21 Personalized Golf Gifts for Golfers Who Like Unique Gifts

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Looking for unique and personalized golf gifts? Then you must check out our current list of 21 highly-rated custom golf gifts for the golfer in your life!

True golf enthusiasts ensure they have all the necessary golfing equipment and accessories. So when a special event, such as a birthday comes around, getting a meaningful gift for them can be quite the challenge. What do you get a golfer that already has everything? 

Well, I’ve got great ideas that’ll help you choose something unique and personal. Getting personalized golf accessories for your favorite golfer is a great way to show them how much you care about their interests. 

From custom golf tees to personalized golf towels and polos, this article lists 21 personalized golf gifts that every golfer will love. Let’s get right into it!

Unisex Personalized Golf Gifts

1. Customizable Golf Rangefinder

Rangefinders are practically an essential item for any avid golfer. This Rangefinder by Precision Pro does a great job at what it’s supposed to do and has multiple other exciting features. 

This NX10 Precision Pro Rangefinder allows for the following:

  • Precise flag pick-up 
  • Target locking
  • Pulse vibrations

It comes with detachable skins (sold separately) that you can interchange based on your mood. It’s almost like having numerous rangefinders in one. 

Plus, its high-quality build gives it the perfect luxury feel. Additionally, you can personalize it by finding custom skins

Calculates uphill and downhill effects More expensive
Strong magnetic grip
Multiple skins

2. Personalized Golf Ball Marker Divot Repair Tool

personalized golf gifts shows two personalized golf ball markets with a divot repair tool.

This is a great budget-friendly personalized golf gift for golfers that can be fully customized. The Woodulike Golf Ball Marker comes in different colors. However, the standout feature is that you can get personalized engravings on the marker. 

For an additional price, you can also get the upgraded combo set or gift box set and further level up your gift.

Moreover, you’re also supporting a small business by purchasing one of these.

Customized name/initialsDon’t ship globally
Four different wood finishes 

3. Golf Personalized Note Cards

Golf Personalized Cards are great for writing communication simply and giving thanks. Everyone will need cards at some point, which can be used for years! This manufacturer sells multiple varieties, and you can also customize them.

Read what reviewers are saying:

Pros Cons
Quality paperNo box included
Multiple style options
Personalization available

4. Tovolo Golf Ball Ice Molds

Tovolo Golf Ball Ice Molds

This is one of those cute and quirky gifts you cannot resist buying. Ice molds are already trending on TikTok, so why not hop on the bandwagon and get your golfer friend this cute mold? 

This golf ball ice mold will make your average evening drinks much more fun. 

Pros Cons
BPA-freeMakes one at a time
Dishwasher safe

5. Personalized Golf Iron Covers

Personalized Golf Iron Covers

Golf irons are every golfer’s most prized possession. Good quality irons can often cost an arm and a leg, so they must be properly taken care of. These iron covers provide the perfect protection for your iron clubs. 

These covers fit a wide range of iron clubs and can also be customized with your name or initials. Although made from PU leather, these covers still give a luxurious feel.

Easy to recognize clubNot available in pure leather
Personalization available 
Range of colors for embroidery 

6. Custom Golf Tumbler 

Custom Golf Tumbler 

True golfers can’t stop thinking about or discussing golf. This custom golf mug is an excellent present for golfers to keep them thinking about golf, even when they have coffee. 

You can also take this portable tumbler with you on the golf course. And, if they leave it somewhere by accident, it’s easy to identify.

AffordableNot dishwasher safe 
Sleek, stylish design
Wide range of colors
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7. Personalized Golf Tees

Personalized Golf Tees

Golfers need to use golf tees multiple times during a round of golf, and no matter how many tees you buy, it’s never enough. 

So, what’s a better gift than these highly affordable personalized golf tees that’ll make the person think of you every time they set up their tees?

These golf tees can be personalized with your name (up to 17 characters), bringing your gift up a notch. 

PersonalizedLimited to sets of 50 or 100 golf tees
Wide range of colors 

8. Personalized Golf Ball Bottle Opener

Personalized Golf Ball Bottle Opener

Looking for a budget-friendly, engraved golf gift that isn’t just cute but also extremely useful?

This personalized golf ball bottle opener is the perfect gift for all golf lovers.  It can be easily attached to your golf bag or use at home.

Opening your bottles with a personalized bottle opener is a mood lifter. The attached keychain also makes it easy to carry around. Attach it to your golf bag and use the bottle opener wherever and whenever you want. 

Budget-friendlyAdditional charges for gift box
Stainless steel design 

9. Custom Embroidery Golf Hat 

custom golf hat

Golf hats are an essential golfing accessory since golfers spend most of their time in the sun. While it maybe considered a non-essential gift, golf hats can prevent skin cancer.

So if you get this golf hat for your loved ones, you know they’ll use it a lot. The miniature golf hole and ball logo in the front makes it stand out from other average caps.

Plus, you can customize this golf cap with a small text of your choice. Get your loved one’s name written or add a short cute message to show them how much you value them. 

Multiple colors availableGlobal shipping is not available
Anti-sweat band 
100% Cotton 

10. Pint Glass With Real Golf Ball

Pint Glass With Real Golf Ball

This is the perfect gift for all golfers that love beer. This pint glass has an actual golf ball attached, making it stand out from your average beer glass. The glass is durable and dishwasher safe so it will last a long time.

Gift your loved one a single glass or a complete set for them to enjoy some rounds of beer with their golfer buddies. 

While you can’t personalize it, it is definitely one of the best personalized golf gifts for its unique looking features. Plus, it’s one of the highest-rated golf gifts in this category.

Durable glassOdd shape
Hand sculpted
Highly-rated by reviewers

11. Personalized Golf Towels 

personalized golf towels - shown in black

Golf towels are something all golfers need. It’s one of those items that is often overlooked – using the same old worn towel for years. Freshen up a golf bag by getting a new, custom golf towel.

This is the perfect gift for a small add-on item to stuff in a gift bag. You can’t go wrong with a custom golf towel.

Range of colors available Only available in a single size 
Customized embroidery and message
Can clip onto your golf bag

12. Personalized Golf Club Name Markers

Personalized Golf Club Name Markers

Golfers can frequently forget their golf club at a green and have to check with the authorities later or look for it in the lost and found.

However, with these personalized golf club name markers, your loved ones no longer need to worry about getting their clubs mixed up or lost. 

Get their name and number printed onto these markers and attach them to their clubs for more manageable, hassle-free golf trips. 

Strong brass finish Does not ship globally
It comes in a black velour pouch

Personalized Golf Gifts for Him

13. Grandpa Golf Gift: Lucky Golf Ball Marker

Grandpa Golf Gift: Lucky Golf Ball Marker

This Lucky Golf Ball Marker is an ideal gift for all the golfing grandpas. This engraved golf ball marker is made with high-quality metal that should last many years. 

Plus, you can personalize the gift by adding a special message for your grandfather onto the marker. He’ll surely think about you every time he takes it out. 

Pros Cons
Delivery within a week It does not ship globally
Free personalization

14. Personalized Golf Towel for Dad

Personalized Golf Towel for Dad

Let your dad know he’s the best dad and golfer out there by giving them this cute “Best Dad” towel. This personalized golf towel has a cute golf pun embroidered on it. 

If your dad loves cracking jokes, he’ll surely appreciate this dad joke even more. 

The towel has a metal clip attachment, so your dad can hang it alongside his golfing gear and carry it with him. 

Lightweight Only available in one size
Quick drying 
Multiple colors are available

15. Titleist Personalized Golf Balls

Titleist Personalized Golf Balls

Personalized keychains and towels are typical, but personalized golf balls?

Well, that’s something truly unique. Not only do these personalized golf balls make for an exciting gift, but since they’re Titleist golf balls, you know the quality will also be top-tier. 

Get anything from faces to names or quotes printed onto these golf balls to ensure your loved one has a one-of-a-kind item in their golf set.

High-quality golf ballsPricey golf balls
A variety of personalizations are available

16. Custom Polo Shirt

custom polo shirt, personalized golf gifts for men

For a golfer, a good polo shirt is just as crucial as a good golf club. This custom polo shirt is made from 100% cotton to ensure you remain comfortable with minimum sweating, even on a hot day.

Get your loved one’s initials or full name written on this polo to give them a personalized golf gift they can use both on and off the course. 

100% CottonLimited color selection
Range of sizes available 

17. Personalized Golf Box for Golf Balls 

personalized golf box made out of wood with gold lettering to give a luxurious feel.

This wooden golf box is the perfect high-quality gift that looks luxurious and classy and is also quite handy. 

Whether you’re looking for a good father’s day gift or want to gift your golfer boss a sleek and executive gift, this is it!

Want to make it even better personalized golf gift? Add some high quality golf balls to it!

You can also get personalized engravings on the box to ensure your loved ones know this gift was chosen specifically for them. 

It fits up to 12 ballsGolf balls not included 
Personalization available 

18. Custom Golf Glove with Ball Marker

Personalized Golf Glove with Ball Marker

Golf gloves are an essential part of your golfing fit, which makes it one of the best personalized golf gifts.

Just like personalized tees and balls, you can’t have enough golf gloves. 

Every golfer appreciates a simple golf glove present. But they’ll love this personalized golf glove gift. It’s comfortable and has a personalized metallic monogram ball marker and a golf tee holder. 

Perfect for every golfer in your life – and something they truly will wear. Plus, you’re buying two gifts for the price of one!

Can be personalized Only left-hand gloves (for RH players)

Personalized Golf Gifts for Her

19. Callaway Supersoft Personalized Golf Balls

personalized golf gifts for her, callaway supersoft golf balls

Who wants the standard white golf balls when you can get these bright pink custom golf balls and stand out from the crowd? 

These balls by Callaway are made from a Soft Compression Core that optimizes energy transfer and minimizes spin. 

Plus, you can get your name and number written on them to ensure they stay visible. 

High-quality Maximum 17 characters per ball
Innovative PARALOID, Impact Modifier

20. Women’s Custom Polo Shirt

personalized polo shirt for women, photo shown in black.  They can monogram the arms and logo on the front.

Every woman appreciates a good polo shirt, especially when it comes to golf. This slim-fit, personalized polo shirt is not only comfortable, but it’ll also make sure you look great while swinging your golf club. 

This custom polo shirt has a unique moisture-wicking technology to ensure that you do not sweat through your clothes and remain dry and active throughout. 

These golf shirts are especially popular for group functions like ladies golf groups, special events, swag bags, and businesses to use.

Pros Cons
PersonalizationNot 100% cotton
Prevents sweating 

21. Golf Ball Charm Necklace

golf necklace, ladies golf gift

This stylish golf ball charm necklace is the perfect way to show your love for the game, both on and off the golf course. The silver finish gives it a luxurious look while still keeping it sleek and stylish. 

The charm necklace also comes with matching earrings for an additional price. While you can’t customize it, it is unique from standard necklaces.

Available in 3 different finishes Personalization not available
Sterling silver 

Final Thoughts on Personalized Gifts for Golfers

Getting a golfer a gift they’ll truly value is tricky, especially when you aren’t much involved in the sport yourself. With personalized golf gifts, they’ll know you made the extra effort with custom golf gifts just for them.

Are you still looking for the right unique golf gift? You’ll want to check out our other articles listed below.

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