Steve Stricker WITB 2024: The Clubs of a Champion

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Looking for an in-depth review of Steve Stricker WITB? Read on to know all about what’s in the bag for this world-renowned golfer…

Steve Stricker enjoyed a sensational run on the PGA Tour Champions in 2023, notching up four victories. The Wisconsin native has lifted 11 trophies since joining the veteran ranks in 2017. Considering he won 12 titles in his two decades on the PGA Tour, he is aging finer than a Grand Cru.

In this post, I conduct a Steve Stricker WITB review to see what golf clubs have catapulted him to number 1 on the Official Senior World Golf Ranking in 2024. In addition, I will touch on the features and benefits of his golf clubs to highlight if they suit your swing.

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Steve Stricker WITB (What’s in the Bag)

Showing Steve Stricker WITB 2024 photo of his golf bag at the Chubb Classic in Naples on a golf cart.

Driver: The Callaway Epic-Speed Triple-Diamond – 9-degrees Shaft: Fujikura Speeder VC 8.2 Flex-Graphite

3 Wood: Titleist 915F – 13.5-degrees
Shaft: Mitsubishi Tensei Pro White 80-TX Flex

Hybrid: Titleist 816-H1 – 21 degrees
Shaft: Fujikura-Motore Speeder Shaft VC 9.2-X

Irons: The Callaway Apex Pro Forged Raw Irons
Shafts: True Temper Dynamic Gold-Tour Issue-X100 Flex Shafts

Wedges: Titleist Vokey SM9, Titleist Vokey SM7, and Titleist Vokey SM4 – True Temper- Dynamic Gold X100 with Sensicore

Putter: Odyssey White Hot 2 Putter

Golf Ball: Titleist Pro V1x

Steve Stricker Quick Facts Table

Full NameSteven Charles Stricker
BirthdayFebruary 23, 1967
BirthplaceEdgerton, Wisconsin, USA
Year Turned Pro1990
Tournament Wins28 
Major Wins4 Senior Majors
US Senior Open (2019)
Regions Tradition (19, 22)
Senior Players Championship (2021)
World Ranking1 – Senior Tour World Ranking
Equipment SponsorTitleist

Steve Stricker Driver

Callaway Epic Speed Triple Diamond LS

9° Loft

Callaway Epic Speed Triple Diamond LS

For those of you who read our Steve Stricker WITB update last season, you’ll recognize this club.

Stricker swings a Callaway Epic Speed Triple Diamond LS driver for optimal distance off the team. The refined head shape pairs with a Jailbreak Speed Frame and Flash Face for rapid ball speed and optimal length.

This adjustable driver features an adjustable hosel, which enables you to alter the loft and lie angle of the clubface. Although the long-hitting driver is forgiving and consistent, it is challenging to find a new model. In addition, Callaway only offers it in a 9 and 10.5-degree loft profile.


  • Aerodynamic clubhead accelerates swing speed.
  • Lowers spin 
  • Low launch suits faster swing speeds
  • Refined footprint for improved playability
  • High forgiveness


  • No adjustable weights
  • It does not suit slower swing speeds

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Steve Stricker Fairway Wood

Titleist 915F Fairway Wood

3 Wood 15°

Titleist 915F Fairway Wood

Stricker operates with a single fairway wood in his bag, the Titleist 915F, set at 15 degrees. I find the 915F offers super high launch and ball flight for consistent carry distance off the tee and the deck. In addition, it features limited offset to enhance playability.

In my experience, the 915 also generates consistent ball velocity and controlled spin across an expanded zone of the clubface. This helps you launch your ball long and high, even on mishits. 


  •  High-launching fairway wood
  • Produces clean turf interaction
  • Generates explosive ball speed
  • Amplified acoustics
  • Adjustable hosel


  • Limited stock shaft options for slow swing speed
  • It does not reduce slices

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Steve Stricker Hybrid

Titleist TS2 18 Degree Hybrid

18° Loft

Titleist TS2 18 Degree Hybrid

The Titleist TS2 18 degree is the first of two hybrids in his bag and works to help the American launch his ball high and straight on approach. Plus, I notice its aerodynamic clubhead design encourages accelerated speed on the downswing.


  • Easy launching
  • High MOI for straighter shots
  • Optimal forgiveness
  • Generates explosive ball speed
  • Aerodynamic clubhead


  • The launch may prove excessively high for some golfers
  • Restricts workability

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Titleist TS3 Hybrid

21° Loft

Titleist TS3 Hybrid

The second hybrid in the man from Edgerton’s bag is a 21-degree Titleist TS3 4 hybrid, which the world number 2 senior uses on approach shots. I find this hybrid produces exceptional swing speed, clean turf interaction, a high launch, and maximum forgiveness.

Finally, Titleist allows you to alter the clubhead’s CG to achieve your desired shot shape on lengthier strikes. 


  • Forgiving
  • High launching
  • Fast clubface
  • Clean turf interaction
  • Optimal distance


  • It does not suit shallow or neutral attack angles
  • The chunky profile may deter some players

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Steve Stricker Irons

Callaway Apex Pro 19 Forged Irons

Irons 3-9

Steve Stricker Irons photo taken by Senior Golf Source at the Chubb Classic 2024.

The three-time senior Major winner currently carries a Callaway Apex Pro Forged 3-iron for consistent launch, distance, and forgiveness. Although he has struck Titleist irons for most of his career, the Callaways have proved successful in 2022. 

These irons offer the compact profile and buttery-soft feel of players’ irons, with the forgiveness of game-improvement golf clubs. In my experience, the Apex 19 Pro Forged irons provide supreme feedback, acoustics, and clean turf interaction. However, they offer minimal forgiveness to the average golfer.

I realize that finding an Apex 19 Pro Forged iron out of the box is challenging, but there is the new and improved Apex Pro 21 Tungsten. It generates faster ball speed and leniency than its predecessor.


  • Buttery soft feel
  • Compact clubhead
  • Generates consistent ball speed
  • Promotes a high launch in the long irons
  • Superior workability


  • Limited forgiveness on mishits
  • The stock shaft options are not suited to slow swing speeds

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Steve Stricker Wedges

Titleist Vokey SM9 Wedge

Wedge – 46°

Steve Stricker carrying his Titleist Vokey Wedge and his wife/caddie carrying the Odyssey Putter back from the green in 2024 in Naples, FL.

Stricker carries a different label of pitching wedge to his iron set to better cater to his needs on short approach and pitch shots. The Vokey SM9 Tour Chrome is his preferred pitching wedge thanks to its soft feel, enhanced spin, and controlled trajectory.

I appreciate the compact shape of the Vokey SM9 and its ability to improve workability for better control on short approach shots.

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  • Clean finish
  • Generates maximum spin
  • Encourages a controlled trajectory
  • Increases playability
  • Durable heat-treated groove


  • Premium price tag
  • Less forgiveness than the average golfer requires

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Titleist Vokey SM7

54° Loft

Titleist Vokey SM7 shown in Steve Striker what's in the bag photo from 2024 by Senior Golf Source

Strick employs an oldie but goodie, the predecessor to the SM8 for sand wedge duties. The 54-degree SM7 wedge features a spin-milled groove to produce rampant spin off the clubface and offer a delicate feel around the green.

I feel this golf wedge provides maximum control on chip, bunker, and flop shots for drop and stop spin. Plus, it encourages playability for the short game artist looking for options around the dance floor.

Titleist has also recently come out with the Vokey SM10, so it will be interesting to see if his SM7 gets upgraded this season. You can see from our photo it’s beginning to show its age.


  • Exceptional spin
  • Enhanced control
  • A compact, appealing profile
  • Clean turf interaction
  • Enables workability from any lie


  • Expensive for the average golfer
  • Reduced forgiveness

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Titleist Vokey SM4

60° Loft

Titleist Vokey SM4 shown with Steve Striker's wife carrying the club back from the green.

Steve’s final wedge is a 60-degree Vokey wedge, which was originally released in 2012. Like the other Vokey wedges, it features durable, high-spinning grooves which produce a controlled trajectory and drop and stop spin.

In addition, this wedge is easy to open the clubface and get under your ball for flop shots. In the photo, his wife, Nikki, carries Stricker’s club off the green at the Chubb Classic in 2024.

Once a very costly golf wedge, it can be purchased pre-owned for an average of $20 to $70, depending on the condition.


  • Generates maximum spin
  • Superb turf interaction
  • Produces a controlled trajectory
  • Clean, compact profile
  • It is an easy clubface to open


  • High handicappers may find the weak loft a challenge to control

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Steve Stricker’s Putter

Odyssey White Hot 2 Putter


Odyssey White Hot 2 putter and Steve Stricker on the practice putting green in 2024. Taken by Senior Golf Source.

The veteran operates with a vintage Odyssey White Hot 2 putter, which features a blade head and extreme toe hang. As a result, I find it best suits golfers with extremely arched strokes.

Since Odyssey launched this flat stick over 20 years ago, it is challenging to find a new one. However, the Odyssey White OG putter is a suitable substitution for the older version.


  • Built for golfers with arched strokes
  • Provides a delicate feel
  • Produces a clean roll
  • Compact finish
  • Clean blade design for traditionalists


  • The toe hang can exacerbate misses to the right
  • Less forgiveness than modern mallet putters

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Final Thoughts on Steve Stricker WITB

Driving Range Photo of Steve Stricker 2023 at The Chubb Classic

The Wisconsin native is in cruise control on the PGA Tour Champions with a stockpile of victories since 2018, 6 of which he recorded in 2023. It would appear that Stricker only gets better with age, and so do his clubs.

Several items in the legends bag are older than some of your grandchildren, showing he can still perform without the latest and greatest technology.

After maintaining the number 1 slot on the official senior world ranking, I look forward to seeing him pick up from where he left off in 2024. And, as rumors have it, he may be trying his hand again on the PGA TOUR.

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