The 7 Best Women’s Irons in 2022 [Expert Review]

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Looking for the best women’s irons on the market right now? Save time and hours of research by reading this review by a professional golfer.

If you are a women’s golfer in need of extra distance and higher ball flight, this equipment article has been specifically designed to educate you on current equipment.

Factors such as decreasing swing speed, carry distance and control can all be improved by selecting the right equipment for your abilities.

Let’s take some time to discuss the importance of shaft design and how it can benefit your game.

Shaft Flex and Shaft Weight

There are 2 main factors that contribute to your success: Shaft Flex and Shaft Weight. Shaft Weight directly impacts your tempo and swing speed, while Shaft Flex influences your overall distance/control/trajectory.

Here is a chart to help you select the correct Shaft Flex for your golf swing:

Golf shaft flex chart for all ladies - helpful for selecting the Best Women's Irons
Shaft Flex Chart

Once you understand what Shaft Flex best suits your swing speed, we can take it another step forward and evaluate the total Shaft Weight.

Generally, most companies use lightweight shafts in their ladies’ flex clubs but this is not always the case.

When selecting an iron set it’s very important to see the Shaft Weight written directly on the shaft in grams.

For example, if the Shaft Flex says “L” for ladies there should be a number written near the “L”. This number is indicating the Shaft Weight.

Pro Tip: Unless you are hitting your driver over 200yds, your iron shafts should be no heavier than 45-50 grams per club.

From our golf expert, here are the best iron sets for senior women on the market.

Overall Best Women’s Irons

Women’s Cobra Golf T-Rail 2.0 Combo Iron Set

Women's Cobra Golf T-Rail 2.0 Combo Iron Set

Cobra Golf has led the senior equipment market for many years.

Cobra Golf has also proved itself to keep current with the latest technologies such as ultra-lightweight shafts paired with super-game-improvement club heads.

Cobra Golf’s engineers purposely accounted for these factors when they not only added ultra-lightweight shafts but hollow construction club heads in the Women’s T-Rail Hybrid-Iron Set.

The hollow clubhead design permitted the engineers to position the center of gravity in a position that will greatly impact the trajectory of ball flight.

If you are struggling with low trajectory shots this progressive hybrid set could be the solution you need to increase your carry and total distance.

What’s Included: 7 items – 5H, 6 Iron, 7 Iron, 8 Iron, 9 Iron, PW & SW

Shaft Weight: 50grams


  • Forged Face Inserts to enhance total distance.
  • Hollow Construction reduces the vibrations of poorly hit shots.
  • Baffler Rail Design helps support clubface stability.
  • Available in right-hand and left-hand irons


  • The larger clubheads in the shorter irons might take some time to get used to.

Best Overall Runner-up

Ping G Le 2.0 Women’s Iron Set Hybrid (Graphite)

Ping G Le 2 Women’s Iron Set - Best Women's Irons

If you are ready to upgrade your set to a premium brand that has been trusted for decades, then the Ping G Le 2 Women’s Iron Set could be a fantastic option.

Ping specializes in maximizing forgiveness at all skill levels. Whether you are defending your Senior Club Championship victory or just trying to hit the ball more consistently, this set can be customized to enhance your abilities.

Ping clubs are the most popular clubs among the LPGA’s Top 50 Players. This fact speaks for itself because the equipment deals that professional golfers offered are nowhere near as high as other top competitors.

Getting fitted for a set of irons can allow you to instantly strike the ball more consistently. For example, if clubs are too long you might hit everything to the left and on the heel of the clubface. Also, if the clubs are too short you may experience shots to the right or off the toe of the clubface.

Ping offers online fitting software directly available on their website. Here are some of the factors that will affect your fitting: length, lie angle, grip size, shaft material, and shaft flexibility. Below is the Ping Fitting Chart:

PNG Color Code Chart, Ping Color Code Chart Ping G Le 2 Women’s Iron Set.
Ping Color Code Chart


  • Custom sizes for petites, right-handed, left-handed, etc.
  • Reviews describe greater maneuverability with improved higher swing speeds.


  • Repairs can be costly as the irons age.
  • Irons packaging could be better to safeguard the product.

Best Luxury Women’s Irons Set

XXIO Prime Royal Edition Women’s Iron Set

XXIO Prime Royal Edition Women’s Iron Set - Best Women's Irons

If you enjoy the finer things in life the XXIO Prime Royal Edition Women’s Iron Set will not disappoint. This high-end set of clubs is custom built to increase swing speeds with their 37g shafts and counterbalanced grips.

Adding weight to the end of their grips allows XXIO to place such a lightweight shaft in the club head. Counterbalancing positively affects the position of your hands at impact allowing the additional weight to assist in keeping your hands close to your body when striking the ball.

Other components utilized in this design include titanium faces and Twin Groove technology. Titanium is a strong metal that can be stretched thin resulting in faster ball movement off the clubface. The patented Twin Groove technology permits shots that are hit low on the clubface to yield more powerful results.

What sets this company apart from most brands is the R&D (research & development) that went into designing one of the most lightweight iron sets in the world.

The term swing-weight refers to how light or heavy the clubhead feels when you swing it. Honestly, this is where other companies go wrong in their design.

For example, the lower-cost box sets typically do not account for establishing consistent swing weights that assist in tempo and speed control. Without getting too technical, swing weights are measured on an alphabetical and numerical scale.

You will commonly find irons ranging as low as A0 to F9. If you are a senior woman looking into these details, it’s suggested to stay in the range of B9 to C2.

What’s Included: 5-9, PW, AW & SW.


  • High-quality components designed for power and consistency.
  • One of the most lightweight sets on the market.


  • Premium cost

Best Combo Hybrid Irons Set

TaylorMade Stealth Women’s Combo Set (Only Available in RH)

Best Iron Sets for Women - Taylor Made Stealth Combo Set

Over the years, TaylorMade Golf has continued to prove its dominance on the tour as well as the local public course. TaylorMade was established in 1979 and has continued to grow and be recognized as one of the top companies in golf.

Along with their documented success, the engineers and design team have influenced many other companies’ decisions in keeping current. The TaylorMade Stealth Women’s Combo Set features some of its greatest technologies.

The lightweight clubs paired with Twist Face technology can influence your accuracy and distance.

If you are a traditionalist and enjoy a more classical look paired with new technologies, the TaylorMade Stealth Women’s Combo Set could be a solid choice. Confidence is key when it comes to finding a set that is visually appealing.

Golf is a mental game and looks do matter to most players. Seven-time Major winner, Arnold Palmer, said “Golf is a game of inches. The most important are the six inches between your ears.”

What’s Included: A 4-5H, 6-9, PW & AW.


  • Classic look with state-of-the-art technology.
  • C2 swing-weight which allows for faster swing speeds.
  • Twist Face technology limits sidespin.


  • Only available in right-hand (RH)
  • Premium cost

Best Women’s Hybrid Iron Set

Callaway 2020 Women’s Maverik Max Iron Set

Best Women's Hybrid Iron Set - Callaway Women's Maverik Iron Set

If you grew up before the age of the hybrid and refuse to swing “that shoehorn” looking thing, then the Callaway Women’s Maverik Max Iron Set is a great option to avoid hitting hybrid clubs.

It’s not uncommon for golfers to avoid anything that looks like a fairway wood. All it takes is a short series of poorly struck shots to create a complex that has a strong distaste for anything except irons.

Fortunately, Callaway knows a thing or two about looks and confidence. The Women’s Maverik Max Iron Set can be easily hit due to the clubface size and construction.

This set could help build the confidence needed to play or test out a hybrid with its A.I. influenced, Flash Cupped Face technology. The engineers used computer software to mathematically generate a solution for maximum forgiveness and distance for off-centered hits.

What’s Included:

As low as 5 iron – SW depending on your configuration. An ultra-lightweight shaft option is available. If you want to add a hybrid later, it’s also available with hybrids on some sites.


  • provides an easy-to-hit option for the anti-hybrid/wood player. The cost is relatively affordable.
  • Available in both right-hand and left-hand


  • The heads on the irons are rather large.

Best Budget Full Hybrid Women’s Senior Set (RH)

Majek Senior Ladies Hybrid Irons Set – Right Handed St (RH)

Majek White Pearl Senior Ladies Hybrid Irons Set.  Budget Women's Iron Set for Senior Women

If you are uncomfortable with spending a lot of money and hitting irons the Majek Senior Ladies Hybrid Clubs could be a great match-up for you.

This set will not only save you some money, but it will reduce the amount of dirt you hit. The larger profile heads will discourage the average Senior Woman from taking a lot of turf at or before impact.

The concept of these clubs is to limit your amount of time with turf interaction. For those of you who struggle with hitting the ground prior to the ball, this set is a great option to advance your ability to limit the total amount of strokes taken to get on the putting surface.

Although this set is designed for Senior Women, there are many other combo options that are much lighter. The overall swing weight of this set is relatively heavy.

The more weight that is directed towards the club head and away from the grip causes timing issues with tempo and power.

This set is recommended for the anti-iron individual. When the price is sacrificed, quality tends to be altered. 

What’s Included:

All hybrids – 4-9, PW & SW (8 pc set) with ladies flex shaft.


  • Full hybrid set with premium grips.
  • Cost-effective and budget-friendly.


  • No reliable specifications are available.
  • Heavy set due to clubhead mass.

Best Budget Left Handed Women’s Hybrid Iron Set

iDrive Hybrids Senior Women’s Irons Set Left Handed (LH)

For left-handed golfers, it would only be fair to source out a parallel set to the previous hybrid set.

Although the price is a little more than the Majek White Pearl set the iDrive Hybrid Iron set is lightweight and thoroughly equipped.

This set comes with a much lower lofted 3H-9H & PWH. One of the most unfortunate aspects of the world of golf is the fact that left-handed players get slighted in their options. This is where iDrive stepped their game and provided a rarity to the novice senior women’s left-handed market.

Low trajectory shots should not be a problem with this set make-up. Hybrid clubs are designed specifically to launch the ball high and straight. Elongating the distance from the front of the clubface to the back will increase your ability to launch the ball higher.

Understanding club design will help narrate the benefits of a full hybrid set. In golf, there are basically 3 different styles of clubs: blades, cavity backs & hybrids.

Blades are largely played by low-handicaps golfers. Cavity backs are most played by mid-to-high handicap golfers, while hybrids are specifically designed to maximize off-centered strikes.

If you are a left-handed woman that loves hybrid irons, this set could help you achieve your goals on the course.

What’s Included:

3H-9H & PWH


  • Easy-to-hit design.
  • High lofted shot results.
  • The cost is low for a full hybrid set.


  • Short game clubs take some time to get used to.

Final Thoughts

After reading this review, you should have a much better understanding of what to look for when shopping for the best women’s irons.

Use this information to make an educated decision and purchase the best clubs for your game. With the right equipment, you can take your game to the next level.

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