20 Best Golf Training Aids in 2023 [Golf Expert Review]

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Looking for the best golf training aids in 2023? Our golf expert covers her top picks to improve your golf game.

If you have a swing flaw, you can simply play with it, go for a lesson, or try to work it out yourself. If you are someone that wants to take the hands on approach and come up with a solution, the best golf training aids on the market can help. 

Here are some of the best golf training aids by category covered in this article:

  • Best Golf Training Aids for Senior Golfers
  • Golf Training Aids for Slice or Hook (Hit the Golf Ball Straighter)
  • Best Swing Tempo Trainers
  • Best Swing Plane Training Aids
  • Best Indoor Golf Training Aids
  • Best Golf Training Aids for the Golf Course
  • Best Golf Training Aid for Over the Top 
  • Best Short Game Training Aids

Let’s take a look at which one will work best for your game. 

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Best Golf Training Aids: What To Look For

Golf training aids can transform your golf game and make your time on the golf course much more enjoyable. However, some of the training aids out there are not all that effective.

If you are ready to get the perfect training aid that really makes a difference, here are the key things to look for

  • Choose something portable and easy to use; there is no need to get yourself stuck in a contraption; it’s not realistic. 
  • Find a training aid that focuses specifically on the issues you are having in your game; if some things are good, let them be! 
  • Don’t buy every new training aid that comes to market; choose the ones you can grow with and become better with through the years. 
  • Schedule time to use the aid, even if it’s just 15 or 20 minutes a week; you will feel as though you get your money’s worth if you use it. 
  • If you are a senior golfer, speed-enhancing golf training aids can be very beneficial. 

Best Golf Training Aids for Senior Golfers 

Senior golfers tend to lose some club head speed and balance as they age. Here are our favorite training aids for the senior golfers that need just a little help to get the same results they did in years past. 

DownUnder Board 2.0 Tour Edition

The DownUnder Board 2.0 is an adjustable board that helps the golfer understand the importance of ground forces in the swing. Take the Down Under Board and adjust it to fit between your feet as you swing. There are adjustments for any golf club in your bag. 

When you hold the inside of your feet tight together to keep the board in place, your balance will improve and ensure you are getting more power and better sequencing. This is a unique training aid that works quite well and is used on the PGA Tours. 


  • Great for any skill level 
  • Helps seniors that are losing power with poor foot action 
  • Adjustable for irons and drivers
  • Training videos included with purchase 


  • It’s advertised as being helpful for chipping, but it is not our favorite choice for chipping aids 

Read what other golfers are saying about this product:

“This board is helping me with my rotation and weight transfer. Also helps keep me down in my shot. Great tool to use also while warming up at range before a round. Would recommend!”

– Brian, (DownUnder Board, Best Golf Training Aid review)

SuperSpeed Golf Training System | Swing Speed Trainer

SuperSpeed Golf Swing Speed Training System

The SuperSpeed Golf Training System is great for senior golfers trying to get more speed in their swing. If you have felt that slow down happens through the years, the SuperSpeed will work to correct it. 

You can’t just start swinging harder when your golf swing speed slows down. There are repercussions here that cause issues. Instead, make sure that you are doing it gradually. This takes just ten minutes a day, three times per week, and you can see results in like 6 weeks. 


  • Training program provided
  • SuperSpeed Golf Training System is used by golf professionals
  • Comes in a senior weight 


  • Expensive golf swing training aid

Read what reviewers are saying about this product:

“If you stick with the training you will see gains, I came up from 93 to 102 in a few weeks. I was at a golf school, and the teaching pro, thought they were a waste of money. he then ask to try them, and following day wanted to buy them off me.. Get the swing radar also, so you can track improvement.”

– Brian, (SuperSpeed Training System, Best Golf Swing Training Aids review)

GoSports Golf Alignment Training Sticks | Best Golf Training Aid for Swing Plane

GoSports Golf Alignment Training Sticks (3 Pack), shows a man hitting golf balls using this golf training aid.

The alignment stick is one of the most underrated golf training aids. For senior golfers looking to improve their setup, stance, distance, and accuracy, the GoSports Alignment Training Sticks are a great option. 

In fact, we recommend practicing with golf alignment practice rods on the ground each time you practice.

These models are fairly priced, can be pushed into the ground easily, and will hold up over time. 


  • Dozens of ways to use golf alignment sticks
  • Helps you practice smarter
  • Swing plane trainers that can help with this issue


  • If you hit one the wrong way, the golf alignment aid can snap. 

Read what the other golf reviewers are saying about this product:

“I was skeptical of these when I bought them. They have turned out to be excellent alignment sticks in every regard. They fold up and go into the side pocket of my golf bag, as to not clutter up the top compartment. They are very sturdy one fully extended. I would buy these again!

– Brent (GoSports, Golf Swing Trainers review)

Divot Board | Swing Path Trainer

Divot Board | Swing Path Trainer

The Divot Board is a golf training aid that gives golfers a clear picture of where they are striking the golf ball. To hit a perfect shot, we need to hit the ball first and then the turf; the Divot Board shows how that is done. 

You can practice with the Divot Board both indoors and outdoors, and it gives instant feedback as to what you need to fix in your swing. We like how this training aid shows golfers how important even something like ball position can be when trying to ensure accurate ball striking. 


  • An indoor and outdoor practice tool 
  • Allows you instant feedback as to what your game needs to improve 
  • Simple yet effective concept


  • It can slide sometimes when you hit behind the golf ball 
  • Pricey golf training aid

Read what reviewers are saying about this golf training aid:

“I’m a beginner and couldn’t understand what was wrong with my swing. I had many lessons and practiced all the time. Only with this board I finally understood that I was swaying…. It took some time and swinging over and over on this board, even pretending it was the board’s fault for my improper swing, to get to that ahah moment. With all that swinging at the driving range I could never get to the same conclusion so the board paid for itself in terms of how much range balls cost.

Durability is dependent on your swing type. If you like to take deep divots this board will fall apart more quickly versus someone like me who likes to just graze the grass. The little discs do start to separate because it’s white glued to green but it’s still fully functional…”

– Klee, (Divot Board, Swing Path Trainer review)

Best Golf Training Aids to Straighten Out Ball Flight 

If you slice or hook the golf ball, these are the best training aids to get the golf ball back on the proper track again. 

FunPro Golf Slice Corrector | Best Golf Training Aid for Over the Top 

FunPro Golf Slice Corrector | Golf Swing Trainer Aid 

One of the main reasons that golfers are looking to purchase different training aids is to fix a slice. The FunPro Golf Slice Corrector makes sure that you shallow out your swing. You won’t be able to swing over the top with this device in place. 

We like that you can adjust the Fun Pro to work for your game. It’s a durable tool that can get hit with the club head a few times and won’t break. In addition, it only weighs 1.3 pounds, so you can bring it in your golf bag if that makes sense. 


  • It works well to help players visualize and feel a slice fix 
  • Lightweight and fits in the golf bag 
  • Adjustable and works for low to high handicaps 
  • It can be rotated for left or right-hand golfers 


  • It might take a few minutes to get the angles setup the way you want 

EyeLine Golf SpeedTrap 1.0 

Best Golf Training Aids - photo of Eyeline Golf SpeedTrap 1.0

The EyeLine Golf SpeedTrap 1.0 helps golfers hit longer and straighter golf shots. This is a tool that gives you the path to help ensure you are going to be able to swing the club through to the target. Swinging on the plane is an abstract concept for most golfers, but the EyeLine makes it much easier. 

We noticed this tool is a good solution for a slice but also allows you to fix a hook. In addition, it’s easy to see what to do and how to create a crisp divot when the Eyeline breaks it all down for you. 


  • Easy to use, swing path trainer
  • It can help players that are scooping the golf ball 
  • Distance and accuracy can be improved 
  • Compact and comes with a soft carry bag 


  • Some golfers are afraid to swing through with the bumpers and guides in place, but they won’t break if you make contact 

Read what reviews are saying about their recent purchase:

“I tried changing my swing, recently, and couldn’t do it. So, I tried to revert back to my old swing, which was pretty good, and I just couldn’t. I was “thinning” and “chunking” a lot. After using this, I’m now hitting it flush and straight consistently again. I highly recommend this.”

– DT (EyeLine, Best Golf Swing Training Aid review)

Best Short Game Training Aids

The short game is an area where even golfers with slower swing speeds can make up just as many strokes as the fast swing speed golfers. Here are our favorite tools for golfers looking to improve their short golf game. 

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GoSports Golf Strike Training Discs

GoSports Golf Strike Training Discs showing a box of white discs, 24 pack white

The GoSports Golf Strike Training Discs help golfers understand what it’s like to hit down and through a shot. This concept here is so simple, but it works to help improve chipping and ensure the skull and chunk shots are a thing of the past. 

There are 24 total training discs in here, and you can even use them with your putter to ensure a perfect putt. This is a great choice for golfers who need to learn how to make impact better in the short game. 


  • Simple golf training tool 
  • Fair pricing 
  • Teaches golfers have to have a more pure impact 
  • No more thin chip shots around the greens


  • It can be hard for golfers to get this motion down at first 
  • Depending on where you practice, it may be hard to find some of these discs after a session 

Callaway Chip Stix Golf Training Tool 

Callaway Chip Stix Golf Training Tool

The most common mistake golfers make when chipping is flipping their wrists. With the Callaway Chip Stix Golf Training Tool, you won’t be able to make this flipping motion with your wrists. The tool can attach to your wedge or even your short irons. 

Proper technique in chipping is something that you need to feel; the Callaway Chip Stix will help you feel it without issue. 


  • Great choice to help make wedge turf interaction cleaner 
  • Can work for low to high handicapper 
  • Durable and easy to store in the golf bag 


  • You may not need this tool for years, but once you get the concept, you may be able to move on 

Best Golf Training Aids to Use on the Golf Course 

It’s great to have a golf training aid to help you on the driving range, but sometimes heading out to the course requires certain tools to use as well. Here are a few you can use during your next practice round. 

EyeLine Golf Bullseye Cup

Eyeline Golf Bullseye Cup, showing the training aid and a golf ball

If you have a chance to play a practice round on the golf course, the Golf Bullseye Cup is a great tool to have with you. When you put the cup in place, the hole gets smaller, and you have to be more accurate. 


  • It helps you see the hole larger the next time you play
  • Lightweight and portable, bring with you on the course
  • Great for practice rounds


  • Can be tricky with putts that break 

Read what reviewers are saying on this putting aid:

“Works great, love it on my turf putting green & works well on real grass as well. Fits in a cup or has teeth to just set on a green and it holds up well, doesn’t slide around.”

– Paul, (EyeLine, Putting Training Tool review)

Perfect Practice Raindrop Putting Aid 

If you get a chance to go out to the course and practice, your putting the Perfect Practice Raindrop Putting Aid is a good choice. Dustin Johnson helped to create this tool and ensure that your putting is a bit more effective on the course. 

Essentially the Raindrop works as a guide to help you improve straight putts and breaking putts. The cable is 20ft long, so you can make your way across a good portion of the green.

We also like this as an option to practice your putting stroke and keep it straight under the string. 


  • Comes with 20ft of cable 
  • Can store easily in your golf bag
  • Helps with distance control, alignment, and accuracy 


  • Not the best practice device for those with an arc style putting stroke 
  • Quality issues noted by some reviewers

Best Training Aids for the Tech Savvy Golfer 

If you think golf training aids are not as technologically advanced as golf equipment, think again! There is so much technology in golf training aids. Here are a few of our favorites for golfers who like tech. 

EyeLine Golf Check Point Swing Laser | Outdoor & Indoor Golf Training Aids

EyeLine Golf Check Point Swing Laser

Some golfers are particular about positions in their golf swing. If you like to know where your golf club is at all times, the EyeLine Check Point Swing Laser is a great choice. All you need to do is take slow motion swings and look at where the laser is pointed. 

The instant feedback from the laser helps players understand their position and make necessary changes in the golf swing. 


  • Easy to see the stripe indoors and outdoors
  • Long and straight golf shots can result from the proper positions 
  • Two lasers, one pointing up and one pointing down


  • Sometimes the green laser is harder to see during an outdoor practice 

Flightscope Mevo Portable Golf Launch Monitor

FlightScope Mevo Launch Monitor

Some may not call a launch monitor a golf training aid, but it is! When you use something like the Flightscope Mevo Portable Launch Monitor, you can use the long drive and range competitions to help your performance. 

Flightscope also allows you to track your progress and save videos of your swing. Compare those videos, and you will be well on your way to some better golf. 


  • Captures 8 data parameters 
  • Includes challenges
  • A great way to track and monitor practice 
  • Lightweight and easy to travel with 


  • Will still need to combine with other training aids to get your golf game the way you want it 

Read some of the excellent reviews on this golf launch monitor:

“This is an impressive inexpensive launch monitor. (I don’t get why they call it a monitor, there is no monitor)…

But it does a decent job (and for its size it is amazing). Just don’t expect all the features you get in the 10K+ units. there is no lateral measure. there is no club impact angles or swing path measurements. If all you want is a decent distant measurement and spin, it is good.”

– JFrazer, (FlightScope, Golf Launch Monitor review)

Best Affordable Golf Training Aids 

Most golfers think that to get better at the game; you have to spend a ton of money. That just isn’t true! Here are some of our favorite affordable golf training aids. 

Scott Edward Swing Training Aid 

Scott Edward Swing Training Aid 

That flying elbow will be a thing of the past; the Scott Edward Swing Training Aid keeps your arms and body working together and at the correct angle. You can wear this while hitting golf balls or when you are simply taking practice swings. 


  • Fair pricing for an effective golf swing training aid
  • Keeps your arms straight and take the wrists out of it 
  • Works for both left and right-handed golfers 


  • It has to have a relatively tight fit to work; some golfers with smaller arms notice that it slides down
  • Make sure to get the right size 

FunJump Golf Swing Trainer | Best Golf Tempo Trainers

FunJump Golf Swing Trainer

The Orange Whip is one of the most popular golf training aids on the market, but the original version is not cheap, the FunJump brings the pricing down, but you still get some great benefits.

This is a warm-up and strength training tool that is 48 inches. For shorter golfers, there is a 40-inch model. 

The handle features a training grip; you simply use this for practice swings to develop a better swing tempo, more strength, and some increased flexibility. For this reason, it’s one of the best golf tempo trainers on the market.

If you prefer the original Orange Whip, it is also available to purchase on Amazon. While it is more costly, it is the original version of the Orange Whip is widely used by golfers.


  • Lower in price than competitors 
  • Helpful for warming up before a round 
  • Will fit in a golf bag
  • Comes with a training golf grip 


  • No option to purchase without the training grip
  • Does not feel quite as smooth as the premium Orange Whip 

Pocket Bunker Training Aid (Single Pack)

The Pocket Bunker Golf Training Aid helps players with difficulty getting out of the bunker. With this tool, you can practice bunker shots from anywhere. Simply follow the directions to hit the proper area and watch how the golf ball flies up with ease. 


  • Simulates a bunker without having to practice in the sand 
  • Good visualization for golfers
  • Can practice with it anywhere 
  • Fair pricing 


  • It will eventually wear out because of the materials it is made with 
  • Not compatible with SkyTrak

Best Golf Training Aids for Beginners 

There are plenty of training aids to help beginners focus on fundaments. Beginners need to get set up, stance and grip correctly before moving on in their game. Here are some of the best options for beginners to consider. 

SKLZ Golf Grip Trainer Attachment for Improving Hand Positioning

A proper golf grip does not feel natural for quite some time. If you are a new player and are unsure how to get your hands on the golf club properly, the SKLZ Grip Trainer is a great solution. This is a product that snaps on your current club and helps get your hands in the right position. 

You can pop this right on if you have standard or midsize grips. It’s a small tool that fits in your bag when you aren’t using it, and you can take it off when you feel like your grip is better. 


  • Great way to learn the fundamentals
  • Fair pricing 
  • Small enough to leave in the golf bag 


  • Not for left-handed golfers 

Read what reviewers are saying about this golf grip training aid:

“I thought I had my grip the way it should be but now I know why I kept slicing the ball, my grip was not centered with the club face an hosel, and my thumb was pointing slightly in the wrong direction, more slices and hooks than a pirate movie, but this corrected it, very quickly, now my drives are straight….I love this gadget for helping me. Alignment is key, look at the arrow on the tool and align it with the arrow or marks on your grip/shaft, you will figure it out.”

– Russ, (SKLZ, Best Golf Training Aids review)

Impact Ball Swing Trainer

Impact Ball Swing Trainer

The Golf Impact Ball swing trainer is a great choice for new players. When you have this ball between your arms, you must keep your shoulders, torso, and wrists working together.

So many beginners try to hit shots with their hands and wrists, and the Impact Ball helps to prevent that issue. 


  • Easy to use, golf swing trainer aid
  • Keeps the golf swing more connected
  • It can be used with a driver down to a golf wedge 
  • Lightweight and portable 


  • Beginners will still need some basic skills before using this 

Best Indoor Golf Training Aids 

Practicing on the golf course is not always possible for golfers; the best way to handle this is to find some aids that work for indoor golf practice. Luckily after the way COVID impacted golfers, there are plenty to choose from. 

Eyeline Golf Target Holes Practice

Eyeline Golf Target Holes Practice

If you need a place to practice but don’t have any targets to aim for, the Eyeline Golf Target Practice is a great choice. These are rubber targets, but they allow you to work on putting or chipping. 


  • Made with thin rubber
  • It can be used indoors or outdoors 
  • Can practice getting the ball to land in a spot or finish in a spot 


  • On a hard surface (like a hard floor), the ball probably won’t stay on the rubber mat 

EyeLine Golf Impact Cube | Portable Swing Training Aid

EyeLine Golf Impact Cube | Portable Swing Training Aid

We are back with another option from EyeLine Golf Impact Cube. This indoor impact cube can be used to ensure you are striking the ball with enough force and the proper angle. The impact cube is made of Ballistic Nylon, so you can swing at it with full strength and won’t break. 

Golfers will earn the importance of a slight forward press, and there are ways to see and feel what proper impact should feel like. 


  • Durable and long-lasting golf swing aid 
  • Helps golfers feel the proper impact position 
  • It can be used with a variety of golf clubs 


  • It can be a little loud for indoor practice 

Asyxstar Golf Swing Training Aid 

The Asyxstar Golf Swing Training Aid is a bit of a contraption, but many golfers find that it has helped them take their game to the next level. Once you have it figured out, you can take less irregular swings, improve overall extension in the swing and create more power from your core. 

Use the Asyxstar to warm up before a round or as you practice on the driving range. Most golfers find that it helps shallow the swing out a little, which is a positive. 


  • Helps with swing tempo and position 
  • It can be effective even when practicing for a few minutes a day 
  • Good warm-up tool 
  • Swing trainers improve wrist positioning 


  • It can be hard to work with initially until you get used to swinging with it 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few most commonly asked questions about the best golf training aids in 2023.

Are Golf training aids worth it? 

Golf training aids can help golfers who are struggling to understand a concept. Training aids don’t do the work for you; they simply make the game o golf more understandable and easier to learn. 

Can senior golfers benefit from golf training aids? 

Senior golfers can benefit from golf swing trainers and tools that help increase speed, hit consistent shots, and improve short game. 

How many golf swing training aids do I need? 

As your golf game changes, there will be different golf training aids that you need. Having one or two training aids at a time is all you will really need to be incorporated into your game. 

Final Thoughts: Best Golf Training Aids 

You may notice that the PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer didn’t make our list of the best golf training aids. While it is a popular golf training aid, it tends to be more frustrating to get the ball in place. The EyeLine Golf Bullseye Cup would be a better option than the PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer.

Hopefully, you can now choose a golf swing training aid with full confidence. The best golf training aids are those that focus on the specific area of the golf game that you struggle with.

Try to choose one for the full swing and one for the short game, so you get a good mix of performance. 

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