Are PXG Clubs Good For YOU? Expert Review + Buyers Guide

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In this article, Senior Golf Source expert covers a most asked query, “Are PXG Clubs Good?”

Bob Parsons is best known for founding GoDaddy, but in 2013 he set himself a new challenge. To make the world’s best golf clubs. A decade later, we look back at his team’s progress, and in this post, we determine if PXG clubs are good for you.

By the end of this post, you will know the brand’s best driver, fairway wood, hybrid, irons, wedge, and putter. In addition, I reveal their manufacturing process, quality control, and whether they are suitable for the average senior golfer.

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PXG Golf Club Manufacturers Process & Quality Standards

PXG putters and putting green


PXG manufactures every golf club that fits inside your bag, from a carbon fiber crown driver to a forgiving player’s distance iron. Although PXG golf clubs are manufactured in Asia, like most equipment, their research and development, engineering, and marketing are conducted from their Scottsdale, Arizona, headquarters.

When Parsons started PXG in 2013, he had a mission to develop attractive clubs that look like traditional irons but possess modern game improvement technology. Irons aside, their woods, hybrids, and putters often sport a glare-resistant black finish, which looks appealing and shields against sun rays.

PXG Golf Club Manufacturers Process

The manufacturer employs two predominant methods to produce PXG clubs. Casting and forging. Casting entails filling a ceramic mold with wax before exposing them to a ceramic slurry dipping procedure to finalize the shape.

Once the mold is finalized, the engineers heat the ceramic to melt the wax, after which molten is added to the fray. Next, the molds are cooled to create a premium cast iron design. In addition, Parsons and his team use this technique to construct thin-walled equipment like drivers, fairways, and hybrids.

Conversely, the alternative manufacturing procedure is forging, which is more expensive and laborious. The metalsmith kicks off with a solid piece of the alloy, using a combination of heat, compression, and tools to alter the shape of the structure.

Forging minimizes the wall thickness of golf clubs to enhance performance, feedback, and durability of a golf club. Forged irons are typically reserved for lower handicap golfers because of their limited forgiveness and high price. However, PXG irons offer an aesthetically pleasing look without impacting forgiveness.

Typical Performance Traits

Senior golfer hitting his PXG driver on a beautiful sunny day with condo high rise behind him.
Photo Credit: Pat Gilbert hitting his PXG Driver

Reasons to Buy

PXG irons are worth considering for their affordability, gorgeous appearance, distance, forgiveness, and accuracy. In addition, the woods, hybrid irons, and putters often sport a glare-resistant finish to prevent distractions at address.

I really appreciate the players’ appearance of PXG irons and their consistent, forgiving nature. Finally, the company’s direct-to-consumer model enables them to save handsomely on third-party commissions, leading to exceptional value for money.

Reasons to Avoid

The first reason stems from the sleek clubhead design found on their irons. While the look appeals to me, I feel some high handicappers may struggle for confidence with a reduced clubhead size. 

Sticking with design flaws, the Precision Weighting Technology is visible in the flange of the club head. While I admire the performance of the technology, its presence is relatively unattractive.

Are PXG clubs good for high handicappers or beginners?

Yes, the extreme performance (XP) and XF club range by PXG suit high handicappers or beginners. These golf clubs offer the highest level of leniency among their clubs to preserve ball speed and spin on off-center hits.

Are PXG clubs good for mid-handicappers?

The P category of PXG clubs are known as player’s performance golf clubs and are built for maximum distance without sacrificing forgiveness. These golf clubs are ideally suited to mid-handicappers seeking increased length from tee to green without sacrificing leniency and consistency.

How good are PXG golf clubs for low-handicap golfers?

PXG does make appealing quality golf products for low handicappers seeking to shape shots while enjoying enhanced feedback and a superb feel. The T PXG irons range delivers all these features for skilled golfers. However, the Precision Weighting Technology is a slight eyesore and detracts from the compact profile.

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Best PXG Driver

PXG 0311 XF Gen 5 Driver

$289.99 Amazon Prime

Updated on 2024-05-29


PXG 0311 XF Gen 5 Driver

The PXG 0311 XF Gen 5 Driver is my top selection from the brand for its phenomenal forgiveness, yardage, and accuracy. An adjustable hosel design allows you to alter the loft and lie of the clubface. On the other hand, precise weighting enhances the moment of inertia (MOI) for improved stability.

For starters, an expanded clubhead profile creates a longer heel-to-toe length leaving the average golfer with a lower margin for error. Next, the engineers applied an AV Carbon Fiber, which saved mass and allowed them to redistribute weight low and deep for a lower center of gravity (CG).

A high-strength Ti412 titanium clubface delivers sensational speed at impact and moderate spin, prompting a medium launch and acceptable flight. In addition, the Variable Face Design prevented ball speed drop-off, containing spin for more distance.

I thought the Robotic Polishing feature was a stroke of genius by the Parsons team as it delivered optimal face curvature and thickness. The result was consistent speed and controlled spin on all shots. Finally, PXG crafted the 0311 XF Gen 5 in a 9, 10.5, and 12-degree loft profile.


  • Maximum Forgiveness
  • High-speed clubface
  • Promotes a medium to high launch
  • Glare resistant design
  • Encourages straighter shots


  • Moderately expensive
  • It could have produced lower spin

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Best PXG Fairway Woods

PXG 0211 Z Fairway Wood

$149.99 Amazon Prime

Updated on 2024-05-29

Fairway Wood

PXG 0211 Z Fairway Wood, shown as a favorite in the article is pxg a good brand

I find the 0211 Z caters to the broadest audience of golfers as far as PXG fairway woods go. It generates clean turf interaction, consistent velocity, and controlled spin revolutions while promoting a higher launch and optimal carry distance.

The HT1770 stainless steel clubface produced splendid velocity and minimal spin for a powerful strike. Plus, PXG engineers designed a square clubface making it easier for the average player to square the clubface at contact for straighter shots.

Like the 0311 XF Gen 5 driver, the 0211 Z sports a Robotic Polished finish, which creates optimal face thickness and curvature. The result is optimal energy transfer at impact for the desired launch, flight, and carry distance.

In addition, I enjoyed the High Modal Frequency Design, which amplified acoustics and feedback for a superior feel. Finally, the PXG 0211 Z is available in a 15-degree 3 wood, 18-degree 5 wood, and 21-degree 7 wood.


  • Prompts a square clubface at contact
  • Encourages straight shots
  • Produces a high launch
  • Impressive carry distance
  • Moderately affordable


  • Reduces workability
  • Minimal alternative shaft options

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Best PXG Hybrid for the Money

PXG 0211 Hybrids

$139.99 Amazon Prime

Updated on 2024-05-29

PXG Hybrid

PXG 0211 Hybrids

If you’re on the fence on whether hybrids are for you, then the PXG 0211 is a great club for the money.

Everything about PXG is done with style, and the PXG 0211 Hybrid is no different. This well designed club is the perfect size, and has excellent feel. It is known for delivering high ball speeds and a controlled spin rate.

If you purchase it from PXG it comes in either a stanless steel body or stainless steel face with a fixed hosel design.

A low profile design transfers the center of gravity (CG) lower to prompt elevated launch and optimal turf interaction. The towering ball flight optimized my carry distance and generated a sharp descent for a soft landing on approach.

The square face design helps move vertical, increasing the clubface surface area to maximize forgiveness.

Finally, the PXG Hybrid Club is crafted with a 19, 25, 28, 22 degree loft profile.


  • High launching
  • Adjustable hosel
  • Generates impressive carry distance
  • Exceptional forgiveness
  • Optimal stability


  • Moderately expensive
  • The high launch profile may cause some players to balloon shots

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Best PXG Irons

PXG 0211 Golf Irons Set

$599.94 Amazon Prime

Updated on 2024-05-28

PXG Irons

are PXG clubs good? Best PXG Irons - PXG 0211 Golf Irons Set showing close up of 7 iron

0211 XCOR2 irons produce the forgiveness of game improvement irons in a refined, compact profile that every golfer can appreciate. Besides looks, I found these irons offered sensational forgiveness, a higher apex, and maximum stability to resist twisting during your swing.

There is much to praise on the PXG 0211 XCOR2 Irons, but I shall start with their impressive velocity created at impact. The XCOR2 polymer core and an ultra-thin face combination cause the ball to rebound rapidly at impact for an explosive launch on approach.

I appreciated the progressive offset design of the set, as the longer irons carried a higher degree to combat slices and push your ball straighter. As a result, long irons promote accuracy, while mid and short irons encourage superior workability and shot shaping on approach.

The 0211 XCOR2 clubs proved highly forgiving thanks to their stability and maximum energy transfer at contact. This increases ball velocity and contains spin on longer shots for increased yardage and control. Finally, the short and mid irons increase spin for a softer, controlled landing. For these reasons, these are the best irons for the average golfer.


  • Highly forgiving, best irons for the average golfer
  • Attractive profile, PXG golf set
  • Progressive offset design for straighter long iron shots
  • Enhanced stability
  • The long irons promote straighter shots


  • The increased long iron offset restricts the workability
  • A higher launch may cause some faster swing speeds to sky shots and lose distance.

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Best PXG Wedges

PXG Sugar Daddy II Milled Wedge

$299.99 Amazon Prime

Updated on 2024-05-29


PXG Sugar Daddy II Milled Wedge

PXG wedges are led by the impressive Sugar Daddy II series stemming from its advanced spin, buttery-soft feel, and enhanced control. In addition, I appreciated the option of two sole grinds, which covers most amateur golfers seeking versatility in their short game.

Kicking off with the expertly milled full–face grooves that worked tirelessly to enhance friction on all wedge shots. The added friction helped me impart consistent spin revolutions on the golf ball for superior shot stop power on short approach shots.

In addition, PXG engineers applied a Hi-Toe weighting design to simplify opening your clubface for a higher shot. Plus, I found the Hi-Toe weighting produced clean turf interaction from the rough, sand, and fairway to elevate the lift on flop and bunker shots.

Finally, the PXG Sugar Daddy II Milled Wedge is constructed with two sole grinds to cover the needs of most amateurs. However, I find the BP-grind produces improved forgiveness and additional bounce to prevent my clubhead from digging into the turf and causing a duffed shot.

For more information on other top golf wedge golf brands to consider click here.


  • Superb spin levels
  • Provides optimal shot-stopping power
  • Available in two sole grinds
  • Produces clean turf interaction
  • Easy to open the clubface and get under the golf ball


  • No low-bounce sole grinds
  • Beginners may require a more forgiving design

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Best PXG Putter

PXG Battle Ready Putter

No products found. No products found.

Updated on No products found.


PXG Battle Ready Putter

We close our Are PXG Clubs Good review with the PXG Battle Ready Putter, ideal for the average amateur golfer. Its mallet head design contains maximum MOI, and its milled face design optimizes friction to generate a clean, forward roll.

Thanks to the mallet design, the Battle Ready putter produced magnificent stability at impact and resisted twisting during my stroke. The outcome was frequently a square putter face at contact, which started my ball on the intended line to improve my accuracy on the dancefloor.

In addition, the added stability prevented spin and pace dropoff on mishits to produce consistent topspin. As a result, I enjoyed greater distance control on the green to enhance my lag-putting skills and lower my 3-putt potential.

Erin with senior Golf source holding the PXG putter.

The alignment aid is standard compared to the brand’s famed runway reticle design. However, it is still effective. Finally, the black finish on the putter provides optimal glare resistance to prevent distractions.


  • Enhanced MOI for stability through impact
  • Resists twisting
  • Minimizes ball speed and topspin drop off
  • Optimal alignment aid
  • Glare resistant finish


  • Reduced alignment aid compared to the runway reticle design
  • Minimal feedback

We may earn a commission, at no additional cost to you.

Final Thoughts | Are PXG Clubs Good?

At the start of this review, I set out to determine if PXG clubs are good. After analyzing their production process and equipment, the answer is clear. PXG golf clubs suit low, mid, and high handicappers seeking value for money, forgiveness, distance, and accuracy.

In addition, the brand’s decision to cut out third-party retailers was a stroke of genius, helping save their customers money and still producing a high-end product. Although the manufacturer makes clubs for every golfer, I find their golf equipment for mid and high-handicappers is affordable, forgiving, and consistent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are PXG clubs any good?

Yes, PXG clubs are good. They offer optimal value for money, an attractive and durable design, forgiveness, distance, and accuracy. In addition, they develop golf clubs for low, mid, and high handicappers selling directly to the consumer and cutting out the middle man.

Why do PXG clubs have so many screws?

PXG clubs feature a variety of screws because they form part of the brand’s signature Precision Weighting Technology. The screws appear throughout the flange and stabilize the clubhead at contact to prevent speed loss. In addition, it enhances MOI to generate straighter shots.

What is so special about PXG golf clubs?

PXG golf clubs feature modern game improvement technology in a compact, attractive profile. Plus, the brand was created by GoDaddy founder Bob Parsons who cut out third-party retailers in their revenue model to sell directly to consumers.

Do any PGA golf professional golfers use PXG clubs?

Yes, PGA professional golfers Joel Dahmen, Zach Johnson, and Luke List use PXG golf clubs. Before joining the LIV Golf Tour, 2018 Masters Champion Patrick Reed was the brand’s highest-profile player.

What are the Best PXG Golf Clubs for the Average Golfer?

0311 XF Gen 5 – Best PXG Driver
0211 Z – Best PXG Fairway Woods
0317X Proto – Best PXG Hybrid
0211 XCOR2 – Best PXG Irons
Sugar Daddy II Milled – Best PXG Wedges
Blackjack Battle Ready – Best PXG Putter

What does PXG stand for?

Parsons Xtreme Golf (PXG)

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