14 Hilarious Golf Gag Gifts That Golfers Will Love

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Looking for the best golf gag gifts? Then, you’ve come to the right place.

Golf is considered a serious sport, but there are multiple ways you can have good fun on the golf course. In fact, often this is a great way to bond with friends or family members.

If you’re looking to get a gift for your golf partner or a buddy that plays golf, you’ll find an endless array of golf products. Why not get a golf gift that brings out some laughter this time?

Avid golfers purchase one item after another to improve their performance or outlook on the golf course. This could be a problem picking out a gift since they’ve apparently got everything already. 

This is when you’ve got to think outside the box and look for something that would both be highly unlikely to be in their possession already and be a sensational home run present, especially during the holidays!

I come from a family of practical jokesters – so, golf gag gifts were something we buy ourselves or each other whenever it suited the mood.

Here I’ve put together 14 of the most hysterical golf gag gifts on the market. Let’s get to it!

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1. Shanker Exploding Golf Balls

Shanker Exploding Golf Balls

A single sleeve of these diabolical golf balls contains three golf balls that explode at impact into a cloud of white smoke!

These exploding golf balls would be a great gag at birthday, bachelor, or holiday parties. Even an icebreaker for when things get serious on the golf course!

Pros Cons
Safety guaranteed Balls don’t actually ‘explode’
Standard golf ball size Easily identifiable if used before
Great for gags and laughsThe powder inside shakes which can be heard

2. Nice Shot Golf Glove

Nice Shot Golf Glove, some may consider this rude golf gifts since the nice shot is written on the middle finger giving others the bird.

There’s more than one way to pay a compliment when your partner hits a nice shot.

Strap on the Nice Shot Golf Glove and let it do the talking! A compliment with a gag to go with it!

It comes in a variety of sizes for both right and left-handed golfers.

Pros Cons 
Comfortable Fit Not very durable
Suitable for all weather

“Is a good conversation starter and get at least one comment about it every time I’m out on the course.

– Terry, Nice Shot Glove, Golf Gag Gifts Reviews

3. Schwetty Pair of Balls: Golf Gag Gift

Schwetty Pair of Balls, blue color but comes in multiple colors for gag golf gifts.

This is one of my favorite golf gag gifts for a guy’s trip or bachelor party. While the blue color is the ultimate choice The blue comes from the natural composition of the ball in its natural form, but it comes in yellow and pink too.

The Schwetty Pair of Balls may seem recreational, but it’s actually a standardized golf ball with its dimensions and features conforming with the USGA and R&A Rules of Golf. 

The ball features a Du-Pont Lithium Surlyn Cover, Titanium Mix Core, and a Dimple Count of 397. The golf ball trajectory is mid-high. 

“….Fun gag gifts for a guys golf trip. Will make a great conversation piece….There are several colors to chose from but let me tell you, the “blue balls” really are the best!

– Moore F, (Schwetty Pair of Balls REVIEWS)

4. Unova Beverage Sleeve Wraps

Unova Beverage Sleeve Wrap - looks just like a red coca cola can from the outside

Hide your beers from prying eyes! Or even your own partners who wanna keep it sober.

The Unova Beverage Sleeves comfortably and inconspicuously fit most beverage cans and can save you a lot of headaches!

Pros Cons
Easy to put onNot so easy to remove

5. Intech #2 Golf Poop Putter

Intech Golf Poop Putter, funny golf gifts

A great way to remind you how badly your buddy sucks at putting! The poop putter comes in a brown color, with a cover that says “#2 It’s Time To Go!”

Functions are just like and as good as any putter in a similar price range. The loft on it is 3 degrees.

Great for laughsNot for competitive performance
Affordable Inappropriate for some 
Standard size and loft

6. 3D Golf Ball Breaking Glass Sticker

Golf Ball Breaking Glass on car window

Next time your buddy gives you a hard time on the golf course, give him a mini-heart attack with the 3D Golf Break Glass Sticker!

Sticks onto the windshield comfortably and look like a natural, horrible accident! Every golfer’s worst nightmare. 

Stick these onto any transparent surface and step aside! You will no doubt get a good chuckle when your buddy sees their car.

Pros Cons
Suitable for all weather Not reusable 
Easy to useAdhesion problems on certain surfaces
Very Realistic finishPoor instructions

7. Hilarious Golf Gag Gifts Towel

funny golf towel - in black color with white color says "swing, swear, repeat"

Towels are essential for golfers. Wouldn’t it be better to have a unique funny golf towel that makes light of a double bogey?

These microfiber golf towels are absorbent and easily remove dirt and turf. So the function only exceeds the form with this one.  

Check out these other super funny golf towels:

  1. Golffather
  2. For Dad
  3. Swing, Swear, Repeat
  4. Custom Golf Towel (Personalize It)
Quality embroidered May not suit everyone’s style
Fast shipping 
Personalization available

8. Emoji Golf Balls

emoji golf balls

A sensational hit among golf fanatics, this set of 12 colorful faces (no duplicates) will brighten moods and make golfers smile!

Oji manufactures these Emoji Golf Balls, placing a premium on quality, so they also function like any good golf ball. 

The print and detail on these are of top quality. Ideal for practicing or using in mini-golf. The perfect present for tech-savvy individuals too, since they love expressing emotions through emojis when texting or chatting.

Pros Cons 
Quality printsNot high-performance
Play like normal golf balls Only for recreational use 

9. Funny Golf Socks: I’d Rather Be Golfing

Funny Golf Socks: I'd Rather Be Golfing

Some socks speak from the soul! Holding true to what every avid golfer thinks when he isn’t on the course, the I’d Rather Be Golfing pair of socks might be a great gift to give to that buddy who always has one thing on his mind: golf, golf, and more golf! 

At 85% combed cotton composition, these funny socks offer some extreme comfort too!

Pros Cons 
ComfortableStyle is not for everyone
For all ages and genders

10. Funny Golf Ball Marker & Hat Clip 

Funny Golf Ball Marker & Hat Clip 

Every married golfer has been through the ordeal of arguing with their wives over how much time they spend on the golf course vs. the wife.

The “I Love You More Than You Love Golf” Marker and Hat Clip serve to make amends on that front. 

It doubles as a golf ball marker and a hat clip. Let your loved ones know you’re always thinking about them, on and off the course.

Pros Cons
Durable Magnet is strong

11. Hole-in-One Funny Golf Shirt

golf gag shirt or funny golf shirt in grey with black letting.  Golfer on it -

The person wearing this may enjoy some glory for a while, however short-lived, before giving away the gag when one looks closer.

The words “I made a hole in one” in the big broad text are described in the Hole-in-One Gag Shirt.

But on closer inspection, the actual sentence reads, “I got really drunk and put a hole in the golf cart and threw up in one of the ball washers.”

This funny golf shirt is bound to make the recipient reading it smile. 😀

Pros Cons
Satisfaction guaranteedSaying may not suit everyone
Great material 

12. Funny Golf Mug

funny golf mug in white with black letting that reads "golf instructions" with funny sayings on it - such as blame noise, etc.

Golf can get really frustrating sometimes, and there’s hardly any golfer who hasn’t acted out in some way, big or small, because of how he played a particular round. This funny but on-point instructions coffee mug cheers the golfer up when he’s had a bad game.

The Golf Instructions Funny Golf Mug is simple and structured (ideal as a golf gag gift):

  1. Swing 
  2. Swear 
  3. Blame noise 
  4. Blame grass 
  5. Look for Ball 
  6. Repeat. 

Which usually is the reaction by the player after a bad shot!

Pros Cons
Cute and funny gift Brittle 
Usable for coffee or just decoration

13. Funny Golf Cap: Legalize Mulligans

funny golf cap that says legalize mulligans.  Comes in a variety of colors.

All golfers, regardless of ability, wouldn’t mind if Mulligans got legalized and they got another shot after hitting one astray from right off the tee.

We all get the yips every now and then. Even the pros do! 

The Legalize Mulligans funny golf cap has got a strap at the back which means one size fits all!

Multiple colorsFitting sometimes problematic 

“Great product! Will definitely buy from this company again. Quick shipping which I appreciated.”

– (Golf Gag Gifts, Funny Golf Cap Reviews)

14. Shank It Funny Golf Towel

Funny Golf Towel

Every golfer wants his bag to stand out somehow, and this towel does just that! If that golfer also happens to be a Star Wars fan, then this Funny Golf Towel takes the show’s slogan and adds a golf-y twist to it. 

The words “May The Course Be With You” are embroidered in signature Star Wars design. This towel is sure to win anyone over!

Durable White color
High performance 

Final Thoughts: Golf Gag Gifts

Well, there you have it! A list of only the top-notch gag gifts in golf. Be sure to gift your loved ones some of these unique and hysterical items.

These golf gag gifts are bound to surprise and please any golfer you know who is thinking of getting a stand-out gift. Comment down your favorite pick! 

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