Padraig Harrington WITB 2023 | Irishman Bagged Another Win

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In this article, we cover Padraig Harrington WITB (What’s in the Bag) for 2023. Read on to get look at what this leader on the PGA Tour Champions carries on the golf course.

Legendary Irish golfer Pádraig Peter Harrington closed out his PGA Tour Champions rookie season in 2022, placing 2nd in the Charles Schwab Cup. This added to a phenomenal year for the Irishman as he bagged the U.S. Senior Open Championship and finished the year as the third-best senior golfer on earth.

In this guide, I focus on Padraig Harrington WITB features to see what tools have helped him excel on the veteran tour. After analyzing his set composition, you will notice whether these golf clubs can aid your golf swing.

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Padraig Harrington Stats & Facts Table

Padraig Harrington riding on a golf cart in between holes at the Chubb Classic in 2023.
Padraig Harrington 2023 Chubb Classic
Full NamePádraig Peter Harrington
BirthdayAugust 31, 1971
BirthplaceDublin, Ireland
Padraig Harrington Age:51
Year Turned Pro1995
Tournament Wins33
Major Wins3 Majors
The Open Championship (2007, 2008)
PGA Championship (2008)
1 Senior Major US Senior Open (2022)
Senior World Ranking3
Equipment SponsorWilson Staff, FootJoy, Titleist

Padraig Harrington WITB Overview

Padraig Harrington Golf Driver | Titleist TSi3 – 9°

Titleist TSi3 in black and grey lettering

The Dublin native produced an average driving distance of 308.7 yards in 2022, which is not shabby for a senior golfer. He chooses the Titleist TSi3 Driver to carry him off the tee because of its explosive face, mid-to-high launch, and extremely low spin.

Although his 9-degree driver may prove too low for the average senior, the adjustable hosel allows you to weaken it to your preference. Finally, the TSi3 contains a sliding weight track to shift the center of gravity (CG) for your preferred launch and shot shape.


  • Produces blistering ball speed
  • Mid to high launch for adequate carry distance
  • Adjustable hosel to strengthen or weaken loft
  • Moveable CG weighting to achieve your preferred shape
  • Generates low spin 


  • The 9-degree loft is low for the average senior
  • It costs a premium

Padraig Harrington 3 Wood | TaylorMade M4 –  15°

Padraig Harrington WITB TaylorMade M4 -  15°

Harrington still operates with a TaylorMade M4 Fairway Wood, which first hit our shelves in 2018. The 3-time major winner swings a 15-degree 3-wood, which some slower swingers may find too strong to consistently launch high and long.

TaylorMade engineers equipped the M4 with an adequate moment of inertia (MOI) and low CG to promote straight, high-ball flight in your long game. Lastly, the Geocoustic Technology amplified the acoustics and pushed a pleasant feel off the clubface.


  • Launches high
  • Low spin
  • Promotes straighter shots
  • Impeccable acoustics
  • Pushes accelerated ball speed


  • Slow swing speeds may struggle to launch the lower 15-degree design
  • Still expensive for an older-model driver

Pádraig Harrington Golf 5 Wood | TaylorMade SIM2 Max – 18°

TaylorMade SIM2 Max - 18°

Paddy retains TaylorMade in the 5 wood department for lightning ball speed, elevated launch, accuracy, and forgiveness. He plays a TaylorMade SIM2 Max which features an innovative V Steel Sole for clean turf interaction and a solid strike from the fairway or rough.

In addition, the SIM2 Max features Twist Face Technology which combats common misses to send your ball straight and long.


  • Produces rapid ball speed
  • High-launching fairway wood
  • Clean turf interaction from any lie
  • Prompts greater accuracy
  • Forgiving fairway woods


  • Moderately expensive
  • No adjustable hosel

Padraig Harrington Hybrid | Wilson Staff C300 – 17°

Mr. Harrington opts for a single hybrid in the bag to substitute his long irons. I find the Wilson Staff C300 is a breeze to launch thanks to its low CG, crisp turf interaction, and explosive clubface. Overall, it pushes a high ball flight and soft landing for a controlled approach shot from far out.

In addition, senior golfers will welcome the expanded sweet spot, which preserves ball speed and minimizes spin on all shots. 


  • Minimal turf interaction
  • Pushes rapid ball speed
  • Adjustable hosel 
  • Generates considerable distance
  • Encourages a soft landing on approach


  • The red finish is not appealing to me
  • Enables limited workability

Pádraig Harrington Utility Irons | Wilson Staff FG Tour V4 – 4-Iron

Padraig Harrington, PGA Championship winner in 2008, still swings the 2014 Wilson Staff FG Tour V4 4 Iron. So vintage are these bad-boys that it is practically impossible to find them new or pre-owned.

The Staff FG Tour V4 utility irons offer optimal forgiveness on off-center strikes and promote a high-launching golf shot. 


  • Easy to launch
  • Clean turf interaction
  • Optimal forgiveness across the clubface
  • Produces consistent ball speed
  • Available in 3 loft profiles


  • Difficult to find new or pre-owned
  • Limits your ability to shape shots

Padraig Harrington Irons | Wilson Staff C300 Forged – 5 Iron

Wilson remains Pádraig’s choice for iron play, and he carries the Staff C300 Forged 5 Iron. They are not your typical player’s irons with a cavity back design to offer an element of forgiveness on off-center hits.

In addition, I found these irons produced ample face flex to ramp up ball speed and preserve velocity on mishits.


  • Forgiving forged irons
  • Prompts lightning ball pace
  • Features perimeter weighting for improved stability
  • Compact profile
  • Delivers superb distance


  • Challenging to find these irons
  • The Forged version launches lower than the standard models.

Padraig Harrington Irons | Wilson Staff FG Tour – (6 – 9)

The 2021 European Ryder Cup captain chooses the Wilson FG Tour range for his 6 to 9 iron needs. In my experience, these irons deliver a delicate feel and enhanced audio for a pleasant experience on approach.

They provide limited forgiveness on off-center strikes. Finally, low handicappers will welcome their superior workability.


  • Playable golf irons
  • Soft feel
  • Reduces friction with the turf
  • Compact design 
  • Offers more forgiveness than the average player’s iron


  • Challenging to source
  • Not suited to high handicap golfers

Padraig Harrington Wedges | Wilson Staff FG Tour PMP – (48, 52, 56°)

Pádraig Harrington, golfer extraordinaire, keeps it old school with his Wilson Staff FG Tour PMP Wedges. The short clubs feature a traditional player’s design with a compact head and expertly crafted grooves.

The Dubliner swings a 48-degree pitching wedge, a 52-degree gap wedge, and a 56-degree sand wedge, weakened to 57 degrees.


  • Prompts improved spin in your short game
  • Compact profile
  • Crisp turf interaction
  • Pure feel
  • Amplified acoustics


  • Limited forgiveness for high handicappers
  • I struggled to find brand-new wedges in this series

Padraig Harrington Putter | Wilson Infinite South Side

Wilson Infinite South Side in black

The world number 3 senior golfer recorded a putting average of 1.741 strokes per hole in 2022, which he will be desperate to lower this season. Pádraig performs with a Wilson Infinite South Side Putter with a mallet head design and a dark PVD finish for superior glare resistance.

In addition, the milled face construction appeals to me, as it pushes a soft feel off the face and pure roll for greater distance control on the dancefloor.


  • Produces a soft feel for a mallet putter
  • Prompts a clean roll on all strokes
  • Encourages greater accuracy
  • Glare resistant
  • Advanced alignment aid to keep you on target


  • The face-balanced design does not suit heavily arched strokes
  • Only a 35” shaft is offered to left-handers.

Final Thoughts on Padraig Harrington WITB

Pádraig Harrington has achieved more in one year on the PGA Tour Champions than most players could dream about in a lifetime. During his rookie season, he picked up a senior major title, finished second in the Charles Schwab Cup, and 3rd on the World Senior Rankings.

It is safe to say 2022 was a stellar year. I look forward to seeing the Irishman dominate the Champions Tour again this year. Based on the golf clubs in his bag, you can see that Paddy enjoys forgiving golf clubs, which offer consistent ball speed, launch, distance, and forgiveness.

After examining Padraig Harrington WITB 2023, it is incredible to see how many older clubs are tucked into his bag. This highlights that a golfer can use older equipment with less advanced technology and still card low rounds week in and week out.

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