Are Tour Edge Golf Clubs Good? 4 Things You Must Know

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A common question that often comes up….Are Tour Edge golf clubs good as industry-leading manufacturers such as Titleist, Callaway, or TaylorMade? Let us help...

Tour Edge has been manufacturing world-class golf clubs since the 80s. They consistently rank among the top ten manufacturers. Around 129 players from various world tours use Tour Edge clubs and have won 12 tournaments using them. 

But why is Tour Edge unheard of? Do they need to improve in any areas of the game? Are Tour Edge clubs for everyone or a specific demographic like juniors/seniors/ladies? This article will answer these questions and give a brief overview of the best-selling golf products by Tour Edge.

If you’re considering switching to these clubs, this article is especially for you. So make sure to give it a thorough read!

The Tour Edge Story

David Glod founded Tour Edge in 1986, operating out of Chicago. David is a former golf professional at the Village Links Golf Club, Glen Ellyn, Illinois. 

David created the brand when he identified a need for affordable and high-quality golf products

At the time, no golf club manufacturers in the US or abroad provided good quality, technologically advanced golf equipment at an affordable price. David believed this could be done. 

His first golf club was designed in 1987, and from there, he kept going, never looking back. 

Today, Glod is known as one of the best, preeminent golf club designers who has led his company, year in and year out, to be among the top golf club manufacturers in every category, be it drivers, irons, wedges, or putters.

Professional Golf: Tour Edge By The Numbers

Professional golfers at every Major Championship and several Ryder Cups have played with Tour Edge golf clubs. 

Tour Pros That Use Tour Edge Golf Clubs

Currently, over a hundred tour professional golfers use Tour Edge. The most mention-worthy are: 

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Tour Edge Exotics Golf Clubs

The brand’s Tour validation began with the launch of its Exotics Club line in 2005.

Many Tour players started using the Exotics line of clubs without receiving endorsements from Tour Edge. Eventually, the brand ended up winning ten events on the PGA Tour. 

Tour Edge golf clubs have been used to win 19 professional victories on the PGA Tour. which includes the PGA Champions Tour as well. 

Most recently, there have been over 3400 Tour Edge clubs used by over 160 PGA Tour pros. 

In this timeframe, they’ve accumulated 19 wins, over 110 Top 5’s and another 253 Top 10 finishes. 

Here’s a table of Tour Edge Professional Golf stats.

Number of Players162
Number of Clubs3438
Top 5 Finishes117
Top 10 Finishes253
Top 25 Finishes484
Source: Tour Edge

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4 Things That Make Tour Edge a Great Golf Club Manufacturer

Here are some of the major factors that make Tour Edge one of the leading golf club manufacturers in the industry. 

1. Preferred By PGA Professional Golfers

Tour Edge clubs are among the best in the golf club manufacturing business and are preferred by golfers of all skill levels, whether professionals or beginners. 

That’s what is so unique and impressive about them: they’re providing quality golf clubs to golfers of different skills and abilities. Tour Edge will not only be found in use at Augusta National during the Masters Tournament but at your local public golf course as well!

When it comes to the club’s Tour preference, the fantastic thing about Tour Edge is that it doesn’t pay any players to use its golf clubs. Professional golfers seek them out because of how well these golf clubs perform!

2. Value For Money

Tour Edge golf clubs can be bought as individual clubs or a whole set. Buying them as a group offers excellent value for money. 

Buying Tour Edge is almost a hack compared to other big golf equipment names because its quality clubs will perform at par with the other brands but at a fraction of the price!

3. Still Made In USA

Tour Edge golf clubs are, and always have been, manufactured in the United States. 

This unique side of the brand separates it from other big names who’ve outsourced their manufacturing, partly or entirely, to another country, usually China, where labor and other manufacturing organs are cheaper than in the United States. 

Since the company’s inception in 1986, Tour Edge has kept its golf clubs’ manufacturing at its headquarters in Illinois. Every club is hand-crafted, which most golf club manufacturers can’t brag about.

4. Lifetime Guaranteed Clubs

Another attribute that sets Golf Edge apart from the rest is that they provide a lifetime guarantee for each of their clubs.  This means the clubs can be redeemed if they snap at the shaft or the clubhead somehow gets damaged. This creates reliability for the customer and reflects the brand’s confidence in its clubs.

The Best Selling Tour Edge Golf Clubs

Tour Edge is known chiefly for manufacturing golf clubs that are easy to hit and forgiving in nature.  These clubs are especially suitable for juniors, seniors, lady golfers, and high-handicapped golfers.  This is mainly because of how easy they launch and how much forgiveness these clubs allow. 

Let’s take a look at some of the hottest clubs on the Tour Edge line, what their selling points are and how you could benefit from them. 

Tour Edge Exotics E722 Driver

Price not available

Updated on 2024-06-23

Tour Edge Driver

Tour Edge Exotics E722 Driver

The Tour Edge Exotics E722 Driver comes in various lofts (10.5 degrees being the most wanted). 

It has a low center of gravity and it’s in the rear end of the club. It has an adjustable hosel and it also has RidgeBack technology.

The low center of gravity promotes a higher ball launch. The RidgeBack technology keeps the clubhead stable and provides a straighter ball trajectory.


  • Higher launch angle 
  • Straighter ball trajectory
  • Forgiveness on off-center hits
  • Adjustable hosel


  • Relatively expensive
  • Lower offset compared to other models causing increased side spin on mishits

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Tour Edge Hot Launch E522 Irons Set


Updated on 2024-06-23

Tour Edge Irons

Tour Edge Hot Launch E522 Irons Set

This iron set from Tour Edge comprises a 4-iron to pitching wedge (7 clubs) set. 

Each individual club consists of a hollow club head fitted with a Houdini sole and weighted at the perimeters. The shallow face features an offset design for more forgiveness. 

The Houdini sole minimizes the clubhead’s turf interaction to promote a high launch angle. The weighted perimeter of the club head allows for much forgiveness and stabilizes the club head through impact. 

These irons are ideal for golfers who slice the ball as the offset design controls the sidespin imparted on the ball, giving you a straighter trajectory. 

The shallow lie angle promotes velocity, launching the ball high even with slow swing speeds. 

In short: You get forgiving irons that help with slices and launch your ball high.


  • Forgiving golf clubs  
  • Fights side-spin, giving slicers a straighter shot
  • Minimal turf interaction
  • High launch and trajectory 


  • Chunky design not very appealing to low and mid handicappers
  • Limits shot-making ability 

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Tour Edge TGS 3 Piece Wedge Set


Updated on 2024-06-23


Tour Edge TGS 3 Piece Wedge Set

These triple-grind wedges lower the club’s bounce right from the heel to the toe. 

A TPE sole insert absorbs any shocks and softens the overall feel, adding to supreme greenside action for the average golfer. 

The U-shaped grooves grip the golf ball’s cover like no other, imparting some serious spin that enables the ball to stop where it drops or, better still, zip back towards the flagstick just like on TV!


  • Amazingly soft
  • Brilliant sole design 
  • Crazy spin 
  • Affordable price point


  • Thick appearance 
  • Only one grind option

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Tour Edge Hot Launch C522 Hybrid


Updated on 2024-06-23


Tour Edge Hot Launch C522 Hybrid

The Hot Launch line of clubs by Tour Edge has a lower price range when compared to their Exotics range of clubs. 

But the low price tag doesn’t mean any compromise on performance. Quite the opposite, the 360-cup design, combined with a power channel directly behind the clubface, gives you the sweetest impact and most incredible forgiveness you can expect from any hybrid. 

Besides this, getting the ball in the air with this club is incredibly easy, thanks to a weight positioned at the back of the clubface that extends the CG much lower and deeper. This also enables more forgiveness on off-center hits.

The light Fubuki shaft suits it for slow to moderate swing speeds


  • Easy to get the golf ball in the air 
  • Uncompromised performance at a low price


  • Fubuki shaft too soft for fast swing speeds

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Tour Edge Hot Launch C522 Fairway Woods

Price not available

Updated on 2024-06-23

Fairway Woods

Tour Edge Hot Launch C522 Fairway Woods

These fairway woods by Tour Edge are exceptional in quality and performance. The best part is you can find multiple shaft flex to suit your swing.

Here’s a table of different fairway woods and their loft angles.

Fairway WoodLoft AngleWeight
3-Wood15°2.3 lbs
4-Wood17°2.3 lbs
5-Wood19°2.3 lbs

These fairway woods have a great feel and give a high launch angle which is exactly what any golfer needs in a fairway wood.


  • Headcover included
  • Great performance
  • Multiple shaft flex options
  • Affordable
  • Forgiving


  • Not for high handicapper
  • Limited workability

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Tour Edge Exotics Wingman II Putter

Price not available

Updated on 2024-06-23


Tour Edge Exotics Wingman II Putter

This brilliant putter provides exceptional forgiveness, especially on off-center putts. It’s recommended explicitly for golfers looking to drastically improve their putting and those looking to sink more putts in general.

The carbon-fiber sole distributes the weight of the club out to its perimeters which helps the putter flow more smoothly through the ball.

The micro-grooves on the face help get the ball rolling more consistently, which means the ball will stay on line and roll straight into the center of the cup! 


  • High MOI
  • Forgiving
  • Face insert promotes smoother roll


  • Putting stroke may sound a bit clicky at first

We may earn a commission, at no additional cost to you.

How Do Tour Edge Clubs Compare Against Other Top Brands?

The answer to that question depends entirely on the individual golfer’s abilities and needs. Tour Edge clubs are designed to cater primarily to the needs of mid to high handicappers, seniors, juniors, and ladies. 

These golfers comprise a massive chunk of the golfers around the world, and the top brands such as Titleist or TaylorMade aren’t all that focused on meeting the needs of these golfers.

So, in regard to what the weekend warriors and other seasonal golfers have to say about these clubs, they’re very much up there with the best.

Consequently, as far as top-tier performance is concerned, Tour Edge may be lacking in certain areas of the game. 

A classic example can be the limited workability of the golf club. Too much forgiveness always translates to too little versatility when it comes to golf club manufacturing.

Players with a high ball and clubhead speeds would find these clubs unacceptable because they’re not looking for forgiveness. They’re looking for cutting-edge technology that can handle their speeds and translate them into performance.

Why Are Tour Edge Clubs Relatively Unheard Of?

The clubs that get advertised most are the ones most frequently used to win a tournament on the PGA Tour. Tour validation is critical regarding how much a golf product sells. 

The most remarkable example that demonstrates this point is that of Nike. The brand took off and crashed on more or less the same trajectory as Tiger Woods’ career. 

He single-handedly took Nike to the top of the golf equipment industry simply because he attained success on the PGA Tour like few others. 

Bridgestone is the latest brand to skyrocket in popularity and sales due to a player’s endorsement and use of it. Again, it’s the ‘GOAT’ Tiger Woods, who has enabled all this. 

With Tour Edge, the story gets complicated. Although it does have Tour validation, and a handful of big names play with Tour Edge equipment, it still needs to have that kind of clout to be a front-runner. 

Final Thoughts: Are Tour Edge Golf Clubs Good?

Tour Edge golf clubs are, without a doubt, one of the very best golf clubs on the market today. 

These golf clubs are especially recommended for high handicappers, ladies, juniors, and seniors because they’re designed with those demographics in mind. 

Their quality is exceeded only by their affordability, which is quite something in the expensive game of golf.  Tour Edge has broken the stereotypical mindset that top quality always comes with top dollar. 

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