7 Best Golf Clubs For Short Men In 2023 + Buyers Guide

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I recently chatted to a short gentleman at my home club about the ins and outs of shaft length. He explained that he swung shortened shafts for five years before switching to regular-length clubs for the added swing speed. This caused us to find the best golf clubs for short men in 2023, and we did.

In this post, I share the findings, which may surprise one or two folks. Although several options are shorter and specifically built for you, others are regular-length golf clubs shorter golfers still thrive with.

7 Best Golf Clubs For A Short Man 

🥇Top Pick | Best Golf Clubs for Short Men 

MacGregor DCT 3000 Golf Club Set

MacGregor DCT 3000 Golf Club Set; Best Golf Clubs for Short Men 


  • Affordable
  • Shafts cut down by 1 inch for shorter golfers
  • Forgiving golf clubs
  • The set includes golf bag
  • Easy launching hybrids


  • The regular shaft may prove too stiff for some seniors
  • The set does not include a sand wedge

The MacGregor DCT 3000 is a complete golf set fitted with reduced shafts for shorter players. Every golf shaft is shortened by a 1-inch to increase your control and improve your smash factor on every shot. Eleven golf clubs feature in the set and are comfortably housed in a spacious golf cart bag.

In addition to its set composition, I appreciated its affordable price tag and the optimal forgiveness of the clubs. A high MOI driver and putter enhance your accuracy off the tee and around the green. The perimeter-weighted irons maintain ball speed and spin across the clubface.

Despite the many positives, these MacGregor golf clubs are far from perfect. The set does not feature a sand wedge, and the regular flex shafts may prove stiff for some seniors. Finally, the 10.5-degree driver is relatively strong for the slowest swingers in the game.

🥈 Runner Up | Best Golf Club Sets for Short Men

Precise M5 Golf Club Sets

Precise M5 Golf Club Sets


  • Super affordable
  • One of the best starter golf clubs for short men
  • Easy launching golf clubs
  • The driver delivered ample forgiveness
  • Lightweight carry bag
  • A High MOI putter encourages greater accuracy


  • No sand wedge in the set
  • Only 10 clubs are included in the set

Precise Golf manufactures entry-level sets for beginners and weekend warriors looking to reduce equipment expenses. The M5 earns second place for a lightweight carry bag, affordable price, and the forgiveness they offer beginners.

The set includes 10 golf clubs, which does not cover all bases. However, it is all you need to navigate the golf course as a part-time player. I felt the oversized driver head provided excellent MOI for straighter shots, and the irons maintained velocity and spin across the clubface.

The lack of a sand wedge in the set increases the difficulty of chipping and bunker shots, which is less desirable for beginners. However, for the price and quality of the clubs, you can always acquire a sand wedge separately.

💲 Best Value Set For Short Men

Wilson Ultra Golf Club Set

Wilson Ultra Golf Club Set


  • The set includes a sand wedge
  • Impressive distance off the tee
  • Comfortable carry bag
  • The standard clubs size works for shorter golfers
  • Easy launching irons


  • The set only includes 10 clubs (no short clubs)
  • Not specifically constructed for shorter golfers

I have always admired Wilson’s ability to put the average golfer first and produce affordable, high-performing equipment. The Wilson Ultra Set offers the best value for money to short golfers this year for their easy launch, forgiveness, and rounded set composition.

Although the Wilson Ultra Golf Clubs do not feature shorter shafts, a friend who is 5’7 says the regular length works for him. In my experience, the driver in the set delivered excellent distance for a lightweight beginner driver and increased forgiveness.

In addition, the irons were incredibly easy to launch, which slower-swinging seniors will appreciate. I enjoyed the addition of a sand wedge which made life around the greens easier. However, the set could have included more power at the top end of the bag.

Read the rave reviews on these standard men’s golf clubs:

🎁 Best Luxury Set for Short Men

PXG 0211 Z Tactical 10 Golf Club Set

PXG 0211 Z Tactical 10 Golf Club Set


  • The clubs are easy to launch
  • The wedges deliver clean turf interaction
  • Exceptional putting alignment aid
  • Lightweight carry bag suits the walking golfer
  • The putter produces clean and consistent roll


  • A 6-iron is the longest iron in the set
  • Chunky wedge and iron profile

If you prefer the finer products in life, then the PXG 0211 Z Tactical 10 should pique your interest. Compared to other golf sets, it stands out for its quality, appearance, and the clubs feel. Plus, beginners enjoy ample forgiveness, consistent distance, and glare resistance at address.

The driver, fairway, and hybrid proved a breeze to consistently launch high and long, and the irons maintained velocity on all shots. Although the wedges featured a chunky profile, they were forgiving and consistent for the average golfer. Plus, they produced clean turf interaction from every lie.

Next, I admired the Runway Reticle alignment aid design, which made it easy to line up every putt. I think beginners will find it easier to align the putter with the target and produce greater consistency on all putts.

Finally, a lightweight stand bag holds the 10 clubs, making it a comfortable carry for walking golfers. The only negative of these golf clubs is the chunky iron and wedge profiles which superior golfers disapprove of.

🏆 Best Overall Set for Short Men Over 50 (Senior Golfers)

Wilson Profile SGI Golf Set

Best Overall Set for Short Men Over 50; Wilson Profile SGI Golf Set


  • A set ideal for senior golfers
  • Ample forgiveness
  • Entry-level price tag
  • Lightweight carry bag
  • Easy launching woods and hybrids


  • The set lacks long irons
  • No sand wedge is included in the set 
  • Golf bag tends to not hold up

As you reach the ranks of a senior golfer, you may find your swing slowing and your distance fading. Fortunately, the Wilson Profile SGI range is crafted for seniors golfer to produce an easy launch, maximum leniency, and adequate distance.

These golf clubs are not specifically constructed for shorter men, yet standard-length designs work for the average short golfer. A rock-bottom price tag, accurate golf clubs, and a funky yellow bag attracted my attention.

In addition, the driver delivered impressive distance, and the perimeter-weighted irons maintained spin and ball speed on all shots. While I appreciated the forgiveness, I felt the irons restricted my workability and control of approach.

My main grudge with this beginner golf club set stems from the lack of a sand wedge and long irons, which I prefer. 

🏌️‍♂️ Best Standard Length Option

Callaway Strata Golf Set

Callaway Strata Golf Set


  • Quality clubs with long, mid, and short golf clubs
  • High-launching woods, hybrids, and irons
  • Promotes a soft landing on approach
  • Forgiving clubs, ideal for beginner golfers
  • The set includes a lightweight carry golf bag


  • There are no long irons if you despise hybrids
  • Some shorter golfers may find the standard length too long for their posture.

The Callaway Strata is not the first standard clubs option this year. My 5’7 buddy has no issue launching, thanks to their lightweight construction and lenient clubhead design. Plus, they feature a well-balanced mix of long, mid, and short clubs for beginners.

The driver was easy to rip and produced a high launch and optimal carry distance, a trait senior golfers will appreciate. In addition, the enlarged driver head reduced sidespin and retained ball zip on off-center strikes.

Next, the hybrids and fairway wood produced clean turf interaction prompting high ball flight for increased carry yardage on approach. The irons and wedges generated similar results to the irons, prompting high flight and a swift bite into the green.

Overall, the Callaway Strata is a well-balanced set of standard-length golf clubs that are lenient, long, and moderately affordable.

💥 Easiest Launching Set for a Short Man

MacGregor CG3000 Golf Club Set

MacGregor CG3000 Golf Club Set


  • Affordable
  • Weak lofted woods for a high, consistent launch
  • Increase your control of the golf club
  • Forgiving, high-launching irons
  • Light carry bag suits the walking golfer


  • The regular shaft may prove too stiff for seniors with slower clubhead speed
  • The set misses a sand wedge and an additional long-game club.

Capping off our list of best golf clubs for short men in 2023 is the MacGregor CG3000 range. This highly affordable set earns the prize for the most effortless launching set for a short golfer because of its weaker lofted woods and flexible iron clubfaces.

The shafts on these irons are shortened by an inch to cater to lower-lying chaps, who should enjoy improved control of the club on the downswing. I improved my smash factor when I used these clubs, but it did reduce my swing speed.

Slower swingers will appreciate the higher lofted driver, which sits at 13 degrees, and the accompanying 3-wood at 18 degrees. Along with the forgiving cavity back irons, I found the entire set simple to get airborne.

My only complaint is the lack of a sand wedge in the set, which adds to my chipping challenges. However, given its entry-level price, you can acquire the individual sand wedge you desire.

What To Look For When Purchasing Golf Clubs For Short Men In 2023

Custom Fitting

If you are uncertain of the best specs for your swing, I recommend getting fitted by a professional. It helps you gain insight into which lengths optimize your performance. However, if your budget and time do not allow for a fitting, I have provided some tips below.


Some shorter men golfers may require specially reduced golf clubs to accommodate posture and lie angle. However, in other cases, you can excel with standard-length golf clubs. A more dominant factor than the height is your wrist-to-floor measurement.

Wrist To Floor

Ping Fitting Chart
Photo Credit: Ping Fitting Chart

Although some golfers stand at 5 ‘7, their body shapes and size likely differ, which leads to a different posture and wrist-to-floor measurement.

Let your arms hang casually, and ask a playing partner to measure the length from your inside wrist crease to the floor. Once you have this measurement check your ideal shaft length and clubface lie on this Ping Fitting Chart.

Swing Speed

Your swing speed also provides a guideline for an ideal shaft flex and wood lofts for your game. Golfers who swing a driver under 83 mph are best suited to clubs with senior or ladies’ flex shafts, which generate increased whip leading into impact. 

In addition, slower swing speeds are best with weaker lofted drivers and fairway woods, given the added launch they provide.

Conversely, golfers with average clubhead speeds ranging from 84 to 95 mph perform best with a regular shaft and can handle moderate lofts.

Finally, the length of a golf club shaft impacts your swing speed and smash factor. If your golf shaft is lengthier than standard, you may generate an accelerated clubhead pace but produce off-center strikes. On the contrary, a shorter golf shaft reduces swing speed and increases control for a cleaner strike.


The final factor to consider is your budget. Golf club sets range from under $300 to over $1600, depending on the number of golf clubs and their technology. As a beginner, you may wish to minimize spending on your initial purpose until you are sure you love the sport.

At that point, you can upgrade your set and find better-suited clubs for your swing.

Final Thoughts on the Best Golf Clubs for Short Men

The best clubs for short men in 2023 show that regular-length golf clubs still work for our shorter golfers. Your wrist-to-floor measurement is more important than your total height, as it impacts your shaft length and lie angle.

If you are unsure of your wrist-to-floor measurement, refer to my guide for instructions or get a custom fitting.

Before I wrap up, let me leave you with my top picks for 2023. The overall best was the MacGregor DCT3000 Golf Club Set for its affordable price and forgiving and easy-launching golf clubs.

I found the Precise M5 was a worthy runner-up for their affordability, lightweight carry bag, and easy-launching golf clubs. Finally, the Wilson Ultra Set is my best value-for-money pick because of the quality of golf clubs, leniency, and balanced composition.

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