WellPutt Mat Review | The Best Golf Putting Mat in 2024?

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Looking for the best golf putting mat to improve accuracy? Check out our Wellputt Mat review to learn the pros and cons of this putting training system.

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WellPutt Mat Review

As an amateur golfer, I continually strive to refine my game to shave a few strokes wherever possible!

One missed putt can make or break you on the course – especially in tournament play. As a working professional and mom, there isn’t time to go to the golf course daily. So, having the ability to do putting practice at home is essential! 

I decided to invest in a WellPutt Golf Putting Training 13′ Mat. This review will delve into my experiences and why it’s a game-changer for any golfer looking to improve their putting skills. I also include pros and cons so you can make an informed decision before you buy.

To begin this WellPutt putting mat review, here is a quick summary of the 13-foot and 10-foot mats.

WellPutt 13′ Golf Putting Training Mat

$189.00 Amazon Prime

Updated on 2024-05-28

13 Feet Long

WellPutt Mat Review - photo of the 13'

The WellPutt Putting Mat 13′ measures exactly 13 feet x 1.64 feet.

It has two rolling speeds (11.5′ and 10′ stimp) and multiple visual aids to practice your putting accuracy and distance control.

Made out of premium fibers, it is UV resistant. Plus, it’s easy to clean up.

The WellPutt Mat comes with a lifetime guarantee and has two color options green and black.

The WellPutt App is compatible with iOS and Android users, which has 3 courses based on skill level with 18 holes (exercises) each. In addition there are 2 games that offer a multiple player competition experience.

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  • Easy to roll out, and lays flat with no kinks
  • The two rolling speeds and alignment lines assist with putting accuracy
  • Lifetime guarantee


  • Not as ideal on shag carpets or spongy surfaces
  • No ball return
  • Cannot practice breaking putts

We may earn a commission, at no additional cost to you.

WellPutt 10′ High-Speed Training Mat

$149.00 Amazon Prime

Updated on 2024-05-28

10′ Putting Mat

WellPutt 10' High-Speed Training Mat

WellPutt Putting Mat comes in 3 sizes, the 10-foot being the smallest in size. The 10′ mat is almost exactly like the 13′, except being smaller in size (length).

One area that sets the WellPutt Putting Mat apart is the training exercises using the WellPutt app.

At first glance, this looks like a simple putting mat, but the result is pretty impressive when you combine 54 exercises on 3 different challenge levels. 

In other words, you won’t quickly outgrow this training tool, and you can use it outdoors too.

The mat also has two rolling speeds, 11.5 and 10, depending on your direction. 


  • Comes with training exercises to work on your accuracy and distance control
  • Effective ball speed training
  • Works great in compact spaces and can roll up
  • Helps with eye positioning


  • Not ideal on shag carpets or spongy surfaces
  • Not meant for practicing breaking putts
  • No ball return
  • Cannot practice putts as long as the bigger mat options

We may earn a commission, at no additional cost to you.

WellPutt Mat Review | Full Details + Learning My Putting Mistakes

Growing up in the 80s and 90s, my Dad would throw down a couple of quarters on the living room carpet, and we would practice together. Back then, our carpet was a hunter-green color, so it kind of worked (mentally)! But needless to say, we have come a long way with much better options like the WellPutt Mat.

Quality Material

When using a putting mat, there is a texture difference than putting on a typical putting green. So, being a skeptic, I like to look at quality first. My initial impression of the Wellputt Golf Putting Training Mat is its undeniable premium quality.

I’ve owned it for several months with multiple players using it, and it maintains the same level of consistency whether on my tile or wood floors.  

Alignment Lines

WellPutt Mat Up Close showing lines

The alignment lines on the putting mat will help train you on what your natural putting stroke tends to do.

For example, I tend to push the golf ball to the left. As I practiced, I would steadily improve by following the lines. I would also hit about 10 to 15 putts before heading out for a round of golf.  

Taking the WellPutt Mat out of the box, the edges were nice and crisp. The mat offers a stimp speed between 10 feet (distance control) to 11.5 feet (accuracy practice) providing a true-to-life experience akin to putting on a medium-to-fast green. The stimp speed is directional (putt one way for 10′ stimp speed. and the other way for 11.5′ stimp speed).

The realistic feel of the mat has made my indoor practice sessions more productive and rewarding. However, like every putting mat, it isn’t the same as a golf course with true weather conditions such as wind, rain, or super dry fast-rolling greens.  

⛳️ Pro Tip: Use the WellPutt Mat on a hard, solid surface for a premium experience. While you can use it on the carpet, it can change feel and create a more spongy feel.

Versatile Training Book & App

Photo of the training book and app

A WellPutt Mat is more than just a putting surface; it’s a comprehensive training tool. Training books and an app (compatible with iOS and Android) are packed with the mat and provide up to 50 exercises.

The range of exercises caters to all skill levels, from beginners to seasoned golfers. In my experience, these exercises have added a new dimension to my practice, allowing me to work on various aspects of my putting game.

Endorsement by a Golf Pro

The Wellputt Mat comes with a noteworthy recommendation from Coach Cameron McCormick. Known primarily as the long-term coach of Jordan Spieth and Daniel Berger, McCormick’s reputation as a master strategist in game mechanics has made him one of the most sought-after coaches in the sport. 

Practical Sizes and Durable Material

You can purchase the best fit for your needs and the size of your future putting area.

Don’t forget to measure before you buy! The WellPutt Mat sizes give you the option if you have space constraints.

To practice long and short putts, I chose the 13-foot mat, which fit ideally in my home while offering adequate length. 

In terms of durability, the mat is UV resistant, allowing for outdoor use without concern for sun damage. However, to be fully transparent, I don’t leave it outside and have not tested its capacity on how it will weather long-term.  

The WellPutt Mat is effortless to clean and store. I use the same box it came in to quickly roll it up and tuck it away when not in use. It’s ideal for amateur golfers working with limited space.  

Fun & Effective for Putting Practice

The most enjoyable aspect of the WellPutt Mat is that it merges skill improvement while having fun. As a person with no intention of becoming a professional golfer, I want to play golf well but, most importantly, enjoy the limited time I have. 

The variety of exercises keeps training engaging, and the progress in my putting precision has been immensely gratifying. I’ve found myself looking forward to my practice sessions, thanks to the interactive element the Wellputt Mat brings.

Important Buying Considerations

photo of the wellputt box

The WellPutt Mat is an effective tool for improving distance, control, and aim in your putting game.

It is worth noting that the design of this mat is optimized for flat surfaces, thus limiting its utility for practicing breaking putts.

Nonetheless, a degree of adaptability can be achieved by strategically positioning the mat on a slightly uneven surface, thereby introducing a modicum of variation in the putting experience.

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Final Thoughts | WellPutt Mat Review 

The WellPutt Golf Putting Training Mat is a high-quality, versatile, and enjoyable golf training aid for any golfer looking to hone their putting skills.

I have found the WellPutt Mat to be a significant addition my golf training equipment. It has undoubtedly elevated my putting game, and I am confident you will also notice improvement. 

I hope you found this Wellputt putting mat review helpful. You may also want to read our article on other top golf training aids you can use at home or outdoors next!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Wellputt App Free?

The WellPutt App is free to utilize and has 50+ games to use on it. The WellPutt App makes the mat more fun and exciting, plus you can do group games with it! Keep in mind, there are different games for each type of mat.

Does the WellPutt App Provide a Training Program?

Yes, this free WellPutt App includes 3 levels of training referred to as orange (beginner), blue (confirmed), black (professional) levels, and platinum (master – 26′ mat). Every level has 18 holes/challenges you play.

Does the WellPutt Putting Mat Come with a Case?

The WellPutt Mat comes in a box that can be used to store it rolled up. It does not have a separate carrying case.

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