needing forgiveness or have difficulty when your ball gets in the rough, the Majek is a good solution. 

There is a ladies sized Pro Velvet Grip on these clubs to ensure even petite hands will work!


  • Very lightweight graphite shafts 
  • Fair pricing for 8 clubs
  • High launching golf hybrids
  • Budget-friendly


  • Still need a driver and a sand wedge of some kind 
  • Sound at impact can be a little “tingy” for some golfers 

We may earn a commission, at no additional cost to you.

Best Petite Womens Left Handed Golf Clubs  

Believe Founders Complete Left Handed Set


Updated on 2024-04-13

Left Handed Clubs

best petite women's golf clubs : Believe Founders Complete Left Handed Set,

If you think it’s hard to find a set of petite golf clubs for lady golfers, try being a petite left-handed woman golfer! Luckily I found an option that works well for beginners and high handicappers, the Believe Founders Complete Set. 

The Believe Founders Complete set has a 460cc driver with plenty of forgiveness, 3 wood for easy-to-launch shots, 2 hybrids, 6 irons, and a putter and cart style bag. 

The clubs all have ladies’ graphite shafts, and they have plenty of flexibility. The problem here will be longevity. This is not the highest quality women’s petite set on the market. In fact, for left-handed petite golfers that are serious about golf, I recommend investing in a custom set fit to your height. 

⛳️ Related: The 10 Best Golf Clubs & Sets for Left Handed Golfers


  • Fair pricing 
  • Helps to fill a gap in the market 
  • 3 wood is effortless to launch 
  • Golf bag has great storage 


  • Overall longevity and quality of the set is not the best 

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Buyers Guide to Finding Your Best Women’s Petite Golf Clubs

When it comes to purchasing the best women’s petite golf clubs, you’ll want to keep a few important factors in mind.

Erin from Senior Golf Source is teeing off with her driver.

Individual Golf Clubs

Here are a few things to keep in mind about finding the best women’s women’s petite golf clubs. Since you are purchasing all of your clubs at once, it makes sense to get a good quality set that will last you for quite some time. 

Used Petite Golf Club Sets

If you can find a great deal on a used set of petite golf clubs for women, go for it, but I want to warn you about something here. People think their golf clubs are worth a lot more than they actually are. 

If you will save $50 by purchasing used, steer clear! 

The golf grips will likely need to be replaced, and that will be more than $50. With these packaged-priced sets, the pricing is fair, and it’s worth it to get something new. 

Complete Sets For Petite Golfers vs Custom Golf Clubs

Custom golf clubs are great; they are made specifically for your needs and will maximize distance, forgiveness, and accuracy. The problem is you pay a price for that. 

I think this decision should come down to how often you play golf. The more you play, the more you can justify the expense of a full, custom complete golf set. 


Complete golf club sets are made to offer a combination of quality and value. Don’t expect the clubs to have the same performance as a new TaylorMade Stealth 2 Driver or Callaway Great Big Bertha Irons

However, I would look for clubs that have a low center of gravity, high launch, and lightweight shafts to help increase overall launch and distance. 

Determining Your Budget

I would set your budget to be anywhere from $400 to $1500 for a set of petite women’s golf clubs. If you are going to purchase all custom clubs and put the set together yourself, your total could be $2500-$4000. 

Short Game Tools 

A women’s complete petite set should have at least a pitching and sand wedge. If you don’t have two wedges, you will need to purchase an additional one. Also, make sure that the putter the set comes with is appealing to you. 

Mallet putters have easier alignment and distance control, and blade putters help with precision and feel, especially on shorter putts. The putter can always be replaced, but it does make sense to choose a set with the golf equipment you like. 

Petite Ladies Golf Clubs Expert Tips & Testing

I’m not always a loyal brand-name shopper. In fact, I have clubs in my bag from various golf manufacturers. However, I think women golfers need to be careful about the petite golf club sets that they purchase. 

If you do a general search, many brands come up with very cheap golf club sets with tons of clubs in the bag. To be honest, some of these are truly junk. Not only will you find yourself replacing the clubs within a few months, but you may also see your golf game take a turn for the worst. 

I gave you some great options for club sets from Wilson and even Tour Edge that are fairly priced; stick with names you know with this purchase. You can still shop within your budget, but you will end up with a set that lasts you several years. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions about the best petite women’s golf clubs.

When Should Women Golfers Choose Petite Golf Clubs?

Women golfers less than 5’3″ tall should consider petite golf clubs. Using petite clubs will help you square the clubface, increase distance, and see higher ball flight on the course. 

Can Petite Women Use Junior or Kid’s Golf Clubs?

Petite women can use junior equipment. Companies like US Kids Golf make customized equipment for all ages, and many of the older kids are just transitioning into adult clubs. Playing with equipment like this can encourage more precise performance and less fatigue on the course. 

Should a short man use women’s golf clubs?

A short man can use petite ladies’ clubs, but the problem becomes the shaft flexibility and weight. Many men have higher swing speeds making it difficult to go with women’s golf clubs. Instead, men should consider going for a fitting to find the proper club length and test their club speed to ensure they have the right fit. There are also golf club sets more suited to short men.

How Long Are Petite Golf Clubs?

Petite golf clubs for women golfers are one inch shorter than standard golf clubs for women golfers. The great thing about these petite golf club sets for women is that they come fit to your current height, and you don’t have to worry about cutting down the clubs. 

Sometimes purchasing standard length and then cutting them down increases the stiffness of the shaft and throws off the weighting of the golf club. 

What Height are Women’s Petite Clubs For?

Petite golf clubs are for women golfers that are 5’3″ or shorter. For women that are shorter than 5’0″, there are also options for junior or teen golf clubs from companies like US Kids Golf that could work.

Final Thoughts

I know this is a lot of information about petite women’s golf clubs, but purchasing an entire set is a big decision. The Wilson Magnolia stands out because of its availability, quality design, and the three hybrids it includes as part of the set. 

It’s hard to find a set with more than one hybrid, let alone three different ones. In addition, these hybrids offer high ball flight, forgiveness from the rough, and a great feel. I’m impressed with all of the options from Callaway, Tour Edge, Cobra, and Wilson. Regardless of your budget and ability level, there are plenty of excellent options for women’s petite golf clubs. 

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