The Best Putting Mats & Indoor Putting Greens 2023

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Looking for the best putting mats and putting greens in 2023? In this article, our golf expert covers her top picks to improve your putting skills.

Most golfers do not practice their putting nearly as often as they should. The solution for this? Make putting practice more accessible, whether indoors or in your backyard.

As Gary Player would say, “The more I practice, the luckier I get.”

The best putting mats on the market can be placed in the middle of your living room, giving you a chance to roll a few putts down several times a day. I like to practice putting often; I feel like it gives me more confidence on the golf course. 

I’ve pulled together some of the best golf putting mat options on the market, helping me make more one putts! There is something here for every skill level and every budget.

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Overall Best Indoor Putting Mat

Perfect Practicåe Putting Mat V5 

$159.99 Amazon Prime

Updated on 2024-06-23

Top Choice Mat

Perfect Practice V5 Putting Mat 

The Perfect Practice V5 Putting Mat gets a lot of attention because of Dustin Johnson. He supports this product, and they certainly use that to push golfers towards it. What sticks out most to me about the Perfect Practice V5 is the material on the surface of the putting mat. 

The surface has what is called a Crystal Velvet True Roll, and it has a stimp rating of 10-14. In other words, it’s very realistic, and it rolls true. 

Perfect Practice Putting Mat also includes a few putting practice lines, but they are not overly distracting. The automatic ball return helps you stay in one place and take a few strokes (just don’t forget to move around occasionally!). You can focus more on your putting stance by not having to chase the ball after each hit.


  • Lays flat even after being rolled up 
  • Good speed 
  • Training lines to ensure stroke and ball roll is correct 
  • Has a ball return feature 


  • It’s not as wide as some other options on the market 

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Overall Best Indoor Putting Green

GoSports Golf Indoor Putting Green

$349.99 Amazon Prime

Updated on 2024-06-23

Top Choice Green

GoSports Golf Indoor Putting Greene

Indoor putting greens are a little wider and allow you to practice golf putts with more of an angle. The GoSports Golf Indoor Putting Green is a fairly priced option with plenty of room to putt. The entire mat is 12ft x 5ft, and 6 flags, 6 cups, and 6 plugs allow you to customize the setup. 

The regulation putting cup helps to further simulate golf course conditions. Overall I like the feel of the GoSports, but I won’t tell you it’s the most premium one on the market. You can use this outdoors with the heavy-duty rubber base, but longevity will be better indoors. 


  • An affordable option for indoor putting greens 
  • Customizable setup 
  • Regulation-size cups for an easier transition to the golf course 
  • Overall best indoor putting green for the money


  • Won’t roll as smoothly as premium putting greens 

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Best Luxury Indoor Putting Green or Mat

FORB Professional Putting Mat


Updated on 2024-06-23

Best Luxury

FORB Professional Putting Mat

If you have a little more money in your budget, the FORB Professional Putting Green is a great choice. Although you can roll this out anywhere, I think it’s best to leave this one setup. The mat’s green is made with polyethylene and a polypropylene border; the feel is very realistic. 

The FORB Professional comes in three different sizes, but they all have four holes that are not customizable. However, I think the positioning is just fine for various angles to work on your putting. 

If you need the motivation to practice your putting, this beautiful and expensive putting green may do it. 


  • It can be used outdoors as well 
  • Made with a luxury material 
  • Rolls like a true putting green 


  • Large size to be rolling up; choose if you have a permanent place to put it 

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Best Affordable Putting Mat for Beginners

SKLZ Golf Indoor Putting Green 

$49.99 Amazon Prime

Updated on 2024-06-23

Most Affordable

SKLZ Golf Indoor Putting Green 

If you are new to golf and don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on an indoor putting mat, SKLZ Golf has you covered. This SKLZ Golf Indoor Putting Green has a great feel and nearly nine feet worth of material for you to work on your putting. 

There are three cups, so you can vary the angle, and the bunkers behind the hole are there to keep the golf balls from rolling down your hallway. If you are new to the game, work on making 10 or 15 putts on this mat each day, and you will be pleasantly surprised as to how it impacts your game. 


  • Budget-friendly; afordable putting green
  • Easy to put away 
  • Bunkers catch bad putts 


  • It’s a little thin compared to other putting mats 

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Best for Indoor or Outdoor Use

SynLawn Precision Putting Green


Updated on

Top Multi-Use Green

best putting mats for indoor and outdoor use: SynLawn Precision Putting Green

I love a putting practice set up on a patio. You can spend some time outside and also work on your game away from the course. The SynLawn Precision Putting Green is an excellent option if you are in the same situation. 

The realistic putting surface is fade resistant and has a non-skid backing. This means if you have a wood deck, a brick patio, or a living room carpet, you can place the SynLawn down and still have some great functionality. 

One extra feature here that I like is the energy absorber in the cup. If you putt it at the proper speed, the ball stays in the hole. If you putt it a little fast, it will bounce out. 


  • It can be used one of the best putting mats for both indoors and outdoors
  • Plenty of room to move around 
  • Putting cups have advanced technology but takes just minutes to install 


  • With the size and functionality, pricing is a little high 

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Best Putting Mat For For Putting Stroke Accuracy

WellPutt 10′ High-Speed Training Mat

$149.00 Amazon Prime

Updated on 2024-06-23

Best for Accuracy

WellPutt 10' High-Speed Training Mat

WellPutt Putting Mat is a putting tool used by several professionals, including Jordan Spieth. The best thing about WellPutt are the training exercises using the WellPutt app. At first glance, this looks like a relatively simple putting mat, but the result is pretty impressive when you combine 54 exercises on 3 different levels. 

In other words, you won’t be bored with this tool. 

The mat also has two rolling speeds, 11.5 and 10, depending on your direction. 

⛳️ Check our full review of the WellPutt Mat.


  • Comes with exercises to work on your putting 
  • UV resistant 
  • Easy to clean 


  • Not a ton of padding underneath the mat 

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Best Office Putting Set

Best for the Office

Pure2Improve 3.0 Golf Indoor/Outdoor Putting Mat

The Pure2Improve 3.0 is one of my favorite options for the office. This simple 10-foot putting mat rolls out really flat and can work well on an office floor. The putting surface rolls at about a 9 on the stimpmeter, a speed you would often see at a public golf course. 

The alignment lines and the different target spots make this a great putting mat to work on your stroke and feel around the greens. You can easily vacuum this and leave it out for putting practice at all times. 


  • Rolls flat
  • Easy to store putting mat
  • Pure rolling surface of about a 9 on the stimpmeter
  • Ten feet long for practicing those important distances 


  • No actual cup, just a target 

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Best For Distance Control Practice

PuttOut Pro Golf Putting Mat 

$69.99 Amazon Prime

Updated on 2024-06-23

Best for Distance

PuttOut Pro Golf Putting Mat 

If distance control is your issue on the course, the PuttOut Putting Mat is a smart choice for you. 

There are printed alignment lines, target points, and distances, so you can really fine-tune what it takes to get the ball to the hole. 

This is another putting mat with no cup, but you can use a flat putting cup on top of it or the PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer to combine the overall effectiveness of this tool. 


  • Great for the more technical practicer 
  • Easy to put away, comes with a carry bag 
  • Stimpmeter reading of 10


  • Alignment aids or lines can confuse some golfers 

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Best Putting Greens with Ball Return Feature

Best Ball Return

GoSports Pure Putt Golf 9' Putting Green Ramp

GoSports made my list again, this time for their Pure Putt Golf 9′ Putting Mat. Honestly, this is just like the Perfect Practice, our top choice. The putting mat has two cup sizes and an automatic ball return to get the golf ball to come back to you each time. 

The GoSports Pure Putt is also a nice-looking golf putting mat, so leaving it set up will likely be more appealing. 


  • The ball comes back to you 
  • Two different putting cup sizes to work on 
  • Built with premium materials 


  • Feel is not quite as pure as Perfect Practice Putting Mat

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Best Technology Golf Putting Mat

Me and My Golf Breaking Ball Putting Mat 

$89.99 Amazon Prime

Updated on 2024-06-23

Best Technology

Me and My Golf Breaking Ball Putting Mat

The Me and MyGolf Break Ball Putting Mat is a unique option with weight-biased golf balls. The heavy, medium, and slight break balls allow you to learn how to make breaking putts. 

This mat rolls at around 11, and it comes with training videos to help you learn how to use it. If you are tired of practicing straight 7-foot putts at home, this technology is sure to mix things up a bit! 


  • Comes with a protective carry bag 
  • Three golf balls included with the indoor putting mat
  • Helps golfers practice break, not just straight putts 


  • In the beginning, it’s a little hard to get used to the concept; keep watching videos, and it will click 

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How to Choose the Best Golf Putting Mat or Putting Green

You must consider a few features when looking for the best putting mats or greens. They include: 

  • Total Length: Look for at least 8 feet in total length; some putting greens and mats get as long as 20 feet, but anywhere in the 8-12 foot range seems to be enough. 
  • Stimpmeter Reading: The stimpmeter reading tells us how fast the putting green will roll; anywhere around a 10 is standard. 
  • Ball Return vs No Ball Return: If you go for the ball return feature, just make sure you still change position, line up and move around occasionally. 
  • Alignment Aids: Lines on the putting green can help you practice your stroke and alignment. 
  • Golf Training Videos: Some putting mats come with training videos to guide your practice. 

Indoor Putting Green or Putting Mat | What’s the Difference?

gentleman using a putting mat at home

A golf putting mat is a long straight path where you can work on putts; most times, your feet are not standing on the mat; you simply rest the putter on the mat. 

The putting green is more substantial, allowing you to walk around and be on the same level as your golf ball. 

I prefer the putting green to the putting mat, but you will need more space and usually a bigger budget for the putting green. The bottom line is that both will serve the purpose of allowing you to practice putting at home. 

Important Tips to Consider Before You Buy an Indoor Putting Green or Mat

putting green with senior lady golfer practicing outside

Here are a few things to keep in mind before you purchase a putting mat, some of these are several hundred or even thousands of dollars, so make sure you know what you are getting into. 

Pros & Cons of Putting Practice at Home

Purchasing a putting mat that rolls to an 11 on the stimpmeter while your course is at a 9 is not truly worth it. Instead, look for something that closely matches your local course.

In addition, don’t stand and hit 30 putts in a row, you must stop and walk away from time to time so as not to hurt your back. Be intentional about your practice, and it will carry over to the course. 

Golf Mat vs Grass Distance Control

Putting mats roll is pretty true because they are mostly flat. Remember that when working on putting from home you are going to try and develop a consistent stroke. However, on the course, give yourself a little room for error; you will need it. 

Putting Green Accessories

Here are a few things to consider purchasing along with the golf putting mat. These accessories can help to improve overall performance and learning. 

SKLZ Golf Training Aid for Accuracy in Putting

$14.06 Amazon Prime

Updated on 2024-06-23

Putting Training Aid

SKLZ Golf Training Aid for Accuracy in Putting

The SKLZ Putting Accuracy Trainer is a budget-friendly golf training aid that anyone could use. The opening is approximately 2.75 inches smaller than the average putting a green hole of 4.25 inches. Therefore, it’s ideal for focusing on your short game skills especially shorter putts.

It can hold up to 3 golf balls and is slanted so you can easily get the balls out with your putter.

The heavy-duty quality of the SKLZ golf training aid makes it ideal for not easily moving around on about any surface.

At its price point, it’s an ideal golf gift and has been frequently given as a stocking stuffer at Christmas.


  • Small, easy to store or great for travel
  • Heavy duty materials for longevity
  • Works as a stand-alone device or on a practice putting green


  • Limits you to 2 to 3 putts at a time.

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EyeLine Golf Putting Alignment Mirror 

$34.95 Amazon Prime

Updated on 2024-06-23

Best Putting Mirror

EyeLine Golf Putting Alignment Mirror with storage bag

If you lack confidence in your putting skills, the EyeLine Golf Alignment Mirror is an excellent choice. This handy device helps you realize that often your eyes are not over the ball which affects making putts. You’ll find that practicing regularly with putting drills you will improve your accuracy.

The EyeLine Aid has putter gate slots so you can set up your tees and create a sweet spot at the center of the putter face.


  • Ideal for indoor or outdoor use
  • Assists with visualization of straighter shots
  • Comes with a bag for easy storage and travel to the golf course


  • Pricer than other putting alignment aid mirrors

We may earn a commission, at no additional cost to you.


Putting Cups

WSERE Flat Surface Putting Hole Cups - (2 Pack)

The WSERE Flat Surface Putting Hole Cups allow you to speed up your practice drills with these cute practice holes.

It’s an excellent add-on to your putting green or mat purchase for beginner golfers and also great for kids to utilize. The opening is larger than the average 4.25″ hole, which makes it easier to make it more putts.


  • Ideal for adding more targets on your indoor putting green.
  • Works well on most carpets
  • Inexpensive, plus it comes in a 2-pack


  • Simple design for beginner or average golfers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do putting mats improve putting?

A quality putting mat will allow you to work on your stroke even when you can’t access a real putting green. Choose something with an alignment aid so you can further enhance your putting skills. 

What putting mats do the pros use?

Many professional golfers have actual putting greens installed in their yards. However, Jordan Spieth is known to use the WellPutt. 

Are putting mats worth it?

Putting mats with realistic green speed can really help golfers improve putting skills. In addition, some putting mats come with training programs that really help you take your game to the next level. 

What is the most realistic putting mat?

The Perfect Practice Putting Mat and the WellPutt Putting Mat are known for having green speeds that are very similar to the putting surface at your local golf course. The key is to find out what your current golf course green speeds are and look for something that closely matches. 

Final Thoughts on the Best Putting Mats

Hopefully, you can now choose one of the best putting mats or indoor putting greens for your game. I’m glad I have a place to practice my putting away from the course, even though I find that it’s hard to find a perfect substitute for a real golf course putting green.

Combine your putting practice mat with a few golf training aids, and you will have no more excuses when you miss that 7-foot putt on the golf course! 

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