20 Unique & Best Golf Stocking Stuffers for Golfers

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Looking for the best golf stocking stuffers? Then you have come to the right place. We have some unique items you probably never considered!

When Christmas is around the corner, we all know how hectic things can get. Between decorations and coming up with ideas for the right gifts, it can be stressful.   

Golfing equipment goes far beyond golf balls, clubs, and apparel. From divot tools to golf gadgets, there’s a whole array of products to choose from. After all, you know what they say in golf; the little things matter most.

In this article, we’ve got you covered with the ultimate golf stocking stuffers that’ll blow any golfer’s socks off! 

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1. JBL Clip Waterproof Speaker

Golf Stocking Stuffers, JBL Speaker

The JBL Bluetooth Speaker is among the highest-rated products and is often requested as a gift. This small speaker is a great stocking stuffer for golfers and practical for everyday use by clipping it onto a golf bag or cart.

No worrying about rain getting on it, the JBL Clip 3 is entirely waterproof (even putting it underwater!). Plus, the rugged exterior makes it durable for all weather on the golf course.

If you need a larger size, JBL makes a variety of speaker sizes for everyday use.

“Great for golf! Received one as a gift from a good friend. Bought this one for my sons birthday. We use them everywhere. Mostly on golf course. Small but you can hear it while pushing the golf cart.”

– Copsr303, (JBL Speaker, Christmas gifts for golfers, REVIEWS)

2. Callaway Tumbler Gift Set

Callaway Tumbler Gift Set, Golf Stocking Stuffer.  Included in the photo - 3 golf tees, ball marker, golf balls, and divot.

The perfect holiday present for an avid golfer. The Callaway Tumbler comes with added accessories, including:

  • Putt-align divot repair with magnetic ball marker 
  • Callaway poker chip ball marker
  • And 3 Callaway Par-Tee performance tees

Every golfer knows they could do with more golf balls, so the package comes with 2 Callaway Warbird golf balls.

Bridgestone also makes a highly-rated golf tumbler gift kit. It comes with Bridgestone e6 golf balls, ball marker, and golf tees too!

“He’s been using this since Christmas… It keeps hot drinks hot for a long time and if you have ice water in there, the next morning there is still Ice in the cup that hasn’t melted.”

– C. Burnett, (Callaway Tumbler Gift Set, Golf Stocking Stuffers REVIEWS)

3. Birdie Juice Flask, Funnel & Gift Box

Birdie Juice flask has two golf clubs on the exterior.  It is one of the unique golf gift ideas.

This is one of the most requested golf gifts, and is perfect for celebrating a birdie on the golf course! Flasks are small and compact, just the right size for a golf bag.

Birdie Juice Flasks are actually equally loved by men and women. It comes in a variety of colors including black, green, teal, pink, and white.

“Bought this for my daughter and she loved it! It is small enough to fit in her golf bag so that when someone in her foursome has a birdie, it’s cheers!”

– Anne J., (Birdie Juice Flask, Golf Stocking Stuffers REVIEWS)

4. Team Golf NFL Embroidered Golf Towel

Golf stocking stuffers - NFL golf towel with your favorite sports team.  Showing Tampa Bay Bucs red towel.

Here’s one for that football fanatic you know who would adore this towel flaunting the NFL logo embroidered right into the microfibre material. This NFL Golf towel comes in a multi-team color.

Almost all Americans are football fans or at least know a dear one who is, and that’s why it has made the list of the best golf stocking stuffers!

5. RemarkaBall1 Golf Ball Marker

RemarkaBall1 Golf Ball Marker comes with extra chalk.

One of the hottest low-cost gifts right now is the Remarkaball1 Golf Ball Marker. This is one of those gifts that every golfer would love to have.

It is small enough to fit in your pocket at 3 inches long. It comes with refillable colored powder that dispenses the ball marker chalk through an internal spring mechanism.

This handy little marker is also budget-friendly and the ideal size for golf stocking stuffers.

“Easy to use and never have to move your marker when in the line of another ball further from the hole. It can be refilled with more powdered chalk or baby powder!”

Danielle K., (Remarkaball1 Golf Ball Marker REVIEWS)

6. Callaway Golf RangeFinder – Izzo 300 Pro

Izzo Golf Rangefinder 300 Pro by Callaway. Grey and black color with rubber grip for easy to hold.

An avid golfer always feels more comfortable knowing the exact number of yardage he needs to hit to a specific hole location or check whether a hazard is reachable/crossable. 

This Izzo Golf RangeFinder rivals the latest ones in slope reading, magnification, and accuracy. A cherishable gift for any golfer. 

“Lightweight and easy to use. Very accurate. Highly recommend. Much better than my previous two Bushnell rangefinders which were also more expensive.”

-Amazon Reviewer, (Izzo Golf RangeFinder)

7. Personalized Golf Balls

Personalized Golf Galls is a great stocking stuffer for golfers.  Photo shows where the logo or name would be added.

Nothing hits home like having the name of the person you intend to give the golf balls to printed on the actual golf balls!

It doesn’t end there. You can also have real pictures printed onto the golf balls or add a personalized message. The personalized golf balls set includes three balls providing full-color UV printing and FREE shipping across the US.

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8. Callaway Golf Club Brush (Retractable)

Callaway Golf Club Brush that retracts is an ideal Christmas gift for golfers.  It shows it attached to the golf bag and cleaning a iron.

The premium Callaway Golf Club Retractable Brush comes in handy when you need your grooves, especially on your wedges, as clean as they can get to stick it close and zip it back to a tight hole location.

It is equipped with a carabiner clip and a retractable string for easy usage.  Reviewers really appreciate this feature:

“Love the retractable line. I use this after a nice chunk shot to clean the dirt and grass out of my clubs. It wont work as well without water, but it certainly gets into the grooves well.

Gage, (Callaway Golf Club Retractable Brush Reviews)

9. SKLZ Golf Putting Cup Accuracy Trainer

Golf Putting Cup Trainer by SKLZ shows a golfer in his socks hitting 4 balls into the device.  Fun golf stocking stuffers.

Every golfer could save more than a few strokes on the putting green. Whoever you end up gifting the Golf Putting Cup Trainer to will feel indebted to you for the rest of his life! 

The SKLZ trainer helps break putts in that it makes the player sink his putts from the high side of the hole. It can also be used for general putting accuracy. 

“Did a lot of research and finally chose this one. First it is the same size as the real golf hole, the opening is narrow but it is the most like the realy hole. It will difinately help to improve the putting skill. Second it is solid and heavy, you can put three balls in and the balls will stay in the hole very nicely. Highly recommend!”

– Scott, (Golf Putting Cup Trainer REVIEWS)

10. All-In-One Stainless Steel Golfer’s Tool

All-in-One Golfer's tool

Why get bogged down by carrying too many accessories in your bag? The Whetstone 75-4732 All-in-One Stainless Steel Golfer’s Too has everything you’ll need within its compact composition. It is also budget-friendly and affordable for all buyers. Plus, its small enough to make one of the best golf stocking stuffers.

This All-in-One Golfer’s Tool features:

  • A pocket knife
  • A ball-cleaning brush
  • Magnetic ball marker
  • Removable pen for maintaining scorecards
  • Cleat tightener
  • Club cleaner
  • Divot repair tool

“My kids gave it to their pop pop as a gift and he seemed to like it. I did take a look at it prior to gifting it. It was nicely made and serves the need for a golf bag. It is not big don’t expect anything bigger than a small pocket knife. The stainless steel was nice it might get hot if you golf in the heat of the south.”

– Michael J., All-in-One Golfer’s Tool Reviews

11. PuttOut Putting Mirror Trainer and Alignment Gate

PuttOut Putting Mirror Trainer and Alignment Gate.  Golfer using the PuttOut Putting Mirror Trainer and Alignment Gate with his putter.

This is the perfect gift for the golfer in your life that is struggling with their short game. The PuttOut Putting Mirror Trainer and Alignment Gate helps ensure he or she makes more putts.

And that’s precisely what this trainer does with its mirror for the golfer to adjust head or body positions as well as where the putter rests and moves during their stroke. 

The alignment gate trains the golfer to hit putts off the center of the putter.

“The quality of this tool was obvious the moment you take it out the box. Sturdy feel with really good quality materials which work well inside and outside….I practiced with it a few times and have been able to take what I’ve learned straight out onto the course. I’m already putting better… I’d recommend it to anybody.”

– Longshanks, (PuttOut Putting Mirror Trainer REVIEWS)

12. Pride Professional Tee System Golf Tees

Pride Professional Tee System Golf Tees, Golf Tees.  Golf tees are a perfect golf stocking stuffer being small and easy to fit into a stocking.

Almost every golfer struggles with knowing how deep to jam the tee into the ground for a certain club as the depth varies from club to club.

With the proprietary system of lines printed onto the tees, you can now confidently peg the tee down to the line knowing it will consistently give you the desired ball height every time you tee it up.

The Pride Professional Golf Tees are budget-friendly and is an ideal golf stocking stuffers.

“I have used this type of tee for some time. The length is good for me and I like the blue mark on the tee. The mark allows me to consistently tee to the same height. They are also tough to break.”

– Fulton, (Pride Professional Teams, Golf Tees REVIEWS)

13. Funny Golf Hat Clip with Magnetic Ball Marker

Funny Golf Hat Clip, Funny Golf Gift and a great golf stocking stuffer.  Shows a enamel picture of Happy Gilmore getting a ball from an alligator in the water.

This Funny Golf Hat Clip by Balanced Co. is one of the most requested or wishlist items. The ball marker hat clip is 1.25 inches in diameter. It attaches easily to any hat, pocket, or belt.

The photo above is an enamel animation of Adam Sandler in the movie, “Happy Gilmore.” If this funny hat clip isn’t the right fit, they have multiple other versions you should definitely check out.

This budget-friendly gift is something every golfer would use.

Good quality marker with a strong magnet so it won’t fall off while your driving your cart out of bounds looking for your ball. Should get a few laughs for anyone that’s seen the movie. Looking at maybe getting a couple of the other variations.

-Jedidiah K., (Funny Golf Hat Clip, Golf Stocking Stuffers REVIEWS)

14. VICE Golf Shine Microfiber Towel

Vice Microfiber towel is shown in lime green and black with a strap on top to easily attach to a golf bag.  It has an octopus on it.

We all know how crusty, caked, and downright ancient a player’s towel can get before they decide to replace it. So this might be precisely what your dear ones were looking to get anyway, and lo and behold, it pops up in their face right out of a stocking on Christmas! 

The cool neon design is a favorite, especially among young golfers, but they have a variety of colors from white to red too. 

The Vice Microfiber Golf Towel has microfiber to clean out the grooves of golf clubs effectively. 

The form only exceeds its function. The broad octopus illustration and the VICE logo printed in Neon lime is a design highlight. 

“This is a good sized towel and fits on a standing bag perfectly. Quality material is used for it and it works really well and cleaning your clubs during a round of golf. The pop in color really helps my bag stand out and is easy to find.”

Amazon User, (Vice Microfiber Golf Towel, Golf Stocking Stuffers REVIEWS)

15. Play Nine | The Card Game of Golf

Play Nice the Card Game of Golf comes in a yellow box.  Fun gifts for golfers at Christmas.  Golf Christmas gifts.

Play Nine, The Card Came of Golf is one of the highest-rated golf gifts and games available.

Like actual golf, in this game of cards, the person with the lowest score wins! A perfect pastime for families or for your flight in case you have time before your tee-off or if play is held up.

The easy-to-follow instructions for ages 8 and above make it a fun little challenge for golfers and golf lovers. Play Nine, The Card Game of Golf is the perfect size for a golf stocking stuffer. And you can’t beat the price!

“This game is a family favourite! It’s pretty easy to get the hang of and doesn’t require particular skill as it is more of a game of luck! We have had endless amounts of fun with this game and everybody we introduce to it really enjoys.”

– Appleblossom, (Play Nine, The Card Came of Golf REVIEWS)

16. Elite Sportz Shoe Deodorizer

Golf Shoe Deodorizer that comes in a small spray bottle.  Compact and easy to fit in a golf bag, and an easy stocking stuffer for golfers.

We all know somebody we could give this to as a prank or send a silent message.

This Elite Sportz Shoe Deodorizer not only eliminates smells and kills bacteria but moisturizes the feet at the same time.

In addition, the 40 oz bottle can comfortably fit into a golf bag. It’s also just the right size for golf stocking stuffers.

17. Perky Tees Novelty Golf Tees Six Pack

Perky tees golf gag gift.  It shows a cartoon character holding her boobs, and wearing panties.

Here’s a gag gift for one of the guys! The Perky Golf Tees are just a fun, hysterical tee to use instead of a regular one. Plus, it’s sure to cause heartfelt laughter among the group for being creative!

It could also employ confusing tactics against your opponent in a high-pressure situation. Bring out one of these, and suddenly nobody will be able to focus.

“Very well made. Arrived well packaged. Our son loved these Golf tees. He, husband played golf the next morning using these Golf Tees. Not one broke. They all made it back home. Other golfers were asking where these were purchased. I was driving the golf cart so, I told every single person go to Amazon. Great gift!”

– Michael H., (Perky Golf Tees REVIEWS)

18. Emoji Universe: 2 Ply Professional Practice Golf Balls

We all know someone who uses a ton of emojis in their texts and tweets😂. This set of 12 golf balls can potentially get them to start golfing if they haven’t already!

Who knows, they might even exhibit all twelve emotions depicted on each golf ball! A big hit with the ladies, in particular, this one as a golf gag gift.

The Emoji Universe Professional Practice Golf Balls are the ideal novelty golf Christmas gift and the perfect size for a stocking stuffer.

19. Schwetty Pair of Balls: Golf Gag Gift

Schwetty Pair of Balls, blue color but comes in multiple colors for gag golf gifts.

This stand-out product makes for a great Christmas present. The blue comes from the natural composition of the ball in its natural form, but it comes in yellow and pink too.

The Schwetty Pair of Balls may seem recreational, but it’s actually a standardized golf ball with its dimensions and features conforming with the USGA and R&A Rules of Golf. 

The ball features a Du-Pont Lithium Surlyn Cover, Titanium Mix Core, and a Dimple Count of 397. 

Its trajectory is mid-high. 

“Bought this as a fun gag gift for a guys golf trip. Will make a great conversation piece. Would also be great as a stocking stuffer for the golfer that has everything. There are several colors to chose from but let me tell you, the “blue balls” really are the best!

– Moore Farms, (Schwetty Pair of Balls REVIEWS)

20. FootJoy Pro Dry Roll Socks

FootJoy Pro Dry Roll Socks comes in a variety of colors.  Showing white with grey bottom.

One of the most advanced golf socks out there that allow breathability for the foot and minimize the sogginess that results from sweaty feet. The FootJoy ProDry Roll Tab Socks are designed to be comfortable throughout the day.

Golfers will keep their shoes on for up to 8 hours at a stretch (when playing 36-holes), and having on a pair of premium-quality socks would make it all a little more bearable! 

Socks come in a 1-pack with multiple color options, including black, white, grey, and driftwood. There is also a FootJoy Women’s version available in a 2-pack and multiple colors.

“This is the only sock I use golfing. Wear them all day. Super sock.”

T. – (FootJoy Pro Dry Roll Socks REVIEWS)

Final Thoughts on Golf Stocking Stuffers

There you have it—an incredible array of golf stocking stuffers for golfers. So whether you’re looking for gag golf ballssocks, or a rangefinder, you’ve got plenty of options to stuff in this Christmas! 

Next, you’ll want to check out our 37 Best Golf Christmas Gifts for Golfers Who Have Everything.

We hope whatever you choose delights the person you give them to. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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