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Not very often do we get a chance to observe a golf clinic led by a PGA Tour Champions player. Rob Labritz WITB is full of unique surprises as we uncovered his tools to success, which leans heavily on Titleist.

We caught up with him this year at the 2024 Chubb Classic to get a glimpse behind the curtain of one of the most inspiring personalities on the PGA Tour Champions. I watched Rob a couple of years back on the CBS Morning Show, where he burst into tears after achieving his lifelong goal of joining the Champions Tour.

I immediately identified with Rob and his relentless dedication and work ethic. From Glen Arbor Golf Club’s Director of Golf to clinching the PGA Tour Champions Qualifying Tournament, it’s been a lifelong journey to play golf with the best players in the world.

Join us to uncover the equipment choices of a golfer who excels in the game and passionately contributes to the golfing community and beyond.

Rob Labritz WITB Quick Summary

Driver: Titleist TSR3 (10°)
Shaft: Fujikura Ventus Velcore Red 7 X

3 Wood: Titleist TSR2
Shaft: Fujikura Ventus Velocore Black

3 Hybrid: Titleist TSR2 Shaft: Fujikura Ventus Velocore Black

4 Hybrid: Titleist TSR3
Shaft: Fujikura Ventus Velocore Black

5-7 Irons: Titleist T200 Irons

8-9 Irons: Titleist T150

Pitching Wedge: Titleist T100·S Irons (44°)

Wedges: Titleist Vokey SM9 50F 12°, 54S 10°, and 58S 10°

Putter: L.A.B. MEZZ.1 MAX Custom Putter

Golf Ball: Titleist ProV1

Golf Grips: Golf Pride Tour Velvet Golf Grip

Rob Labritz Quick Facts Table

Rob Labritz coaching a golf clinic with male senior golfer and lady golfer present. He is shown on the far left.  Taken by Senior Golf Source.
Rob Labritz (left) coaching a golf clinic in Naples, FL
Full NameRob Labritz
BirthdayMay 31, 1971 
BirthplaceHartford, CT
Age52 years old
WifeKerry Miller Labritz
Year Turned Pro1991
Tournament Wins0
Major Wins0
Equipment SponsorTitleist

Rob Labritz – Driver

Titleist TSR3 Driver

1o° Loft

Rob Labritz, originally from Hartford, CT, posts an average drive of 279.8 yards, securing him a spot in the top 35 driving average on the PGA Tour Champions.

He employs the Titleist TSR3 with for its reliable face, aimed at achieving a balanced launch and minimized spin. Rob currently utilizes a 10-degree loft, but the TSR3 is adjustable for varying player needs.

The TSR3 is incredibly forgiving for a player-preferred driver. However, it launches a bit lower than the TSR1 driver, which is something to remember for senior golfers who prefer more height on their ball flight.

🏌️‍♂️ Fun Fact: Rob Labritz is in good company with Padraig Harrington and Davis Love III, who are hitting the Titleist TSR3 Driver.

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Rob Labritz – Fairway Wood

Titleist TSR2

3 Wood – 15°

Titleist TSR2 by Senior Golf Source

Rob Labritz’s choice of the TS2 3-wood, with its 15-degree loft, exemplifies his preference for tools that balance forgiveness and performance. The TS2, known for its quick rebound, low spin, and high launch capabilities, remains a solid choice for tour players.

Labritz, known for helping others, shares golf tips on how better hit your woods through his minute video series. Beyond golf, he also is connected to supporting the Family & Children’s Agency in Norfolk, CT.

⛳️ Fun Fact: Jim Furyk also used the Titleist TS2 fairway wood during the 2023 season.

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Rob Labritz – Hybrid

Titleist TSR2 Hybrid

3 Hybrid – 18°

During my examination of Rob Labritz WITB, I had the pleasure of conversing with his caddie, Austin Watson. He shared Labritz’s preference for his hybrids, particularly valuing their capacity for higher loft and shot shaping. Watson, who recently began working with Labritz, a resident of Palm Beach Gardens, shared insights into their extensive schedule planned for this year.

In my opinion, the construction of the Titleist TSR2 hybrid is exceptional. This particular Titleist hybrid club benefits from an extended face that shifts the center of impact away from the shaft. This allows for increased face flex, thereby enhancing ball speed and forgiveness.

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Rob Labritz – 4 Hybrid

Titleist TSR3 Hybrid

21° Loft

Titleist TSR3 Hybrid

Rob Labritz continues on the hybrid streak with the Titleist TSR3 4 hybrid with a 21-degree loft.

This club draws inspiration from its predecessors with an iron-like profile and slightly reduced offset for enhanced performance. It also has superior sound and feel.

Designed for those who prioritize workability, the TSR3 hybrid boasts a refined, tour-inspired shape for confidence in various shots. Plus its highly adjustable, making it a versatile choice for skilled players seeking control and precision on the course.

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Rob Labritz – Irons

Titleist T200 Irons

5-7 Irons

Rob next uses the new Titleist T200 irons, which have a forged face and hollow body construction ideal for tour players. These distance irons were influenced by the Vokey bounce sole, which provides incredible forgiveness and launch.

Titleist is also known for making some of the most forgiving irons. Here’s our top list of some of the best irons of all time.

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Titleist T150 Irons

8 & 9 Irons

The Titleist T150 is known as the faster tour iron and was inspired by players like Rob Labritz. It was designed to add speed with a solid, forged feel. With its dual Tungsten design, it provides high launch with greater preciseness.

While it’s not ideal for most average players, it’s certainly a beautifully designed club. In the photo provided, Labritz demonstrates his technique with a group of amateur golfers at his 2024 golf clinic at the Chubb Classic.

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Titleist T100·S Irons

44° Loft

T100·S Irons belonging to Rob Labritz

Rob trusts the T100·S pitching wedge with a 44 degree loft, for its exacting construction and performance.

The T100•S has a cradle design, which assists with a consistent edge and seamless striking surface. It’s designed with a thin topline, reduced offset, and a blade length that appeals to pro and low handicap golfers. It is finished in matte chrome to cut down on glare.

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Rob Labritz – Wedges

Titleist Vokey SM9 Wedges

50°, 54°, 58°

Rob demonstrating using his wedges on the practice green at his golf clinic in Naples Florida 2024

As a faithful Titleist player, I find it no surprise that Titleist Vokey SM9 wedges are also present. As one of the most popular wedges on tour, it’s a staple for short game shots.

Labritz carries three SM9 wedges, 50F 12°, 54S 10°, and 58S 10°. These wedges are ideal for precision around the green. You’ll also notice Rob’s initials engraved in them. Vokey has since released the SM10, but we still see many pros using SM8 and SM9 versions, which speak volumes about their quality.

Labritz shared some of his best tips with golfers on how to work with the type of short grass used near the green in Naples, Florida. While many would want to putt these shots, he provided insights to avoid sculling it.

In the photo, the senior golfer observes his setup and hand placement. His clinic attendees all seemed very engaged in his helpful advice. I particularly liked how he explained it and then provided a demonstration for visualization.

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Rob Labritz – Putter

L.A.B. MEZZ.1 MAX Custom Putter


Now, onto the most unique club in Rob’s bag, the L.A.B. MEZZ.1 MAX putter. This selection is particularly noteworthy since this is the first WITB article we covered this selection.

The L.A.B. MEZZ.1 MAX, however, is not unique on the PGA Tour. It has garnered attention with notable players such as Will Zalatoris and Camilo Villegas opting for it.

The putter is made in the USA from aircraft-grade aluminum. The design is that of an oversized mallet putter, which aims to provide maximum stability during the putting stroke. It’s reminiscent of the old broomstick putters, a style still occasionally employed by players like Bernhard Langer.

The L.A.B. MEZZ.1 MAX custom putter features sixteen sole weights. You can purchase the custom version directly from the manufacturer or the standard version through large golf stores like PGA.

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Final Thoughts

As a pro golfer, husband, and father of 3, Rob Labritz is one of my new favorite underdogs to watch on the PGA Tour Champions. His name is synonymous with resilience and dedication after many years of hard work getting him to this point in his career.

As you probably noticed, his bag is dominated by the Titleist brand and he even hits a Titleist Pro V1 golf ball. My favorite clubs are his Vokey SM9 wedges because I find them easy to hit, and amateurs and pros love them.

Interestingly, Labritz swaps it up from his previous Odyssey putter to the L.A.B. MEZZ.1 MAX. This show-stopper flatstick is known for its exceptional stability on the green. And up close, I found it to be truly a work of art.

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