Jim Furyk WITB 2023 | World Champions Cup Team USA Captain

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Looking for what’s in the bag for Jim Furyk in 2023? Read on, Senior Golf Source golf expert covers his golf equipment used on the PGA Tour Champions.

Our Jim Furyk WITB 2023 review allows us to honor the newly appointed captain of Team USA for the inaugural World Champions Cup. Jim will guide the stars and stripes against a contingent of Europeans led by Darren Clarke and the International team by the “Big Easy” Mr. Ernie Els.

This post enables us to assess what clubs Jim plays and whether they suit the average senior golfer. By the end of the post, you will learn that Furyk’s bag is a mix of Titleist, Callaway, TaylorMade, and Cleveland clubs. Plus, you will walk away with a better idea of whether his equipment or suitable alternatives are better for your swing.

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Jim Furyk Quick Facts Table

Full NameJames Michael Furyk
BirthdayMay 12, 1970
BirthplaceWest Chester, PA
Year Turned Pro1992
Tournament Wins21
Major WinsUS Open (2003)
World Ranking23
Equipment SponsorN/A

Jim Furyk WITB Quick Summary

Jim Furyk at Furyk &. Friends golf tournament hitting his iron on hole 17 in Jacksonville, Florida 2023.
Jim Furyk 2023 – Furyk & Friends 17th hole

Driver: TaylorMade Stealth Plus, 10.5 degrees
Shaft: Fujikura Ventus TR Blue 7 S

3 Wood: Titleist TS2, 15 Degrees
Shaft: Fujikura Ventus TR Blue 7 X

5 Wood: Titleist TS3, 18 Degrees
Shaft: Fujikura Ventus TR Blue 8 X

Hybrid: Callaway Apex UW – 21 degrees
Shaft: Fujikura Ventus Black 9 TX

Irons: Callaway X Forged UT, 24 degrees
Shaft: KBS Tour 110 R

Irons: Callaway X Forged
Shaft: KBS Tour 110 R – 4 – PW

Wedges: Vokey Design SM7 (50° and 56°) and Cleveland Prototype (60°)
Shaft: True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400

Putter: Odyssey Versa 1 Wide

Jim Furyk Driver

TaylorMade Stealth Plus Driver – 9 degrees

Price not available

Updated on 2024-05-29

Driver 9°

TaylorMade Stealth Plus


The University of Arizona alumnus picks the revolutionary TaylorMade Stealth Plus to carry him off the tee. Furyk is far from the longest hitter on Tour but does well to find the fairway on 70.24% of occasions.

His preferred big stick sports 60 layers of carbon on the clubface, which controls spin and enables increased moment of inertia (MOI). Thanks to its MOI, the clubface remains stable at contact to prevent ball speed drop-off and spin increase, leading to a consistent launch.

Despite its consistency, I feel the lower lofted setup is ill-suited to the average player, who is better off with a 10.5 or 12-degree loft. Finally, mid and high-handicap seniors may prefer the standard TaylorMade Stealth Driver with higher launch and leniency.


  • Controls spin
  • Promotes neutral ball flight
  • Increased MOI for stability at impact
  • Low driver spin
  • Adjustable hosel


  • Moderately expensive
  • Less forgiving than the Stealth or Stealth HD

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Jim Furyk Fairway Wood3 Wood

Titleist TS2 Fairway Wood – 15 degrees

est $185

3 Wood 15°

ts2 fairway wood


The 2003 US Open Champion switches allegiances in the fairway woods, instead opting for the speed, feel, and acoustics of the Titleist TS2. The older model fairway woods were revolutionary a few years back and have been replaced by the TSi, and TSR ranges more recently.

Furyk’s 15-degree, TS2 3-wood is an exceptionally forgiving construction, designed to rebound rapidly, spin low and launch high. If it was not so difficult to source a new model, I’d gladly suggest this to mid and high-handicappers, but your best bet now is the newly released TSR2.


  • Launches high
  • Optimal forgiveness
  • Explosive clubface
  • Promotes straighter shots
  • Glare resistant finish


  • Outdated
  • Reduced workability

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Jim Furyk Fairway Wood – 5 Wood

Titleist TS3 Fairway Wood - 18 degrees ebay


The two-time winner of my favorite tournament in history, the Nedbank Million Dollar, sticks with the TS range for his 5 wood needs. The 18 degrees. The Titleist TS3 Fairway Wood hit our shelves in 2019, accompanying the TS2 to market. It earns its place in the 2020 US Open Senior Champion’s bag for speed, distance, and control.

My experience with the TS3 resulted in outstanding ball speed, controlled spin, and a medium launch. Its enhanced rebound off the clubface is owed to its variable face thickness, Active Recoil Channel, and expertly distributed weight for stability at impact.

Although higher-skilled golfers can handle the TS3, I still find the TS2 a better fit for the average player. However, since these fairway woods are difficult to find, I recommend testing the new Titleist TSR2 Fairway Wood.


  • Controlled medium launch
  • Workable flight
  • Adjustable center of gravity (CG) weight to alter the shot shape
  • Clean turf interaction
  • Aerodynamic crown


  • Challenging to find new
  • Slow swing speeds may generate erratic launch results

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Jim Furyk Utility Wood

Callaway Apex Utility Wood – 21 degrees

Price not available

Updated on 2024-05-29

Utility Wood 21°

Callaway Apex Utility Wood - 21 degrees 


Your 2018 Ryder Cup captain transitions into the irons with the Callaway Apex Utility Wood, which launches high and lands softly. However, despite its elevated launch, the wood features less offset to help superior players shape the ball on approach.

In addition, Callaway engineers roped in the brand’s famed Jailbreak Velocity Blades, which promotes explosive speed across the clubface. Plus, it contains spin to deliver maximum compression, increased lift, and towering ball flight.

Besides the reduced draw bias, I find the average golfer can effortlessly launch the Callaway Apex, thanks to its forgiveness. However, it doesn’t produce the leniency experienced on a high offset fairway wood or hybrid.


  • Elevated launch
  • Increased clubface stability at impact
  • Generates rapid ball speed
  • Forgiving
  • Promotes increased workability


  • The reduced offset increases the challenge of squaring the clubface at impact.
  • The high launch profile may cause some players to balloon shots.

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Jim Furyk Utility Irons

Callaway X Forged UT Irons – 24 degrees

Price not available

Updated on 2024-05-29

Utility Iron 24°


Callaway X Forged UT Irons - 24 degrees

The 9-time Team USA Ryder Cup team member moves on from woods and hybrids with the Callaway X Forged UT. Another older model of golf club in Jim’s bag, which is tricky to find new. The forged iron generates a spectacular feel, crisp acoustics, straight flight, and impeccable forgiveness.

Granted, it is not as easy to hit the X Forged UT as a hybrid, but it can benefit low and mid-handicap golfers seeking improved accuracy. Finally, its low-flying nature makes it reliable for consistent yardage on a windy day.

Mid or high-handicappers struggling to consistently launch the X Forged UT may consider the easy-swinging Callaway X Hot Hybrid.


  • Promotes straighter shots
  • Rapid ball speed
  • Suitable for windy days
  • Greater stability at impact
  • Forgiving


  • The low launch may cause inconsistent results for slower swing speeds
  • Older model utility iron

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Jim Furyk Irons


Callaway X Forged Irons (6 - PW)

The seven-time Presidents Cup participant continues with the X Forged range as he enters the irons. They have guided him to a 67.59% success rate on approach this season, a figure he will definitely work to improve on for the remainder of the season.

Furyk’s choice of irons are also an older vintage but delivers the feel, turf interaction, and acoustics one expects from forged irons. Buttery soft contact, clean glide across the turf, and progressive CG positioning for optimal launch, flight, and landing.

Although the X-Forged irons are a quality construction by Callaway, their lack of forgiveness is not suited to the average golfer. Instead, I suggest swinging the Callaway Paradym X Irons.


  • Buttery soft feel
  • Fast ball speed
  • Progressive CG for optimal launch
  • Workable flight
  • Compact profile


  • Reduced forgiveness
  • Challenging to find new.

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Jim Furyk Golf Wedges

Wedges 50° and 56°

Titleist Vokey SM7 Wedge - (50, 56 degrees)


Furyk continues to play with older releases as we move into the wedges deciding to carry the Vokey SM7 range. So far in 2023, the unorthodox swinging Pennsylvanian has a scrambling record of 65.71%. A figure which does not highlight how skilled he truly is with a wedge in hand.

Titleist launched the Vokey SM7 range in 2018. Despite sending two iterations to market since Jim sticks to what he likes, and carries the 50-degree gap wedge and 56-degree sand wedge to optimize his greenside spin rate and control.

Skilled wedge players will appreciate the wealth of grind options in the sand and lob wedge department. However, I feel the average golfer is better suited to a forgiving wedge design like the Callaway Mack Daddy CB Wedge.


  • Outstanding spin
  • A multitude of grind options
  • Compact profile
  • Controlled launch
  • Superb feel


  • Reduced forgiveness compared to cavity back wedges
  • Difficult to source a new version of the wedge

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Cleveland 588 Wedge


The penultimate club in the 17-time PGA Tour winner’s bag is the Cleveland 588 Precision Forged Tour Zip Grooves. Another older model wedge that is so dated that the print around his wedge is fading rapidly. 

Given its age, you will struggle to find this edition brand new and need to settle for a pre-owned build. However, its high spinning grooves, soft feel, and greenside control are best suited to superior golfers seeking playability over leniency. 


  • Optimal spin
  • Soft feel
  • Enhanced feedback
  • Attractive profile
  • Exceptional turf interaction


  • No new models are available
  • Insufficient forgiveness for the average golfer.

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Jim Furyk Putter

Odyssey Versa #1 Wide Putter


We conclude our Jim Furyk WITB 2023 review with his favorite putter. Word is Furyk reached out to Callaway to pick up a few Versa 1 Wide backup putters. However, the brand was out of stock, so James turned to eBay and snapped up a few vintage models on their marketplace.

Despite its blade construction, the Versa #1 Wide offers sufficient heel-to-toe weighting to boost the MOI of the putter face. As a result, it remains stable into impact to prevent topspin drop-off and generate a smooth and consistent roll.

Although the Versa #1 Wide with a double bend hosel suits all golfers with a straight stroke, it is challenging to find them new. Therefore, your best solution is the Odyssey White Hot Versa Double Wide Putter.


  • Increased MOI
  • Generates consistent topspin
  • Prevents ball speed and topspin drop off
  • Glare resistant finish
  • Forgiving


  • The double bend hosel is not suited to high-arched strokes
  • Challenging to find Furyk’s Versa #1 Wide in new condition

We may earn a commission, at no additional cost to you.

Final Thoughts on Jim Furyk WITB

That wraps up our detailed Jim Furyk WITB 2023 review, which was an eye-opener. Firstly, the 2020 US Senior Open Champion uses a mixture of Callaway, Titleist, Cleveland, and TaylorMade golf clubs, highlighting his non-allegiance to one specific brand.

In addition, it became clear that the Team USA captain for the 2023 Champions Cup sticks to what he knows and likes. Many of his clubs are no longer available on the market and lack the advanced game improvement technology found in the latest releases.

However, that fails to deter Furyk, who is in his third season on the PGA Tour Champions, with three titles to his name.

How old is Jim Furyk?

Jim Furyk was born on May 12, 1970. He is 52 years old.

How tall is Jim Furyk?

Jim Furyk is 6 foot 2 inches tall.

What Clubs Does Jim Furyk Play With?

Driver and Shaft: TaylorMade Stealth Plus, 10.5 degrees – Fujikura Ventus TR Blue 7 S
3 wood and Shaft: Titleist TS2, 15 Degrees – Fujikura Ventus TR Blue 7 X
5 wood and Shaft: Titleist TS3, 18 Degrees – Fujikura Ventus TR Blue 8 X
Hybrid and Shaft: Callaway Apex UW – 21 degrees – Fujikura Ventus Black 9 TX
Irons and Shaft: Callaway X Forged UT, 24 degrees – KBS Tour 110 R
Irons and Shaft: Callaway X Forged – KBS Tour 110 R – 4 – PW
Wedge and Shaft: Vokey Design SM7, 50 and 56 degree – True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400
Wedge and Shaft: Cleveland Prototype, 60 degrees – True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400
Putter: Odyssey Versa 1 Wide Putter

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