Hit Further with These 4 Golf Balls for Slow Swing Speeds

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Choosing the right ball for your swing speed is vital to achieving your desired launch, increasing yardage, and enhancing control around the greens. The best golf balls for slow swing speeds are typically distance balls, which contain 2 or 3 layers at most.

If you swing a driver under 83 mph, this post is your answer to unlocking an easier launch, longer distance, and higher greenside spin. I tested 20 golf balls to find the right fit for my swing and narrowed it down to six, which suit slower swing speed seniors because of their value for money and overall performance.

While I am not classified as a senior, I have slowed my swing speed by 4 mph in the last year, placing me into the slower swing speed category. Additionally, our senior testers have provided their feedback to make the most updated and accurate assessment for the best slow swing speed golf balls in 2024.

Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls

The Titleist Tour Softs are everything you want in a golf ball. They feel soft and smooth off the clubface, travel long, and spin high around the green. This makes them the best overall golf ball for slow swing speeds, but they are pricey.

I can justify spending more when I get everything I need. The rebound on this ball was excellent on tee shots, keeping my spin rate down to a minimum and ball speed consistent. The outcome was a mid-to-high launch, and it rolled farther than the best golf balls for seniors with slow swing speeds.

Around the green, it spun a lot more than I expected from the Fusablend cover, but it was still a few rpm’s shy of my Pro V1 results. I loved everything about the Tour Softs performance but it is most appealing to experienced slow swing speed players who prioritize all-around performance and not budget.


  • Soft feel
  • Best alignment aid around
  • Excellent greenside spin


  • On the pricier side, but not as expensive as say the Callaway Chrome Soft

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Callaway SuperSoft Golf Balls

The Callaway Supersoft is a classic low-spinning distance ball that flies straighter than its competitors. The reduced spin rate prevented significant deviation in flight, leading to a consistent small fade, resulting in greater accuracy.

The combination of fast ball speed and low spin helped me launch the Supersoft consistently high. Most seniors in my group find the Supersoft flies high enough for their liking and prefer it over the Callaway Supersoft Max. The Max is also larger in size.

Despite its classic distance ball design, I was impressed with the feel and spin on chip and pitch shots. The ball did spin more than I was expecting, but experienced golfers might desire more rpm. In that case, think about the urethane-coated ERC Triple Track.

I enjoy playing the Callaway Supersofts because they are forgiving, easy to launch, and affordable. My only gripe is the lack of roll on long shots, owing to its soft landing, but overall it suits a mid to high handicap golfer.


  • Dirt cheap price tag
  • Soft landing on approach
  • Easy golf ball to launch


  • Only available in white
  • Lack of roll on long shots

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Srixon Soft Feel Brite Golf Balls

👀 Great Visibility

Srixon Soft Feel

The Srixon Soft Feel Brite golf balls are easy to trace in the air and identify on the ground. I am not saying they are the prettiest golf balls around, but they are perfect for visually impaired golfers tired of losing balls in plain sight.

The Brite range performs the same as the standard Soft Feels, the only difference being the color coat. Srixon offers the Brites in red, orange, and green, but I found the red and orange easiest to spot.

I enjoyed how the new Srixon Soft Feel Brites perform. They are a pleasure to launch off the tee, leading to a high flight and a soft landing. The balls also spin more and feel softer around the green than most slow swing speed golf balls, except the Tour Soft and Soft Response.

One area where it fell short was distance because I kept losing 5 to 10 yards of roll off the tee. However, the soft landing and lack of roll prevented the ball from kicking wildly in an undesirable direction.

The main attractions of this Srixon golf ball are its FastLayer Core, 338 dimples, and thin cover. All these features combined make a soft feel ball that gives you yardage, a great feel on all surfaces and is forgiving.

It is best suited to high handicappers and thoroughly enjoyed by seniors. You should also consider trying these out if you’re a beginner or an average player.

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  • Easily traceable and multiple colors to pick from
  • Matte coloring
  • Super reasonable price
  • Pretty decent greenside spin


  • Not the longest ball
  • The bright colors may not suit everyone

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TaylorMade Soft Response Golf Balls

🌪 Best Spin

TaylorMade Soft Response Golf Balls

The Soft Response is stable in the air and feels soft off the putter face, but it stands out for its greenside spin. My spin rate was higher on chip and pitch shots with this ball than any other distance construction.

The ball feels slightly heavy off the tee owing to its moderate compression. However, it was still easy to get airborne and I enjoyed consistent distance. It is not the longest golf ball I have hit because the soft ionomer cover caused a quick landing and limited roll.

I really liked its softness off the putter face and on chips, but the acoustics are a little clicky for my taste. It is an affordable golf ball for mid and high-handicappers who prioritize control around the green over maximum yardage off the tee.


  • Excellent greenside spin rate
  • Soft feel on putts
  • High launch
  • Soft landing and stops quickly on approach shots


  • Clicky acoustics at times
  • Not designed for distance

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Buyers Guide to the Best Golf Balls for Slow Swing Speed Golf Balls

showing a close up of a putter and Callaway SuperSoft Golf ball one of the best golf balls for slow swing speeds
  • Compression: Refers to the firmness of the ball. Slow swing speed golfers are typically better with low to medium-compression golf balls, which score between 30 to 90. Low-compression golf balls provide more rebound for faster ball speed, low spin, and a powerful launch.
Showing a photo by Senior Golf Source of the core inside the Titleist golf ball.
  • Construction: Golf balls for slow swing speeds traditionally carry two or three layers. These offer more compression and lower spin, prioritizing distance over workability. The majority of slow swing speed balls I tested were two-piece designs, except for the Soft Response, which has three.
  • Feel: Senior golfers often prefer a softer feel for better feedback and control around the greens. Distance golf balls are not renowned for their greenside feel but modern technology allows manufacturers to manipulate golf ball covers for more feel around the green.
  • Budget:  Distance golf balls are traditionally more affordable than tour balls, making them ideal for casual golfers. However, affordable distance balls vary in price from $16 per dozen to $30. The Wilson Staff Zip is the best option for golfers on a budget, asking $30 for two dozen golf balls.

Final Thoughts on Golf Balls for Slow Swing Speeds

The best golf balls for slow swing speeds are evidently two and three-piece distance balls. These constructions propel the shots of slower swingers into the air for consistent flight and distance.

While our tests revealed some stand-out performers in individual categories, the Titleist Tour Soft golf balls were a clear winner. They felt soft off the clubface, generated excellent spin, and were no slouch off the tee either.

The Tour Soft range gives slow swing speeds everything you need in a golf ball. The only downside is that the premium performance costs more than its competitors. However, if you demand perfection from tee to green, choose the Tour Softs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average swing speed for a 70 year old man?

The average 70 year old man swings a driver between 60 to 80 mph. The average swing speed varies between individuals based on their swing plane, rotation, weight transfer, height, and physical build.

What is a slow swing speed?

A driver swing speed between 72 mph and 83 mph is considered a slow swing speed, according to True Spec Golf. Golfers in this category are often suited to using a senior flex shaft for added whip, speed, and power on the downswing.

Is Pro V1 or Pro v1x better for slower swing speeds?

The Pro V1 is better for slower swing speeds because of its lower compression and highly flexible core. The design assists slow swing speeds to get the ball into the air for maximum distance. However, the Pro V1x has a higher compression and stiffer design better suited to fast swing speeds.

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