20 Golf Cart Christmas Decorations for More Holiday Cheer 🎄

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Looking for golf cart Christmas decorations? Keep reading for my top 20 picks for golf cart parade ideas that’ll brighten your holidays this year!

What’s one thing everyone loves about Christmas? Christmas decorations give a cozy vibe! So, why miss out on decorating your golf cart this holiday? 

As the holiday season approaches, the festive spirit isn’t just confined to our homes and yards; it extends to just about anything that can be adorned with a sparkle or a splash of color – including our golf carts!

Here, we have covered our favorite golf cart Christmas decorations. However, it’s important to note that most of these items were not specifically designed for golf carts. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines as it applies.

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1. Mintulipy Christmas Golf Cart Seat Cover

Mintulipy Christmas Golf Cart Seat Cover

Add a dash of holiday cheer to your daily rides with the Mintulipy Golf Cart Seat Cover. This fun, Santa-themed golf cart decoration comes in various colors or styles for every season! We also liked their Christmas ornament seat cover.

Machine-washable for easy care, this jolly seat cover is all about spreading joy, offering both style and function without fuss. Easy to fit on most 2-seat golf carts, this cover isn’t just a merry aesthetic upgrade. It offers a cozy, cushioned ride, making your travels around town more enjoyable during the chilly season.

2. LED Lighted Christmas Wreath

LED Lighted Christmas Wreath

Brighten your holiday rounds on the course with a festive, easy-to-install lighted wreath for your golf cart. This fun accessory isn’t just spirited, it’s practical. The LED lights add visibility for those twilight tee times, while the weatherproof design means there’s no fretting about winter’s fickle weather. Plus, you can use it on your car, RV, and of course your golf cart!

Just plug it into your cart’s 12V port, secure it with the included ties, and you’re ready for the most joyous drives of the season. It’s a slight touch that adds a big holiday spirit!

3. Anycosy Battery LED Christmas Lights for Golf Cart

Anycosy Battery-Operated LED Christmas Lights for Golf Cart

Anycosy Christmas Lights are perfect for brightening your golf cart for some holiday bling! These battery-operated lights, requiring no proximity to an electrical outlet, are ideal for adorning golf carts, allowing for spirited displays without cumbersome cords. The automated 6-hour timer adds to the convenience, ensuring your cart shines as you enjoy evening activities.

The 8 lighting modes are versatile enough to enhance the ambiance anywhere you use them. Their IP65 waterproof rating means they’re equally fit for outdoor decorations and ready to withstand the elements.

The Christmas lights come in multiple color options at 16.4 feet long. You’ll want to make sure you have three AA batteries and some ties, so you can easily attach them to your golf cart.

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4. Inflatable Santa to Ride on Your Golf Cart

Inflatable santa shown next to a house, golf cart decoration

Add a jolly vibe to your festive golf cart rides with an inflatable glowing Santa decoration that comes to life in mere seconds! Thanks to its premium air compressor, setup is a breeze. Measuring approximately 100cm by 70cm, this Santa is hard to miss, making your cart the show-stopper!

Worried about the weather? Don’t be. Designed explicitly for outdoor use, the inflatable Santa braves the elements. Check out some of the rave reviews – this was a crowd-pleaser at one of the Christmas golf cart parades!

5. Tetor Inflatable Candy Cane Balloons for Christmas Decorations

 Tetor Inflatable Candy Cane Balloons for Christmas Decorations

Representing Christmas charm, candy canes are fun for all ages. You can add a pair of tasty-looking candy cane balloons to your golf cart to make it look more festive. 

It’s made up of durable tinsel material in red and white color patterns. Plus, it comes in 3 different sizes, so you can easily pick the one that best suits your golf cart size. 

6. Rhinestones Golf Steering Wheel Cover

Rhinestones Golf Steering Wheel Cover

The Rhinestones Golf Cart Steering Wheel Cover is a showstopper, turning any golf cart into an instant Christmas sparkle.

The cover fits snugly on most 13 to 14-inch wheels, promising ease with its one-minute installation. More than a pretty face, it provides a surprisingly luxurious grip, making every turn a pleasure. It’s a practical, posh, and oh-so-shiny way to cruise through the holidays.

7. Golf Cart with Wreath Ornament

golf cart ornament

If you’re looking for something simple yet beautiful, this Christmasy-looking golf cart ornament is perfect for you. 

The wreath ornament will be a great choice for decorating your cart. It’s made up of pretty resin material that’s durable and waterproof. 

Plus, it’s about 3 to 5 inches long, taller than most hanging accessories. You can easily hang it on the inside front of your cart.

8. Christmas Santa Claus Windshield Sticker

Christmas Santa Claus Car Window Windshield Sticker

Next on our list, we have this cool and funky-looking Santa Claus Car Sticker. It’s self-adhesive and made up of easily removable and reusable vinyl material, so when you tear it away from your cart, it’ll leave no glue traces on the cart’s body. 

The sticker is waterproof, and the Santa figure is 100% UV Printed that looks pretty prominent.

9. Sunnyglade Christmas Stockings

christmas stockings that can be used for golf cart christmas decorations.

Decorative Christmas Stockings by Sunnyglade are a great way to represent your festive emotions. You can also hang these beautiful Christmas stockings on your Christmas carts. 

These are made of high-quality non-woven burlap and fluff material and feel pretty soft to the touch. Moreover, they come with classic Christmas designs with proper hanging loops for attachment.

10. Christmas Magnets (12 Pcs)

Christmas magnet stickers

Usually, magnet stickers are used for decorating the fridge and refrigerators. However, these beautiful Christmas magnets are perfect for sticking to anything metal on your golf cart, including the roof supports.

The magnet sticker set comes with a Santa style, and you can customize your golf cart with different props. 

11. Sunset Vista Designs Star Sleigh

 Sunset Vista Designs Star Sleigh

While not meant specifically for golf cart Christmas decorations, this beautiful sleigh can be used for multiple purposes once the golf cart parade is over.

It would definitely make quite the statement on top of your golf cart! Just make sure you secure it before driving it.

12. Christmas Wired Ribbons

Gingerbread Man Christmas Ribbon

Gingerbread Man Christmas Ribbon is another beautiful plaid wired Christmas decoration that you can place around your golf carts. The Christmas Ribbons come in various styles and colors. 

Each ribbon has a width of about 2.5 inches in length which is easily adjustable according to your car’s size. 

The ribbon is lightweight and will look stunning on your golf cart, giving it a magical Christmas look.

13. Double-Sided Christmas Stickers Window Clings

Double-Sided Christmas Stickers Window Clings

If you want small, simple Christmas decorations for your golf cart to express your holiday cheer, these adorable Christmas Stickers are a perfect option – and super cheap!

They come with multiple Christmas elements such as Santa Claus, a snowman with snowflakes, elves and reindeer, etc. 

You can stick these on your golf cart windows to add a nice Christmas touch to your vehicle.

14. Elf Body Props 

Elf Body Props

Here’s another funky Christmas ornament that you can add to your golf carts. These Elf Body Props decor looks funny yet draws attention. 

This ornament has a classical Christmas style representing a busy elf. It’s made up of premium quality stuff that’s very durable. 

You can get elf arms, legs, head, or all three!

15. LITBLOOM Lighted Snowflake 70 Fairy Lights

 LITBLOOM Lighted Snowflake 70 Fairy Lights

Transform your golf cart into a winter wonderland on wheels with the LITBLOOM Lighted Snowflake, adorned with 70 warm-white fairy LED lights. This 14-inch decorative design is perfect for those who love to combine festivity with elegance.

Functionality meets convenience with batteries and an easy-to-use timer function. And speaking of batteries, it operates on 3 AA ones (not included). With an IP44 waterproof rating, this lighted snowflake is suited for both indoor and outdoor use, making it an ideal embellishment for your golf cart or use it to decorate your home.

16. Gnome Santa Doll Wooden Hanging Ornaments (30 Pcs)

Gnome Santa Doll Wooden Hanging Ornaments (30 Pcs)

More cool hanging ornaments! The Christmas Gnome Santa Doll can be used as a great Christmas ornament. 

You can place it on top of your golf carts like a small figure representing your Christmas spirit. It’s made up of durable wooden material, so it’s pretty sturdy. 

With a rope design on the top, you can hang it from the cart’s roof as well. It’s got 30 pieces, so I’m sure you can share it with your entire flight!

17. Christmas Garland Battery Operated Lights

Christmas Garland Battery Operated Lights

Everything is lit up during the Christmas season, so why not put some lights on your golf cart as well?

These Christmas Garland Lights are battery-operated and can easily be put around your golf cart. They’re 9ft 10 inches, so you don’t have to worry about lack of lights.

You can also choose some of the best golf cart lights for Christmas!

18. Christmas Elf Decor Kit

Christmas Elf Kit 

This Christmas Elf Kit is an excellent holiday decor for your golf carts. You can add a nice Christmas feel to your carts by adding an elf. 

Each piece comes with a wire hanger, so you can easily attach this elf kit to wreaths, swags, and many other Christmas ornaments in your cart. 

19. Naughty Boy Christmas Elf Doll

naughty boy christmas doll

This one’s going to get your flight laughing. This cute little Elf Doll is looking and tracking everything you’re doing to report to Santa.

It’s a cute little doll that you can fix anywhere on your cart. It’s got a soft body and a moveable body! It’s a nice Christmas toy doll that almost every child and adult loves. 

20. Christmas Reindeer Decal

Christmas Reindeer Decal

These Christmas car stickers of cute-looking Reindeer Decal are a beautiful Christmas ornament with which you can decorate your golf cart. 

The adorable Reindeer stickers come in different sizes and are made up of high-quality reflective vinyl material, which is entirely waterproof and can easily stick and peel off.

Final Thoughts on Golf Cart Christmas Decorations

You can quickly set up most Christmas decorations for your golf cart. Therefore, it’s an easy way to get in the holiday spirit! Make it all shiny, beautiful, and charismatic!  You’re bound to brighten someone’s day.

If you haven’t started your Christmas list yet, you’ll want to read about our favorite Christmas golf gifts and personalized golf gifts next!

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