13 Best Unknown Golf Club Brands You May Want to Consider

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Golf equipment headlines are typically dominated by behemoth conglomerates like TaylorMade, Acushnet, and Callaway. If you have ever attended the PGA Show in Orlando, you’d quickly learn that there is a sea of lesser-known brands.

After reading this article, you will know the best unknown golf brands for irons, wedges, putters, golf balls, accessories, apparel, and golf bags. I also share some lesser-known brands for rangefinders and swing training aids.

Best Unknown Golf Club Brands


LAZRUS – Best Golf Brands for Budget Golf Clubs

LAZRUS iron set shown with 7 clubs

LAZRUS Golf delivers direct-to-consumer equipment, which cuts out the middleman and significantly reduces your costs. The family-owned business from Boise, Idaho, creates affordable, forgiving woods, irons, wedges, and putters.

You can acquire LAZRUS golf clubs directly from the brand’s website or source them conveniently on Amazon. In my experience, the easy launching, forgiving nature of the woods, hybrids, and irons is golden for slower swing speed seniors.

These lenient golf clubs work for seniors, beginners, and weekend warriors on a tight budget. Lower handicappers may despise their oversize design.

Golf Equipment They Make: LAZRUS manufactures woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, putters, and bags.

⛳️ What I Like About Them: I like the affordability, forgiveness, and easy-launching nature of their golf clubs.


Seven Golf – Best Golf Clubs for Premium Budgets

Seven Golf iron photo

Seven Golf embodies the essence of high-quality Japanese craftsmanship with their CNC-milled clubfaces. Hard work comes at a price, and Seven Golf demands top dollar for their range of irons, wedges, and putters.

Everytime I have struck a ball with a Seven Golf iron, wedge, or putter, I have relished the buttery-soft feel and crisp acoustics. Golf clubs from the Japanese manufacturer are not readily available, forcing you to acquire them directly through the brand’s website without testing them.

Given the enhanced price tag, I find Seven Golf suits discerning golfers with deep pockets who can justify the spending on milled irons.

What Golf Equipment They Make: Seven Golf produces milled irons, wedges, and putters.

⛳️ What I Like About Them: I appreciate the feel, durability, and acoustics produced by these premium golf clubs.


Giga Golf – Best Golf Club Brands for Custom Made Golf Clubs

Pursuit TC420 driver

Acquiring golf clubs directly off the rack leaves you at risk of swinging equipment ill-suited to your golf game. Giga Golf solves this issue by enabling you to customize each club during the purchasing process to match your optimal specs.

However, you need to know your grip, shaft length, and flex for your swing, which requires visiting a club fitter. Once you have the relevant information, you can pick up your desired driver, fairway wood, hybrids, irons, wedges, and putters.

Contrary to the narrative that custom-made golf clubs are pricey, Giga Golf keeps costs down and is attractive to the average player.

Golf Equipment They Make: Giga Golf manufactures drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, and putters. They also dabble in bags and head covers.

⛳️ What I Like About Them: I love the customization and affordability of Giga Golf Clubs. I can source the exact specs for my swing without breaking the bank.


National Custom Works – Best Forged Irons

NCW forged irons

National Custom Works (NCW) does not mass-produce golf clubs. Instead, they tailor each set to your specific needs. These high-quality custom-forged irons suit high rollers seeking a soft feel, amplified acoustics, and specifications that complement your swing mechanics.

Customization aside, the NCW golf clubs are durable and soft thanks to their Japanese forged metal. Although I feel they excel in the irons and wedges department, I was also impressed with the clean roll and forgiveness delivered by their 3D-printed putters.

Low handicappers or golf club connoisseurs are better suited to the customized NCW golf clubs. They are slightly pricey for the average golfer seeking an affordable set to knock around with on weekends.

Golf Equipment They Make: National Custom Works manufactures forged irons, wedges, and 3D-printed putters.

⛳️ What I Like About Them: I appreciate how the clubs are built to match each golfer’s specifications. I also enjoy the feel, acoustics, and workability of their high-quality irons.


Indi GolfBest Golf Club Brands Golf Wedges

Indi golf wedge photo

I became aware of Indi golf wedges through Rick Shiels and after his raving review, gave them a spin, literally. Their wedges deliver incomparable spin for the average golfer, owing to their full-face milled grooves. The sharp grooves gripped into my golf ball cover and optimized my control on pitch and chip shots.

Indi Golf offers a range of conforming and non-conforming wedges which offer playability to superior golfers and exceptional leniency to beginner golfers. Performance aside, wedge sets arrive in the best golf case I have ever seen. It is a guitar case, a match made for rock and roll fans.

The wedges from Indi Golf are not the cheapest on the market, but they still fetch less per unit than Titleist Vokey models.

Golf Equipment They Make: Indi Golf makes wedges, putters and golf headwear, head covers, and apparel.

⛳️ What I Like About Them: I admire the high spinning, forgiving nature of the Indi Golf wedge and the classy guitar case in which sets are delivered.


Bloodline Golf – Best Unknown Golf Brands for Putters

 R1-J Blade red color

I learned about Bloodline Golf putters when my former boss Ernie Els added the R1-J Blade to his bag in 2017. A year later, my compatriot invested in the brand, and the company has continued developing striking red putter heads that have the ability to stand alone.

These putters generate a super smooth feel off the clubface thanks to their CNC-milled face. In my experience, the milled design enhanced friction across the surface to deliver optimal topspin on all putts.

Bloodline putters are priced at a premium, slightly higher than the Scotty Cameron Phantom X 11.5. I feel lower handicap senior golfers will appreciate the feel, smooth roll, and stand-alone design.

Golf Equipment They Make: Bloodline focuses on putters and also produces putting mats and apparel.

⛳️ What I Like About Them: The boldness of the red finish, soft feel, and smooth roll stood out as the key features of Bloodline putters.


OnCore Golf – Best Unknown Golf Brand for Golf Balls

Vero X1 golf balls

OnCore Golf balls typically receive less attention than Titleist, Srixon, and Callaway models. However, I find they produce outstanding energy transfer, ball speed, and low spin on long shots, and all but one of their balls sports a soft urethane cover.

In my experience, the Vero X1 is incredibly similar to the Titleist Pro V1, offering exceptional long-game distance and short-game spin. Senior golfers may struggle with the high compression of the X1 and will prefer the low-spin, high-speed design of the Avant 55.

OnCore balls are priced in line with market averages, meaning a tour ball fetches as much as Pro V1. Conversely, the Avant 55 distance ball is priced in line with similar products like the Srixon Soft Feel.

Golf Equipment They Make: OnCore Golf are ball specialists, but they also stock gloves, golf apparel, and bags.

⛳️ What I Like About Them: I love the speed, controlled spin, and in-flight stability of all OnCore golf balls. I also appreciated the high greenside spin produced by their urethane-covered models.


Jones Golf – Best Golf Bags

Founded in 1971, Jone Golf has sold over a million simply designed golf bags. Yet, they still struggle for attention over famous brand names.

Jones golf bag in orange with legs

The Portland, Oregon outfit crafts high-quality carry, stand, and cart bags, often in a vintage-looking style and with fewer top dividers than rival bags.

I like the stylish patterns offered on the stand bags and the plain colors on the carry and cart bags. Jones did well to ensure an array of options to cater to all tastes, unlike the standard black, navy, and white typically presented by their competitors.

I appreciate the simplistic constructions of their bags, which suits traditionalists disinterested in the bells and whistles of modern bags. My favorite is the Classic Standard bag in a red pinstripe design, which is stylish, comfortable, and lightweight.

Golf Equipment They Make: Jones Golf is dedicated to manufacturing carry, stand, and cart golf bags.

⛳️ What I Like About Them:  I like the simple design, wealth of color choices, and lightweight construction, which is easy to carry.


TecTecTec – Best Rangefinder

TecTecTec ULT-X

TecTecTec hails from the Brittany region of France, commencing operations in 2014. Their rangefinders have impressed me with their affordability, accuracy, and crystal-clear optics. You can snap up a rangefinder with plays like distance, 6X magnification, and accuracy to 0.5 yards for under $200.

I found the TecTecTec ULT-X packed similar features to the Bushnell Tour V5, and it was half the price. I welcomed features like slope mode, pinseeker technology, and an impressive range that reached 1000 yards on some devices.

There are cheaper golf rangefinders than TecTecTec, but I do not feel they offer the same value for money. The more affordable devices are often less accurate and possess a lower total range.

Golf Equipment They Make: TecTecTec manufactures golf laser rangefinders and GPS distance measuring devices.

⛳️ What I Like About Them: I appreciate the affordability, accuracy, optics clarity, and extended range of the devices.


HackMotion – Best Golf Training Aid

HackMotion Golf shown in close up view glove hand

HackMotion has proven an effective solution to wrist angle and clubface control. The Latvian outfit has gained popularity with European Tour pros but is still lesser known in US golfing circles. I have used the swing sensor for six months and have improved my compression and swing path consistency.

You wear a sensor while training which records your wrist angles in real-time. It guides you to optimize your wrist position at the top of the swing and impact. Since using the sensor, I have started to shallow my shaft consistently on the downswing enabling me to square my clubface at contact.

I use the HackMotion Pro, which is their flagship offering. It provides exceptional analytics for full swings and putting. However, it better suits lower handicappers with an extensive budget. As an alternative solution, think about the HackMotion Plus, which is more affordable but still effective. 

For more information on this golf brand, you’ll want to read our HackMotion Review.

What Golf Equipment They Make: HackMotion manufactures a wrist angle sensor and robust data analysis software.

⛳️ What I Like About Them: I relish the insight the sensor provides on wrist angles, tempo, and speed through contact.


Stitch Golf – Golf Apparel Brand

Stitch started out selling golf head covers in 2012 before adding apparel to their portfolio in 2018. The brand has grown to stock a healthy offering of polo shirts. They also stock men’s pants, shorts and outerwear, and accessories, but they are slightly light on options.

Focusing on what they have rather than not, I appreciate the selection of polo shirt colors and patterns. I find they suit traditionalists and fashionable golfers dressing to impress on the golf course.

I fancy the Oyster Catcher polo, a Bluebell color, available in medium to extra large. While I enjoy the Stitch Golf catalog, their products are pricey, with a shirt fetching around $118. However, the material is highly breathable, soft, and moisture-wicking.

Golf Equipment They Make: Stitch golf manufacturers shirts, pants, shorts, golf bags, and accessories.

⛳️ What I Like About Them: I appreciate the wealth of polo shirt designs, colors, and their breathable, moisture-wicking qualities.


Thestron – Best Unknown Brands for Golf Shoes

I discovered Thestron on Amazon several years back and decided to give their breathable spiked shoes a go. They set me back less than $40 and kept my feet cool, dry, and comfortable in warmer conditions.


Despite its breathable construction, Thestron added a waterproof upper and toe cover, which was not as effective as I would like. I forgave it for its shortcoming since it cost me half of what the Adidas Tech Response SL cost me.

The inner padding was soft initially, but it wore away faster than my Adidas. Again, you get what you pay for. Ending on a positive. I was blown away by the immensity of the color offerings, with 14 to choose from.

Golf Equipment They Make: Thestron are dedicated to manufacturing affordable, breathable, and stylish golf shoes.

⛳️ What I Like About Them: I like the affordability of these golf shoes, the wealth of available styles, and their breathability.


Waggle Golf – Best Golf Headwear

Waggle Golf one of the best unknown golf club brands for unusal hats.  Showing an alligator with ball in its mouth on a black hat.

Literally capping off our best unknown golf brands review is Waggle Golf, a force to be reckoned with in the headwear space. The brand stocks a variety of playful baseball-style caps sporting a bulldog, raging bison, sasquatch, and a goat. Those familiar with the Happy Gilmore movie will understand why the ‘Chubbs’ hat resonates with them.

My only gripe is the lack of bucket and wide-brim hats, which I prefer for skin protection reasons. The style is also not suited to golfers that prefer a more traditional-looking golf baseball cap.

Waggle Golf hats are moderately priced, but the array of patterns and the breathability of the headwear makes it worth the spending for every golfer.

Golf Equipment They Make: Waggle Golf produces hats, polos, and outerwear, like quarter zips and hoodies.

⛳️ What I Like About Them: I appreciate the breathability, playful nature, and style of the hats.

How to Choose the Best Golf Club Brand When Buying Golf Clubs

golf clubs in a golf store

It can be confusing when looking at the big names of golf equipment companies and the best unknown golf club brands. Here are some of the most important considerations to help you.


Determine what your budget is before you start shopping around for golf clubs. This helps you slim down your list of options to speed up the process. If you are on a strict budget, think about affordable golf clubs from brands like LAZRUS.

Conversely, golfers with ample budget may consider a soft-feeling, durable, premium set of clubs, like the ones offered by Seven Golf on this list of lesser-known golf brands. There are also more well-known golf companies like PXG, Cobra, and Ping to consider depending on your needs.

Skill Level

Think about your skill level and what type of golf clubs will help you excel. High-handicap golfers are best off with forgiving cavity back irons and oversized woods. These golf clubs preserve ball speed and contain spin on off-center strikes. Forgiving clubs are often offset to promote a draw bias and combat slices.

I find LAZRUS to be an outstanding forgiving unknown golf brand. Their clubs launch high, the sweet spots are wide, and they work to minimize slices. I recommend looking into tailor-made golf clubs through National Custom Works if you prefer less forgiving, soft-feeling, and crisp-sounding golf clubs.


Forgiving golf clubs are essential for the average golfer struggling to consistently strike the ball. I suggest searching for oversized woods that contain a low and deep center of gravity (CG) and an enlarged sweet spot. The combination helps you maintain ball zip and generate a consistently elevated launch.

Forgiving irons are packaged in a cavity back design, which spreads mass around the perimeter to increase the sweet spot and stability. These features promote consistent energy transfer, ball pace, and rapid rebound off the clubface.

The challenge with many forgiving golf clubs is that their offset design restricts workability off the tee and on approach. This will not impact mid and high-handicappers but is not ideal for low-handicap players. I suggest superior golfers consider minimally offset woods and blade irons.

High Launch

Generating a high launch is vital for slow-swing speed golfers like high handicappers or seniors. High-launching clubs are generally fitted with a low and back or forward CG to help you consistently get your ball airborne.

Despite the benefits of a high-launching golf shot, it can cause faster swing speeds to balloon shots and lose distance.


Beginner golfers struggling for accuracy can seek the assistance of offset golf clubs built to promote a draw bias shape. These golf clubs simplify squaring your clubface at impact to minimize the risk of slices and promote straighter ball flight.

The ultimate solution to accuracy is learning to control your wrist angles, swing path, and clubface, leading into impact. I have achieved these results consistently since using the HackMotion Pro golf sensor.

Consistent Distance

You require enhanced energy transfer, rapid ball speed, and low spin to generate maximum distance from the tee and on approach. I suggest searching for woods, hybrids, and long irons that contain enlarged sweet spots, perimeter weighting, and a flexible sole.

The flexible sole encourages the clubface to increase spring into contact and boost energy transfer for accelerated ball speed and low spin. Perimeter weighting steps into action next and widens the sweet spot by preserving ball speed and minimizing spin on all shots.

Thanks to forgiving golf clubs, amateur golfers can still produce consistent yardage on off-center strikes on the golf course.

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Final Thoughts on the Best Unknown Golf Club Brands

Our best unknown golf club brands review highlights the abundance of quality and value-for-money brands overshadowed by powerhouse names like TaylorMade, Tour Edge, and Callaway. Unknown brands are often less prevalent because they choose to sell directly through their distribution channels, like their website or Amazon.

I am impressed with the bulk of unknown golf brands uncovered in this article, but one option stood head and shoulders above the rest. The LAZRUS golf clubs are my overall favorite pick for their affordability, high launch, draw bias, and consistent distance.

Senior golfers struggling to consistently get the ball airborne will welcome the ease of launch and optimal carry distance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a good golf club?

You find a good golf club by visiting a club fitter to learn the optimal specifications for your swing. The club fitter will determine ideal lofts, shaft flex, weight, CG, and moment of inertia (MOI) for your swing. Going forward, you can use this knowledge to find affordable, quality golf clubs that perfectly match your swing.

How many golf club manufacturers are there?

According to the USGA website, there are over 270 listed golf manufacturers. However, this list fails to consider that Vietnamese or Taiwanese companies, like Fu Sheng, manufacture a quarter of all golf club heads. Therefore, many brands listed only market the products and do not manufacture them.

What is a DTC golf brand?

A DTC golf brand means they sell direct to the consumer, cutting out the middleman wherever possible. Brands like LAZRUS and Vice Golf Balls have adopted this model by avoiding large brick-and-mortar retail outlets or distribution companies and instead selling products on their website or Amazon.

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