11 Best Senior Ladies Golf Clubs in 2023 [Expert Review]

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Senior lady golfers are often guided towards taking a complete golf club set. Although a complete golf club set is great because it keeps the price down and the loft gapping easy, it’s not always the right fit.

If some of your clubs are newer, or you simply don’t like the quality of complete sets, you are in the right place. 

We have tested and analyzed the best senior ladies golf clubs in 2023. There are options on this list for all mid to high handicappers with various budgets. 

Don’t have time to read the full article? Here is our summary table with our absolute best golf clubs for senior women in each player category.

CategoryGolf Club
🏆 Overall Best Ladies DriverCobra Golf LTDx Max
💰 Best Driver for the MoneyCallaway Mavrik Driver 
🙏🏼 Most Forgiving Ladies DriverPing G425 Max Driver
🏌️‍♀️ Best Ladies Fairway WoodsTaylorMade Stealth Fairway Wood
🏌🏻 Best Hybrid for WomenCallaway Rogue ST Max OS Lite 
🎯 Best Irons For Slow Swing SpeedsCobra Air X
⛳️ Best Golf Irons for Senior LadiesTaylorMade Stealth Ladies Combo Set 
🥇 Best Overall Wedge for Senior LadiesCleveland RTX Zipcore Tour Satin Wedge
🦈 Best Wedge for SpinCallaway Ladies Jaws MD5 
🛶 Best Stable PutterTaylorMade Spider Ladies GT Putter 
❤️‍🩹 Best Putter For FeelOdyssey Ladies White Hot OG 7 

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Best Senior Ladies Golf Drivers 

🏆 Overall Best Ladies Driver: Cobra Golf LTDx Max

Cobra Golf LTDx Max Women's Driver Best Senior Ladies Golf Clubs

The Cobra Golf LTDx Max is all about premium power and speed in an impressive and lightweight golf driver. The club is built for incredibly high ball speed and has been one of the longest drivers that 2022 saw.  It is our overall best ladies driver in 2023.

Golf Club Specifications

  • Shaft: Graphite
  • Loft: 10.5 or 12 degrees
  • Technology: CNC Milled Infinity Face and Pwr-Cor Technology-Multi material (consisting of steel, titanium, and aluminum)
  • Extras: Comes with headcover and torque wrench to adjust

In addition to being long, Cobra made sure to add in some forgiveness and adjustability. You can fine-tune the settings on this driver to work for a wide range of players, something we don’t always see in ladies’ golf drivers. 

Plus, it has CNC Milled Infinity Face (updated CNC Infinity Face design) that wraps around the edge to crease the zone of maximum ball speed.


  • Cobra used AI to create a very hot face
  • Low spin for added distance
  • Adjustable driver head for increased versatility 
  • Very stable at impact 


  • Premium pricing from a new release 

💰 Best Driver for the Money: Callaway Mavrik Driver 

Best Senior Ladies Golf Clubs, Callaway Mavrik Driver 

Golf drivers for women can get expensive. There is a high cost associated with a golf club that has a lightweight shaft and lightweight materials. The best place to look for discounts is the golf clubs that are a year old. The Callaway Mavrik Driver still has relevant and high-performing technology.

However, the price has dropped down a bit since the original release. This is one of the great value drivers on the market.

Golf Club Specifications

  • Technology: Jailbreak Technology uses two internal bars to stabilize the club head.
  • Style: New Flash Face architecture optimizes high ball speed
  • Material: Carbon fiber crown with a high-strength FS2S titanium face
  • Adjustable Fit: Opti-Fit hosel allows you to fine-tune loft and lie angle to either +2°/-1°
  • Stock shaft: Project X HZRDUS T800 Graphite
  • Stock grip: Callaway Universal, 44 grams
  • Includes headcover and adjustment tool

With AI Technology to help women golfers get more ball speed and a clubface that feels like a trampoline, this is a club that you can really benefit from long term.

The internal jailbreak bars give just the right amount of stiffness in the club head to improve the launch without making the club heavier. 


  • Higher MOI with lightweight carbon crown 
  • Increase swing speed design to improve consistency and forgiveness.
  • Easy to launch 
  • Fast ball speeds for senior players 


  • Not the latest release from Callaway 

Read the rave reviews about golf game improvement:

” Been struggling for years with a slice / fade which shortens the distance and accuracy. To my amazement, I hit the ball straight… which is also longer. It looks like there is a slight curve on the face to help keep the club face square.”

– Doogie, (Callaway, Best Golf Clubs for Senior Women review)

🙏🏼 Most Forgiving Ladies Driver: Ping G425 Max Driver

Ping has always done such a great job with golf equipment for women. They know how to ensure clubs are forgiving and long while still improving the overall feel. The Ping G425 Max is one of the highest MOI drivers that Ping has ever created. 

Ping G425 Max Features

  • Stock shaft: TFC 80D Graphite
  • Stock grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 Lite
  • Extras: Includes headcover and adjustment tool for hosel

The driver has an adjustable hosel that lets you change the loft by 1.5 degrees. Therefore you can fine-tune this to work for your needs. Ping worked hard to create turbulators on the club that helped it move through the air faster. This technology has done a great job of improving overall speed. 


  • Long distance drive
  • Flexible face for extra yardage
  • Low center of gravity and 26-gram movable weight 
  • Adjustable hosel, change the loft +/-1.5°


  • The unique clubhead shape is not a great fit for all players 

Read the many 5-star reviews by golfers:

“I’ve been using multiple drivers trying to upgrade my bag this year. I prefer a wider clubface like the 425 max. It is easier to hit straight with a squarer face. Exceptionally less face curvature compared to distance designs like the stealth and other companies seeking max distance…..I have a solid approach and short game so really just need a fairway finder. Do yourself a favor and get this straight driver.”

– Villarreal, (Ping G425 Max Driver, Senior Ladies Driver review)

Best Ladies Fairway Woods & Hybrids

🏌️‍♀️ Best Ladies Fairway Woods: TaylorMade Stealth Fairway Wood

TaylorMade Stealth Fairway Wood

The TaylorMade Stealth Fairway Wood features a 3D Carbon Crown, but it does not have the same carbon twist face you see in the driver. However, even without the Carbon Twist Face, the club still has the original TaylorMade Twist Face that helps to increase forgiveness across the entire club head. 

TaylorMade Stealth Fairway Wood Features

Fairway Wood Loft LengthLieVolume
3HL Wood – 16.5°42.25″59°190cc
5 Wood – 18°41.25″59.5°165cc
7 Wood – 21°40.75″60°165cc
9 Wood – 24°40.25″60.5°155cc
Source: TGW

In addition, Speed Pocket technology was utilized once again. The bottom line here is that the club is the fact, it has great turf interaction, and even though it’s rather large, you can swing it with ease. 


  • Impressive advances to increase alignment 
  • Lightweight ladies shaft for better speed
  • Flexible twist face 
  • V Steel Sole improves turf interaction 


  • New release with higher pricing 

Read some of the outstanding reviews by golfers

“Love my Stealth…fairway woods. I got the 3 wood and the 7th wood. These clubs have vastly improved my golf game since i am able to get to the green much easier.”

– Mary, (Stealth Ladies Fairway Woods review)

🏌🏻 Best Hybrid for Women: Callaway Rogue ST Max OS Lite 

Callaway Rogue ST Max OS Lite, Best Golf Clubs for Senior Women

The Callaway Rogue ST Max OS Lite is the best hybrid for senior women golfers. We were really impressed with the launch and ball speed we got from the Rogue ST.

Senior women golfers often replace quite a few of their irons with hybrids. This golf club comes in the following options:

Golf ClubLoftLengthLie
3 Hybrid21°40″59°
4 Hybrid24°39.5″59.5°
5 Hybrid27°39″60°
6 Hybrid30°38.5″60.5°
7 Hybrid33°38″61°
8 Hybrid36°37.5″61.5°
Source: TGW

Each of these features a low center of gravity, tremendous stability, and the AI Flash Face Cup that has made the Rogue series so successful in 2022. The only thing to watch out for here is the loft you choose; it is not an adjustable hosel. 

Plus, TGW offers worry-free shopping, which makes this an easy decision. You can literally hit with the golf club for 30 days and decide if it’s the right fit for you.


  • Lightweight True Temper shaft 
  • Comes in 6 different lofts 
  • High ball speed 
  • The lightweight feel and long distance 


  • Hosel is not adjustable, be careful to get a loft you need

Read some of the rave reviews by other women golfers:

“I love my new hybrid. Hybrids are great when ball ends up in tall grass. I struggle with irons, so these hybrids are great…”

– Barbara, (Callaway Rogue, Best Senior Ladies Golf Clubs review)

Best Ladies Irons

🎯 Best Irons For Slow Swing Speeds: Cobra Air X

Cobra Air X

The Cobra Air X Iron is our favorite choice for the slower swing speed senior women golfers. When Cobra says that they made a golf club to be lightweight, they mean it! The Cobra Air X golf irons have a thin face to increase speed and a bit of offset to improve overall forgiveness

The Cobra Air X features:

ClubLoftLengthLie Offset
7 Iron31.5°36.5″62.5°4.73mm
8 Iron35.5°36″63°3.96mm
9 Iron40°35.5″63.5°3.08mm
Pitching Wedge45°35.25″64°2.43mm
Sand Wedge55°34.75″64°0.97mm
Source: TGW

If you are looking for something that flies high and allows you to get extra speed without swinging any harder, the Cobra Air X is a perfect choice. In addition, the set transitions nicely into the iron set to improve options for women golfers. 


  • High-launching golf irons 
  • Comes in golf club sets as an option for your golf bag
  • Lots of forgiveness in the wedges for bunker shots 
  • Variable face thickness


  • With lightweight irons, feel can be difficult in the shorter clubs 

⛳️ Best Golf Irons for Senior Ladies (Mid-Handicappers): TaylorMade Stealth Ladies Combo Set 

TaylorMade Stealth Ladies Combo Set 

When we hit the TaylorMade Stealth Women’s Combo Irons Set this year, we were really impressed with the feel. This is our favorite iron set for mid handicappers.

TaylorMade used an ECHO Damping System to help absorb vibration. The idea was to improve overall feel and stability while increasing launch and total distance. 

Golf Club Set Specifications Features

  • Material: Graphite shaft
  • Technology: Cap Back Design with toe wrap that expands distance for your golf game
  • Construction: According to the manufacturer it has a 15% higher MOI than the SIM Max
  • Hand Orientation: Right Handed

TaylorMade has been working its way up for a few years through the M series and the SIM series, and now we are on to the Stealth. The Stealth is a very clean-looking iron and much less bulky than other choices for women golfers. If you are a mid-handicapper with some scoring ability, this is a great option to consider. 


  • Works well for average swing speeds in stock shaft 
  • Impressive ball speed consistency 
  • ECHO Damping system 
  • Toe wrap construction for better distance 


  • Does not have a very thick or wide sole like other women’s golf irons 

Best Wedges For Senior Women Golfers 

🥇 Best Overall Wedge for Senior Ladies: Cleveland RTX Zipcore Tour Satin Wedge

Cleveland RTX ZIpcore Tour Satin Wedge

The Cleveland RTX Zipcore Tour Satin is the best overall wedge for senior women golfers. One of the best things about the short game for senior ladies is that this is an area where you can still compete with the young girls!

Nothing stops a senior woman golfer from hitting a chip closer to the hole than a young player. Therefore it makes sense to get technology in the wedges that can improve spin consistency, distance control, and overall feel. 

The Cleveland RTZ Zipcore utilized the UltiZip grooves, which are sharp, deep, and narrow. The result is a golf ball that spins like crazy and keeps water and debris from slowing your shots down. 


  • Great feel
  • Good consistency 
  • Easy to hit out of bunkers
  • Comes stock with a woman’s graphite shaft 


  • Cavity back style wedges are not as workable as blade style 

🦈 Best Wedge for Spin: Callaway Ladies Jaws MD5 

Callaway Ladies Jaws MD5  22

If you struggle to get the ball to stop on the greens, you need to look at the golf ball you use and the wedge you have in play. The Callaway Jaws MD5 is the one you will want if the spin is a major concern for you. 

Callaway Jaws MD5 Features

  • Material: Soft carbon steel construction
  • Shaft: UST Recoil Graphite
  • Loft: 56.0
  • Bounce: 12.0
  • Grind: W Grind

The Jaws MD5 features Groove in Groove Technology for more grip and maximum spin. In addition, the optimized head shape progression allows for the higher lofted wedges to have a more workable design. Even though these wedges are geared toward the low to mid-handicappers, all senior women golfers can benefit from more spin. 


  • Clean design 
  • Maximum spin
  • Can stop a ball even out of the rough 
  • W Grind is wider in the center and toe, narrower at the heel


  • Won’t have as much forgiveness 
  • Righ-Handed only

Best Putter For Senior Ladies 

🛶 Best Stable Putter: TaylorMade Spider Ladies GT Putter 

TaylorMade Spider Ladies GT Putter, womens most forgiving putter and best stable putter

The TaylorMade Ladies GT Putter helps senior women align the putter head and stabilize it as they come through impact. What we love about this putter is that it was specifically designed for women players.

TaylorMade GT Putter Specifications

  • Head Shape: Mallet Style Putter
  • Putter Grip: SuperStroke GT 1.0
  • Shaft: TM Fluted Feel; Single-bend hosel
  • Weight: 365 grams
  • Lie: 70°
  • Loft: 3°

In addition, a PureRoll2 insert was put in to help firm up the feel and get the ball rolling into the hole with some force. 


  • Very stable design, mallet style putter 
  • Great control on short putts 
  • High MOI design 
  • PureRoll2 insert
  • Includes headcover


  • Only one color choice option in the women’s model 

Read the rave reviews on this golf club

“It’s great and the face insets feels very responsive. My roommate loves it and perfect 3 dots. I wish they all had that instead of the line. The blue really stands out.”

– Chuy, (TaylorMade Putter, Best Senior Ladies Golf Clubs review)

❤️‍🩹 Best Putter For Feel: Odyssey Ladies White Hot OG 7 

Odyssey Ladies White Hot OG 7 

When it comes to feel in golf clubs, the Odyssey putters have always done a tremendous job. We were thrilled when Odyssey decided to bring back the original formula White Hot two-part urethane insert.

Odyssey Ladies White Hot OG 7 Specifications

  • Putter Head Shape: Mallet Head
  • Grip: Odyssey Pistol
  • Weight: 355 grams
  • Lie: 70°
  • Loft: 3°

This was one of those things that should have never disappeared in the first place! With a mallet head design like this, senior ladies with a straight back and straight-through putting stroke will benefit greatly. 


  • Impressive sound and feel 
  • Face balanced design 
  • Silver PVD finish
  • Milled surface finish
  • Impressive performance and consistency


  • With the stroke lab shaft, pricing gets high 

Buyers Guide: What To Look For In Golf Clubs For Senior Ladies 

When you shop for golf clubs for ladies, there are a few key tips that you should keep in mind. These key tips we have discovered over many years of purchasing senior ladies’ golf clubs. 

  • Always look for a low center of gravity to help increase launch and overall forgiveness. 
  • Graphite shafts are needed in all clubs, aside from the putter. 
  • Don’t be afraid to go with a higher loft on the driver or fairway woods; this will increase forgiveness and improve overall results. 
  • Having several hybrids in the bag is a good thing! 
  • Choose wedges known for high spin rates; higher spinning wedges allow the ball to stop on the green, and senior ladies can make a putt to save the hole. 
  • Think about taking long irons out of the bag and using hybrids instead 
  • With a putter, stability is very important; larger mallet head putters can offer that for senior ladies. 

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FAQ: Best Senior Ladies Golf Clubs 

Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions about the best golf clubs for senior ladies. 

What golf clubs are recommended for senior ladies?

Senior ladies should look for golf clubs with lightweight golf shafts, low center of gravity, and high launch. 

How far should a 60 year old woman hit a golf ball?

A 60-year-old woman can hit a golf ball as far as 200 yards or more if their swing speed allows it. With slower swing speeds, women golfers may see driver distances of about 125 yards faster speeds will get the ball 175 yards or more. 

What is the difference between senior and ladies’ golf clubs?

Most of the time, the only difference between senior and ladies’ golf clubs is the shaft length. The shaft flexibility is very similar in the ladies’ and seniors’ clubs. 

Final Thoughts 

Hopefully, you now feel a bit more confident in the best senior ladies golf clubs. If you think it’s too much of a project to put a complete golf club set together, think about going with a ladies’ complete set.

However, when you combine the best senior driver with some of the best wedges and irons in the game, you will get a golf club set that performs considerably better than most. Fine-tuning equipment to a player’s needs is always the best choice. 

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