10 Best Drivers for Slicers to Hit Straighter [Expert Guide]

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When it comes to a slice, you have two options. You can play it, or you can fix it. However, some golf manufacturers give you a third option: a driver to fix your slice. 

You know I’m a big believer in fixing your golf swing and learning how to hit straight shots, but sometimes the slice sneaks up on you, and having equipment that will reduce it is a tremendous benefit. 

I’ll show you the best drivers for slicers and how to make sure you are getting a driver that is actually going to improve and lessen your slice. 

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🏆 Overall Best Driver for Slice

Callaway Big Bertha Driver

$427.17 Amazon Prime

Updated on 2024-06-22

Best Driver for Slice

Callaway Big Bertha Driver, overall best drivers for slicers

The Callaway Big Bertha Driver is my favorite driver for fixing a slice. The club has an ultra-low and forward center of gravity; it’s incredibly easy to launch and improve distance, and the look helps improve overall confidence. 

Of all the drivers I tested this season, the Big Bertha is one of the easiest to hit. It reduces spin and, therefore, helps promote a higher and more draw bias ball flight. 

The club head of the Callaway Big Bertha Driver is large, and that helps increase the overall size of the sweet spot. Whether you are new to the game or just know you need some extra help off the tee boxes, the Big Bertha Driver is a great solution. 

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  • More weight in the heel to promote a draw 
  • The large and forgiving sweet spot
  • Spin and speed optimized across the face 


  • It is a little lightweight, not a great choice for faster swing speed players 

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Best Adjustable Golf Driver

Best Adjustability

Cobra AeroJet Max Driver, best adjustable driver

The Cobra Aerojet Max is what Cobra calls their best driver for slicers. The head is built with a ton of forgiveness and adjustable back and heel weight positions. 

I’ve always felt like Cobra’s adjustable technology in their clubhead was one of the best on the market. Cobra went with a sleek look on this AeroJet Max, and although it’s a little different than the RadSpeed models, I did like it when tested. 

One thing to keep in mind with Cobra golf clubs is that even though they are forgiving, they still have a really impressive feel at impact. That’s a major positive for me. 


  • AI Designed H.O.T face for more ball speed 
  • Better aerodynamic shaping than previous models
  • Fine-tune the amount of draw bias with great adjustability 


  • Unique shaping has to be something that works for your eye

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Best Offset Driver

Cobra Air X Offset Driver 


Updated on 2024-06-22

Best Offset Driver

best cheap driver for a slice

The Cobra Air X Offset Driver could easily win the best cheap driver for fixing a slice, but it’s a great option if you play better with an offset club. The offset face is very noticeable here, but it helps straighten out the slice and square the face just a little sooner. 

Expect this to be a better option for golfers with slower swing speeds. The shaft, grip, and clubhead were designed to be lightweight and increase overall distance off the tee. 

The Cobra Air X Offset driver is not an adjustable club; it features back heel weighting to create a permanent draw bias and plenty of stability at impact. I like this one for higher handicappers, new players, and even senior golfers who can’t get the slice straightened out. 

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  • Offset design with a lower chance of slice 
  • Back heel weighting 
  • Carbon crown and lighter shaft for better speed 


  • Doesn’t have the same impressive distance and feel capability you get from other premium drivers
  • Not a good choice for any faster swing speed players 

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Most Forgiving Driver for Slice

Tour Edge Hot Launch E523


Updated on 2024-06-22

Most Forgiving

Tour Edge Hot Launch E523

Tour Edge advertises the Hot Launch E523 as the easiest driver you will ever hit. That decision will ultimately have to come from you, but I found the E523 to be very forgiving and especially easy to launch. 

Expect an ultra low and centered center of gravity to increase overall playability. For slicers, the key anti-slice technology is the offset in the clubhead. In addition to the offset, you will find a heel sole weight that squares the face up for a straighter ball flight. 

If you struggle with both launch and direction with your current driver, the Tour Edge Hot Launch E523 is one to consider. 

Fun Fact: Tour Edge is a popular brand by many PGA golf professionals, including Bernhard Langer.


  • Power channel designed to increase ball speed and lower spin 
  • Fair pricing 
  • Impressive launch 
  • Straight flight technology


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Best Golf Drivers for High Swing Speeds

TaylorMade Stealth 2 HD Driver

$399.99 Amazon Prime

Updated on 2024-06-22

Fast Swing Speed

TaylorMade Stealth 2 HD Driver, draw bias club

Just because you slice the ball doesn’t mean you must avoid the latest release and top technology on the market. The TaylorMade Stealth 2 HD was designed specifically for a golfer who slices. 

This well-known driver features a 60X Carbon Twist Face. The golf ball coming off the carbon face feels a bit softer; it has higher ball speeds, and many feel as though forgiveness is increased. 

The high draw design (that’s what HD stands for) comes with a standard draw bias that moves the Inertia Generator more toward the club’s heel. 

If you want a Stealth 2 driver but need that MOI and a little help bringing the golf ball back to the center of the fairway, this is the club.

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  • Great choice for a faster swing speed golfer that still wants top technology 
  • Weighs less than the original Stealth 
  • Carbon face technology in a draw bias club design 


  • The high price on anything with the TaylorMade Stealth 2 name on it 

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Best for Moderate Swing Speeds

Ping G430 Max Driver

Est. $549.99

Mid Swing Speeds

Ping G430 Max Driver

There are quite a few drivers on my list of the best drivers for slicers that will work for the moderate swing speed player. However, when it comes to feel and consistency, I love the Ping G430 Max. 

The Ping G430 Max has a center of gravity shifter that allows you to change the clubface to a draw, neutral, or fade bias club. In addition, you benefit from the T9S+ forged face that improves overall sounds and feel. 

Read Some of the Rave Reviews

“Have never had PING driver in the bag until now, have had multiple drivers from Taylor Made, Titleist and Callaway. Love the consistent feel and results I get with the PING, mis hits are not punished nearly as bad, spin is really consistent as is distance. Can set up for a slight fade and eliminate half of the golf course with confidence. Went with the Tour Chrome 2.0 shaft, 101 average swing speed, didn’t gain a ton of distance over my Stealth 2022 model but gained a ton of confidence with this club and am seeing much more consistent results.”

– Schimmy, (Ping 430 Max – Best Anti Slice Driver Review)

When I tested the Ping G430 Max, I did not expect it to be as easy to hit as it is. Investing in Ping technology gives you a club that will last a long time. If you end up fixing your slice at some point, simply adjust this clubhead back to where it needs to be. 

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  • High ball speed from premium materials 
  • New internal rib structure for even better sound and feel 
  • Center of gravity shifter to easily correct a slice 


  • Higher pricing 

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Best Golf Driver for Slower Swing Speeds

Callaway Great Big Bertha Driver

$501.46 Amazon Prime

Updated on 2024-06-22

Slower Swing Speeds

Callaway Great Big Bertha Driver

If you are struggling with a slice but also need something that accommodates a slower swing speed, the Callaway Great Big Bertha driver is a great solution. The Great Big Bertha has just recently dropped in price, making it a slightly easier decision for some golfers. 

You will benefit from a clubhead about 30g lighter than models like the Rogue ST, so expect to gain a little extra club head and ball speed. The AI-designed face also decreases the total spin, making it easier to control the golf ball. 

Callaway also offers this driver with the UST Helium Nanocore Shaft and the Winn Dri Tac Lite Grip. Essentially, they saved you weight in every way they could to help increase overall distance and speed. 


  • Lots of stability at impact 
  • High ball speeds across the entire face
  • Made with lightweight components 
  • High MOI


  • Not an adjustable clubhead; make sure to choose the right loft

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Best Budget Anti Slice Driver

Cleveland Launcher XL Lite Draw Driver


Updated on 2024-06-22

Best Anti Slice Driver

best anti slice drivers, Cleveland Launcher XL Lite Draw Driver

Anytime a driver says it is the “draw” model, you can assume it will be a safe bet for helping you fix your slice. The Cleveland Launcher XL Lite Draw is one best anti slice drivers out there, and it still has some great features for distance and forgiveness at affordable pricing.  

Cleveland Golf made these Launcher XL drivers with an Action Mass CB. The club is a little longer than standard but has an 8g weight at the end of the grip to give you more control and stability at impact. 

As a shorter golfer, I was nervous about this extra length, but you barely notice it and get some extra yardage because of it. For slower swing speed players that hit the occasional slice, this driver checks all the boxes. 


  • Very lightweight feel 
  • Larger head with increased forgiveness 
  • Action mass CB helps to increase total distance 
  • Budget-friendly, and one of the best best anti slice drivers


  • Bonded hosel saves weight but doesn’t allow for adjustability

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Best Value Draw Driver

Callaway Rogue ST Max Draw 

$390.52 Amazon Prime

Updated on 2024-06-23

🤑 Best Value

Callaway Rogue ST Max Draw, best value draw biased drivers

If you want a draw bias in a club head, the Callaway Rogue ST Max Draw delivers. I still have my Callaway Mavrik in the bag, but every time I’ve tested any Rogue ST Max drivers, they give me at least 5-7 yards of extra distance off the tee. 

In addition to impressive distance from the Jailbreak Speed Frame, expect the AI Technology and Tungsten Speed Cartridge to give you some forgiveness on off-center hits. Callaway has made the clubhead very stable, so the impact is a better overall experience. 

I know this isn’t the latest Callaway Paradym series, so it’s not the newest technology, but the value here is strong because of that. 


  • Offered at a fair price for great technology 
  • Lower spin on the face for more forgiveness 
  • Draw bias with adjustability
  • Excellent value of the best draw biased drivers 


  • Not the latest release from Callaway

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Best Women’s Golf Driver for Slice

TaylorMade Women’s Stealth 2 HD Driver

$399.99 Amazon Prime

Updated on 2024-06-22

Women’s Golf Driver

TaylorMade Women's Stealth 2 HD Driver, draw bias drivers

Most women golfers need speed and distance from a golf driver (myself included!). However, when you slice the ball, you lose out on even more distance than you lose out on from a slower or moderate swing speed. That’s why the TaylorMade Women’s Stealth 2 HD is an investment worth considering. 

The 60X Carbon Twist Face weighs less than the original Stealth driver, making it easier to increase speed. Of course, TaylorMade also has its Asymmetric Inertia Generator and Thru Slot Speed Pocket to increase speed even more. 

What I love about the Stealth 2 HD for women is that the top down look is quite nice. The draw bias is not overly noticeable, and you can set up feeling confident that the ball will go straight. 


  • Carbon Twist Face for increased speed 
  • Composite ring increases stability at impact
  • Great looking club head 


  • Not the cheapest golf driver for ladies looking to fix a slice 

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Buyers Guide to Finding the Best Drivers for Slicers

pga golf professional hitting his driver off the tee at the En-Joie Golf Course in NY.

Now that I’ve given you some of the best drivers for slicers, let’s break down how you can pick which of these you should be playing with. Although I don’t think you can go wrong with any of these from a slice correction standpoint, some will feel and perform differently than others. 

Offset vs Draw Bias

Offset and draw bias will both work in your favor when trying to fix a slice and hit a straighter shot. With an offset driver, the clubface is set back slightly from the hosel, making it easier for you to square the clubface as you come through impact. 

A draw bias golf club will sometimes have offset, but it can also have internal draw bias or adjustable weighting that helps you to square the face of the club. 

I enjoy golf clubs with an internal draw bias or adjustable weighting as opposed to offset. Once a club is offset by a good amount, you can’t really adjust it and make it a good driver choice for the golfer that doesn’t slice. 

Adjustability vs Fixed Hosel 

A fixed hosel golf driver with weighting strategically positioned to fix a slice is often a good choice for a higher handicapper or newer player. The fixed hosel is usually lightweight because it does not have the extra components in place. 

Adjustability allows you variation in the loft as well as clubface angle to ensure that your club is a match for your golf swing. 


If a golf driver is too lightweight, you may have a hard time feeling the clubhead and controlling it. In addition, if a golf club is too heavy for you, getting the clubface to square up is very hard to do. 

Ensure that the shaft flex and the weighting of the driver you pick are a good match for your swing speed and strength. Slower swing speed players need lightweight drivers with flexible shafts. Higher swing speed players need heavier golf drivers with stiffer shafts.


Lower spin drivers can make it easier to straighten out your slice. I think the mid-spin rates are just fine, as they allow you the ability to get a higher ball flight and still keep the shots straight. 

Higher spin drivers may increase the possibility of you putting a slice spin on the ball. 

Hitting golf shots with a launch monitor will give you data about your spin rates. Spin rates on the driver should be in that 2000-2800 range if possible. 

Before You Buy a Draw Bias Driver . . . 

Don’t take this as an insult, but a slice is something you can fix. Yes, learning how to square the clubface will take time and dedication, but you can fix a slice. 

If you plan to work on your game and fix your slice, don’t purchase a fixed hosel draw bias driver. Instead, get something with adjustability. When your slice is fixed, simply use the wrench to make the clubface a little less closed, and you will be on your way to straighter drives

I just hate seeing golfers end up with a driver that causes a hook because they were trying to fix their slice! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best driver to fix slice?

The best driver to fix a slice is the Callaway Big Bertha. The draw bias design is incredibly easy to launch, highly forgiving, and can help promote tremendous distance off the tee. 

Will the draw setting on driver help my slice?

The draw setting on your driver will help to reduce the amount your golf ball slices. If you really want to eliminate your slice, proper swing mechanics is the best way to do that. 

Do I need a draw bias driver?

A draw bias drivers are best for golfers who have had a slice for a long time and struggle to correct it. If you are just learning the game, a slice can be common, and you don’t necessarily need to purchase a draw bias driver until you have spent some time working to fix the slice. 

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