The Best Lightweight Golf Clubs For Seniors in 2023 

Senior golfer hitting a fa golf ball in the fairway. He is wearing a wide brim hat and has a golf push cart behind him.

Looking for the best lightweight golf clubs? Read on, our golf expert covers her top picks for 2023. Most seniors do best when they play with a lightweight golf club. The lighter clubs make it easier to get distance and a higher ball flight, encouraging golfers to enjoy the game more.  Golf technology is constantly … Read more

10 Best Golf Chippers To Simplify The Short Game In 2023

Woman Golfer using her golf chipper on a beautiful Florida Golf Course, Isla Del Sol.

My late father was a solid golfer who played off scratch in his twenties and was a 12 at the time of his passing. He could hit a golf ball effortlessly but gradually developed severe chipping yips, which wrecked his game. Eventually, his coach suggested a golf chipper, and his consistency improved. In this post, … Read more

How Many Wedges Should You Carry? Ideal Set Up for Seniors

how many wedges should you carry article showing a wedge club head in the sand trap with a golf ball.

How many wedges should you carry is a common question for golfers. Read on for a better understanding of the various golf wedges. Simple…and Long Answer The simple answer to how many wedges should you carry is 3 at a minimum. While I highly recommend carrying a minimum of 3 golf wedges for optimal short-game … Read more

Cobra Driver Review: LTDX, Radspeed, & Aerojet Comparison

Cobra Driver Review showing the Radspeed and LTDX

Are you looking for a Cobra Driver Review on the latest Cobra Aerojet compared to the Cobra Radspeed and Cobra LTDX? Read on for a detailed review of these three fantastic golf drivers. 2023 is a HUGE year for drivers and fairway woods. With the release of the TaylorMade Stealth 2, the Callaway Paradigm, the … Read more

Best Golf Wedge Degrees for Chip, Flop, & Bunker Shots

Golfer in a shadow hitting his wedge into a bright sky green fairway.

Understanding golf wedge degrees can seem complex especially when it comes to chip shots, flop shots, and bunker shots. Read on for common questions answered. Golf wedges are complex golf clubs crafted in several lofts, lies, and sole grinds. This can fluster beginners, so I will make it easy and take you through one step … Read more

Steve Flesch WITB 2023 | Two Inspiring Wins Last Season

Steve Flesch WITB, Photo Credit:

Interested in taking a look inside this PGA Champion’s bag? Read on for a detailed review of Steve Flesch WITB (What’s in the Bag). Steve Flesch has entered the Winner’s Circle on the PGA Tour Champions Tour on three occasions since 2018. 2022 will go down as his best year to date, as he bagged … Read more

Golf Mental Game: 8 Tips to Master the Mental Side of Golf

male golfer showing his arms crossed as he looks over the course, the mental game of golf.

Looking to improve your golf mental game? Here are a few tips from a Class A PGA Professional Golfer to get you back in the swing of things. All golf professionals can hit the ball far and straight. Yet week in and week out, some pros struggle to make the cut and stay on the … Read more

Best Golf Rangefinders for the Money in 2023

Male golfer teeing off with his golf driver on the golf course.

Are you looking for the best golf rangefinders for the money? A good rangefinder can help you lower your score and act as your virtual caddy.  Using a good rangefinder is essential since many sub-par products are available in the market. But with so many rangefinders, which would be the best for your money? We’ve … Read more

20 Best Golf Gifts for Beginners That They Will Actually Use

Phone of senior golfer smiling with his iron in hand with 3 people in the background. Happy golfers shown on the golf course wearing their golf gloves.

If you want to encourage your friend to golf or support their new hobby, this list of the best golf gifts for beginners is helpful and thoughtful. We saved you the headache by going through numerous golf products and boiled them down to the must-haves for beginners. These products, ranging from necessary equipment to accessories … Read more

The 9 Best Golf Rangefinders Under $200 In 2023

man in orange shirt looking through his golf rangefinder

Golf rangefinders are essential for any golfer looking to improve their game and lower their score. While many high-end rangefinders are on the market, you don’t have to break the bank to get a reliable and effective rangefinder.  A higher price doesn’t always mean higher quality. We’ve researched and tested golf rangefinders under the $200 … Read more

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