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If you follow the PGA Tour Champions, you may maybe curious about Joe Durant WITB (what’s in the bag?) or related queries. Read on for the full details.

Finding an updated Joe Durant WITB review is no easy feat. So, Senior Golf Source founder Erin Blakely journeyed to Endicott, New York, for the 2023 Dick’s Sporting Goods Tournament to get the inside scoop on the 2001 Bob Hope Classic winner’s bag.

After reading this review, you will know what clubs the man from Pensacola carries. I also explain which golfers suit the clubs in Durant’s arsenal. If I find them unforgiving for the average golfer, I offer alternative solutions which are easier to swing.

Joe Durant WITB 2023 Quick Summary

Joe Durant Quick Facts Table

Joe Durant golf photo - putting on the 9th hole of En-Joie Golf Course in NY
Full NameJoseph Scott Durant
BirthdayApril 7, 1964
BirthplacePensacola, Florida
Age59 years old
Year Turned Pro1987
Tournament Wins9 Wins
Biggest Achievement4 PGA Tour Wins
World Senior Ranking13
Equipment SponsorSrixon

Joe Durant Driver

Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond Driver


Updated on 2024-02-27

Driver – 9°

Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond Driver

The Huntingdon College graduate is among the 10 most accurate drivers on tour, hitting 77.68% of all fairways in regulation this season. His big stick of choice is the Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond, one of two non-Dunlop-related clubs in his bag.

I find the Triple Diamond minimizes spin while retaining ball speed for a powerful shot. Although it features an explosive clubface, the lower spin rate requires adequate clubhead speed to launch the ball consistently.

Senior golfers with slower swing speeds are better off with the higher launch of the forgiving, slice-fighting Callaway Paradym X.


  • Low spin
  • Rapid ball speed
  • Low to mid launch
  • Neutral flight bias
  • Adjustable hosel


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Joe Durant Fairway Wood

Srixon ZX Fairway Wood


Updated on 2024-02-26

Fairway Woods

Srixon ZX Fairway Wood

The 2018 Chubb Classic champion turns to the tour-preferred Srixon ZX fairway woods for versatile results. It produces penetrating flight, super low spin revolutions, and consistent ball speed. I also find it simplifies shaping shots for maximum control on long approach shots.

Despite its tour profile, I feel the ZX is relatively forgiving because of the Rebound Frame and Cannon Sole. It increased my energy transfer into contact, imparting consistent velocity onto the ball. My contact received a further boost from the reduced friction by the sole.

The Srixon ZX fairway woods are relatively lenient. However, I would still feel more comfortable with the average golfer playing an easier launching club. I suggest the Tour Edge Hot Launch E523.


  • Generates low spin
  • Encourages workability
  • Penetrating ball flight
  • Maximizes energy transfer
  • Stable clubface at contact


  • Older model fairway woods
  • The lower flight is not ideal for slower swing speeds

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Joe Durant Irons

Srixon ZX7 Irons

Price not available

Updated on 2024-02-27

Irons – (4 – PW)

Srixon ZX7 Irons

Joseph Scott Durant is among the most accurate golfers on approach, with a 73.61% greens in regulation record. He chooses the Tour Cavity Srixon ZX7 irons to promote workability and soften the feel without hampering workability.

In my experience, the ZX7 irons feel pure off the face, and the Tour V.T. sole promotes clean turf interaction for consistent contact. I also enjoy the Progressive Groove structure that sees the longer iron generating less spin for maximum distance. Conversely, the mid and low irons carry deeper, sharper grooves for increased revolutions.

The soft-feeling, workable Srixon ZX7 irons are produced for low handicappers and professionals like Joe. However, the average senior golfer is better off swinging the lenient Srixon ZX4 irons.

Fun Fact: Like Kevin Sutherland and John Daly, Mr. Durant is also known for using lead tape on his golf equipment.


  • Buttery soft feel
  • Workable ball flight
  • Clean turf interaction Compact profile
  • Optimal long-game distance
  • Increased mid and short iron spin


  • Reduced forgiveness
  • Older model of clubs that is challenging to find new

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Joe Durant Wedges

Cleveland RTX ZipCore Full Face Wedges

The 2021 Ally Challenge winner sticks with the Dunlop company as he moves into the short game. His wedges of choice are the Cleveland RTX ZipCore Full-Face range which has guided him to the ranks of a top 10 scrambler on the PGA Tour Champions.

The RTX ZipCore Full–Face wedges generate superb friction and backspin on all shots while ensuring a lower, controlled flight. In my experience, when the UltiZip grooves kick into gear, they conjure up increased backspin revolutions. I also find the full-face grooves minimize spin and ball speed loss for consistent short shots.

Although Cleveland did pack game improvement technology into the RTX ZipCore, I feel there are more forgiving irons for amateurs. The Cleveland Smart Sole 4.0 is one alternative, thanks to its forgiving sole and enlarged sweet spot.

Related: Are Cleveland Golf Clubs Any Good?


  • Consistent spin
  • Buttery soft feel
  • Clean turf interaction
  • Optimizes friction
  • Easy clubface to open


  • Marginally expensive
  • Not the most forgiving wedges

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Joe Durant Putter  

Odyssey White Hot OG Seven Nano

$249.98 Amazon Prime

Updated on 2024-02-26


Joe Durant Putter Odyssey White Hot OG Seven Nano

Your 2016 3M Championship victor returns to Callaway for his flat stick needs, opting for the forgiveness and consistency of the White Hot OG Seven. Durant will look to improve his statistics on the dancefloor, as it is on paper, the weakest aspect of his game.

Nonetheless, his winged mallet putter increased the moment of inertia (MOI) for stability through the stroke. I also find it easier to square the face up, allowing me to start my ball on the intended line.

Joe plays a center shaft hosel, which creates face balance and helps his straighter putting stroke control the face. If you operate with an arched stroke, you can organize a short or plumber’s neck hosel. However, the putter itself is a suitable option for the average golfer seeking forgiveness, distance, and consistency. 


  • Forgiving
  • Soft feel off the clubface
  • Promotes consistent top spin
  • Stabilizes the putter face through the stroke
  • Rich PVD finish


  • Moderately expensive
  • The center shaft does not suit players with arched strokes

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Final Thoughts on Joe Durant WITB

Our Joe Durant WITB 2023 review reveals that the nine-time PGA and PGA Tour Champions winner relies on Srixon and Callaway. His Driver and putter are straight out of the Ely Callaway stable, while his irons, fairway woods, and wedges comprise of Dunlop Sports brands.

His Srixon ZX fairway woods are easy launching, forgiving, and may work for more skilled amateurs. In addition, his irons are unforgiving, workable, and soft, which are best left to lower handicappers and professionals.

I find the Srixon ZX fairway woods and the Odyssey White Hot OG Seven Nano are the only clubs in Durant’s bag suited to the average golfer. 

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