6 Best Golf Clubs For Short Men In 2024 + Buyers Guide

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The MacGregor DCT 3000 set are the best golf clubs for short men. I found the entry-level price, forgiving clubs, and a spacious golf cart bag set it apart from other clubs for short men.

My late father was shorter than the average golfer, which made it difficult to find golf clubs for his height. So, he had them custom-made. Fortunately, you do not need to endure this, as I have crafted a list of the best golf clubs for men 5’6″ and shorter.

Quick Summary: Best Golf Club Sets for Shorter Men

RankCategoryGolf Club Set
1Overall Best Golf Clubs for Short MenMacGregor DCT 3000 Golf Club Set
2Best Budget Golf Club Sets for Short MenProsimmon Golf V7
3Best Forgiving Golf Clubs For Short MenWilson Ultra Golf Club Set
4Best Overall Set for Short Men Over 50 (Senior Golfers)Wilson Profile SGI Golf Set
5Most Complete Short Men Golf ClubsCallaway Strata Golf Set
6Easiest Launching Set for a Short ManMacGregor CG3000 Golf Club Set

🏆 Overall Best Golf Clubs for Short Men

Top choice for Best golf clubs for short men: MacGregor DCT 3000 Golf Club Set

The MacGregor DCT 3000 set is affordable, forgiving, and consistent, making it the best overall clubs for short men. They offer shafts 1″ shorter than standard lengths to improve your posture, swing plane, and clubface control.

Eleven golf clubs feature in the set and are comfortably housed in a spacious golf cart bag. A high MOI driver and putter enhance your accuracy off the tee and around the green.

The perimeter-weighted irons maintain ball speed and spin across the clubface. Despite the many positives, these MacGregor golf clubs are far from perfect. The set does not feature a sand wedge, and the regular flex shafts may prove stiff for some seniors.


  • Affordable
  • Shafts cut down by 1 inch for shorter golfers
  • Forgiving golf clubs
  • The set includes a golf bag
  • Easy launching hybrids


  • The regular shaft may prove too stiff for some seniors
  • The set does not include a sand wedge

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🤑 Best Budget Golf Club Sets for Short Men

Budget Golf Club Set

Prosimmon Golf V7 Set

The Prosimmon V7 set is the best budget set for short men owing to its entry-level price tag and high launching clubs. I find the shafts best suited to individuals under 5’6″ seeking accelerated clubhead speed, elevated launch, and maximum forgiveness.

The 9 club set suits beginners searching for a basic set to get around the course. I feel the set is better structured for long game play, owing to its forgiving, high-flying woods and hybrids.

I would have preferred the presence of a sand wedge in the set to optimize short-game performance. However, it is an entry-level set, and the trade-off for a low price tag is fewer clubs.


  • Super affordable
  • Built for men shorter than 5’6″
  • High launch
  • Forgiving clubs


  • No sand wedge in the set
  • Only 9 clubs in the set

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🙏🏼 Best Forgiving Golf Clubs For Short Men

Forgiving Clubs

Wilson Ultra Golf Club Set

The expanded sweet spot, low center of gravity, and fast face make the Wilson Ultra the most forgiving for shorter gentlemen. Golfers over 50 will appreciate the ball speed and launch assistance for increased distance.

These golf clubs do not have shorter shafts, but they do work for golfers hovering around the 5’6″ to 5’7″ mark. While I welcomed the effortless launch from the woods and irons, I was disappointed with the short game set up.

Wilson only included a pitching wedge to handle short shots, which minimized my greenside control. However, I cannot complain, given its competitive price tag.

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  • The set includes a sand wedge
  • Impressive distance off the tee
  • Comfortable carry bag
  • The standard club size works for shorter golfers
  • Easy launching irons


  • The set only includes 10 clubs (no short clubs)
  • Not specifically constructed for shorter golfers

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⛳️ Best Overall Set for Short Men Over 50

Senior Complete Set

Wilson Profile SGI Golf Set

The Wilson Profile SGI Senior size is customized for players standing 5’5″ and up. The flexible senior shafts encourage acceleration on the downswing to boost power into impact for a high-launching shot.

The faster nature of the components allows senior golfers to generate consistent long-game distance. I found the offset irons were easier to square at contact, promoting straighter flight and improved accuracy.

Despite the impressive long-game clubs, I felt the set lacked at the lower end. It only includes a pitching wedge to chip with, but the price tag will leave you with additional funds in the kitty for a sand wedge.


  • A set ideal for senior golfers
  • Ample forgiveness
  • Entry-level price tag
  • Lightweight carry bag
  • Easy launching woods and hybrids


  • The golf set lacks long irons
  • No sand wedge is included in the set 
  • Golf bag tends to not hold up

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💪🏻 Most Complete Short Men Golf Clubs

Best Complete Set

Callaway Strata Golf Set

The Callaway Strata set offers the most complete set for shorter individuals. A fine balance of long, mid, and short clubs covers every aspect of your game. A driver, fairway wood, hybrid, 4 irons, 2 wedges, and putter make up the set.

Unlike several sets for short men, the Callaway Strata clubs include a sand wedge for greenside duty. Although the shafts are standard size, my 5’6 buddy has no issue launching these golf clubs.

Their lightweight construction and lenient clubhead design make them suitable for slower-swinging seniors.


  • Complete set
  • Boosts swing speed
  • Lightweight stand bag
  • Forgiving clubs


  • There are no long irons if you despise hybrids
  • Some shorter golfers may find the standard length too long for their posture.

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🏌️‍♂️Easiest Launching Set for a Short Man

Beginner Golf Set

MacGregor CG3000 Golf Club Set

The MacGregor CG3000 has the easiest launching clubs stemming from their weak lofts and low CG. The 13° sent the ball consistently high off the tee, while the 18° fairway wood performed optimally off the deck.

The shafts on these irons are shortened by an inch to cater to lower-lying chaps, who should enjoy improved control of the club on the downswing. I improved my smash factor when I used these clubs, but it did reduce my swing speed.

The lack of a sand wedge in the set made it challenging to generate meaningful spin on chips.


  • Affordable
  • Weak lofted woods for a high, consistent launch
  • Increase your control of the golf club
  • Forgiving, high-launching irons
  • Light carry bag suits the walking golfer


  • The shorter shafts cost me swing speed
  • The set misses a sand wedge
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What To Look For When Purchasing Golf Clubs For Short Men

Shorter golfer testing golf clubs with a golf fitter with senior golf source at an indoor golf simulatorr

Custom Fitting

If you are uncertain of the best specs for your swing, I recommend getting fitted by a professional. It helps you gain insight into which lengths optimize your performance. However, if your budget and time do not allow for a fitting, I have provided some tips below.


Some shorter men golfers may require specially reduced golf clubs to accommodate posture and lie angle. However, in other cases, you can excel with standard-length golf clubs. A more dominant factor than the height is your wrist-to-floor measurement.

Wrist To Floor

Ping fitting chart

Photo Credit: Ping Fitting Chart

Although some golfers stand at 5 ‘7, their body shapes and sizes likely differ, which leads to a different posture and wrist-to-floor measurement.

Let your arms hang casually, and ask a playing partner to measure the length from your inside wrist crease to the floor. Once you have this measurement, check your ideal shaft length and clubface lie on this Ping Fitting Chart.

Swing Speed

Your swing speed also provides a guideline for an ideal shaft flex and wood lofts for your game. Golfers who swing a driver under 83 mph are best suited to clubs with senior or ladies’ flex shafts, which generate increased whip leading into impact. 

In addition, slower swing speeds are best with weaker lofted drivers and fairway woods, given the added launch they provide.

Conversely, golfers with average clubhead speeds ranging from 84 to 95 mph perform best with a regular shaft and can handle moderate lofts.

Finally, the length of a golf club shaft impacts your swing speed and smash factor. If your golf shaft is lengthier than standard, you may generate an accelerated clubhead pace but produce off-center strikes. On the contrary, a shorter golf shaft reduces swing speed and increases control for a cleaner strike.


The final factor to consider is your budget. Golf club sets range from under $300 to over $1600, depending on the number of golf clubs and their technology. As a beginner, you may wish to minimize spending on your initial purpose until you are sure you love the sport.

At that point, you can upgrade your budget golf set and find better-suited clubs for your swing. Here are our favorite golf clubs for senior players, which can customized to your height.

Final Thoughts

The best clubs for shorter men tend to feature shafts 1 inch shorter than standard. However, my review revealed that shorter golfers can get away with swinging standard-length clubs, as my 5’6″ friend discovered.

The MacGregor DCT3000 Golf Club Set was a class above its peers for affordability, consistency, and forgiveness. I also appreciated the storage space in the cart bag, allowing me to carry everything I needed on the golf course.

If you are categorized as a shorter golfer, I would like to know what setup you prefer? Do you use shortened shafts, or do standard-length golf clubs do the trick?

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