The 6 Best PXG Golf Clubs for Seniors in 2023 [Expert Guide]

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Curious what the current best PXG golf clubs for seniors are in 2023? PGA Class A Professional golfer, Brittany Olizarowicz provides her top picks.

With dozens of years of experience in the golf industry, there are two things that I have found the majority of seniors look for in golf clubs. The first is a great deal (let’s face it, they are hard to pass up) the second is equipment that makes the game of golf easier. 

A few years ago, you may not have considered PXG golf clubs to be a great deal or incredibly forgiving, but some things have changed. I’ll show you what PXG golf clubs are best for seniors and some insider tips on which ones could help your game the most. 

Does PXG make senior golf clubs?

PXG makes a wide range of golf clubs for everyone from low handicap players to beginners. They also have several shaft options in each of their club choices that make it easier for senior men and women to find a fit. If your swing speed is slower and you need senior clubs, you won’t have a problem finding them. 

We recently did a test on the best overall PXG golf clubs, but in this article, I’ll focus mainly on the best PXG clubs for seniors. 

Best PXG Driver for Seniors

PXG 0311 XF Driver

$289.99 Amazon Prime

Updated on 2024-04-13

PXG Driver

PXG 0311 XF Driver

One of the first things you will notice about the PXG golf club line is that they keep it relatively narrow but offer you lots of options with flex, shaft, custom fitting, etc. The best PXG driver for seniors is the PXG 0311 XF. This was also voted our best overall golf driver from PXG, so this isn’t just for senior players. 

What makes the PXG 0311 XF stand out?


When a driver offers forgiveness, it will almost always offer you a few extra yards. The PXG 0311 XF is a mid spin option that has very high ball speeds and low dispersion rates. As you will see with the rest of the PXG lineup for seniors, it’s also affordably priced. 

One of my favorite features of the PXG 0311 XF is the precision weights that allow you to fine tune the spin and ball flight. One weight is 2.5 grams, and another is 7.5 grams; this helps with a customized feel even when choosing the stock senior shaft. 

The 0311 XF also features an adjustable hosel and a sweet spot that is quite large. 


  • Built with the forgiveness that senior players need 
  • Adjustable design 
  • Robotic polishing procedures for ideal ball flight 
  • Very low dispersion rates


  • The sound is a little explosive; it takes a few swings to get used to 

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Best PXG Fairway Woods for Seniors

PXG 0211 Fairway Wood


Updated on 2024-04-13

PXG Fairway Wood

Best PXG Golf Clubs for Seniors - PXG 0211 Fairway Wood

Senior golfers use their fairway woods more than other players out on the course. The fairway wood not only offers extra forgiveness off the tee, but it can also be a way to grab some distance on a long par 4. The best PXG fairway woods for seniors are the PXG 0211 fairways. 

My favorite feature of the PXG 0211 is the ball’s flight and trajectory. The club head has a very low profile, but the overall launch and spin are quite high. If you have struggled to get a 3 wood or 5 wood up off the ground from a fairway lie, the PXG 0211 is built to help. 

You can describe this fairway woods as a clean and classic design, something that I think is a great choice for senior players. There is a little offset here, but it’s not much, just enough to increase confidence a bit. 

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  • High launch 
  • Increased accuracy with a large sweet spot
  • Low profile design 
  • High strength HT1770 stainless steel face
  • Available in 3, 5, and 7 wood for senior players 


  • Although ball speed is good, it doesn’t jump quite like it does off a titanium face 

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Best PXG Hybrids for Seniors

PXG 0211 Hybrid 


Updated on 2024-04-13

PXG Golf Hybrid

PXG 0211 Hybrid

Sticking with this 0211 line that is designed for forgiveness and playability, the best PXG hybrid for seniors is the PXG 0211 Z hybrid. If maximum forgiveness (from the rough or the fairway) is what you want from a hybrid, the PXG 0211 is the club to go with. 

Again, similar to the fairway wood, the PXG 0211 Z Hybrid is a lower profile look that actually helps you cut through a thicker lie in the rough. In addition, the spin rate here is a perfect mix of distance enhancing and ball flight enhancing. 

In other words, you can hit this far and high and still have it land and stop where you need it to. 

Think of the impact that could have on your golf game. 


  • Clean and classic-looking clubhead shape
  • Senior Flex MMT 60A lightweight shaft 
  • Larger face with an extensive sweet spot 


  • Feel coming off the face is a little harsh, not as soft as some premium hybrids on the market 

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Best PXG Irons for Seniors

PXG 0211 Irons

$599.94 Amazon Prime

Updated on 2024-04-14

PXG Golf Irons

PXG 0211 Irons

The thing I love most about all the PXG irons is how clean they look. You may be looking at the PXG 0211 irons and thinking, wait a minute, where is the wide sole, bulky top line, and extreme offset? PXG took a different approach and tried to keep looks and feel in mind without sacrificing too much forgiveness. 

The PXG 0211 irons look great, and they work for both men and women senior golfers. 

With the PXG 0211 irons, you will benefit from a progressive design. This means that the longer irons will have a bit more offset and greater forgiveness than the shorter irons. This is a smart decision for senior golfers looking for a new set of clubs. 

PXG incorporated their XCOR2 technology into this iron head. With the XCOR2, you will have a polymer core material that helps keep the club lightweight and the weight positioned low and in the center of the head. The result is a much higher MOI. 

The face on the hollow body PXG 0211 irons are made from a very thin material to help increase ball speed. You should not notice any trouble with distance making the change to PXG irons. In addition, the price point here, even with graphite shafts, is more fair than other manufacturers on the market.


  • Clean looking but still have forgiveness 
  • Thin face technology 
  • High MOI and forgiveness 
  • Long distance irons 


  • Still won’t have the same forgiveness as something like a senior hybrid iron 
  • Not the lightest golf irons for seniors 

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Best PXG Wedge for Seniors

PXG V3 0311 Forged Golf Wedge


Updated on 2024-04-13

PXG Golf Wedge

PXG V3 0311 Forged Golf Wedge

If you read my reviews, you know how I feel about senior golfers having a wedge they can trust in any situation. I know it’s impossible to think about getting Rory McIlroy-type distance off the tee as a senior player (and it probably is close to impossible), but what about perfecting your short game? What’s holding you back? 

If your wedges are not a fit for your game, make sure to take care of that as soon as you can. 

The PXG 0311 forged wedges offer full face groove and high toe weighting. 

The combination of technology gives these a great feel, plenty of forgiveness, and enough spin to stop a ball where you want it. Just make sure you play with a golf ball that has enough spin to help improve overall backspin rates. 


  • Versatile sole to be able to hit a variety of shots 
  • Sleek looking wedges
  • Forged feel and construction for better precision


  • The soft feel takes a few rounds to get used to 
  • Not the best for higher handicap players; look for a cavity back wedge

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Best PXG Putter for Senior Golfers

PXG Battle Ready One and Done Putter

No products found. No products found.

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PXG Putter

PXG Battle Ready One and Done Putter

Finally, we can’t leave out the putter. The PXG Battle Ready putters may actually be some of their best selling golf clubs. My favorite for senior players is the mallet style Battle Ready One & Done. 

Wouldn’t we all love to be one and done on each green? 

I love this for seniors because of the forgiving mallet style design and impressive alignment aids. There are both parallel and circular alignment lines on the top of the putter head. In addition, it comes with 4 sole weights to customize the feel of the putter to match your stroke. 

The dark black finish also helps create some contrast on the putting green, making it easier to focus on your task at hand. If you want a high MOI design with a ton of consistency on the shorter puts, the Battle Ready One & Done would be the putter I would go with. 


  • Adjustable sole weights
  • Very consistent, especially on shorter putts 
  • Mallet style putter is stable at impact 


  • The putter head is a little heavy for some players at first 
  • Not as affordable as some other PXG clubs when compared to the competition 

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Buyers Guide to Purchasing PXG Golf Clubs for Seniors

senior golfer getting ready to hit a golf wedge shot

I think one of the things that helps the PXG golf clubs be so appealing is the fact that club fitting is such a big part of their company mission. Let’s face it when you look at a lot of the clubs you can purchase on the internet; there are limited shaft options and selections. 

PXG chose to create a core line of clubs and then make them accessible to all handicaps and player types. That’s why most clubs that PXG offers are for both women and men golfers. 

Here are some things to know before you purchase your next set of PXG golf clubs for seniors.

Quality and Longevity

Parsons Extreme Golf was developed to offer premium golf equipment to the most wealthy players. After a few years, they realized that they had lots of golfers to appeal to, so it made sense to offer some more affordable choices. 

When they made the more affordable golf clubs, quality was cut just a little. 

Was it cut enough that you should avoid PXG? Absolutely not. These clubs seem to hold up well over time; they are a good value for golfers that are on a budget but don’t want to sacrifice quality. 

Custom Fitting

PXG offers personalized golf club fitting at locations across the United States. The PXG fitting is advanced, and it allows you to test the entire PXG line and ensure it’s a fit for your game. 

My only word of caution here is to make sure you are really sold on the PXG golf clubs before you sign up for a fitting. Personally, I find more value in a golf club fitting that allows you to try clubs from a variety of manufacturers. 

However, if you have your mind set on the PXG clubs, they do a great job with their fitting experience and technology. 


PXG still has some premium options available, but the clubs that work best for senior players are really the more affordable choices. As you can see, the PXG 0211 line has some really great choices to maximize distance, forgiveness, and overall feel for senior players. 

Golf Handicap Considerations 

I find the PXG clubs to be the best fit for the mid-handicap senior players. If you want ultimate forgiveness or you need blade style precision clubs, then there are other brands out there that can be a better fit. 

If you are within the 10-20 handicap range, the PXG is a really affordable solution. 

In addition, for newer senior players, the PXG Driver has enough forgiveness and distance to be an affordable selection to consider. 

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Final Thoughts on PXG Golf Clubs for Seniors

PXG golf clubs aren’t always considered a first choice for senior players. Hopefully, you saw here that there are some really great options with lightweight technology, a great feel, and plenty of forgiveness. Senior golfers will have no problem finding senior shaft options in graphite, or for the faster swing speed players, there are some regular shaft options as well.

If you think one of these PXG golf clubs for seniors are a perfect match for your game, don’t forget to take advantage of a fitting center location near you. 

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