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On the 30th anniversary of his professional career, we felt it necessary to cover a KJ Choi WITB review to honor his commitment to golf. Erin Blakely, Senior Golf Source founder met with the first Korean to earn a PGA Tour card at the recent Chubb Classic. Choi paved the way for Y.E. Yang to win the 2009 PGA Championship and Tom Kim and Sunjae Im to flourish as professionals.

Thirty years after turning pro, K.J. Choi still has a lot of golf left in him, now going into his fourth season on the senior tour. Keep reading to learn about Choi’s low-spinning woods and high-lofted wedge setup that excludes a gap wedge. As always, I will advise the average golfer on alternative clubs if K.J.’s clubs do not fit.

KJ Choi WITB Quick Summary

Driver: Callaway Epic Speed (9°)  
Shaft: Fujikura Ventus Velocore Black (6X)

K.J. Choi WITB photo taken by Senior Golf Source of his black colored bag with white lettering.

3 Wood: Srixon ZX MK ii (13.5°)
Shaft: Fujikura Ventus Velocore Black (6X)

5 Wood: Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke Triple Diamond (18°) Shaft: Fujikura Ventus Velocore Black (6X)

4 Hybrid: TaylorMade Stealth 2 (22°) – Tour AD IZ 6X

Irons 5 – PW: Srixon ZX7 MKII (5 – PW)

Wedges: Cleveland RTX 6 Tour Rack (54°, 58°, 60°)

Putter: Odyssey White Hot OG Seven

KJ Choi Quote & Quick Facts Table

In society, there’s a notion that says, “You can’t do that at your age,” but I want to break such stereotypes. It’s not a matter of achieving your goals, but the spirit of challenging oneself to accomplish something, and the effort to build such determination. It will never be easy, so let’s go!  - AJ Choi Quote
NameChoi Kyung-Ju (K.J. Choi)
BirthdayMay, 19, 1970
BirthplaceWando, South Korea
Year Turned Pro1994
Tournament Wins37
Biggest Achievements2011 Players Championship (winner)
1st Korean to secure PGA Tour Card
1st Korean winner on the PGA Tour
Career Earnings$36,271,866
Senior Ranking16

KJ Choi Driver

Callaway Epic Speed Triple Diamond Driver

Driver – 9°

The first Korean golfer to win on the PGA Tour card struggled off the tee in 2023 with the Ping G430 LST. He ranked 55th overall for driving, which likely prompted his change in equipment for this season. He now swings the older Callaway Epic Speed Triple Diamond, which maintains the low spin of the G430 LST but is slightly faster on the downswing and off the clubface.

K.J. along with a handful of other senior tour players, prefer the lack of offset and the high rebound off the clubface. Despite the assistance, the Epic Speed TD requires a powerful whack to get it into the air, which does not suit the average senior. 

Choi, on the other hand, was a competitive powerlifter as a junior, earning him the nickname “Tank.” He clearly has no issues generating clubhead speed and getting the ball into the air. An alternate option for casual senior golfers is the regular Epic Speed. It is tough to find them new, but there are multiple quality pre-owned models on Global Golf and Amazon.

⛳️ Fun Fact: Steve Stricker is also currently using the Epic Speed Triple Diamond Driver.


  • Low spin head
  • Increased rebound to boost ball speed
  • Adjustable hosel
  • Fast, aerodynamic clubhead


  • Only pre-owned models available
  • Better for higher swing speeds

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KJ Choi – 3 Wood

Srixon ZX MK ii Fairway Wood

3 Wood – 13.5°

The 2011 Players Champion switches to Srixon for his 3-wood duties for workable flight, forgiveness, and more control on the landing. Srixon focused on low and deep weighting in the head and extra clubface flex to increase ball speed and promote an easy launch off the deck for all golfers. 

The Rebound Frame and Dual Flex Zones boost forgiveness off the deck, promoting consistent ball speed and a high launch. K.J. plays a strong 13.5-degree loft to balance out the high launch profile with his apex demands. However, the average senior is better off swinging the higher lofted 15 degrees.


  • High launch off the deck
  • Workable flight
  • Flexible clubface for greater ball speed
  • Forgiving on low face strikes


  • Non-adjustable

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KJ Choi – 5 Wood

Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke Triple Diamond Fairway Wood

5 Wood – 18°

Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke TD Fairway Wood

The gentleman who played T.K. Oh in Seven Days In Utopia turns to the low-spinning, workable Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke TD for 5-wood duties. Its exceptionally low spin profile better suits powerful hitters like K.J.

My group of casual golfers enjoyed greater forgiveness, higher flight, and consistency with the Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke Max. Besides spin and launch, the Ai Smoke TD carries an attractive compact profile, which enhances the ability to shape long approach shots into the green.

⛳️ Related: Callaway Ai Smoke Max vs Max Fast


  • Workable flight
  • Low spin
  • Outstanding distance
  • Penetrating ball flight


  • Expensive
  • Not ideal for slow to moderate swing speeds

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KJ Choi – 4 Hybrid

TaylorMade Stealth 2

4 Hybrid 22°

The three-time President’s Cup representative uses the TaylorMade Stealth 2 hybrid to transition into the irons. Choi employs a 22-degree 4-hybrid for its versatility off the tee, fairway, and rough. It launches high off the deck and encourages a soft, controlled landing on approach.

The hybrid is setup for neutral flight, but it gives you the control and ability to produce more shape on your shot. Overall, most seniors will thrive with the Stealth 2 thanks to its rescue design, but if you prefer the added forgiveness of draw bias, think about the Stealth 2 HD Rescue.


  • Versatile club
  • Forgiving
  • Easy launching club
  • Soft, controlled landing


  • The high flight does not appeal to everyone
  • Marginally expensive for a hybrid

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KJ Choi – Irons

Srixon ZX7 MK ii Irons

4 Iron – PW

The golfer from Wando only hit 53.50% greens in regulation last season. He started playing with the ZX7 irons but switched to the new ZX7 MKii irons towards the end of the year. He has decided to keep the new Srixon irons as he looks to boost his accuracy on approach in 2024.

Choi no doubt appreciates the attractive compact profile, crisp acoustics, and workable flight delivered by the ZX7 MK ii range. While they are forgiving irons, the average golfer will play more consistently with the ZX5 MKii irons.


  • Smooth feel
  • Promotes workable flight
  • Compact shape
  • Crisp acoustics


  • Not as forgiving as ZX5 MKii irons
  • Moderately expensive

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KJ Choi – Golf Wedges

Cleveland RTX Tour Rack Zipcore Wedges

54° Loft

Cleveland RTX Tour Rack Zipcore Wedge shown covered in lead tape.

The eight-time PGA Tour winner struggled as much around the greens last season as he did on approach, mustering up a 50% scrambling record. He adjusted his setup towards the end of last year as a result, but the 54-degree Cleveland RTX Tour Rack is the sole survivor.

The club is fitted with a moderately bouncy sole, measuring 10 degrees. It suits a variety of turf conditions and a neutral attack angle and generates outstanding spin. However, it lacks the forgiveness the average golfer looks for around the green.

You’ll also note from our photo that KJ likes using a lot of lead tape on his wedges.


  • Impressive spin rate
  • Compact profile
  • The sole suits multiple turf conditions
  • Rich finish


  • Not the most forgiving Cleveland wedge

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Cleveland RTX 6 Tour Rack Zipcore Wedge

58° loft w/ 6° bounce

The Korean uses a newer wedge in the 58-degree category to help him get under the ball for increased spin and control. At the start of last season, he was using a 50, 54, 60 combination, but he has dropped the gap wedge and added a 58-degree Cleveland RTX 6 Tour Rack Zipcore.

It is an interesting tactic to leave out a gap wedge and add two lob wedges, but I hope it works to his advantage this year. The RTX generates outstanding spin from the rough and the fairway thanks to its ability to cut through moisture, dirt, and grass blades.


  • Increased spin
  • Compact profile
  • Smooth feel
  • Navigates the rough with ease


  • Expensive for a wedge

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Cleveland RTX Tour Rack Full-Face Wedge

60° loft w/8° bounce

Cleveland RTX Tour Rack Full-Face Wedge

K.J. swaps the Cleveland RTX Full-Face for the RTX Tour Rack Full-Face this season as he searches for form around the green. He retains the same bounce profile set to a low 8 degrees, which helps him navigate underneath the ball, perfect for flop shots.

The spin is high on the RTX Tour Rack Full-Face, and it feels buttery soft when you catch the ball in the sweet spot. However, I found his older Full-Face wedges provide more stability and forgiveness than his new addition.

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  • Low bounce helps get under the ball
  • Buttery soft feel
  • High spin rate
  • Easy to execute flop shots


  • Not as stable and forgiving as his older wedge

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KJ Choi – Putter

Odyssey White Hot OG Seven Putter


Odyssey White Hot OG Seven Putter on the ground next to KJ. Choi as he practices with another putter.

The founder of the K.J. Choi Foundation rounds out his bag with the Odyssey White Hot OG Seven putter. His overall putting average last year was 1.593, which was decent but only good enough for 72nd place on tour.

Choi continues to stroke the mallet putter in 2024, appreciating its gorgeous finish, stability, softness, and roll. The key feature is the White Hot Insert, which softens each touch and generates a clean roll, resulting in limited skid off the face and optimal distance control.

On a side note, we noticed KJ carrying an extra putter during his practice rounds. So, we will be curious to see if he continues using the Odyssey White Hot OG Seven Putter throughout the 2024 season.


  • Stable putter head design
  • Produces a clean roll
  • Smooth feel
  • Forgiving construction


  • The factory settings suit putters with minimal arch

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Final Thoughts

Our K.J. Choi WITB 2024 shows that he has made many changes to his setup for this season.

Choi is swinging completely different woods, hybrids, and irons to what we saw in 2023 but has retained two clubs. The Cleveland RTX Tour Rack ZipCore and Odyssey White Hot OG Seven are the sole survivors in his bag from the start of last season.

With natural talent and his desire to break age stereotypes, I anticipate his 38th win won’t be too far off in his future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does KJ Choi still play golf?

Yes, K.J. Choi still plays golf on the PGA Tour Champions. He joined the seniors tour in 2020 and has recorded 16 top tens, including one win, four runner-ups, and three third-place finishes.

Is KJ Choi married?

Yes, K.J. Choi is married to Hyunjung Kim. The couple tied the knot in 1995 and have three children together.

Who is KJ Choi’s caddy?

Matt Olsen was K.J. Choi’s caddie, and little is known about the man on the bag other than his time carrying for Adam Long back in 2019.

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