Most Forgiving Wedges to Enhance Your Short Game 2023 

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Looking for the most forgiving wedges in 2023? Read on for a detailed review before you purchase.

Leniency around the green goes a long way to ensuring you produce adequate distance control and accuracy in your short game. Although some players despise the chunky profile of the best game improvement wedges, it is a safe bet for mid and high-handicappers still working on their greenside play.

In this article, I dive into the most forgiving wedges for 2023 to optimize spin and prompt straight flight without hampering feedback and acoustics.

Besides determining the best overall wedge for this annum, I will touch on the top pitching, gap, sand, and lob wedge options. If you are looking for more information on golf wedge degrees, read my article here.

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The Most Forgiving Wedges in 2023

1. Cleveland CBX2 Wedge | Overall Most Forgiving Golf Wedge

Cleveland CBX2 Wedge | Overall Most Forgiving Golf Wedge


  • Maximum Forgiveness of our Forgiving Golf Wedges
  • Wide sweet spot
  • Preserves spin on mishits
  • Pleasant feel
  • Glare resistant
  • Precise distance control


  • Limited sole grind options for each wedge.
  • The bounce on the lob wedge is high for my liking.

The Cleveland CBX2 claims the title of the most forgiving wedge in 2023 for its expanded sweet spot, delicate feel, and enhanced spin. It also provided superb glare resistance to avoid distractions at address.

Cleveland engineers fitted a Hollow Cavity Design to this wedge which pushes mass around the clubface perimeter. It widened the sweet spot for an increased active zone which preserved backspin and ball velocity on mishits.

I thought this wedge delivered a soft feel for a game improvement design, which is owed to the Enhanced Feel Balancing Technology. This enhanced my feedback to better judge the power of my shots for more distance control. Plus, a Gelback TPU insert eliminates vibrations from off-center strikes.

The CBX2 features 3 grinds:

  • V Sole Grind
  • S Sole Grind
  • C Shaped Sole Grind

However, the V Sole is your only choice for pitching and gap wedges, while the S and C Sole operate on the sand and lob wedge, respectively. Finally, this line of wedges comes in a 46 to 60-degree loft profile.

2. Tour Edge Hot Launch Vibrcor | Best Budget Forgiving Wedges

Tour Edge Hot Launch Vibrcor


  • Entry-level price of the forgiving golf wedges
  • Enlarged sweet spot
  • Soft feel
  • Versatile sole
  • Maintains spin on all shots


  • No alternative sole grind options
  • Some golf players may despise the elevated launch

Affordable forgiving wedges are ideal for beginners looking to save a few dollars on their initial equipment acquisitions. The Tour Edge Hot Launch Vibrcor Wedge offers a higher launch, crisp turf interaction, and adequate spin.

Tour Edge placed the Vibrcor TPU insert behind the face to soften the feel and enhance your coefficient of restitution (COR). I find this caused me to enjoy consistent spin, launch, and distance control on all strikes around the green.

In addition, the partnership between the beveled leading edge and cambered sole led to clean turf interaction from any lie. I was further aided by the Rear Weight Pad behind the top of the clubface, which increased the sweet spot for maximum forgiveness.

The Hot Launch Vibrcor wedge is fitted with a versatile sole grind to help you play chip shots, full shots, bunker shots, and high-flying flop shots.

Lastly, these most forgiving golf wedges are available in a 50 degree loft to a 60 degree lob wedge to cover all bases.

Read the rave reviews on these golf clubs

“Great wedge! I use this around the green and in the sand, no full shots. Love the feel, the weight and the look. After 2 rounds I feel ver comfortable with it. Great club great value!”

– PGA Tour Superstore, Tour Edge Hot Launch Wedge Review

3. Cleveland RTX Zipcore Wedge | Most Accurate Game Improvement Wedges

Cleveland RTX Zipcore Wedge


  • Increased MOI
  • Generates straight shots
  • Durable heat-treated grooves
  • Promotes a high launch
  • 3 sole grind options
  • One of the best wedges for high handicappers


  • The high MOI reduces workability
  • The glare was an issue on occasion

As a high handicapper or beginner, you need a wedge with a high moment of inertia (MOI) to keep the clubface square at contact for straighter shots. The Cleveland RTX Zipcore is the most accurate wedge in 2023 due to its exceptional MOI and durable, maximum spin grooves.

The Zipcore technology sends the center of gravity (CG) low and deep to push a higher shot and improve MOI. As a result, it helps you keep your clubface square to the target at impact to keep your short game on line.

Next, the UltiZip grooves stood out for their narrow, deep, and sharp construction, which held my ball at contact before imparting excellent backspin. Between the UltiZip grooves, I noticed a machine-milled pattern that increases surface texture for better connection on mishits.

Like the CBX2, Cleveland offers this wedge in 3 sole grinds. However, they afford you more options per each loft profile, bar the 62 degrees. Finally, the RTX Zipcore range is accessible from a 46 degree pitching wedge to a 62 degree lob wedge.

4. King Cobra Snake Bite Wedge | Most Forgiving Pitching Wedge

King Cobra Snake Bite Wedge


  • Consistent spin on all shots
  • Delivers maximum bite
  • Glare resistant finish
  • Easy to launch
  • Pleasant feel


  • Only one loft pitching wedge loft profile
  • No alternative pitching wedge sole grind options.

Although a pitching wedge is a versatile golf club, usable in multiple scenarios, most golfers employ it for shorter full shots on approach. The King Cobra Snake Bite is the most forgiving pitching wedge because of its superior spin, glare resistance, and control.

Cobra built this wedge to launch high and travel consistently for maximum bite upon landing. It allowed me to attack the pin and stop the ball close to my target, leaving me a makeable 1 putt. This was all made possible by the 40% sharper and 11% deeper grooves, which gripped my ball superbly at impact.

Unlike the weaker lofts, the 48 degree pitching wedge carries a traditional groove structure for improved playability on approach. In addition, I welcomed the black finish as it played down glare to shield my sensitive eyes on the links.

The only pitching wedge loft available for the Cobra Snake Bite Wedge is a 48 degree profile. Cobra engineers stuck with a single, versatile sole. In my experience, the versatile sole grind offered exceptional heel-to-toe relief to help you open the face, get the ball airborne, and land softly.

5. Wilson Staff Model | Best Forgiving Gap Wedge

Most Forgiving Wedges - Wilson Staff Wedge shown with steel shaft


  • Enhances contact for a cleaner strike
  • Soft feelClean turf interaction
  • Delivers adequate spin
  • Generates superb bite upon landing.


  • It does not offer alternative sole grind options.
  • The glare was a challenge.

In my experience, every golfer should carry a gap wedge to bridge the distance cavities between pitching and sand wedges. The Wilson Staff Model is our best forgiving wedge for the 50 and 52 degree category because of its feel, clean striking qualities, spin, and versatile sole grinds.

Wilson concocted the Staff Model by Forging a piece of 8620 carbon steel, which produces a buttery-soft feel at contact. This enabled me to better judge the power of each shot for improved short-game distance control.

Next, I was blown away by the spin qualities of the Wilson wedge stemming from the work of a Precision-Milled face and Machine Engraved Scorelines. The milled face produced a higher density design across the clubface for improved friction, while the Scorelines maximized spin.

In addition, the Staff Model wedge carries a single, versatile sole design, helping you play an array of shots close to the dancefloor. Lastly, the Wilson Staff Model gap wedge is made in a standard 50 and 52-degree loft setup.

6. PXG V3 0311 Golf Wedge | Most Forgiving Sand Wedge

PXG V3 0311 Wedge


  • Versatile sole grind
  • Exceptional spin
  • Impeccable feedback
  • Sand wedge that produces consistent contact
  • Excellent turf interaction


  • No alternative sole grinds are offered.
  • Some golfers may struggle for consistency with the lower launch.

The average golfer requires a sand wedge with a versatile sole grind that makes it easier to play a variety of shots and open your clubface. In my experience, the PXG V3 0311 Forged Wedge makes it easy for mid and high handicappers to play from the bunker, fairway, and rough, thanks to its versatile sole.

Besides its masterful sole design, the forged wedge construction contains Advanced Weighting Technology to increase MOI and CG. The higher CG causes the ball to fly along a controlled path, while the MOI prompts a square clubface at contact for improved accuracy.

I appreciated the soft feel and crisp acoustics of the V3 0311, prompted by the high-grade 8620 sleek carbon steel clubface. PXG engineers forged the steel to create a tight grain structure for more consistent contact.

In addition, the wedge delivered excellent spin across the clubface thanks to its CNC-milled grooves. This was particularly helpful on close-range shots as it helped the ball stop rapidly on the golf course. Finally, PXG offers the sand wedge from this range in a 54 and 56 degree structure.

Read more on the top PXG Golf Clubs and the manufacturing process.

7. Tour Edge Hot Launch E523 Wedge | Easiest Wedges To Hit

Tour Edge Hot Launch E523


  • Super easy launching wedge
  • Minimal turf interaction
  • Oversized clubface for more surface area
  • Consistent spin
  • Prompts a soft landing


  • No alternative sole grinds
  • Only one loft is available per wedge.

Slower swing speed golfers, such as seniors, require easy launching wedges to guarantee a consistent launch and a soft landing. Tour Edge remains dedicated to its commitment, aiding seniors with the high-launching Hot Launch E523 Wedge.

The star attraction of this wedge is the Houdini sole, which lowers turf interaction by 35% for a clean strike from any lie. In addition, the sole pushes the CG low and deep to assist with elevated flight in your short game. Plus, the deep undercut cavity adds to the increased lift.

I found the thick sole elevated leniency to avoid duffed shots and promote optimal contact with the golf ball on every strike. I also enjoyed the collaboration between the Oversized clubface and the Full-Faced Maximized grooves, which maintained spin across the board.

Tour Edge kept the setup simple with this range of wedges offering a single gap, sand, and lob wedge for seniors and high handicappers. The gap wedge is angled at 52 degrees, while the sand and lob are 56 and 60 degrees, respectively.

8. Callaway Mack Daddy CB Wedge | Best Cavity Back Wedges

Callaway Mack Daddy CB Wedge


  • Exceptional forgiveness
  • Launches high
  • Generates superb spin
  • Reduced turf interaction
  • Produces increased bite for a quick stop.


  • No other sole grind options
  • The high MOI wedge reduces workability.

Cavity back wedges provide maximum perimeter weighting around the clubface to increase MOI, stability, and the sweet spot. In my experience, the Callaway Mack Daddy CB provided substantial forgiveness without neglecting your spin needs.

During testing, the CB forgave my misdeeds and produced fair results on off-center strikes. Besides its forgiveness, I enjoyed increased launching, making it easy to get airborne and land softly on the dancefloor.

My control on approach was further boosted by the presence of the proprietary JAWS groove construction. The sharper grooves grabbed my ball at contact and bestowed rampant spin upon my round urethane contraption. 

Callaway applied the standard groove design to the pitching and gap wedges for a flawless transition from your irons. However, the sand and lob wedges in the set carry full-face grooves for optimal contact with an open clubface.

Finally, Callaway offers the Mack Daddy CB in a 46 degree profile through to a 60 degree lob wedge. Plus, the stronger lofts feature a full grind for consistency on approach shots, while the weaker lofted clubs feature a wider W grind.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Most Forgiving Grind on a Wedge?

Most scholars suggest the K-grind from Vokey is the most forgiving wedge grind due to its broad, cambered sole. This prevents amateur golfers from chunking shots close to the green. While this is true, not all manufacturers call it a K grind. Cobra calls it a wide-low, while Cleveland refers to it as a mid-grind.

What Are The Easiest Golf Wedges to Hit?

The easiest golf wedges to hit carry a broad, cambered sole grind that prevents you from chunking your shot to prompt sufficient spin around the green. In my experience, the Cleveland CBX2 and Tour Edge Hot Launch E523 deliver this performance and work for the average golfer.

What Wedges Does A High Handicapper need?

A high handicapper needs to carry a pitching and sand wedge at the very least to cover your pitch, chip, flop, and bunker shots. In addition, these wedges should contain a cavity back design with perimeter weighting to enlarge the sweet spot for improved forgiveness around the green.

The Cleveland CBX2 is an excellent example of a highly forgiving cavity back wedge which fights mishits to preserve spin and keep you straight.

How Many Wedges Should I Carry?

We suggest carrying a minimum of 3 wedges. Read more in our article on the types of wedges you should carry in your golf bag.

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Final Thoughts on Most Forgiving Wedges

Our Most Forgiving Wedges 2023 Edition has revealed 8 lenient golf clubs which are affordable and consistent around the green.

Although these bulky wedges may not deliver the most attractive look, they promote steady contact across the clubface and straighter shots. 

While I loved the forgiveness and consistency it added to my short game, I produced less spin than I do with the compact Titleist Vokey SM9.

However, as a senior golfer searching for cleaner contact at impact, a high launch, and a straight flight, you are better off with a forgiving wedge. If you agree, I recommend testing the highly affordable, glare-resistant, and pleasant-feeling Cleveland CBX2.

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